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June 22, 2018, 04:16:23 PM

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Author Topic: Saviour in the shadows Monster in the light ( F for any)  (Read 262 times)

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Offline AkumamikaTopic starter

Saviour in the shadows Monster in the light ( F for any)
« on: December 06, 2014, 10:02:56 AM »
Gritty summary of o/o's and check-list so let's get that out of the way as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Pm's only let's keep this thread clear.

Plot- Characters with depth and development - behind the scenes discussions
Interesting encounters, I lean more towards the vanilla with the occasional spice. Nothing extreme in the bedroom or wherever the characters decide to fall. Some pain is bearable, no blood (unless it's a vampire and even then only as necessary) Not sure? Ask I don't bite.

I play females only but I can be the shadow or the person (or both depending) at the moment I'm leaning more towards fxf pairings but I can be persuaded to play fxm or fxother no problem. I'm only just learning how to write dominant characters so if you see I'm not quite getting it right let me know what you like, or we can work in having your character explaining what he/she likes, could lead to interesting arcs or just spice it up.

I have a few characters on hand I can play or I can whip up a new one, I can and like to play humans, furries, I have a demon character I haven't used for a while that could use re-awakening. It's all up for discussion.

Vague concept first then plot ideas below.

Ingrained in our instincts long before the dawn of mankind we feared what lurked in the dark but praised the day for the light. Of course they say it's something as simple as we cannot see so well in the dark, it's biological. Or that predators lurked in the dark, making us afraid to stray there. This may be why the social outcasts can normally be found in darkened rooms, out at night, because on some level they know the dark is on their side. Of course as with every group there are the truly bad ones, the ones who abuse their relationship with the dark, just as there are those who abuse the power of light.

Now that the vaguely shaped plot bunny has hopped out of it's hole let's shape it a little more. Now four hands are better than one for moulding more intricate things but I shall try to make a start on the shape I'm going for here. Narrowing it down first by setting and genre.

Setting one could be, an apocalyptic future where humans have developed extra senses, some preferring dark over light, ostracised from their light loving cousins. The genre a forbidden romance betwixt the two. Suspenseful and dangerous trysts, either a blossoming childhood friendship that becomes so much more, or a lightning whirlwind of passion that drives into a thrilling game of chase, racing to make a change or extinguish in the process, either way sure to end in a bang.

Setting two, supernatural. What if our vision of what guardian angels are supposed to be is utterly wrong? What if our guardians and constant companions were not blessed light but our own shadows? Always there, even faintly despite weakening in the light. What if some were stronger than others? Shadows that never left even in the brightest of light? What if the shadows could change shape? Could pull themselves from the seemingly one dimensional form we can see them in? Or perhaps seeing them in our third dimension was only a gift of a very few, not like the stage psychics but people who can really see a dark form when it appears. This shadow person could very well have on multiple occasions appeared in times of need, it could be as innocent as a shoulder to cry on in times of loss or sadness, someone to hold when there is no one else. Or something more dramatic as chasing off a would be attacker, revealing his or herself to their charge and who knows where it could lead?

Setting three, a more fantasy setting. Where the shadows are much more common, that's not to say accepted, the darker the shadow the more of an outcast the people who belong to them get. For some that could lead to the life of a criminal, bandits, barbarians or powerful enchanters. The shadows cannot be truly good nor evil on their own but of course people don't tell themselves that, they blame the shadows for everything and take the credit for all the good (supposedly) that they do. The pairing for this could be good/bad or two good souls trying to get out of a bad situation, or even two rogues on the road back to redemption. With this one I'd like to think the shadows already know one another quite well, but their counterparts could be somewhat more reluctant to follow their lead. (this could also be translated into the first two)