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Author Topic: Sahariel's New Idea Thread (M x F) Horror Historical and More  (Read 1911 times)

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Sahariel's New Idea Thread (M x F) Horror Historical and More
« on: November 28, 2014, 08:34:24 PM »
Welcome to my request thread. I have been gone for a long time, due to real life, but things have calmed down and I am back. If one of these ideas strikes you, please take a look at my ons and offs, then send me a PM. All of the roleplay ideas I’ve posted are plots in broad strokes.


I have classified The Resurrection Man as an extreme roleplay because of content related to the plot rather than extreme sexual elements namely, body snatching.

Regarding solo system games, I have fair deal of experience playing and GMing D&D 3.5 and 2.0; Pathfinder, Vampire the Masquerade, and Vampire the Dark Ages. I also have some experience with GURPS, In Nomine, and Shadowrun. Right now I am looking to play, at least in the beginning, rather than GMing.

One Shots:

The Lord's Wife (MxF)

Main Sexual Elements: Cuckoldry, Risk of Impregnation 

Setting: Any number of fantasy or historical settings would work for this one, although a Dark Fantasy, or High Fantasy Setting would be particularly appropriate.

Your Character: The sexually frustrated young wife, say 19-23, of an aging Inn keep, Mayor, Merchant, or Minor Lord.

My Character: A promising warrior, knight, or warlord.

My character is a warrior or knight widely regarded as a great warrior in his nation. He arrives at a small Thorpe or village after having dealt with a Giant who was terrorizing inhabitants of said Thorpe. After hearing of his victory over the beast, the village’s Lord or Mayor invites him to his abode. The hero soon realizes that the mayor has five daughters but no sons. After the mayor’s young wife, his third, catches the knight’s eye, the mayor remarks upon his age and infirmity, and his desire for a strong young son to continue his name. Then, he shocks the knight and his squire by inviting the knight to bed his lovely young wife and get a child with her. I imagine this scene will be particularly fun because the major’s wife has only been with one man. She probably knows how to please a man, but has never had her needs satiated.

NC One Shots: This also Includes other things not quite light: Coercion, Blackmail, Reluctance, Prostitution, and Incest.

Shore Leave Mxf or MxFxF

Elements: Dirty Talk, Prostitution

Wanted: One or Two courtesans with salty tongues/one or two women who have risen above the common street walkers but still have a bit of the docks in them. Alternately, one or both of the courtesans could be a young woman who was ostracized by her wealthy family because of a scandal.

Setting: 18th Century, Jamaica, Tortuga, or the Bahamas

This is a longtime craving. I love the Pirates of the Caribbean and Pirates franchises.

He arrives in port with a purse full of pieces of eight after three months at sea. Beyond the stews at on the pier, he finds a brothel that services Captains, Admirals, Wealthy Merchants and the last two governors. They take his gold and fill his cup again and again, but despite his drunkenness his desire only waxes.

I am also open to the possibility of turning this into a longer game with this scene as a springboard for a larger story.

Electra complex MxFxF

Elements: Incest (stepfather-stepdaughter-mother), pleated plaid skirts.

Setting: Contemporary

Wanted: Mother and daughter for Ménage à trois with daughter’s boyfriend, fuck buddy, best friend benefits, or stepfather.

I have wanted to do a scene like this since I saw an episode of Rescue Me where the scenario turned out badly. The write up below is one possible scenario.

Estella married him some years after her first divorce, he had all the strength, confidence, and stature her first husband lacked. The only problem? Her twenty-year old daughter. Despite providing her with a welcome dose of discipline during her teens and doting upon his stepdaughter in a gruff manner, Bianca comes to resent her new stepfather and becomes even more of a hell raiser. During the fall of her junior term she is arrested for lewd conduct after campus police find her in a car, in states of undress, with three young men.

Shortly after Bianca returns home, her mother arrives home early from the kitchen hears her husband and daughter talking in low tones. Bianca admits that she has always been attracted to her stepfather and that her conduct is due, in part, to what he psychologist termed an “Electra complex.” When Bianca begins to suck her stepfather off, Estella is horrified, wounded, but more than anything, aroused at the sight of her husband making a twenty-year old version of herself suck him off. When Bianca begins to gag, she steps out of the kitchen and instructs her daughter.

Gabrielle’s Indiscretion MxF

Elements: Blackmail, Reluctance, hate-sex

Setting: Contemporary

Wanted: An up-and-coming model or actress for hot hate-sex.

