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Author Topic: La Dame's 1x1 Pleasures ~New plots & Fandoms Looking actively! <3  (Read 12984 times)

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Offline la dame en noirTopic starter

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my 1x1 search thread that I desperately needed to re-do. Anyways, there are a couple of things you should know about me before we get started to all the good stuff.

You can call me Panda or Dame, whatever suits your preferences. I’m a 24 year old pansexual female and identify as such. I’ve been roleplaying for a good ten years now and writing is one of my biggest passions in life. In the near future I hope to publish an erotic fantasy novel and work for some of the biggest gaming companies in the world as a writer. Currently, I don’t have that busy of a life but I do try to make time for hobbies and other real life situations. So! I hope we can all get along and produce some great roleplays together!

Timezone: Georgia
O/O Link: Click Here

Status: I'm actively looking for a detail oriented roleplayer. I'm heavy in to plot and romance. I am also open to doing a FxF now. Hopefully I can stop being shy.

     Personal Life in Bulletpoints! :D

  • I’m a cosplayer
  • I’m working on going back to Art school fulltime
  • I’m a Game Design Student
  • I have experience in acting and lots in dancing
  • On the side, I’m working on becoming a voice actor as well
  • I play games more than I’m willing to admit
  • I work part-time as a Cashier.
  • I frequent conventions & music festivals very often
  • I’m a dancer – before I moved to Georgia, I was a paid Burlesque and Samba dancer. Currently I’m trying to find a place to dance again or start my own group. So when that does happen, I will be quite busy.
  • I live in Georgia with my Girlfriend, her cousin and their two cats! Life is absolutely wonderful now.

Introduction o What to Expect o Current Rps/Writing Samples o Fandoms/Settings o  o Reserved o Reserved
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Offline la dame en noirTopic starter

Re: Welcome to Purgatory: a one x one RP search
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2014, 11:21:00 PM »
What to Expect

Here I wanted to show you what you can expect from me as a roleplayer. I want you to be sure I'm the right choice for a game and if you'll have a good time creating something wonderful. I'll try to be as detailed as possible, but if you have any questions let me know.

Writing Length: I can write from a minimum of 4 paragraphs to a maximum of 7 or more. I try to put A LOT of effort into my writing and I expect the same in return.

Multiple Characters: Even if the roleplay has two main characters, I will ALWAYS add side characters for conflict and setting. If this bothers you, then don’t bother messaging me.

Questions: If necessary, I will ask questions when we roleplay. I simply want to know where you want to go with the storyline and how you would like to see it progress.

Grammar/Spelling: Okay, so I have to admit that I’m not the best when it comes to either of the two. HOWEVER, I’m making an honest effort to make sure my writing doesn’t come of elementary or silly. I use the thesaurus and dictionary quite often.
Dedication: If you’re an awesome person and you REALLY want to roleplay with me and are confident in our story/characters, I will put ALLL of my everything into as well. I am dedicated to stories where I feel the other player is just as into it as I am.

Posting: You can expect me to post everyday(if my muse wills it). Now that I have a job away from home and the snow has ceased, I will be spending a lot more time outside - HOWEVER!!! This does not mean I plan to abandon E or any of my RP partners.

Characters: I'm very much into making my characters feel as real as possible. I try not to play typical/stereotypical characters and I'm always open-minded when it comes to new ideas and suggestions. Please understand that I am a 23 year old black female and I feel most comfortable playing characters of color. For certain settings I'm open to playing men of any ethnic background. Just note that I will play black females for a majority of my roles and if this bothers you, please do not bother messaging me.

Introduction o What to Expect o Current Rps/Writing Samples o Fandoms/Settings o Plots/Ideas o Pairings o Updates o Reserved
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Offline la dame en noirTopic starter

Re: Welcome to Purgatory: a one x one RP search
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2014, 11:26:35 PM »
Current Roleplays & Writing Samples

Mass Effect: Legacy || My first GM group RP set in the Mass Effect Universe!

The Angel's Guard w/BennyQ
The Nassau Chronicles w/Deamonbane

On-Hold Roleplays - muse is currently not working with these plots, but I have no scrapped them.

Assassin's Creed: Freedom w/Jmorty33| Historical Fiction | Fandom | MxF
A Pyrates Teasure w/Retribution| Historical Fiction | MxF
Give into Temptation w/Countdown| High Fantasy | MxF
The Unseen - Group RP| Modern/Apocalyptic | Original | (Playing Josephine Black)
Against all will - Mass Effect w/Kizu| Fandom | Sci-Fi | MxF
A Waltz in the Darkness w/Inkidu| Sci-Fi | MxF
Mon Amour en Cage et Belle w/consortium11| Historical Fiction | MxF | Active
Your job is to please me.. w/eiselmann Modern | MxF | Active
A Heart's Wish - Group RP| Fairytale/Modern | Fairytale | Active (Playing Tiana, Aurora, and Nala)
The Frigid Girl & The Bad Boy w/Juggtacular| Modern | MxF | Active *favorite RP*
An Unexpected Alliance w/Corinthi| Modern/SuperHero | MxF | Active
He Beckons Softly w/Juggtacular| Modern/Supernatural | MxF | Active
Chains of Gold w/Hairyheretic| Fantasy | MxF | Active
A Gentleman and His Private Life w/Incant| Modern | MxF | Active
Trust Your Enemy (Dragon Age) w/Purple Dusk| Fandom/Dragon Age | M/F | Active **favorite RP**
Inactive Roleplays

I Never Knew w/Anna Katrine| Partner's RP style was too different from mine
A Pyrates Teasure w/Skekfaer| Partner too busy - I also lost my will to continue
Le Petite Morte w/Battosai| Real life issues with player - Hiatus for now
A Pyrates Treasure Reboot w/ThePrince| Partner has not replied with an intro in 2 weeks.
A Cultural Exchange w/Kamakazi| Too busy to continue right away **favorite RP**
The Venus - Group RP| No new posts in the last six days
Futanari Island - Group RP| Couldn't keep up
Power Rangers - Group RP| no posts in 2/3 weeks
Skyhold Dragon Age - Group RP| GM was no longer interested
Angels with Filthy Souls w/BennyQ| Fantasy Adventure | MxF | (I haven't been as active on E as I would like)
In Paradise without a Conscience w/BennyQ| Modern Romance | MxF | (I haven't been as active on E as I would like)
Mass Effect w/Garuss Vakarian| Mass Effect Drama | MxF | no reply
Only The Strong w/Kalab|The Last of Us Drama OCs | MxF | writer lost his muse

Group/Partner Games in the waiting

- These are games I'm joining and have yet to have an IC made or I need to finish a character for.

Writing Samples

Historical Fiction
The Louisiana sun beamed down on the woman’s sick, burning it slowly. You couldn’t tell from a glance that it was piercing her very flesh, but she felt it. It had been a long time since she found herself under the sun with other slaves, when normally she was kept inside from the atrocious heat. She was what you would call a ‘House Slave’ just good enough to be kept inside. The young woman moved around uncomfortable in the cage where she was being held. This was the sort of mistreatment she was lucky enough to avoid for the current twenty years of her life. She did not know any violence or threats – at least not towards her. She knew of how the slaves were being treated and wanted nothing more than to give them their freedom and now that chance was gone.

