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May 26, 2018, 09:13:14 AM

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Author Topic: Futa seeks dedicated, literate writing partner of any gender for sexual fun!  (Read 284 times)

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Offline imjessmeTopic starter

Hi all, and thanks for looking!

I'm coming back from a rather long hiatus, and I'd like to jump in with a story that I've tried, but has never really taken off.  For one reason or another, my partners just didn't seem up to continuing.  So, due to that, I'd like to ask that you only request to do this with me if you're really into the idea and willing to hang on through it.

In real life, I'm male, and I do enjoy playing male roles.  However, I discovered a strange but strong pull to playing futa characters (that would be a female, but with male sex organs, if you aren't familiar with the term).  What little of it I've done so far has been awesome, and I get a great deal of enjoyment from it.

The story will take place on an alternate Earth, where humans have evolved into not two, but three genders; male, female and intermale.  Intermales appear female, grow rounded hips and breasts at puberty, have higher-pitched voices, do not grow facial hair, etc.  To all outward appearances, they are normal females, with one exception.  They have male genitals.

Intermales, throughout history, have been treated as little more than slaves.  In this story, which will take place essentially in modern times, maybe very slightly in the future, intermales are bought and sold, legally, on a worldwide market.  My character, Candice (can be changed if needed), has just come of age to be sold (could be 16 or 18).  She is on the taller side for an intermale, perhaps 5'8", with a trim, athletic build, dark hair below her shoulders, emerald green eyes.  Her most striking feature, and the one that should raise her going price by quite a bit, is the size of her penis.  Intermale organs follow the same size range as men, with six or seven inches being the average.  Candice's on the other hand, is just over nine (this is also negotiable).  When she is initially put up for auction, the starting bid is quite higher than normal.

Her attitude, however, is her downfall.  Candice is headstrong, and it shows during that first attempt at a sale.  No buyer wants a servant who will talk back, or simply refuse an order, and so she is returned to her room, unsold.  When she is put up again, the price is lowered substantially.

This is where your character comes in.  He or she will be purchasing their first intermale, maybe prodded on by friends who all have one, or for whatever reasons you come up with.  The story then becomes flexible, as you and your character decide what will be done with Candice, how she will integrate into your character's life.  Will she need to learn to be subservient, or will she be treated more as an equal, going against cultural norms?  Will she be the more sexually dominant one (which is more in her character) or will she need to learn to take your character's lead?

I'm open to partners of any gender, playing characters of any gender.  If you are interested, please PM me with any questions, suggestions or comments.  Since I'm seeking a literate partner, I probably won't respond to "hey I want to write this with you".  A more detailed response will be very welcome, however.

Again, thanks for reading.