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About Me - In lieu of a fluffy introduction, this will be right to the point. Contact me via PMs.

- If you're unsure about an idea, rule, or kink, feel free to ask questions or make suggestions. I'm flexible and friendly. :)
- I enjoy plot-driven MxF RPs. Sex that compliments a good story is better than mindless smut.
- On average I write 2-5 descriptive paragraphs that include my character's thoughts, feelings, and surroundings.
- Tell me what you want! I'm always happy to fulfill your desires, change what you don't like, etc.
- Alert me if you can't reply for more than a week. Otherwise, I'm pretty relaxed about post frequency and will match your pace.
- Let me know if you lose interest in our RP. We can try to work it out or part ways amicably.

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* Feel free to request light kinks!

My favourtes!

- Story-driven MxF
- OOC over PMs or IMs
- RPing over threads
- Descriptive writing
- Characterization
- Supernatural creatures
- Teasing and seduction
- Dom or switch males
- Creativity
- Realistic anatomy
- Taller males
- Multiple characters
- Romance
- Conflict
- Drama
- Playing a switch
- Consensual
- Dubious consent
- Foreplay
- Oral and vaginal
- Humans
       Good in any scenario.

- Coercion and blackmail
- Hurt/comfort
- Sex outside of the bedroom
- Arranged marriage
- Kidnapping
- Cyborgs
- Dragons
- Sex outside of the bedroom
- Non-sexual pain
- Non-consensual sex
- Period clothing/stockings
- Roughhousing
- Pleasure control
- Playing a dom or uppity sub
- Strong submissive males
- Role reversal
- Virginity
- Sexually experienced
- Substance use
- Voyeurism/exhibitionism
- Light bondage only
- Tattoos, scars, piercings
- Pseudo-incest

- Anthros (no furries)
- F x F or Futa
- Pregnancy
- Corruption
- Mind control
- Adultery
- Anal
       Not my cup of tea.

- Smut as the focus
- Scat, vore, gore, bestiality, etc
(basically, no extreme kinks)
- BDSM or pet play
- Ageplay and large age differences
- M x M
- RP abandonment
- Harems, gang bangs
- Major god-modding
- Breath control


Original Pairings & Plots - Alternate earth with or without fantasy, maybe some fandom inspiration. Modern "slice of life" RPs don't interest me.

Click Here for Original Ideas
*I have ideas for every pairing but only some are written down.