The man stood there making lies about her, speaking of her as if she were an animal. She knew the real story – a story that would go on heard for the rest of her life. Issiah knew the risks of keeping a colored woman as a mistress, especially one that was so close to his wife. Everything she knew – reading, history, writing, and her fluency in French, had been because of his wife. Issiah’s wife, Catherine, loved the girl more than anything. Unlike many of the French owners and important people of the time, she did not harbor any ill will towards African people. Though Catherine felt hurt and betrayed when she found out about the girl’s dealings with her husband, holding a grudge against the girl and banishing her to another master.

Vulnerability washed over her body, her mind distracted from the sun and uncomfortable shackling. It wasn't customary for slaves to be tied and gagged in front people, but it was used often as form of humiliation. Her wrists were beginning to feel sore and the bearing of her womanhood was on display, she could feel people's eyes stare, but she kept her eyes down to avoid any contact with them.

“Some crazy old lady used to own her Sir. A spinster with no children of her own. You know what age does to some people, gives them strange ideas? It seems this woman thought that this negro here was her child. Or treated her like one at least. Taught her French and English, taught her to read and write, taught her to do her numbers. Gave her ideas. Ideas like that she was smart. Turns out that the spinster had some pretty deep debts. When she died, her property was taken to settle those debts, including his bitch here. That owner didn't want to put up with her so he sold her to me. I must have been drunk because now I'm stuck with her. Who wants an educated nigger?”

‘He’s lying – he always lies.’ All she could do was think to herself in silence, knowing that speaking her mind would be deserving of a lashing.

Josephine watched as the possible buyer came closer to her cage, looking her over and asking for the door to be opened. ‘No…no no no no’ she thought in fear. She knew only one master her entire life and feared for what she might end up with. Her heart thudded against her chest loudly as the cage door was opened. Before she had a moment to react to his command, she was man handled by the unknown man’s hands. He gripped her tightly behind her head, checking her for any blemishes or inconsistencies. His hands found its way around her body making her more uncomfortable than the hot sun. It made her sick to her stomach that this was possibly the man she would end up with.

The men continued to negotiate until he – the buyer – threatened Issiah. For a moment she was glad to see another person threaten her previous master, in fact it was refreshing. Though she knew it was not completely to her benefit. Then it was done, he introduced himself and commanded how she would refer to him. ‘And what if I don’t?’ she thought to herself in silence once more. She was not known to disobey or put herself in harm’s way, but she couldn’t help but feel uneasy with the man touching on her and speaking to her in a commanding tone. She was a ‘good nigger’ as the white people would call their slaves that never gave them any trouble. Josephine was in doubt, but had released her from the horribly and humiliating contraption. It was a position she never wanted to be in again. With her mouth free of the gag, she answered the named Abelin.

“No Master, I do not wish to cause you any trouble.” She spoke in an elegant tone, keeping her eyes locked onto this.

Her eyes got her into the trouble she was currently in. She was alluring to put it lightly – dark brown eyes that were shaped like almonds, smooth cocoa colored skin, a round plump bum and perky breasts. She was beautiful and so subtly that it made Issiah mad with lust.

Assassin's Creed/Historical Fiction
The year was 1831 in what was to be Austin, Texas in the near future. The first ever railroad was built and now the demand for them were high. Many poor white settlers, Chinese immigrants and African slaves were forced to build the rigorous contraption. The works were put under the most unfriendly of weather and in horrible conditions, barely making enough to live peacefully. It was August, still summer time and the heat was unbearable. Many people only had hats and loose clothing to keep them cool, while the rich had carriages and parasols to keep the harsh heat away from them.

This was the time of the American Wild West, the golden years of the cowboys, Indians, and the stuff you would learn about in your history books or even the glorified movies you often ran across. But the Wild West was anything but. There were many fights, diseases, and other things flying around – one might even wonder why such a thing was even glorified in the first place, but there are things which were kept hidden.

Stewart Anderson was a well-known Plantation owner in the area. He was known for his disciplined slaves and quality products. But he was also a suspect for many crimes and lies he had committed over the course of his career. Stewart was one of very few Scottish immigrants with money that were able to own slaves and like many of the slave owners during that time; he was not at all friendly. But one might ask – why would someone target a wealthy plantation owner? Well it wasn’t the law, but a law that was secret from normal society. When he was not running the plantation or overseeing terrible punishments for the slaves – he often sent money and other goods to back the Templar order. This made him a target for another group.

Though Stewart had a soft spot for one of his slaves in particular, if soft was a good word to call it. More so that he was in lust with the girl. “Sarah, what took you so long to have my breakfast ready?” he called to the young girl who had just entered the room with his breakfast in hand. He had been going over inventory and expected his food to be brought to him personally every day by her. Sarah said nothing, keeping her head low as she walked closer to him, placing the plate of food down in front of him. Stewart was her only owner, making her obedience and loyalty to him deeply rooted. She had been in his families care since her birth. He was an older man, somewhere in his late thirties and she was only the mere age of twenty-one herself. But now she wanted more than to break free of his shackles – literally.

“I’m speaking to you, girl.” He said rather irritated, gripping her chin and pulling her roughly forward. The girl fell to her knees, refusing to look up at him. This was the first time she had ever shown any disobedience towards his requests. What had gotten over her? Was she finally starting to realize her worth? “You need to look at me now, girl or so help me god, I will beat it out of ya.” She sighed heavily and looked up into his eyes. It wasn’t common for slaves to ever look directly into their masters eyes, any such thing would result in a lashing. “I’m sorry, Massa…I just…I had to make sure it was good enough for you.” Sarah was one of the few slaves on the plantation that spoke well.  Despite his sexual abuse towards the girl, he educated her as means for reward. Her innocence was forcibly taken away from her when she was only fourteen years old and for years to come, he used her whenever he well pleased.

Sarah was a very pretty girl, almost making it impossible for him to stay mad at her for too long. Her dark brown eyes were like the finest chocolates and somehow made men weak at the knees. Her skin was unblemished and smooth like the finest ebony stone, her limbs slender, but curvy. She was beautiful and it was no surprise that he wanted her to himself.

“Why do you do this to me, Sarah?” he answered, his eyes filled with lust. Stewart aggressively grabbed the back of her head, pulling her down to her knees. His free hand then began to slide and crass her chest softly. Sarah kept back any tears she felt well up in her eyes, the last thing she wanted was to be taken by him again before the day had even begun. She was starting to hate him and wanted him dead. But she wanted her freedom and would do anything to see that her freedom was given to her when the time came.

“Massa, there is someone here to see you.” She tried her best to get his mind off of any thoughts of her. Stewart grunted, letting her go and shooing her away. “I’ll see to whoever is here in a bit, make sure you’re presentable.” Sarah nodded, leaving the room quickly.

