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August 11, 2022, 09:15:17 am

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Author Topic: Shadows of Humanity - Action/Smut packed rp (M for F)  (Read 787 times)

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Shadows of Humanity - Action/Smut packed rp (M for F)
« on: November 29, 2014, 03:46:13 am »
Hello everyone!

I'm looking for, as the title says, a heavy action and smut rp. Specifically I want the kind of story with ridiculous action scenes where each instance of action or a fight or any other sort of combat has characters flying all over the area, wrecking entire buildings and areas, slicing up landscapes, sort of in the way of Advent Children or the works of Monty Oum sort of action that creates awe inspiring scenes and uniquely powerful characters. I want to take one of these epic, incredible stories and cram it full of crazy and fun smut as well. I have one big idea for this that could be taken from many angles so I am up for doubling up on this story and even if this particular idea does not catch your interest I am just up for anything that can fill the criteria of action packed and smutty so shoot me a PM~

Very Important! - I have plenty of good plots going on right now that take a little while to get posts going and as much as I am more than willing to wait for posts to these awesome stories I'm really looking for something faster right now so please, active partners only. I myself and slower to respond for a good half of the week but I'm pretty much here all the time, I do not expect this of my partners but I would prefer if I could get more than one post per time we are both on and no more than a week between rp days (though I would appreciate more than one session per week). The point is please, plan on getting this rp moving relatively quickly if you take an interest in this.

Onto the plot idea!~



A near etherial, parasitic life form born from the darkness opposite the life force, the light, of mankind. These creatures on their own are small and easily dealt with, but it is their ability to possess living beings that makes them a true threat to all life. Shadows feed off of the power of the light, using the forms of the solid and living as their hosts, giving those hosts unimaginable power. The cost? The mind of the host as well as the corruption of it's body. More than one Shadow can possess a single body at a time, the more Shadows in one body the stronger it is, however the more possessing one body, the more that body becomes corrupted and twisted by the darkness -- eventually creating monsters beyond recognition of their former self that will eventually break down and crumble once the body is worn of the power the Shadows give.

The only thing that can truly defeat these creatures is their polar opposite, the light of man. Within all people exists the life force of a human being, it is their light that the Shadows feed on by corrupting it, tainting it, but it is this light in it's purest form that can vanquish these creatures for good.

The people of this world a long time ago figured out how to harness this light in forms of magic to ward off these beings as well as power their homes, their cities to keep out the Shadows. Warriors have always been trained to fend off the darkness, but in this day and age in a time of perfect melding of science and magic, weapons are now devised to harness the light and fight the Shadows, hoping to someday end them for good. Cities exist all throughout the world, well defended with dangerous wilds between, and in these cities soldiers are trained to specialize in weapons to combat the darkness.

Are their efforts for naught? Or is it possible that one day these warriors could destroy the darkness and free the world of it's ever growing fear of the dark?


So basically the sort of plot I'm looking for is the sort of trope of a militaristic force against a supernatural enemy. The sort of trope I'm going for is the kind of special military where each important character is uniformed but in their own fashion, each with their own weapon (as described above) and fighting style. The story would center around our mains and preferably a main cast with a good amount of supporting characters surrounding a longer term epic plot with smut included.

The names of these shadow creatures and the warriors that fight them are up for discussion.

I have many ideas of dynamics between our mains that would have the story in different directions. These include:

A master/apprentice where my character would sort of guide yours through the world, would probably require me to double up on mains as I can't rightly have the badass mentor around 24/7. Or perhaps my main being the newbie fresh out of the academy (or whatever they train basically through) being brought into this cast of characters.

I am of course open to more ideas of how to go about this but if you're interested and feel that we could keep this story going frequently as well as feel we match up as partners, shoot me a PM! I would love to hear your ideas.

Hope to hear from you soon!