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May 22, 2018, 01:15:29 PM

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Author Topic: correspondence erotic roleplay experiment, more walls-o-text & sales pitches  (Read 505 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Seeking F partners to try writing fictional erotic correspondence back and forth, with you as a character and me as a character.  We'll be real-world-type people -- not sci-fi or fantasy characters, but based in modern-day real-world society.  The RP can happen in a thread or by PM or whatever -- not by IM though, I don't do those.

We'll discuss and agree upon certain rules and negotiate so that we each play a character whom we consider fun to play, but also with characteristics the other person considers physically and sexually attractive.  The relationship will be idealized in this way, but otherwise will proceed as realistically as we can manage.  (This will be a kind of writing challenge, as well as being a fun roleplay, I hope.)

We will limit our posts to a certain number of words each time, maximum.  The point is to make the reading very manageable, because I hope to do several of these roleplays at once with one or more partners.  So, for example, we'll do 500 words per post, or 750, or 1000.  Probably not much less than 250 most of the time, unless we're just doing replies to something the other person said, which may be possible -- ought to be possible, come to think of it.  Anyway ...

Don't expect great or polished prose in this RP, not usually, at least, if ever.  This is mostly about emotional roleplay, psychological/cerebral fun, but not about great fiction writing, not for me at least (although gifted writers make ideal partners regardless).

Sex will not come up at first too much, but gradually, we'll see if we decide to do some erotic roleplay inside the letters, and if we want, we might explore each other's favorite kinks in great detail.  Sounds like fun, actually, to me, but only with the right partner.  I don't have current O/Os or anything at Elliquiy, but my tastes are very much stereotypical for a straight guy -- mostly I go for sexy, slim women with beautiful faces and hot bodies; the closest thing I have to a real fetish would be a preoccupation with the female backside, although I do have some odd fetish notions in that area ... none of which would necessarily feature in the RP.  In the RP, we stick to topics we both enjoy, not anything that either of us would find squicky in the slightest.  I'm not heavy into any of the big fetishes, although I also have nothing against the idea of extremely creative or complicated erotic experimentation with a partner.

PM if interested -- please don't reply here.  Thanks!
-- Rick

P.S. An important note about me and my participation at Elliquiy in general:  last time I used Elliquiy for a while, I got wrapped up in real-life stuff and disappeared suddenly and without warning, leaving both the people I was working with without any explanations.  I regret that happened that way and will try not to disappear again, but at the same time, life happens.  I mean no disrespect to former or future RP partners -- and I'll always try to give warnings about needing time away, whenever possible.  Hope you guys whom I was playing with before -- hope you guys are still here and having fun, and sorry to dis you guys like that; I felt awful about it, but it just happened, and I'm super-sorry.  Thanks!

P.P.S. None of my previous writing at Elliquiy is likely to have much of any bearing on this particular RP idea, so there's no need to look through any of that.  I've done a lot of bizarre and silly and maybe regrettable stuff at Elliquiy before, which was fun at the time, but doesn't reflect much of my current thoughts or creativity ... not that I regret all that fun from before, at all, but people change.  (Damn, I joined this site a long time ago!)

EDIT/P.P.P.S. I'd love to RP again with anybody here whom I RPed with before -- as long as you don't mind that I'm not writing a whole lot like I used to, style-wise.  I had tons of fun with all my old RP partners here.  I might also consider partnering with M playing F characters, if not many F players reply; we'll see.  Thanks!
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Offline rick957Topic starter

Ha!  This idea went over like a ton of bricks.  :)  Not one reply!  Wowsers.

So, before giving up, let's try a strange sales pitch, for the fun of it.

Much of the theoretical pleasure promised by the prospect of "adult" or "erotic" roleplay, for a small subset of those who do this sort of thing, lies in the opportunity not only to inhabit a fantasy personae but to participate vicariously while that character literally has sex with another character, one being played by another real-life author.

Small subset, notice.

These erotic letters back and forth would attempt to arrive at that same theoretical benefit for both authors, but to do so in a very different way.  The authors will begin by imagining that they are already physically attractive to each other (when of course, in real life, we may or may not be).  Then we will specify each other's physical traits and personality traits in the following, narrow way:  you will take on those traits which both you and I consider attractive, and none of the traits which either of us considers exceptionally unattractive.  Then we'll do the same for you with my character.

Then we write letters back and forth and get to know each other and eventually whisper sweet nothings to each other and talk dirty sometimes maybe.

It's a kind of writing exercise which only a very open-minded person would even attempt, because it's likely to be a failed but ambitious experiment and nothing more.  If it succeeds, however, it will be mad fun for everyone concerned, and if it fails, I will have learned how to make up a better concept later.

It's also not roleplaying according to any traditional definition.  It's a variation of my own devising.  I like my own devisings sometimes.  ;)

Are you the person around here who might actually try this?  If so, PM me.  If not, y'know, sorry to waste your time, and thanks!  Best,