Fantasy Epic
Location: Castle Desmond - Front Doors
Content: PG
Characters: Alanora & Ser David

"My Lady Alanora, with all due respect, don't wander off into the city." a gentlemen with salt and pepper hair begged as he walked over to the young woman gracefully. The man was near his early fifties and for twenty years he looked after the kingdom's most beloved Princess. The wholesome man sighed, knowing the girl wouldn't listen, his aging green eyes looked at her impish brown eyes. He knew she was up to no good again, fearing his words were no longer going to have any effect on her. The young woman smiled, grabbing the older man's hand into hers. "Ser David, I will not let anything happen to me. I simply wish to walk among my people and see what state their in, I promise I won't be long." Alanora was beloved by her people because of her constant concern for their well-being. It is because of her care and watchful eye that made the kingdom prosper. It had been centuries since the Kingdom of Alaindale saw any real profit and growth. Her great-great grandfather, King Aolaf Desmond, was a tyrant and unforgiving King. The people fought within the once prosperous city to over throw him, thus putting the family name of Desmond to harm. The later generations vowed to never have the Kingdom dissipate the way it did years ago, thus raising Alanora to be a loving and caring Princess.

The man was at a loss, he wasn't sure what else he could say or do and knew it wasn't his place to hold the Princess back any longer. Since her coming of age at eighteen, it had been hard for him to keep a close watch as he had done for so long. Alanora was a determined individual and often worried her parents because of her rebellious attitude. She were to be Queen soon and the thought of being such made her queasy. The young woman felt there was more out there for her to learn than just obeying the rules of her parents. She had gone through two arranged marriages, failing to see it to the alter. Alanora always found some way to turn other families away from her, causing the legitimacy of her kingdom to crumble. Although Alaindale was better off than it had been before, the sudden attention piqued the interests of several ruling kingdoms, causing the family to worry for a war. They knew she had to marry and quick, knowing that anyone with a much better military could take over at any given moment.

She was a beautiful girl, making her hand in marriage all the more tempting. It wasn't hard for her mother and father to find willing prospects, both young and old, but Alanora always found a reason to deny the marriage or see it from happening. The Princess was a stubborn, but bright individual, she knew what would happen if she didn't marry. It wasn't her intention to bring ill will to her family name and state, but she didn't trust any of the prospects to truly want to help her rule a quaint and cooperative Kingdom.

It was true, there were rumors of men lying to marry the girl to get in on wealth they didn't have. There were rumors of forcing the girl to have a child and then killing her in the end. Lots of gossip among her people frightened her and she was beginning to think that she would never find someone she could truly trust by her side. Going to the city meant that she could learn all she could and gain the trust of her people if anything were to happen. Alanora knew the risk of wandering out alone, anyone could get to her, but she had to trust her gut.

"I promise I will be home before the sunsets" she assured her watcher. The girl didn't like to make the man worry, but was also too stubborn to accept protection.

"Hurry back, Princess. Your family has word on a new bodyguard coming to visit tonight for dinner and you must be there." lately her family knew that if there was any chance of them keeping their daughter alive, they had to hire someone to protect her. There weren't many people they could trust and started to look for help outside of the human realms and kingdoms.

Location: Alaindale - Marketplace
Content: PG-13 (mention/consumption of Alcohol)

The City was bustling, marketplace receiving attention from tourists, outsiders, and residents a like. This is what kept Alanora from running away and finding solace in another place. She loved the diversity - though she didn't get to see many foreigners other than humans like herself. The world she lived in was inhabited by wondrous people, cultures, and races. She was fascinated by the things she learned from her studies and wanted nothing more than to expand to these places she had heard of. There were kingdoms where women could rule and not have to conform to formal marriage and childbirth to make it official and even places where royalty was not necessary. She admired these cultures, but knew her family did all they could to keep as much of that influence outside of Alaindale as much as possible.

The Princess found herself inside of one of her favorite taverns, there she could gossip with other townsfolk - many of which did know what she looked like - and could learn all she could. Unfortunately, her beauty often brought forth unnecessary attention from other tavern visitors. The woman didn't know much of defense, but she always seemed to carry a pocket knife if anything were to happen.

She sat down at the bar, looking around at the various people mingling in a drunken manner, but she seemed much more interested in what she could drink at the moment. "I'm back for a visit, George - Your strongest ale please." one of her benefits she found going out to taverns was her uncanny ability to never get too drunk to not be coherent, but maybe it wasn't such a great talent after all. The scruffed man behind the counter nodded, bringing her a goblet of ale. He knew who she was and did well to keep her identity a secret from anyone she did not want knowing she was out alone.

Mass Effect character
Title: Meet Your Partner

"Commander, do you need assistance to the Citadel Tower?" A woman answered over the intercom. Protocol of the Citadel, C-sec was always checking to make sure things were running smoothly. It didn't matter how many times Jade docked her ship, they always asked the same questions. "No, I can get there myself, Thanks." Jade turned off the intercom and walked to the ships door. "Dennis, keep this ship in check, I have go meet with the Council. I shouldn't be gone too long." Dennis was the ships pilot. He was very reliable and knew Jade for a long time. There weren't very many people that Jade could trust, but she always knew she could count on Dennis.

"For sure Commander, I have everything patched up and ready to launch when you get back. I'm sure everything will go smoothly." Dennis said grinning widely. Dennis was a very smart man, but very goofy as well. He didn't take things too seriously and was often times laid back.

Jade rolled her eyes and pressed the button to unlock the door. Jade was an attractive woman, sometimes intimidating, but attractive. She stood five feet and six inches tall. She was athletically built, however, very well well endowed in her chest and bottom. Her skin was a smooth coco-brown and she kept her hair neck length and jet black. Her eyes were a rich green, which she inherited from her mother.

"Don't do anything stupid." She said as she walked out of the ship door and into the Citadel.

The Citadel was bustling as usual. Everyone working or running errands. Most of the commanders lived on the Citadel, but Jade often found herself spending more time on the Asari homeworld, Thessia. Jade's first stop before heading to the Citadel tower was C-Sec office. She wanted Captain Bailey to know that she was there and any trouble that might happen, was most likely her fault. After pushing through crowds of people an arguing with a very stubborn turian about her right to pass up the line, she finally made it to Bailey's office. She knocked once before Bailey had a chance to answer and walked in. "Bailey, I'm heading over to the Citadel Tower, If anything happens.....its most likely my fault. I have very little patience for the council and would rather not hear rants from their Salarian councilor, so please, do not send any of your men up there." Jade said fast and too the point.

Jade was a woman that was easy to annoy, she always tried to do what was right, but found that her temper would always get the better of her. "Whatever Commander, Just don't be an asshole and do anything stupid." Bailey said in a very laid back manner. He gave her one look and looked back at his paper work. Jade, annoyed, left the room without another word.

