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Author Topic: Bimbo/Transformation Ideas  (Read 901 times)

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Bimbo/Transformation Ideas
« on: December 06, 2014, 07:55:15 PM »
I spent ages writing up a roleplay request message, but then my computer decided to turn off and erase everything I wrote, so this message wont be in as much detail as that one, but I will hopefully add to it as I get more ideas come through. I am looking for bimbo/transformation type roleplays with me being the victim. I am bisexual, so the gender of my partner doesn't matter. If you have any ideas of your own, message me with them as I would be happy to hear them :).

New Job: I have seen a lot of these sorts of stories in erotic fiction. A girl has just graduated with some sort of business degree, but due to the recession, she is finding it hard to find an employer that will take new graduates with no experience. With bills mounting up and the prospect of being thrown out of her apartment, she is almost on the verge of applying to work at bars and shops as a way of getting money when suddenly she gets a phone call inviting her to a job interview. She finds out that they only have a job as an "administrative assistant" at the moment, but is promised that with this job, there is stability and the opportunities to progress. She immediately takes it, but soon finds out that this job slowly introduces strict rules about how she must act and what she must wear, and with the only alternative being back to the unemployment line, she has no choice but to comply....

Be Careful What You Wish For: This is a very cliche story. A young woman is cleaning out the attic in her house. It was owned by her great grandparents before they passed away and she is just deciding to clean out the attic for the first time since she has moved in. She stumbles across a dusty lamp, and after cleaning out the attic, she takes it downstairs and rubs the dust off, suddenly an attractive genie appears from the lamp granting her 3 wishes. Now it may be down to the fact that this genie has a little grudge on her family because her great grandparents hadn't let him out of the lamp for 50+ years, but the genie seems to have a sinister side and interprets her wishes in a way that she didn't intend...

Brain Drain: Jenny was a very intelligent girl and was easing her way through college. Tom wasn't so bright and was in danger of failing his course. Jenny agreed to tutor Tom, she would get extra credits for doing so, and he may just have a shot at scraping through the year. What Jenny didn't know was that Tom inherited a weird device which, when activated, could allow him to "borrow indefinitely" knowledge and IQ points from the nearest person to him. As Jenny is starting to get impressed by how much Tom has improved, she slowly starts finding it hard to concentrate on the stuff she is teaching him... and that is just the start...

Corporate Sabotage: Skye is a corporate spy for hire, a very successful one at that. If you needed any information on a competing business, Skye would get you everything you needed, and she would go to any lengths to get it. Skye could hack into any database in the world to give herself a fully legitimate backstory for her cover. Her latest job was to find out why a competing cosmetics company was suddenly doing so well. Skye eventually finds the information she was looking for, but may not be able to deliver that comprehensive report after all... This is a very cliche story, but there is always room for alternatives if need be.

You Bet Your Brain: I have read more than a few stories on this type of tale, and would like to roleplay something very similar. The premise is that an snobby well educated girl enters a quiz show. It is a show she has seen on television many times before, a quiz show with a Million Dollar grand prize, which is what tempts her to enter. The idea of the show is that for every question she gets right, she moves a step closer to that Million dollars, but for every question she gets wrong, she takes a step back, and has to spin the 'forfeit wheel', which basically has some form of bimbo like modifications as a forfeit. Considering that she knows pretty much every answer when she watches it on TV, how hard could it be?

Payback: A young woman has some extraordinary abilities, abilities that only a couple of dozen people in the world possess. She has the supernatural ability to roam around in someones mind and control their actions, control their bodies, even the ability to modify them in some way, just by using her mind. She believes that she is the only one that holds these abilities and so uses them to get exactly what she wants, humiliating everyone who gets in her way. That is all until she meets someone who she doesn't like, someone she wants to teach a lesson, but when she enters his mind, she finds that he/she is fighting back and that they are strong...

The Collar: Amy and Tom have been really good friends since they were really young, and that friendship only grew strong as they grew older. Amy had blossomed into a cute stunner, or she would have if she let her hair grow out and didn't wear such tomboy outfits. Tom had also grown attracted to Amy, despite her tomboyish manners, but Amy long ago placed Tom in the 'friends only' part of her life. Both friends shared a room at college in a co-ed dorm, both were taking the same classes, Amy even tried to help Tom out with the ladies a couple of times as his wingman. One day Tom entered their dorm with what looked like a simple dogs collar, he had found it hidden in the dark corners of the college library. They eventually decided to play a game. They would make a bet, and whoever lost the bet must wear the collar and do what the other wants for an entire day, harmless fun. What they didn't know was that the collar had special property that made it impossible for the wear to refuse an order given by the one who gave them the collar, no matter how much their mind told them not to. How far will Tom go when Amy inevitably loses the bet and he finds himself with that power?
The names can change, and it can also be played as an F/F story.

I did have one more story written, but I cant remember what it was now, so I will add it when I remember it, along with any other ideas I come up with.

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Re: Bimbo/Transformation Ideas
« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2014, 01:50:51 PM »
Added Corporate Sabotage to my ideas list.

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Re: Bimbo/Transformation Ideas
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2014, 12:43:25 PM »
Added You Bet Your Brain

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Re: Bimbo/Transformation Ideas
« Reply #3 on: January 06, 2015, 12:30:57 PM »
Added Payback

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Re: Bimbo/Transformation Ideas
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2015, 09:33:27 PM »
Added The Collar.