Star Wars: The True War (F for M or F, Human Bondage Solo)

Started by Eyeomancer, December 02, 2014, 10:22:11 PM

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So after taking shreds of Chris Avellone's writing from Knights of the Old Republic 2, adding a heaping cup of Nietzschean self-determination, and stirring it with the wooden spoon of 'I've been watching The Blacklist lately', I have a game proposal. And it's going to be a weird one.

I want to do a Star Wars game featuring conflict between the Jedi and Sith taking place in the days of the Old Republic. But I want this to be a true war, one that takes place without the two protagonists dueling with lightsabers, designing ludicrous superweapons, or engaging in epic space battles with huge fleets behind them. To quote Kreia: The true war is waged in the hearts of all living things, against our own natures, light or dark. This is a conflict that is going to be decided by philosophy, by argument, and by the truth of the ideals of the Sith and Jedi codes.

Setting: Played KotOR? You know what I mean. There is a tense cold war between the Old Republic and Sith Empire, but everyone knows that it could erupt in hot war at any moment. The Jedi feel that they need an edge, a secret weapon to unleash when the Sith inevitably resume hostilities. They find:

My Character: A fallen Jedi, or a redeemed Sith. The stories conflict. She has gone into voluntary exil on a pre-industrial planet, establishing dominion over the natives and ruling over them while she establishes the creed which she shall one day teach to her apprentice. The old records from the Jedi archives, however, reveal that my character, despite being at best a mediocre duelist and below average in terms of strength in the Force, surpasses any recorded Force-sensitive in skills at Battle Meditation, the technique by which one mind may direct the actions of groups of people, squads of soldiers, even entire fleets across entire parsecs of space like a unified whole.

The Jedi realize that if they could press my character into service, they would have a supreme General of the Republic, who could deal a decisive blow against the Sith attack when it comes. They send:

Your character: along with eight Jedi Masters, to take my character prisoner. They expect to have to cut through legions of Dark Side-twisted slaves, wretched creations of Sith Alchemy, and all the nightmare powers of the Dark Side...

Only to find that my character surrenders without a fight. Taken back to Coruscant a prisoner, my character agrees to direct the Republic fleets when the time comes, in exchange for two conditions:

1) my character will speak and deal only with yours.
2) when the Sith are defeated, my character will be allowed to teach as she will in any sector of the Republic, using neither force nor coercion to attract disciples.

My character is confident that she can win the true war against the Jedi with words alone. And she may be right. In the aftermath of a glorious victory against the Sith, the Jedi may be surprised how quickly and easily this "New Sith" Master attracts apprentices. And then what do they do?

I realize that this is a very gonzo Star Wars plot, and kind of light on the space action adventure. My plot is also light on details of romantic and sexual involvement, but a look at my ons and offs, and collaboration with an intelligent and excited partner, can find ways to incorporate those elements into the story as needed.

Thanks for your time and attention. Ciao!