Citadel Tower

"Ah, Commander you've made it. I hope we didn't deter you from anything important." The Asari councilor pronounced. The Asari was the only one that Jade could swallow without hurting herself. It helped that the Asari, for the most part, were very attractive. Jade nodded and looked to the rest of the council, who didn't seem to want to greet her with such friendliness. "Well Commander, we have something we need you to take care of." The Turian proclaimed and fixed the papers in front of him. "There seems to be some sort of illegal trading happening within the Citadel." The turian started and cleared his throat. The Salarian councilor rudely butted in. "Commander, the readings from the C-Sec office show that the trading is happening between the Citadel and Omega, However, when we sent some of our specialized soldiers after it, they couldn't find anything. We are sure that the shadow broker is behind this." she said swiftly. Jade squinted her eyes and sighed in an irritated manner. She never liked talking to Salarians, they spoke too fast and were often so rude, that it made her want to punch them in the face. "Anyway.."the Turian said, rather annoyed by being cut off. He looked back down at the papers and then back at Jade. "The Shadow broker often makes moves so frequent, that it is hard for us to pin point his location." He stood up and walked toward her. "We know that you do well in situations like this and we believe that you could stop him, However, you need someone on your team that is aggressive and can also get the job done. This won't a safe mission and we want you to get out alive." The turian spoke, staring her directly in the eyes.

"Work with someone? You know me well Council, I DO NOT work well with people I'm unfamiliar with." Jade spoke harshly. "We know, but you must trust us. You'll be working with a spectre. But trust us, he is one of the best we have. And the first Drell spectre ever." The Asari explained in an assuring voice. "He will be here soon." "A SPECTRE?" Jade felt offended. She wasn't one to have anyone tell her what to do and it was even worse that spectre's could do whatever they wanted and get away with it. She felt heated and she didn't want to say no, it was almost her down point. She always helped the council, but working with a spectre was the last thing on her list.

Fantasy RP
The sun shined amidst the forest, peeking through the tall trees as nature’s own flashlight. Wind was fierce and strong, but nonetheless a nice feeling. Crackles of the dried leaves could be heard in the distance as small critters squired by. It was a beautiful sight, but there was no time to stop and take it in. Two kingdoms had be going through war for quite some time and now the United Alliance had taken upon itself to get very personal with the Imperial Dynasty. For days they sent spy after spy, looking for traitors and prisoners of war. They had no captured an enemy yet to hold hostage, but it was time that they did. If the Imperials were going to take every vital measure in this war, they needed to as well.

Valaria Wynter, a young woman of twenty-four years of age. The United Alliance was her home, though not by birth. Her family had traveled from a southern region in dire need to survive a famine and that taken so many of her people. Once arrived, they quickly settled in and became the kingdoms’ finest blacksmithing and armory. Her father, a blacksmith himself, taught her everything she knew now. Valaria could make some of the best swords and daggers that anyone would ever lay their hands on and she was skilled with as well. By the age of eighteen, she became the United Alliance’s top assassin and was the Kings favorite. She rarely went into combat, but she was always there to stop the ones that caused the most trouble.

A grey wind graced the young brown skinned woman. She sighed deeply as she felt the soft air go through her. It was the late afternoon and Valaria had wandered around aimlessly into the forest waiting for night fall. Her goal, get to the Imperial base during the night and capture any important captain she could find. It was a dangerous assignment as she had never come in contact with the Imperial people or their fighters before. But, she was confident in herself that she wouldn’t fail her kingdom.

In the not so far distance, she heard water fall at amazingly fast speed, “A waterfall!” she said as it had been a few days since she had a nice bathe. The blue eyed exotic beauty carefully followed the sound until she reached a large lake with a water fall not too far off in the center. She found a spot near a tree that was well hidden from plain sight and began to remove her outer layer of armor. Peeking around the corner she saw a male figure off in the distance with a sword, a sword she had never seen before. “I thought this place was supposed to be abandoned; no one was supposed to be out here.” She said, not knowing if the man before her was an Imperial or just a citizen caught out by himself.

Valaria carefully picked up her large curved dagger, holding it close to her side as she began to sneak around the outer of the lake behind the trees. She wanted to investigate closer on who the man may possibly be. Maybe she could take him.

Another Mass Effect Character
Name: Olivia Wynter
Location: Purgatory Club & Bar, Later: Flux
Tagged: Everyone I suppose! :)

Loud bustling music, pressing bodies, yelling, and a bar full of shore leave military officers. Purgatory was the Citadel's new hotspot. The drinks were cheap and the music was great, and of course it would attract many young aliens and humans alike, even the likes of Olivia, Alliance Vanguard. The young woman often found herself in the club whenever she could, finding excuses to take a break or a "lunch" just to get some of the strongest drinks they could make. It wasn't that she wasn't happy with her line of work, or an alcoholic, but after busting a few heads in and listening to the demanding requests of your superiors, it was hard not to think about taking a short time off just to unwind.

"Can I just have a shot of, Asari Hard Liquor?"

The young woman asked the bartender as she sat down on the bar stool, resting her face on her hands. It was a quiet day at the bar, but still quite a few people dancing and the go go dancers were a nice sight for eyes so used to death, decay, and faces of old military lieutenants. The bartender nodded and quickly began to mix the very potent drink. Thessia was Olivia's homeworld, not common for a human, but that was all she really knew. She found herself quickly immersed into the Asari ways and culture very quickly, this even meant building up an immunity for their food and alcoholic drinks. It wasn't until she was the ripe age of seventeen that she finally stepped foot on her species homeworld, Earth.

The bartender placed the shot glass filled with a green and yellow liquid in front of her, she took the glass in her hand and held it forward in a cheer towards the bartender. "To the hardworking military individuals who get paid a shitty wage." she took the shot and downed it quickly, tilting her head back and then forward as she slammed it back onto the bar. Olivia turned the barstool around and leaned back, resting her arms on the bar. She watched young individuals walk through and listened to some of the new recruits gamble at a table nearby. It was the same, it always was and she was bored.

'Olivia, come in, Oliva can you hear me?' a familiar, yet annoying voice came from her omni-tool. "Yes, Captian Ferngusi?" Olivia answered, Ferngusi was her mentor and superior officer in the Alliance Military. The woman rolled her eyes and sighed heavily, she had hoped it wasn't some silly assignment they decided they needed someone to do at the last minute. 'There has just been an explosion at the Embassies, where are you located.' Olivia's eyes widended, she didn't think anything exciting would ever happen at the Citadel, well not since the fall of the Reapers. Olivia wasn't even a speck in the universe when that all went down, but she certainly heard amazing stories from her parents that watched everything happen when they were young.

"A bomb?" Olivia asked stupidly. "I'm at Purgatory, I'm sure they have people there, you don't really need me right now do you?" she asked rather annoyed that her private time had been interrupted. Sure, she was his best biotic on his crew, but she hated being called by him so often. 'Olivia, now is not the time for your smart remarks. I just wanted to warn you that I have heard word that you will be needed to help find out who did this, but I'm not in charge. I just want you to be professional about this and not do anything drastic that can mess with my image or yours when you find who exactly you're helping.' Ferngusi answered back through the omni-tool. Confused, Olivia replied. "Who the hell is it?" she asked not wanting to have surprises. 'You'll see, Ferngusi out.' communication shut down with the captain. Olivia's faced flushed red, she hated secrets and she hated being led into something she wasn't prepared for.


An email was recieved from an information broker to her email. She opened it up hestiangly and pulled it out to see full screen. It had been a message to  meet at Flux with details on a very serious and dangerous job, all linked to the explosion itself. It wouldn't give her details on who it was from or who was arranging the group, but she felt that she had nothing better to do then to find out.

