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Author Topic: On The Gallian Front - [Interest Check]  (Read 2576 times)

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Re: On The Gallian Front - [Interest Check]
« Reply #50 on: December 09, 2014, 07:53:08 PM »
That is shame, other games had more variety options for classes, especially three that lead to different class paths, but I think two did similar. I just couldn't get much into the second one, but the third one is another story.

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Re: On The Gallian Front - [Interest Check]
« Reply #51 on: December 09, 2014, 10:16:12 PM »
This seems like fun.  And considering I just finished playing through the PSP VC game, I'd be more than up for it...granted, this covers the time of the first game, but I'd be cool with it.  To MissFire, the GM: my answers for the four questions are forthcoming.  I just need a little time to formulate them properly.

Online Lustful Bride

Re: On The Gallian Front - [Interest Check]
« Reply #52 on: December 10, 2014, 07:54:08 PM »
When will we know if enough interest has been gathered? Should we try and tell our friends on E about it to get more interest?  :P

Offline pendarious

Re: On The Gallian Front - [Interest Check]
« Reply #53 on: December 11, 2014, 01:00:20 AM »
Here are my two characters:
Serina "Rabbit" Dougless is a girl who lives in a small town a few miles south of the Naggiar plains who spent most of her free time growing up either playing in the trenches that stretched far across the plains to the north of her home or out hunting with her parents. She was never the best at long range precision shooting but she was alright shooting a fair distance. She loves hunting because it gives her a thrill. Her parents were both soldiers during EW I in fact it was during the war that they had met. Serina hopes that she too can find someone of her own someday.

When the Empire moved into Gallia and started moving through the country her parents told her to pack every thing she considered valuable and they fled to Randgriz hoping they would be safe there. Serina however signed up for the Militia in hopes of making her parents proud and also in hopes of saving the country she calls home. She favors a good solid rifle over the fragile sniper rifles or the overly zealous machine guns. She has no talent for working with machines though so engineering is not a good career choice for her.

Class: Scout
Age: 23
Eye: purple (burgandy?)
Hair: red
Build: Athletic
Height: Average
Rank: Private

"You want me WHERE?!.........WHEN?!!! EH??!!!"- Serina "Rabbit" Dougless

Strengths: She is extremely athletic and good at running long distances which makes her good for scouting (also part of the reason behind her nickname). She's knowledgeable in the construction and usage of trenches due to her spending so much time in them during her childhood. She's a decent shot though there are others who are far better at it than she is. She is also paranoid and constantly observing everything around her (yet another reason for her nickname)

Weaknesses: She is extremely shy and fidgety around people she doesn't know and is actually easily startled and quick to run (the last reason for her nickname). She is easily pushed around especially by superior officers.

Harold "Hammer" Armstrong Is a large but kind Darcsen male who grew up in the mining area of Fauzen. He is a rather gentle giant of a man who much prefers peace over war but he also believes that a fight is unavoidable this time. He escaped from the slave camps of the Imperials at Fauzen in order to join up with the Gallian forces to stop the Empire and free his fellow miners. He has tolerated countless abuses throughout the years due to his heritage but true to the Darcsen teachings he has never once struck back until now.

Class: Lancer
Age: 33
Eye: dark
Hair: black
Build: muscular
Height: massive
Rank: Sargent

" is unavoidable then? that is such a shame"- Harold "Hammer" Armstrong

Strengths: his massive physical frame and strength makes him good for carrying large and heavy objects as well as acting as a shield for smaller comrades. He is skilled with his anti-tank lance and is good at picking out their weaker points so that he is sure to do major damage.

Weaknesses: He is large and slow moving but also hard to hide making him a prime target for just about anything that spots him. His heritage makes it hard for him to always aim and kill others.

(I am aware that he has a small character bio but he is a relatively simple man)
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Offline ThisOneGal

Re: On The Gallian Front - [Interest Check]
« Reply #54 on: December 16, 2014, 10:35:43 PM »
1) Do you want freeform battles or something dice based?

2) Do you want to follow the game's outline (ie; do all the battles in the order they appeared in-game), or make up some new ones?
Eh. I'm very slowly working my way through the PC version, so I don't have a strong preference.

3) Realistic character images, animated images, or let people choose what they want?
It looks like this decision has already been made.

4) Do you have any ideas for things we should add? (ie; plot elements, game systems, etc.)
Nope; I'm useless and uncreative at the moment.

Visually, I'm just stealing Marina Wulfstan and Jane Turner.

Image Source:

PFC Ada Jaeger
The daughter of a writer and an astronomer, Ada displayed an affinity for athletics and intellectual pursuits during her education. Ada was vacationing in one of the larger cities on the Gallian/Imperial border when hostilities broke out, and served as a partisan in the ensuing holding action. The intensity and brutality of streetfighting left its mark on her, turning the previously optimistic futurist into a ruthless, alcoholic pragmatist. After being successfully evacuated and drafted, Ada was assigned to Squad 7.

She acquired the nicknames 'Bishop' and 'Princess' as a result of her outspoken atheism and subtle distaste to the monarchy (which becomes less than subtle when inebriated). Whether she hates the names of finds them amusing largely depends on who's calling her by it.

Although not much to look at in her uniform, she is very obviously a soldier with it off, and is prone to bragging about her 'girl abs' when inebriated.

Class: Shock Trooper
Age: 25
Eyes: Blue/Grey
Hair: Short, Straight, Black
Build: Runner, small-chested
Height: 165cm / 5' 5" / Average

"We're surrounded; the bastards can't run away this time!"
 - Ada Jaeger

Proto-traceuse (freerunner). While not as fast as a scout, she's capable of bringing heavy firepower to where it's least expected.
Competent marksman and tougher than she looks. Could've been a Scout or Sniper, but was ultimately trained as a Shock Trooper. Proficient with machine guns and rifles.
Experienced in urban combat/street-fighting and hand to hand. Knows how to strip down a lance or mortar so it can be used as a satchel charge.
Surprisingly patient.

University educated (cosmology). An intellectual and an 'artist'.
Imperial hater. Tendency towards excessive bloodthirst when in combat.
Favors simple, reliable and durable weapons over complex and heavy ones.
Fancies women. Ineptly.

Possibly the only non-smoker in the squad.
Cannot hold her alcohol. May or may not be able to sing.
No supporter of the Monarchy. Suspected anarchist.

Atheist thing is mostly so the 'Bishop' nicename makes sense. Most callsigns and the like are not complimentary (instead serving as a reminder of how you fucked up and not to do that again), but I've always liked the name 'Bishop'. Blame Aliens and CONSORTIUM.

EDIT: Wait, fuck, the CO is named Sarah. Hang on, let me find a new name.
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Offline ThisOneGal

Re: On The Gallian Front - [Interest Check]
« Reply #55 on: January 04, 2015, 12:09:25 AM »
So... Is this still possibly happening?