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Author Topic: Sexual Spellcasting  (Read 448 times)

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Sexual Spellcasting
« on: December 04, 2014, 10:09:32 AM »
I’m back after an undesirable absence due to many things, from lost internet to IRL drama issues.  ‘nuff said about that.  As I am now poking my toe back, I am craving an idea that can be done in several ways.  It does involved a number-crunching system where sex is fuel for spellcasting, but most of it can be done on my end.  So first, let me state who am looking for.  If you are...

  • ... playing a woman, a spellcaster, willing to adopt this system, and looking for a GM/DM type of an RP partner
  • ... one who don’t mind a guy playing such of a woman while playing either the male role or a GM/DM
  • ... playing a woman who don’t mind being in a master/pet pairing (and don’t like the number crunching bit)

... then keep reading.  Note I prefer that order above from most to least desirable.  When I pitch this in the past, many choose the third, and while I understand it, I hope to find one who don't mind the RPG like mechanics described below.  As for what else that must be included, magic must exist in the setting, but it can be of any time period.  A few very specific kinks will be used in this spellcasting system, with a few that are optional, and included or not included by default.  They are described at the very end.  Sex and plot will be of equal measure.  Plot can be discussed through PMs.  For now, I just want to pitch the idea.

If you are still reading then, here is the concept and what I am offering. The magic system requires two things: essence and control. Essence is the pool of mana available to your character, and it comes from one source: male (or herm if you pref) sperm. Control is built up through softcore foreplay PDA like actions... kissing, cuddling, groping, humping, etc. When your character casts a spell, the spell has two stats: target number and drain (orgasm) level. The first is compared to Control, which then results in first determining if she succeeds, then lowering the drain level. Successful or not, an involuntary orgasm may then happen after the spell is cast, unless the Control check is really high, the spell has a low drain level, or mix of both.

The spells themselves are modeled after Shadowrun 3rd ed. You do not need to know it, but it does help. It has a fairly easy spell crafting system so any low to mid level magic setting spell can be made. This is the one concern/flaw I have with this idea. For that reason, I have a preference for new spellcasters... or at least established characters blessed/cursed with this new source of magic. (The first two above)  A totally different option is to do this except your character is basically a ‘battery’ for another, who will be my MC. In this variant, she can get Control built up from anyone, but it has to be his ‘essence’. That is, the third option.

How Control Works
Control is a value from 1 to 12. Its base value goes from 1 (for new spellcasters) to 3 (highly experienced ones), then up to 9 more points are available. This variable part goes down at a rate to be determined. Your character should be able to max out in civilization, but should eventually reach hit her 1-3 minimum if she adventures too long. The real question is: how long do you want her to be out adventuring and how long till you want her to have till she is ready for another casual making out session?

For example, lets say she lose all 9 points in a 24 hour period. That is 2 hours and 40 minutes per point. If she lose all 9 points in 8 hours, then it is about 53 minutes a point. We can fudge with these numbers.

Acts of affection keeps Control up. At minimum, she requires passive activity (pushing bodies against each other for example) for at least one minute for one point, then an additional point per 15 minutes of this. If there is one active participant (her or the one giving it to her), she gets the first point in one minute plus another per 10 minutes. If both are seriously making out with each other, it becomes 5 minutes per point beyond the first.

Spending Essence and Control
Each time she gets fresh ejaculate inside of her, her available pool goes up to 10. This can come from anyone unless you are playing a battery/powersource (opt 3 above), in which case it has to come from the mage. Spells have a Drain Level which tells how much Essence is consumed. Light eats up 1, Moderate 3, Severe 6, and Deadly all 10. Having high control can lower the level and therefore save her Essence.

She might also be able to substitute Control for Essence. For each drain level she can’t spend, lower Control by one point. So lets say she has 4 Essence and casts a Deadly spell with 5 Control. She is able to lower the level from D to S, but that leaves 2 points left over. Her Control then goes down to 3. If she doesn’t have enough Control, her orgasm goes up a level and the spell is an automatic failure.

Finally, her base and variable Control tells how effective the spell is no matter how successful or orgasmic the spell was. Base plus half the variable round up give the Force value... or 1 to 8. This is a pure game mechanic that you shouldn't have to worry about. It is just something I use to describe the results.

How Spellcasting Works
Each spell has a Target Number and Drain Level. There is two options to determine if a spell succeeds are not.

Chance Method: Roll a 6 sided dice per point of Control, rerolling any 6’s and adding 6 to it. She needs only one die to be equal or higher than the Target Number to succeed. In addition, every 2 success dice lower the Drain Level by one level.

Simple Method: If the Control value is equal to the Target, it succeeds. For each 2 points above the Target, the Drain Level goes down by one.

Success or not, unless the drain level is lower than L, she will have an involuntary orgasm and Essence is spent.

Light: The orgasm is mild enough she only pause for a brief instant. It is only problematic if she is doing something tedious.