"Good, maybe I can finally do something interesting." Olivia spoke to herself. She put her omni-tool away and headed for the exit of Purgatory.

Location: Flux
Tagging: Anyone currently at Flux (eyed Drax and Silvanus)

"Ugh, this MUSIC." Olivia couldn't stand Flux, she hated the shitty gambling machines, the drinks, and the vibe. The music most of all irritated her the most. Near the bar, she noticed a Turian and Krogan having drinks and joking. She wasn't much for interacting with unknown people, especially a Krogan that was drinking. She liked Krogan, their attitudes and the way they handled things, but she wasn't too interested in being friends with one that drank, they get a little too aggressive. Turians on the other hand, she didn't have much experience with them, they seemed alright, but among the Alliance she had only interacted with Humans. Olivia's only personal contact with Aliens were the Asari of Thessia.

Olivia gracefully made her way over to the bar and sat down at stool not far from the two male aliens. She took out a hair tie from her tight leather pants pocket and pulled her jet back hair up into a tight ponytail. "Shot of anything that will take away this annoying headache." She told the bartender. The bartender who happened to be an Asari came back with a basic human drink of whiskey. "Oh what the hell..."Olivia cursed to herself and took the drink anyway.

Fantasy Roleplay
Location: Kyros - dugeon later Queen's palace
Reference pictures: Throne Room
Dungeon/Jail room

Footsteps clapped from a distance, the noise was unfamiliar. The sound seemed to have been on some sort of pavement or gravel, it was unsure at that moment. For her ears, as a foreigner, it was uncertain what exactly it was or where she was, it definitely wasn't home. Strange smells filled her nose as she started to awake from her slumber. It had been four days of travel since her homeland was attacked by the foreigners of the north. She remembered vaguely that her father told her to run and hide, that he could not let these pale skinned men take her away from him. Bewildered and scared, she listened to him hesitantly before running away from home, leaving everything she knew behind her. She did not know where to go or when she was able to come back, she never wanted to leave, but her father insisted. Her father was the chief of a very large tribe in Theatis, a very prosperous nation in the south. The people were known for their exotic jewels, oil, gold, diamonds, and vegetation. These feats made her culture the center for the most frivolous and selfish wars. There were very few nations that traded with them fairly, thus making their guard very tight nit to get through. The chief couldn't trust just anyone, especially the ones he called "Pale faced fiends of the north" that would often come to demand goods from her people.

'Father please, I don't want to leave you all alone, let me help!' faint, mouthed words escaped her full lips as she slept. She was re-living her dream, it felt as if it were only yesterday that she was in the care of her family with nothing to fear. Little did she know that she would be ripped from her home and planted onto foreign territory. The smells, they were different not what she was used to. The voices, they were foreign a tongue that she only spoke when it was necessary to communicate with the traders of the north. In an abrupt awakening, she opened her eyes to see that she was in fact, not home. Zuri felt her heart stop as she studied her surrounds wide-eyed and inquisitive. She was afraid, she did not know where she was or how she got there. Her earliest memory of anything was her running away and then suddenly blacking out.

The room was dark and smells seemed to seep in through the cracks of the window and the wooden door just in front of her. She looked down to see her wrists cuffed and chained and her garments were removed, replaced with a white nightgown. The only belonging she had left of her culture were tribal jeweled necklaces that adorned her neck. She felt tears fill her eyes as the reality sunk in that she was taken away from her family. But why? she did not know nor how and she wanted answers. But, she knew that these were her enemies and there would be no answers from them. Idly thinking, she reached to scratch her now bare large breasts that were tightly pressed against the fabric of the gown. Her beautiful curves were hugged just right and her skin gave compliment to the pure white color of the dress. Her mind came to when she hear footsteps walking towards the door and flung open revealing a great white light from the sun.

"Her majesty, Queen Dalina requests your presence. We have finally figured out what to do with you." a man spoke to her firmly before grabbing her wrists and forcing her out the door. Zuri did not hesitate to get up nor did she fight him. It was unsure of what she was to expect and hoped for the best, if there was anything good to come of her capture. She spoke very little of their native tongue, but enough to get her opinion across and to understand them just a little. "Where...where are you taking me?...where am I am?" she asked in hopes that she did not sound too desperate. The man turned to stare at her, ignoring her questions. Zuri felt the pit of her stomach rumble with butterflies as she was led through the city in front of crowds of unknown white faces. Very few looked like her, she felt like an outsider and not in the way most would want to feel like. They all stared at her as she was something out of a legend, as if they had never seen anyone that looked quite like her. It was obvious that she was of royal blood and from a foreign area, maybe they sympathized with her?

After what seemed like decades, they finally reached the steps of the royal palace. The guard spoke with the advisor of the castle before they turned to evaluate her. They stared intensely before deciding to go inside and meet the Queen herself. They walked slowly before entering another room where there sat a large chair in the middle. "You are to speak when spoken to, that is if you know more than you already do." the man spat at her. She winced as his words and nodded before they walked front of the throne. The man bowed, forcing the girl down with him. "Her Majestiy, Queen Delina of Kyros." the advisor annonced as a beautiful pale women with firey red hair entered the throne room, taking a seat in front of the two.

"Oh my, what have we here?" the queen asked with a soft voice. She smiled staring at Zuri, not really knowing of how she originally arrived at Kyros. The man next to her forceably picked her up, making Zuri stare at the queen. Unsure of how to react, Zuri gave a quick bow as was custom with royals and bowed her head slightly as to not stare directly into her eyes. "Well aren't you a beautiful creature. Why is she chained up this way? Surely there is no need for that." Delina announced in an annoyance. The man quickly uncuffed her and bowed several times before speaking. "Excuse me, you majesty I meant no disrespect. She is the girl we captured on our journey to the south. They were very hostile and thus figured you needed a mediator to bring the two kingdoms together. This girl here is the daughter of a very well known chief within her culture and is brought here in hopes that she can persuade her family, within the next year or so, to let us trade fairly so that your kingdom can expand." the man answered truthfully. The queen smiled, she was not one to have slaves or captives, but she wasn't opposed to having peaceful relations from an area she regularly has disagreements and misunderstandings with.

Zuri smiled softly, feeling relief that the Queen seemed nicer than those she has encountered so far. "You are to be my servant, I shall watch over you and guide you and hopefully soon we can have you back with your family. But don't fret, my dear. I'm sure you'll learn to love Kyros with open arms once  you get used to the place." the queen reassured the young woman. Delina looked around the room and noticed very little presence of her knights as she was notified that some of them had arrived back on leave. "Have you Aella? send for him please, I would very much like for him to meet this girl and watch over her when I cannot." she called to her royal advisor hoping that he would send a messenger to fetch for him.

This one is just a short I'm writing based on the idea I have for an RP
Boss and his Intern short story
6:52 PM

Read the daunting clock on the computer screen in front of her. She knew all too well what time it was and being reminded wasn't helping her work faster. Scarlet had just gotten the job as intern at prestigious financial office in San Francisco, one out of twenty other qualified applicants. It was apparent, that even with her MBA in Finance and Business, she was still a diligent and hardworking young woman.