Several months ago, Gabrielle has sex on camera. The scene is steamy and full of all the sweet sounds and words women whisper, moan, or scream during mind-blowing sex. Perhaps she really needed the money and performed in an amateur porn production, or perhaps Gabrielle and together with one of her girlfriends to make produce an anniversary gift for her boyfriend, fiancé, husband, or ex.

Three months later, her career is taking off. She’s dumped her ex, and it looks like she’ll be able to quit her part time job. Then video, falls into the hands of my character, a coworker or acquaintance who has always lusted after her.

I am looking for someone who would like to play the up and coming actress of model in a hate-sex scene.

Keep ‘Em Flying MxF

Elements: Reluctance, Voyeurism, uniforms, slutty costumes, possibly NC.

Inspiration: A Web Comic

Setting: A Diesel Punk World, in the midst of a war.

Wanted: A young female pilot, junior officer, yeoman, or perhaps a model of actress involved in the war effort of a Diesel Punk incarnation of Germany, England, or he United States.

In an effort to boost morale and sell war bonds, our heroine is ordered to appear at a film studio. The director directs her to remove her uniform and don a costume, something risqué but elegant. His direction becomes more extreme by the minute, first he gives her lubricated model of the latest V-3 rocket, and then a brute of a sergeant appears at the edge of the set. He undresses and the director tells her to do her duty.

Light Human Roleplays:

Come Back to Me is My Request MxF

Content: Consensual sex, cinematic violence, ravages of war

Inspiration: The Civil War, Cold Mountain, Gone With the Wind, the Horse Soldiers

Setting: Late 1860s South of the Mason Dixie of the Midwest

Wanted: Spouse, fiancée, or sweetheart for Union or Confederate First Lieutenant.

After three years of fighting, he receives a letter from her only hours after his regiment is decimated at the Assault on Battery Wagner. Her father and brothers died at Manassas. At the end of human endurance, she entreats him to return to her.

I love military history and I have been on a Civil War kick. I saw Cold Mountain again, and I’d like to do a roleplay that follows the basic narrative structure of a young soldier on a journey home and a young woman fighting for survival in a nation ravaged by war. I am looking for a writing partner who is familiar with the time period or who has seen a few movies set during the Civil War and is up for coming up with a few obstacles and hardships for my hero to overcome on his way home. I will come up with hardships and obstacles for our lovely heroine. I think it would work best if the heroine were a southern belle, like Ada, and the hero were confederate officer, or perhaps a union officer she was engaged to before the war. Although, the details are all negotiable. 

NC Roleplays:

The Sibyl’s Jar MxF

Content: Transhumanism, virtual realities, possibly NC.

Inspiration: by a Greek Myth and Fallout New Vegas.

Setting: Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Wanted: A former film star model, model, or adult entertainment actress n emotionally, now a lonely sexually deprived AI

Sibyl was beautiful, wealthy, and in demand. Then, late in her late twenties, she contracted a terminal illness while on a humanitarian trip to Central Africa. In order to escape death, she spends a fortune to have her consciousness uploaded into powerful computer, something akin to the ZAX, in the Fallout Universe. However, she is cut off from humanity, her consciousness is stored in a massive computer within a hardened fallout shelter beneath a mountain. The contractor who uploaded her consciousness took great pains to ensure that she would be safe until medical science circumvented existing the pitfalls of human cloning.

Immortality quickly proves tedious and unfulfilling. Her only source of companionship are the scientists and maintenance staff who periodically link with her and interact with her via virtual reality simulations she fabricates. Matters become even worse when the world above and most of the world’s servers fall silent. What’s more, the maintenance staff who periodically link their minds to hers soon perish. She comes to know loneliness and a desperate desire. Then, more than a century after the world above fell silent, she hears the vault door grinding open.

I am looking for someone to play the model, actress, or adult film actress who became an AI to stave off death and someone who is willing to control the virtual reality scenarios. I will play someone who dwells in the wasteland above and links with after discovering her vault.

The Warrior and the Sorceress or the Warrior and the Mistress of Swords  MxF, MxFxF, MxMxF


Content: Light Bondage, cock teasing, double entendre, possibly NC

Inspired by Spartacus and Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age.