Moderate: Standard orgasm. She is down for a few seconds and has to stop what she is doing till she recovers. Problematic for reasonably hard tasks, and may give opponents an extra chance to attack her.

Severe: The orgasm is major enough she becomes vulnerable. Only the most simple of tasks has a chance of succeeding for a full minute. Foes most certainly will take advantage of this.

Deadly: The orgasm is so powerful it incapacitates her. Her body shakes uncontrollably making her unable to do anything for several minutes. Foes are guaranteed to win, so if that was a combat spell I sure hope it was effective.

Nuts & Bolts (Optional reading)
I can’t reveal the entire spell crafting system as that is both time consuming and can potentially result in legal issues. However I can share a few things to give you an idea how spells are made. There are 5 categories of spells: combat, detection, health, illusion, manipulation. Each division, and what you want to do with that spell, determines the base Target Number. This is then modified by what type it is, range, duration, etc.

There are two types. Mana is pure magical energy, and only affects the mind or energy. Physical spells manifest in material form or against non-living targets, and is harder to cast.

There are two ranges: touch and line-of-sight. If she isn’t touching the target, she needs to at least be able to see the target. Touch range has less of a Drain Level than LOS range.

There are three durations. Instant is just that. Sustained requires her to keep concentrating to keep the spell going. Permanent first require an amount of casting time determined by the Drain Level, then the effect of the spell will never end. Any involuntary orgasms will happen immediately after an instant spell, after the spell is finished for Sustained, or after the casting time for Permanent.

Other factors include if the subject of the spell target is resisting the spell or is voluntary, area of effect spells, and if it is an elemental manipulation spell, what element it is.

Going above D in level will increase the Target by 2. Going below L will decrease the Target by 2.

An example in action
The character has a full 10 Essence.  Her Control is 1 (a newbie) plus 5 for the variable amount, or 6.  She casts StunBolt, which is -1 (Damage Level).  The target number is the willpower of the target.  Lets say its 4, and she is doing Serious damage.  The drain code then is 3S, with a Force of 1+5/2= 4 rounded down.  She rolls 6 dice and if one is above 4, she succeeds, and for every 2 of those 3 or above the Drain Code goes down a level.  So if all 6 dice is 3 or more, there is no involuntary orgasm.  Otherwise, L eats 1 Essence, M eats 3, and S eats 6.

This is just one example.  How much Essence is consumed can be adjusted.  Force is more for color and not for mechanics, as this is modified from the normal Shadowrun rules.  It is designed so less powerful spells can be done easily, while powerful ones are hard and dangerous.

If you took a peek at the Nuts & Bolts section, as you might imagine, it is faaaaar easier for you to tell me what you want to do and let me do the math! I will allow you to make some spells as ones your character knows well. I expect plenty of OOC communication about the nitty-gritty details of how spells work, which is why this works better with new mages. Those familiar with Shadowrun’s magic system shouldn't have much trouble. The only real modification is allowing spontaneous spells and squeezing two separate rolls into one.

Knowing Spells (subject to change)
How many spells she knows or mastered will be dependent on her base Control value.  She will know 3 times that number: 3 for newbies, 9 for experts.  These spells will get a -1 to the target number for drain.  Spells similar to it will be unmodified.  Spontaneous spells though will get a +1 to the target number.

I also reserve the right to modify the spell difficulty for sake of story to keep things moving and the following rule:  simple spells should be easy to cast, powerful spells are dangerous.  Casting a healing spell for someone recently injured should be made easier, for example.

Summary of what will be or could be included

Always included:

There will be involuntary orgasms as explained in the boxes above.  While hardcore sex (intercourse) should be infrequent and viewed as an annoying stumbling block in the RP, PDAs / softcore foreplay should be treated informally since that helps keep Control high while minimizing the need for intercourse.

Optional, included by default:

Magical slang jargon.  Essence instead of sperm.  Mana transfer instead of intercourse.  Powering or building control when doing PDAs / softcore foreplay.  Having a reaction instead of involuntary orgasm.

Special clothing telling not just who she is but that PDAs / softcore foreplay well be welcomed.

Unnatural arousal when Control is low.  She has Natural Arousal that she can mostly keep in check. However, when Essence is running low, the effect is like Control is low even if it is not. If you prefer to make this into a game mechanic, Arousal is a score equal to Control + Essence - 15. If it is above 10, she is fine. 6-10 she should act more loose and seek physical attention. Below 6 however and full blown symptoms like being in heat results in her seeking sperm ASAP.

Optional, not included by default:

Overflow Mana (squirting) occurs when gaining Essence.  It still resets to 10, but what is left gets squirted out.  In addition, having Control of 9 or higher increases the squirting amount.

Spent Mana (lactation) occurs after spells are cast.  Each point of Essence or 2 points of control adds one point of milk.  She will grow a cup size when it is above 5, and if it goes above 10, the excess is automatically spilled out.
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