A heavy sigh of frustration left the pouted lipped woman, as she sank her forehead into her delicate hands. The woman was given the task of coming up with new financial plans for business partners, but she couldn't think straight that evening. It had been weeks since her last break and she was finally starting to feel a bit stir crazy.

'Scarlet, where the hell are you? We've been waiting forty minutes for you to show up.'

The loud buzz of her cell phone startled her back to reality. Biting her bottom lip, she began to apprehensively text back.

'Damnit, Alison - look, I won't make it out tonight, I want to get this financial plan done before I go home. We can set something up for tomorrow.'

Alison was a long time friend of the girls, but she was always known to flake on her whenever they made plans. It was true, Scarlet felt guilty - but she had always been the kind of person that put her career over; friends, family, and even herself.

The hazelnut hued woman turned the phone on silent, putting the face on top of the oak wood desk. Straightening up her positered, she resumed her precipitous typing on the stylish mac laptop.

Scarlet was no older than twenty-five years of age, only eight months out of grad school. Standing at only five feet, four inches there were times when she seemed much taller because of her ambitious and go-getting attitude. Curves were a gift given to her by her mother; a rounded, toned ass, fit and slender legs, paired with a small twenty-six inch waist and a rather large bust, giving her the perfect hourglass figure. Her eyes were almond shaped and illuminating a perfect hazel tone that gave great compliments to her skin. Scarlet's mouth was small, but full - light and fluffy, ready for a sweet and tender skin. Her nose was cute, as a button they would say.

All in all, she had face of a innocent young girl, but the body of a woman wise beyond her years. Though, she never paid much attention the cat-calling and men nearly falling at her feet. She did, however, find one man in particular to be hard not to look at for extended periods of time.

"Ms.Green, shouldn't you be out on the town - as all young women do Friday nights?"

A familiar deep voice echoed through the empty office room. The woman felt a lump in her throat when he spoke, but immediately placed her hands down and began to speak.

"I'm sorry, Mr.Chevalier, I had no idea you were still here."

Dimitri Chevalier, or Mr.Chevalier as he was referred to by all his employees, was quite a handsome man. He was a few years older than Scarlet, Thirty-two to be exact, and he was the heir to the financial company that was handed down to him by his late father.

He stood six foot three inches, muscular, but lean build and olive complected skin which he inherited from his French mother. His eyes were a piercing green color, which contrasted amply with his short wavy black hair.

The CEO was dressed in his suit button up shirt, navy blue tie and dark navy blue suit slacks. His suit jacket was neatly laying upon the black leather chair which sat across from her desk. The room was eerily quiet as he began to make his way towards the unknowingly woman.

"No need to apologize, I was here late due to a necessary phone conference. I do believe these papers aren't due until two weeks time, Ms.Green." he reminded her as he sat at the end of the oak desk, resting a gentle, but firm hand on her shoulder.

Scarlet was quick to tense, looking up with dazed eyes. Dimitri quickly retreated his hand, showing a bit concern for her reaction.

"I'm sorry, did I overstep my boundaries?"

Scarlet wanted to shake her head no, but instead kept her eyes locked onto his. She was tired, but he was there and her mind had ceased to function. When was the last time she even looked at another man, let alone let one trip her of words. Closing her eyes, she regretted her immediate disgust and wanted to make amends.

"No! Sorry, I've just been so set on getting this done, but I had other priorities today. I can come in tomorrow morning and make sure this is finished, who knows what other tasks we will have Monday and I don't want this to be late. I apologize, I'll just--"

Two fingers were placed upon her soft lips in an attempt to stop her. Shaking his head, smiling at the girl, he stood up slowly.

"Again, Ms. Green, there is absolutely no reason for you to rush, everything is fine. You are my intern, I have an assistant who takes care of all the out of hand paper work when you are over booked. If you are to keep this position, you will then have to worry about deadlines, but you are doing fine. A lot better than I expected to be honest with you."

Dimitri tried to reassure her, but Scarlet's anxiety had gotten the better of her. Quickly making a save to the finance sheet, she quickly shut down the computer, closing it quickly before putting it aside. Reaching to the floor, she grabbed hold of her designer purse and pushed her bum off the chair.

"I will try to refrain from coming in tomorrow, but know that I will be around if you need me."

Just as the young woman began to turn on her heels, she felt a forced grab at her wrist, pulling her around towards the only person in the room. It would be a lie to say that she was spooked, but his grip felt - uncomfortably - mitigating.

He looked at her with sultry eyes, biting his bottom lip before pulling her into a closer entwine. Using his left hand to keep her wrist down, his right was brought to the back of her head, finding the tie that bound together thick curly black hair that she had grown out for years.

There she stood, hair in its natural state before her boss. This wasn't planned, but she couldn't find the words to escape the fortunately unfortunate circumstance. His free hand continued to caress her face, skin soft to his touch - but his own skin was in harsher condition than hers. It was apparent how different the two were.

"Tell me, Ms.Green, when was the last time you let go?"

The question battered a deep chord with her. When was the last time she had let go? Was able to feel refreshed, pleased, and sexy? Scarlet could hardly remember. It wasn't something that she thought she needed.

"Mr.Chevalier, I really must go..."

His question went unanswered, which only caused him to prod more. Sweeping his fingertips into the tassels of her hair, he gripped at the crown, only tugging slightly.

A soft moan escaped her, goosebumps invaded her once unblemished skin. Her legs rubbed together uncomfortably, she was beginning to feel emotions she hadn't let herself feel in years. A smirk, hidden, drew across his perfectly chiseled face. Her weeps only caused his hunger to grow.

"I don't think that was the correct answer to my question, Ms.Green."

He tugged harder, using his hand to pull her wrist - bringing her closer to him. Scarlet clenched her fist, but was still unable to form words to answer him.

"Tonight, you will learn how to answer me when you are spoken to. Tonight, you will learn how to let go and tonight, I am Sir...Not Mr.Chevalier."

With those words, he used the hand that latched onto the back of her head, pulling her forward into a lustful kiss. Their lips entangled in moans, heavy breathing and flicking tongues. The young woman's cunt became increasingly wet with each stroke of his experienced tongue, making her weak in the knees and easy to succumb.

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Fandoms & Settings

Video Games
Dragon Age
Mass Effect
Final Fantasy VIII
Assassin's Creed
Resident Evil
The Wolf Among Us

     Movies & T.V.
Game of Thrones
Black Sails
Fight Club
True Blood
The Walking Dead
V for Vendetta

     Historical Settings
1920s United States
Slave Era Louisiana
Medieval London
Renaissance Italy
Renaissance France
Victorian London

     Fantasy/Sci Fi
Celtic Lore
Danish Lore
High Fantasy: LOTR
Space Opera
Modern Fantasy

Super Heroes
Modern Realism
Alternate Universe

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Plots & Ideas

The Akkadian Empire: A Servants Tale MxF
The Akkadian Empire: A servants tale
based on: Akkadian Empire by Two Steps from Hell
theme: High Fantasy, Consent/Non-Consent, Exotic, and Long-Term
pairings: Dom male x sub female

The kingdom of Akkadia has a simple system: Intimidate, protect, and conquer. How does the Akkadian Empire stay so wealthy, safe, and free from war and poverty? Simple, the Akkadian monarchy arranged a simple rule to keep the outlying regions under control: their young women as slaves and servants for protection and safety from the Akkadian Empire. Once a year the Akkadian ruler, Queen Margaret, sends her knights to each region to collect their "pay". While the Queen was not ruthless or malevolent, she only ruled the way the kingdom was left when her father died.