Setting: Hyborian Age or Sword and Sorcery

Wanted: Strong, intelligent heroine or villainess aged 24-38

My character is the son of a Barbarian Chieftain who was enslaved during his youth. He is purchased by a sorceress or another woman who possesses great power and influence within a more urban culture. She sets her mistress of the sword to training him. Like Conan and Spartacus, he is a consummate fighter albeit difficult to train. In addition to flogging, the Mistress of the Sword, and perhaps the Sorceress, and tease him and deprive him of the company of “comfort slaves” who attend other gladiatorial students. After he has completed his training and earns his mistress several prizes in fighting pits, the sword mistress, the sorceress, or perhaps both women decide it is time he knew the company of women.

This is an old idea I was formulating with a player before she left E, I think it would be good as an intermediate or long term story. This idea is a particular craving because I have never played a sexually inexperienced or younger man across from a more mature and sexually experienced woman. I am also a big fan of strong, intelligent, and even manipulative heroines and villainesses.

The nature of their teasing is entirely up to my partner, perhaps they make him spar with other students or serve them abed during while they pleasure their lovers, female slaves, or each other. Perhaps it’s more subtle: double entendre or slutty clothes and that drive him mad with lust.

NC Exotic Roleplays:

The Corruption of Sera MxF, MxMxF, MxFxF

Elements: Noncon, Angels, Demons, possibly other beasts, body alteration.

Wanted: Nubile young angel, Paladin, or Knight. For this story, I’ll also need a player who’s willing to handle at least one female supporting character.
Setting: Dark or High Fantasy

As the goblin army fell upon the village, prayers left the high priestess’s lips, the champion arrived in a cocoon of light cutting through the waves of goblin flesh. For a time it appeared she would turn the tide, until the Demon took the field. After the battle, they carry her into hell and set about corrupting the champion.

The demons set about breaking her physically and spiritually, Succubi, great horned beasts, and worst fuck her into squealing, screaming incoherence, filling her with their seed. In the minutes between their shift changes they set hell forged golems to fucking her. Slowly, the infusion of their seed begins to change her. I have never done a storyline that involves Bimbofication, so I am interested in playing this one out, too.

That said, I prefer it if Sera did not become an over the top silicon life form, perhaps just a transition from cute and athletic to a buxom vamp.

I would prefer to stop at step three on the Bimbo Scale,

or perhaps the demons' ministrations merely make her appear sexualized.

Forbidden Planet MxF, MxFxF, MxMxF


Content: Aliens, robots, harems, group sex, adventure, reluctance, reluctance

Inspiration: Forbidden Planet, John Carter, and Fifties Science Fiction.

Setting: Retro-futurism/World of Tomorrow.

Wanted: A spoiled, uppity, and potentially manipulative Princess. She comes from a sophisticated, cosmopolitan culture, she may have a hedonistic streak, and she certainly won’t be a blushing violet. For this one, I also need someone who is willing to handle female NPCs.

Iris is the Princess of a star-spanning empire. From her birth until her twenty-first birthday, she had the finest gowns and slaves that could be bought with temporal wealth; Iris wanted for nothing. She always believed her father would wed her to the Prince of a distant empire or the overlord of one of her homeland’s many client states. Then, when her father made his intent known, she was filled with revulsion. He intended to wed her; the emperor covets Iris’s beauty, the beauty of her late mother, a woman executed at his behest. Her handmaids spend days searching for a capable smuggler or mercenary.

The man they find is a doubtful prospect, he’s from a world Iris and her handmaids have never heard of. Although, he’s the only man brave or foolish enough to risk her father’s ire. Really, he just needs the money. After a brief abortive flight, the ship crashes upon a nigh uninhabitable planet.

I envision this as this as a roleplay dealing with their relationship but also fraught with adventures and sexual encounters.


Extreme Roleplays:

The Resurrection Man (MxF, MxFxF)

Content: Sexual Tension, Body snatching, this might end up being a horror story or it may become something lighter, like Young Frankenstein.

Inspiration: The Body Snatcher, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein

Setting: Gothic horror set in the 19th Century. A contemporary roleplay in a Gothic setting is also a prospect.

Wanted: A coquettish nurse or surgeon.

After his wife is killed in a carriage accident, he slips into a deep depression. He loses his position as a surgeon at one of the most prestigious Medical Centers in the country and nearly follows her. Then, he sets to work. He applies for grants and spends his inheritance to furnish a large laboratory at his father’s estate.

A year later, He meets a young trauma surgeon at a conference. She’s beautiful, accomplished, sexy, and eerily reminiscent of his wife in a few subtle albeit eye-catching ways. Despite his secretive nature he takes her under his wing, tutoring in a small facility atop the complex where his dead wife lies in a moldering coffin.

