High Fantasy and Burning Passions

Started by Phoenixrisen, December 07, 2014, 03:37:35 PM

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Hello everyone and welcome to my request thread. Expect changes and additions as my muse begins to cooperate more and more. Onto the important stuff. I don't care what the gender of the person writing opposite me is, and I'm willing to play opposites of characters of any gender, but at the moment I'm only playing female characters. In a writing partner I'm looking for someone willing to see a story through long term. I'm not particularly into one shots. If the pacing of the story leads to sexy times early on, that's great, but story will always take priority with me.

At the moment things are a little bare here, I'm aware, but I'm hoping to flesh it out bit by bit as I come up with more actual plots as opposed to vague ideas of how I want a story to develop.

As far as ons and offs goes, pretty much the only things that aren't negotiable are things that belong in the toilet or end up in major character death without discussion. Otherwise, I'm fairly flexible, especially in writing. I think that sums up the basics, onto the idea(s):

The Black Unicorn:

He'd stalked her dreams for weeks now. Always lurking there on the outskirts of whatever image may appear. A black unicorn, one with a rider on his back. She didn't know what the dreams meant, only that her family seemed to think they were the herald of some great evil that was to befall her. Even still she was fascinated by the dreams, by the sheer presence of the unicorn and rider. Even just barely on the outskirts of her dreams, she could feel their gaze upon her as if they truly stood only inches away. She couldn't bring herself to believe that these creatures meant her harm, despite all her families warning, and ultimately their attempts to "keep her safe" drove her away. That's when she met them, on a darkened night in a the depths of a forest. That's when they saved her, but for what ends did this cold creature and his too intelligent mount save her from the beasts that had sought to make her their supper? Had her family perhaps been right? There was no way to know, and now, she was his prisoner.

This would be set in a generic fantasy setting that we could flesh out a bit more before hand or as we go. I would be playing the "stalked" character and you would be playing the rider. I know I use he in the main text, but the gender and race of your rider would be entirely up to you, though seeing something like a fallen angel on what most of the world would term a devil horse would be interesting to me if that's too much leeway. 

This was inspired at least in part by Heather Alexander's song The Black Unicorn.

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