Premise: Basically, I will be playing the girl that is brought to the Queen as her new servant. I would like to have my partner play a knight that is also at the right hand of the Queen and is there to protect his Queen and that Queen only. He can be ruthless, mean, snide, sarcastic..whatever you'd like. I would also like to discuss this as a long term rp. I do plan on having another ruling nation that will threaten Akkadia causing a war of sorts.

Give into temptation MxF
Give into temptation
inspired by: photo shown here, fantasy, dragon age, BDSM, dark fantasy
Theme: Story Driven, High Fantasy, BDSM
Pairing: MxF or MxM

The Demon's Prize MxF
Inspired by: Demons, Sexy Demons, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
Theme: Story Driven, High Fantasy, BDSM, Coercion
Pairing: MxF
Plot: Morrigan is a talented young witch in the local kingdom. She owns an apothecary that is located in the center of this beautiful place where many come to buy her healing potions. It is on a fateful day that her mother falls deathly ill and the only way to save her is by using magic that was forbidden in her family. She must call upon a demon that will ask her to do his bidding in exchange for a spell that will cure her mother of the awful illness. The demon becomes obsessed with the girl, having not been call forth by such a pure hearted beauty before.

This story can lead to lots of drama. I have an idea to have her married off to a rich noble, but he becomes frighteningly jealous.

          Historical Fiction
A Pyrates Teasure MxF
A Pyrates Teasure
based on: T.V. show "Black Sails", Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and Naval music from AC4: Black Flag
pairings: MxF

Nassau, a pirates paradise. Without very much of the Queen's influence, the pirates were free to do whatever their hearts desired. There was no shortage of whores, rum, and the occasional (and sometimes deadly) tift with another pirate. Just like; Charles Vane, Blackbird, and Calico Jack, there was another feared pirate captain that was not only ruthless, but one of the most dapper pirates you would ever meet.

During a raid at a prominent British plantation, the pirate finds more than just goods and gold, but lays his/her hands on the most beautiful and exotic woman he had ever seen.

Basics: I want a mean...ruthless pirate...very very very VERY territorial and very sexually aggressive! But, this story will be more than just sex.

Mon Amour en cage et Bell MxF
Mon Amour en cage et Belle [my love: caged & beautiful]
inspired by: Anne Rice novels (The Vampire Lestat & Inteview with the Vampire), American Slave era New Orleans, and Creole whore houses
Theme: Historical, taboo, consent/non-consent, and long term
pairings: Dom Male x Submissive Female
(would prefer to work out a story with an interested party)

A Gentlemen or so he says
A Gentlemen or so he says
inspired by: 50 Shades of Grey & Secretary
Theme: Modern, consent/non-consent, multiple characters
pairings: Dom Male x Submissive Female

Olivia is a smart girl, with a very naive view of life. She often finds herself in the worst possible situations, but always seems to get herself out some way. She recently graduated law school with a master's degree, throwing herself out to employer after employer, but no one would hire her. She is left with only few options to pay her bills, a waitress or a secretary. Olivia finds herself at a very well known law firm, but would only be able to get in as a secretary for the CEO. It is her hope that she will be able to work her way to the top. Little does she know that she will soon throw herself into a world of violence, sex, and the time of life.

- Your character interview's Olivia and you can choose to keep MC a secretary or make her a personal assistant
- YC somehow works for the mafia (he can be the head of the Mafia, the son of the Mafia leader, or in debit to them)
- There will be room for consensual and non-consensual encounters

The Frigid Girl & The Bad Boy
Name: The Frigid Girl & The Bad Boy

Content: Bondage/Light NC/Interracial

Scenario: Lilith is a 23 year old woman with a dead end job. She hardly has time for relationships; intimate and otherwise. She keeps herself busy with work five days a week and school full time. She ignores advances, relationships, and dates like the plague. Some call her frigid and unwilling to step outside of her comfort zone. Maybe they're right, maybe she needs to loosen up, but she never gives anyone the time of day. Until one night she is cornered by a man that won't let her go, that will try everything in his power to loosen the girl up. She lets him back to her apartment to entertain him, but is not prepared for what he has in store for her.

Setting: Modern - New York City or San Francisco

To Tame & Break: A tale of friendship in unfortunate circumstance *craving*
To Tame & Break: A tale of friendship in unfortunate circumstance
theme: Modern - Light Bondage - Drama
pairings: MxF (DomxSub)

Two friends have known eachother for years. The pair of them were inseparable and always had eachother's backs. She was teased relentlessly and he was too, they were nerds - outcasts. Now, highschool had rolled around - she has decided that she was done being a nerd, smart, and being teased relentlessly. She finally made a change to how she would act, dress, and present herself to everyone. He stayed the same though, nerdy and constantly focused on school. But he was handsome, which constantly confused those on the choices he made from himself. She would never associate with him at school and would constantly tease and make fun of him when her clique was around. He couldn't understand why...the one girl who had known the longest would change to fit in and hurt the person who cared about her more than anything.

Eventually, he would want to get revenge, teach her discipline and respect.

You're too young
Name: You're too young
Genre: Modern - Drama - Romance
Pairing: Young male dominant x Older female submissive

Rebecca Jackson is the youngest executive in her company. She is surrounded by older, more privileged, males on a daily. Her life consists of work, work, overtime, and forced bar runs with co-workers. At only twenty-eight years old, she has come far in her career to where she is now. Though her career as taken over most of her life, she has been able to maintain a six year relationship that she is slowly regretting. Her boyfriend, Matthew Hearing, is a 33 year co-CEO of the company she works for and will soon inherit after his father's retirement. Their sexual chemistry is at an all time low, making their relationship sway back and forth. Nothing he does seems to work for her and his immaturity turns her off. Now, Rebecca has to decide on keeping a boyfriend that will let her keep her job, or leave him and be forced to find another job on her own. Though she has a Master's degree in Business and one hell of a resume, the connections would falter if she decides to leave him.

This is when she is introduced to a very young man with a flourishing company of his own and a promising future. This young man embodies everything she wants in a partner; maturity, power, diligence, dominance, a giving and kind heart, and ambitions. The one thing that keeps her from making anything happen is their considerable age difference. While she might be only seven years older than him, she feels that she would rob him off a young life to grow if anything were to happen between them.

Notes: YC can be anywhere from 18 to 21, but 21 makes it fun for possible bar outings and what not. He can have any sort of company you wish and you can always tweak his personality traits. I want this to be long term, with lots of room for plot twists and drama.