Classical Antiquity:
  • Warlord x Bride: A warlord attacks the borders of the Roman Empire relentlessly. Fearful that things will escalate to war, he is given tribute. He has plenty of gold already so he chooses a bride.
  • Roman General x Barbarian woman: A General heads north through contested territory to hold off invading hordes. He meets the daughter of a local chief as she leads an attack on his men, or intercepts her army on their way to join allies. The General is intrigued by the wild woman who's so unlike the fickle, wanton ladies of Rome. Does he kidnap her for tactical knowledge? Does he betray Rome for her affections?
Medieval - Early Modern Era:
  • Templar x Assassin: (Outlander/Assassin's Creed) Set during the English Civil War, an English girl visits Scotland with her father in order to persuade the clansmen to join Cromwell. One of the clansmen betrayes them and the Templars slaughter the group overnight. YC escapes goes on to become an assassin - but he doesn't forget the girl he met. Especially when she turns up a decade later as a Templar operative.
  • Templar x Lady: (The Borgias) A pious warriors envies his elder brother and wants to take his place. Temptation grows when he meets his ambitious equal, the woman who is arranged to marry his brother. She enraptures, threatening his religious lifestyle. Political and personal strife commence. In a low fantasy setting she can be a demon or witch of some sort.
  • Berserker x Druid: A druid woman is captured during a raid and given as a prize to the Jarl. She intrigues one of his strongest warriors who belongs to an outcast group of berserkers cursed with lycanthropy. Perhaps the druid woman will harness their power for the Jarl, or help the berserkers control it? I'm open to reversing roles and playing a female berserker for a male druid.
  • Assassin x Noblewoman: (Assassin's Creed) Two warring city states come to a rocky truce when a noblewoman is married to their prince. Out of anger and greed her new husband kills his rival and blames his wife. An assassin or mercenary hears her plea and helps her plan revenge... for a price.
Western - Victorian:
  • Servant x Nobleman: A new servant is hired by a reclusive Lord when a spree of murders occurs in the countryside. A stranger comes to visit who seems to think that the gentleman caused the deaths. The servant discovers that her master is a monster, and that the man who visited is a hunter. Will she side with her master or try to prove his guilt?
  • Bounty Hunter x Gunslinger: The industrial era hits hard and causes the outbreak of a vicious strain of vampirism, who are a bane to thee pure-blood vampires who secretly live among humans. A bounty hunter roams cities collecting rewards for eradicating vampires, and on one of her trips befriends a fellow gunslinger who offers to join with her to get a portion of the reward and fame.
  • Hunter x Demon: (Supernatural) Essentially the above scenario but a huntress/hunter who is planning to kill a demon they made a deal with. The ritual to solidify their contract goes wrong though, and they are bound together.
  • Hunter x Angel: (Supernatural) A hunter hears about grisly murders and rituals comes to investigate and she certainly didn't expect what she finds. Could it be an angel from the second Fall, murdering his disguised brothers and sisters to steal their grace and replenish his power? Or is the angel also looking for the source of these attacks?
  • Agent x Cyborg: (Almost Human) Early during the Cold War era the government tried to create superior humans. An agent is paired with one of their AI models to work together as detectives, etc. Maybe over time The Program becomes corrupt and they go rogue.
  • Agent x Monster: The government has a secret branch dedicated to the Supernatural, which not only houses supernatural creatures as their agents but also funds a eugenics program that has "created" more. Maybe a human agent stumbles upon this secret world by accident, or they join this branch and are partnered up with a vampire, werewolf, etc, to solve crimes in both worlds.
  • Witch x Vampire: (True Blood) A witch is warned by the Council when her vampire blood addiction comes to light. Promising to be on the mend, she informs them she's hired some personal help to curb her habit and keep her safe from the people she owes. Conveniently, she doesn't mention that her hired help is a vampire.

Classical Antiquity
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

- Gladiator x Slave
- Gladiator x Domina
- Deity x Priest/ess
- Roman General x Slave
- Barbarian x Noblewoman
- Roman General x Barbarian
- Roman x Nymph
- Soldier x Captive
- Warlord x Bride
- and more...
    Medieval - Early Modern Era
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11)

- Black knight x Noblewoman
- Female Knight x Mercenary
- Viking x Huntress
- Viking x Slave
- Berserker x Druid
- Pirate x Captive
- Native x Colonist
- Templar x Lady
- Noblewoman x Assassin
- Templar x Assassin
- Assassin x Crusader
- Witch x Demon
- and more...   
    Western - Victorian
(1) (2) (3) (4)

- Bounty Hunter x Gunslinger
- Lady x Outlaw
- Lady x Cowboy
- Scientist x Wild man
- Hunter x Vampire
- Vampire x Werewolf
- Servant x Nobleman
- Beauty x Beast
- and more...
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

- Assassin x Employer
- Cyborg x Agent
- Monster x Agent
- Hunter x Hunter
- Angel x Hunter
- Demon x Hunter
- Vampire x Hunter
- Demon x "Human"
- Vampire x Human
- Witch x Vampire
- and more...   

Fandom Pairings & Plots - Usually OCs in an alternate universe. Ask about canon characters.

Click Here for Misc. Fandoms and Ideas
*I have ideas for every pairing but only some are written down.

