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Author Topic: Darker Taboos ( F seeking M or F )  (Read 679 times)

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Darker Taboos ( F seeking M or F )
« on: November 29, 2014, 01:47:57 PM »
Post-Apocalypse - Hell Raiser My character would be around 18 (16 to 22). She would have grown up in a strict, stifling conservative family, having heard all her life that ladies should... ladies mustn't... sit up, stand straight, don't cuss. So, when the world goes to hell in a hand-basket (favourite would be zombie apocalypse as that keeps some constant and fun peril in place, but The Stand-like virus that wipes out 99.99% of the population, leaving only those immune is also okay). Somehow my character and yours find themselves thrust together by fate. Are you a staunch moral person, shocked by my character? Or are you a father/mother-figure-type, more keen on egging her on and encouraging her?

Vampire Right, so my character would be a young female vampire. How this scene goes depends on the role you'd want to play. Would you be a hunter? If so she would be a young vampire, physically weak but incredibly alluring, capable of standing the vicious treatment in tortures and sex that a hunter would take out on her, but not strong enough to over-power the experience you carry. Or would you be another vampire? Her sire maybe? Tasked with teaching her the limits of her abilities, the right and wrong things to do, the laws of this new world you've brought her into. There would be some weak sire-worship-bond-thing which would mean that in many ways she'd want to please you, but she'd also be reckless. Not big on punishment play, not a fan of spanking, etc. But this could be a fun scene where she's told not to play with her food when she's doing all manner of dirty and wrong things with the humans she's feeding on.

Nymph/Muse Anyone who's read Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels will know the gist of what I want - I play a mythical (but real) being, who at her whim can grant things (like inspiration, talent, etc) to mortals. Fickle and selfish, she has spent centuries giving her gifts, secretly, to those she wanted to, spurring on humans to write fantastic plays, make stunning breakthroughs in science, run faster or jump higher than any others. She would also take her gifts back with just as much fickleness, causing those one-hit-wonders, the 'off form' athletes, etc. However, her secret has been discovered by your character and you have, more over, found out how to trap her - preference would be for a non-bondage idea, like a sealed room or some such. She's not willing to grant you anything though, knowing the power that traps her is limited to your life-span and that she will long out-live you and be free once more some day... but it turns out raping the petite little nymph forces her to bestow a boon. Only problem is that she doesn't have control over it when it's forced from her that way. You might get anything, probably not what you want. How many times though would you be willing to force yourself on her?

Just some ideas. I'll add more soon!
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Re: Darker Taboos ( F seeking M or F )
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2014, 02:04:57 AM »
More ideas.

Demonic Minion - Pact Girl My character would be on her 16th/18th birthday. Her parents, prior to her birth, promised her to a demon/incubus in exchange for wealth and political influence. They've not exactly served the interests of the demon since making the pact, except in so far as being selfish and greedy and generally making the world a better place for the Haves at the expense of the Have-Nots. The day comes for the demon to collect his price and their all too willing to put their little girl - conceived just to pay off the demon - into the circle to meet her fate. The only problem for them is that she's good at thinking quickly on her feet, so when time freezes and the demon appears she offers a counter proposition, she serve the demon on earth as its avatar. Her price? The power and permission to kill the demon's other earthly puppets... her parents. The demon agrees, time unfreezes and their little girl shows her parents what it is to feel betrayed. Play can progress into exactly what an incubus demands a young, attractive girl do on earth...

Incest - Estranged Father I would be your just-turned 16-year-old daughter you never knew you had. You would be my father, a man I've been fed stories about all my life from an abusive and devoutly religious mother (think Carrie levels of bat-shit crazy religious). Now mommy's out of the way though and your little girl needs somewhere to stay. Austerity measures mean that the state has passed laws which mean you've got to take her in, no choice, once they discover you're still alive. She turns up with a small suitcase of her worldly possessions and a rebellious attitude. What's a father to do? I will point out I'm not looking for disciplinarians here, I dislike being 'punished' and spanked and such. I'm also not looking for someone who'll desire to jump into bed with her the instant they see the opportunity. This is a much longer term scene and if you don't like teasing play and slow, steady build up then it's not for you. The fact that incest is so taboo should be a major road-block to your character being willing to go 'there'...

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Re: Darker Taboos ( F seeking M or F )
« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2014, 02:57:46 PM »
I'm very interested in your post apocalyptic story idea, and a zombie apocalypse sounds terrific!  I'll PM you with ideas. :)