The Boss and his Intern *New*
Name: The Boss and his Intern

Content: Bondage/Light NC/Interracial
Inspired by: 50 Shades, Secretary, My own fantasies
Room for: Romance, drama, and long term

Scenario: Scarlet is fresh out of college with her degree in Business Accounting. She just landed a 4 figure internship at a prestigious Financial firm in the business district of San Francisco, CA. There isn't much to her life, other than working to the bone and never having time to herself. There is hardly much excitement in her life, as her career is the forefront of her mind everyday. She's exquisitely beautiful and insanely smart, but can come off as a little uptight and hard to tease. What Scarlet doesn't know is that her boss had things in store for her that she would've never thought possible.

Setting: Modern - San Francisco

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Re: Welcome to Purgatory: a one x one RP search
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- bolded = will play
Mass Effect
FemShepard x Thane
FemShepard x James Vega
OC x OC Drell

Resident Evil
Sheva x Wesker
OC x Wesker

     Dragon Age
Warden x Alistair
FemWarden x Zevran
Warden x Zevran
FemHawke x Fenris
OC x Fenris - Craving!
Anders x Fenris
FemInquisitor x Cullen
Inquisitor x Dorian
Mage x Templar
Qunari x Human

Boss x Secretary
Teacher x Student
Musician x Groupie
Best Friend x Long Time Friend
Painter x Model
Photographer x Model
Bully x Victim
Internet Friends

Arranged Marriage
Princess x Knight
Prince x Knight
Female Servant x Knight
Female Servant x Prince
Vampire x Victim
Demon x Victim
Elf x Human
Assassin x Assassin
Assassin x Target/Victim

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Re: Welcome to Purgatory: a one x one RP search
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2015 Updates
January 28th, 2015 || Layout updated - Currently seeking 2 possible 1x1 roleplays.
January 29th, 2015 || Currently only available to discuss future roleplays. I didn't think I'd get as many requests as I did, but that doesn't mean every RP will go well. So, if you're still somewhat interested or just wanna chat, please PM me.
February 2nd, 2015 || Updated current roleplays and statuses. I am also open for one, maybe two new solo roleplays. I am actively looking.
February 3rd, 2015 || Actively looking for 3 new roleplays. A lot of the players have been busy or haven't gotten back to me. Also, I might be a little sluggish since I'm pretty paranoid about my cats surgery. But! I am still open to new ideas to keep my mind on a positive note.
February 8th, 2015 || I'm currently open to discuss new roleplays. I have a lot of free time and I had to drop a few rps because of player issues or muse cooperation. I hope that I can form something great with some of the people on E.
February 9th, 2015 || Updated current roleplays with "Give into Temptation" with Countdown
February 11th, 2015 || Updated current roleplays with Angels with Flithy Souls & After the Battle. I am open to discuss 2 more possible roleplays.
February 17th, 2015 || New plot "The Frigid Girl & The Bad Boy" added and currently craving.
February 18th, 2015 || Current roleplays updated
February 21st, 2015 || Current Rps updated - I had to move a lot to inactive, I hope I can find some partners soon.
February 23rd, 2015 || Current RPs updated
March 2nd, 2015 || Current & Inactive RPs updated. I am currently open for ONE or TWO other rps. Because I am being greedy, but I am CRAVING a good story. I will be VERY selective in the story that I take on. I ask for communication and open-minded individuals! So if you're up to it, message me promptly.
March 5th, 2015 || After some thinking, I have moved a lot of things around. I made a spot for RPs on hold. This simply means that my muse is not forming enough creative juices(to my liking) to give the player an immersive experience. So for now, I am open for a few more roleplays. Please inquire and let me know if anything catches your fancy.
March 10th, 2015 || Current RPs updated~
March 17th, 2015 || Still looking - Updated~
March 18th, 2015 || Updated Current RPs & What to expect of me as a roleplayer. I also updated my bullet points (I just got a new job as of today), but I am still looking for a few new roleplays. If you're into Mass Effect, I am currently GMing a group game that I opened up yesterday.
March 21st, 2015 || On-hold rps updated
March 30th, 2015 || On-hold rps updated, updated current plots, and still looking to start a new game or two.
April 14th, 2015 || Current RPs updated~
April 29th, 2015 || Current RPs updated~
May 10th, 2015 || Current RPs updated~
May 11th, 2015 || New plot added - You're too young
May 16th, 2015 || Current RPs updated~
June 9th, 2015 || Desperately looking for something to wake my muse up
June 22nd, 2015 || As you can probably already tell, I've cleaned out my rps with only my long term still running. I am desperately looking for a story with well-rounded; characters, character development, plot, sex, long-term goals, drama, etc. I need something to wake up the writer within me. I've been very stressed and busy lately and all I want right now is a good story to keep me alive. Please message me if you're interested!
September 07th, 2015 || I've been gone for quite sometime with really bad writers block and muse problems. Dealing with working has also been hard on me. Now, I'm back from Dragon Con and after reading fanfiction erotica with a voice actor, I suddenly have the will and imagination to rp again. SO! If you're interested, please please please do not hesitate to message me.
October 20th, 2015 || After a very long hiatus, I believe I finally have time to settle in and let my creative juices flowing. My birthday is tomorrow and I want nothing more than to get a really good roleplay started.
November 7th, 2015 || Happy N7 Day! I'm currently looking for a bioware inspired roleplay! :3
November 27th, 2015 || Added 'The Boss and his Intern
November 28th, 2015 || Added new writing sample based on 'The Boss and his Intern'
December 3rd, 2015 || Added new plot 'Jenny' FxF & Actively looking! :3
December 4th, 2015 || Added new pairings and fandoms
December 14th, 2015 || Added new plot 'The Demon's Prize' MxF
December 28th, 2015 || Craving Dragon Age & Added new pairing to Generic

January 22nd, 2016 || I have two writers for the plot of 'Jenny' but, I am looking for another rp.
March 7th, 2016 || Actively looking! :3
March 31st, 2016 || New Plot "I swear to protect" fxf
May 6th, 2016 || Actively looking
July 3rd, 2016 || Updated current roleplays - actively looking!

Introduction o What to Expect o Current Rps/Writing Samples o Fandoms/Settings o Plots/Ideas o Pairings o Updates o Reserved
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Re: Welcome to Purgatory: a one x one RP search
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Introduction o What to Expect o Current Rps/Writing Samples o Fandoms/Settings o Plots/Ideas o Pairings o Updates o Reserved
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Re: La Dame's 1x1 Pleasures ~New plots & Fandoms Looking actively! <3
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bump! Looking for a story driven rp!

Please send me a pm

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Re: La Dame's 1x1 Pleasures ~New plots & Fandoms Looking actively! <3
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Re: La Dame's 1x1 Pleasures ~New plots & Fandoms Looking actively! <3
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le bump

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Re: La Dame's 1x1 Pleasures ~New plots & Fandoms Looking actively! <3
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Re: La Dame's 1x1 Pleasures ~New plots & Fandoms Looking actively! <3
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Re: La Dame's 1x1 Pleasures ~New plots & Fandoms Looking actively! <3
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Re: La Dame's 1x1 Pleasures ~New plots & Fandoms Looking actively! <3
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Re: La Dame's 1x1 Pleasures ~New plots & Fandoms Looking actively! <3
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