Post-Apocalyptic Settings (M seeking F)

Started by MagicalPen, November 30, 2014, 11:05:17 PM

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The world had gone to hell. He didn't know the details, having been on assignment when it first broke out. But now nukes had decimated cities in the hopes of containing the spread. Not all the cities, of course, just a few - it became quite clear that they didn't help.

Even so, the world was gone. People had fallen back to their basic instincts - only the strong survived. Zombies - he always laughed at the term, but it was the best way to describe what this virus did to people - roamed the world. He saw no coming back from it either. At least, not immediately. He was sure that there were top secret government agencies hidden deep underground or out in the ocean working on a cure and all, but for everyone else, that meant surviving on your own.

Luckily, he was a SpecOps Sniper and had those sort of skills and patience. He had been part of a squad that had survived intact upon getting home. They had been sent out multiple times but it really made no difference. The Chain of Command had eventually broken down and they were on their own.

And now he was on his own. One by one, they had succumbed for one reason or another. It was worse than any war-zone he had been in. Not only were their zombies, but there were survivors, other people, only looking out for themselves.

So he had done what he did best - slink around by himself. He had survived a month like this, on his own. What did the rest have in store for him? Supplies were getting low again.

Looking for a female companion of some sort for this one.

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