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Started by Toth, November 29, 2014, 01:47:00 AM

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Tags: science fiction, light-moderate bondage (consensual only), drama, action-adventure, romance
Plot:  Four days out from Earth, the interstellar cargo ship Orion Star reported mechanical failure in the forward engine nacelle.  Two hours later, she woke up in the main cargo hold.  She has no memory of the events that took place on the Orion Star, or even of who she is.  During a quick look around the ship, she discovers a Vypr Corporation flight jacket emblazoned with the name "Josalyn."  The crew manifest lists only the pilot, Josalyn Rider.  Armed with only her name, Josalyn must discover who she is, and what happened on her ship.

Idea: Your character can be whomever, any gender including trans.  The story can pan out as your character also waking aboard the ship, or coming to the aid, or just happening upon the ship.  The story will take place on the Orion Star and may gravitate toward a colony.  I have some ideas for the timeline surrounding the story, which can be discussed.

My Character

Josalyn Rider     Appears mid- to early-20's.     No known information available.
•She will discover natural combat talents and acrobatic capabilities.
•She will develop memories over time.
•She may demonstrate other natural abilities if conducive to the story.

Josalyn prefers her full name, and dislikes diminutive or endearing forms.  She is uneasy trusting others, given her total amnesia, but she is not overly suspicious of people.  She is friendly and helpful when possible, and eager to experience almost anything.  She is open to many ideas, but is quick to express discontent.

Other notes: I intend for sex to have a decent part in the story.  MxF, FxF, TxF; I'm up for any of it.  I'll be frank, my skill playing FxF and TxF are not as great as my familiarity with MxF.  If you're willing to work with me, I'm willing to try something new.  Additionally, sex will be conducive to the story and not just randomly thrown in.  That's not to say it won't be kinky, though.  Like I said, Josalyn is open to many ideas (and so am I).  I'm keeping the bondage tag since I hope that bondage will play a part.  This will be strictly consensual, though, and I don't think it'll delve into anything extreme in nature.

PM or post here if you're interested, have ideas, or want to ask any questions.  :-)  I don't bite.  Unless you ask me to.  ;)
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Derelict Planet (story)


Idea has been accepted.  But, fret not!  I have dozens of ideas!  If you are interested in this idea, and are keen on trying something with some similar elements, or just want to RP with me in general, PM me!  I still don't bite!  :D

Also, be sure to check out my official request topic (link is in my signature).  I have more ideas there.

[Request Fulfilled]
“Just because I face a defeat does not mean I am defeated.”
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Derelict Planet (story)