Misc. Fandoms:
  • Almost Human, Assassin's Creed, Borderlands, the Borgias, Chronicles of Riddick, Constantine, Disney/fairy tales, Dracula, Guild Wars, Marvel-verse, Penny Dreadful, Spartacus, Supernatural, True Blood, Vikings... and probably a few more I'm forgetting!
Dragon Age:
  • Mage x Templar: An AU where the Viscount's daughter, a mage, befriends a Templar. Due to her high position and wealth, her magical abilities are well hidden. Still, this relationship defies several taboos in both lifestyles. Perhaps they meet in Kirkwall before the Templar and Chantry conflict, or after events of DA2 while she's on the run?
  • Qunari x OC: A saarebas and mage become friends after the mage/templar conflict sparks in Kirkwall. The two could be friends prior to the conflict and escape together, or meet as apostates when the saarebas needs guidance. This can also be done with a rogue or warrior qunari and a human mage, or a mercenary qunari being recruited in a gang by my OC. Lots of possibilities.
Game of Thrones:
  • Dothraki x OC: A Westeros noblewoman is captured and enslaved in Essos, only to escape and find herself taken in by a lone Dothraki rider. Or a reverse scenario where a Dothraki is captured and taken to Westeros as a mercenary, where he his service is bought by a noble of a lesser house.
  • Sand Snake x OC: A Lord is given a Dornish bride who is placed in court as a spy, and possibly an assassin. He is suspicious at first but her cunning and charm grows on her husband. The pair eventually reveal thoughts of revenge and aspirations of power which lead them to ascend the social ladder... by any means necessary.
Star Wars:
  • Nightsister x OC: A Nightsister selects a new mate through trial by combat. Her true intention is to craft him into her apprentice for revenge against a third party who never came to the aid of her clan and as a result, most were killed off.
  • Bounty Hunter x Imperial Agent: Two agents are set up during an important mission. MC has no way to prove his innocence and YC takes the fall. When he's eventually leaves prison (still blackmailed by the Empire) he takes on a new identity as a bounty hunter. The two cross pass against during what they believe is a simple reconnaissance mission.
  • Sith x Bodyguard: A Sith Lady is given a bodyguard by her master upon completion of her trials. Maybe a slave who proved too talented for acolytes to kill, a Jedi in disguise, etc? Her master know YC is force sensitive and wants to use him as a true final test for the apprentice.
  • Sith x Apprentice: A Sith kills a Jedi Master and takes his padawan for a dark apprentice. Despite their tumultuous relation, in time the Sith becomes more lenient with his protege as she grows in power. However, she has her own agenda and may be using him as a means to an end.
World of Warcraft:
  • Night elf x OC: An NE druid paired with another druid (Horde or Alliance, orcs included), or your OC of choice. If we both play druids it could be interesting if a character becomes tainted by fel magic on a trip to the Outlands. Or we could open with a cliché scenario (hurt/rescue, captured in battle, ambassadors, etc) instead.
  • Worgen x OC: He's never truly come to terms with his curse and is always seeking a cure. The worgen heads to Dalaran, the only place he believes he can find a magical cure. Once there he hears about a warlock living in the underbelly of the city, and rumor has it she can help him... for the steep price of his soul.
  • Death Knight x OC: With the Lich King defeated, former Death Knights are integrating into society while suspicion and dislike follow them everywhere. Yet another obstacle has arisen: a dark mage/druid (or Lady Sylvanus?) seeks to put a leash on the undead once again, and the Death Knight tries to evade its seductive call.

Dragon Age
(1) (2) (3) (4)

- Inquisitor x Companion
- F!Hawke x the Arishok
- F!Hawke x Fenris
- Mage x Templar
- Dalish elf x Human
- Qunari x Human
- OC x OC
- and more...
    Game of Thrones

- Targaryen x OC
- Sand Snake x OC
- Dothraki x OC
- OC x OC
- and more...
    Mass Effect

- Mercenary x OC
- Biotic x OC
- Spectre x OC
- Shephard x OC
- and more...
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

- Thief x Dark Brotherhood
- Companion x Silverhand
- Dragonborn x Housecarl
- Stormcloak x Imperial
- Dremora x OC
- OC x OC (any race/class)
- and more...
    Star Wars
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

- Bounty Hunter x Imp. Agent
- Jedi x Sith Assassin
- Sith x Apprentice
- Sith x Bodyguard
- Apprentice x Rival
- Nightsister x OC
- OC x OC
- and more...
    World of Warcraft
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)

- Night elf x OC
- Blood elf x OC
- Worgen x OC
- Death Knight x OC
- and more...