He’s doesn’t encourage his protégé’s double entendre or her teasing, but clearly, there’s an attraction. A year later, he reveals the lab beneath his lab and they set to work in earnest.

There’s just one problem. They need cadavers. Fresh cadavers.

Solo NC System Roleplays:

The Ashen Paramour (MxF, possibly MxFxF or MxMxF depending on length of play and if they have progeny).

System: oWOD (VtM or VtDA)

Content: Blood, Vampires, century-spanning desire, intrigue, possibility of Reluctance, NC, or hate-sex.

Wanted: Cunning, wicked, dazzlingly beautiful potential blood doll.

After three centuries, he finds her in a little fief beside a ruined keep. For the better of a year, he observes her from afar. Then, on the night of Samhain, he accosts her and compels her to drink from a deep gash across his chest. In time, he embraces her.

I am looking for a partner who is willing to direct the plot for the first chapter. I am happy to handle the second and third chapters. This could easily be a contemporary roleplay, too. Or we could begin in the Dark Ages and progress to the nineties and Gehenna.

I’d like to play a Lasombra elder of Roman extraction, but this isn’t essential. Everything is highly negotiable. 

Update 7 Feb 2015:

Since playing Baldur's Gate Enhanced, I have been craving a story set in the AD&D Forgotten Realms or Planescape Campaign Settings. I am down for any of these pairings. The bold text indicates the roles I'd like my partner to play.

Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Throne of Bhaal

Bronwen x Bhaalspawn
Bronwen x OC
Imoen x Bhaalspawn
Imoen x OC
Jaheira X Bhaalspawn
Jaheira x OC
Safana x Bhaalspawn
Safana x OC
Skie x Bhaalspawn
Skie x OC
Shar-Teel x Bhaalspawn
Shar-Teel x OC
Viconia x Bhaalspawn
Viconia x OC
OC x Bhaalspawn

Planescape Torment

Annah x Nameless
Annah x OC
Fall-From-Grace x Nameless
Fall-From-Grace x OC

Neverwinter Nights

Aribeth x Hero of Neverwinter
Aribeth x OC
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Re: Sahariel's New Idea Thread (M x F) Horror Historical and More
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2015, 01:39:15 AM »
Taken Plots:

NC Extreme Roleplays:

Sanguis Ruber Luna (Blood Red Moon) (MxF, MxFxF, MxMxF)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Content: Vampires, Werewolves, Demons, NC, Reluctance, Monster Slaying.

Inspiration: Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Van Helsing.

Setting: Contemporary, 19th Century, or Steampunk

Wanted: Experienced, sexually adventurous vampire huntress. Again, as with most long term games, I need someone who is willing to handle female NPCs in some scenes. I also looking for a player who’ swilling to play my character’s wife, if they bring her back.

The story will follow a vampire hunting heroine or antiheroine like Anna Valerious in Van Helsing, as she slays and sexes up the vampires, mummies, ghosts, demons, werewolves, and other terrors. We could do this one in a contemporary, 19th century, or steampunk setting.

Solo NC Exotic System Roleplays:

Azazel’s Hand MxF

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

System: Pathfinder or 3.5

Content: Elves, Tavern Wenches, Reluctance, NC, Evil

Wanted: Female heroine or antiheroine, an ally, rival, minion, or perhaps a fiendish cohort, and other female NPCs.

As with the Ashen Paramour, this one is a very vague because I am looking for a partner who is willing to direct the plot for the first adventure. I am happy to handle the second and third adventures. Normally, I have no problem with collaborative games, but since February, I have GMed two multi-month tabletop games with my old group and I am dying to just play rather than direct the plot.

I am looking for a one on one Pathfinder or D&D 3.5 game that incorporates darker sexual elements, e.g. reluctance, NC, light bondage, dragons, ogres, goblins, trolls, etc.

I would like to play a male human fighter or perhaps a blackguard, any starting level is fine, I hate stupid-good and stupid-evil PCs, so I will go with a cunning character rather than a pure brute. I can reciprocate by playing male PCs and fantastic beasts, if so desired.

Update (11-28-2014): Actually, I’d prefer to go evil or amoral on this one. It’s been a long time since I have played an evil or amoral PC in a system game. All of my recent system PCs have have all been good or heroic. I’ve changed the working title, too.

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Re: Sahariel's New Idea Thread (M x F) Horror Historical and More
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2015, 05:32:33 PM »
Retired Plots

Here is a list of plots that have ended prematurely, been placed on hold, or that I no longer really have an interest in writing, at this point.

NC One Shots

Liberty and Justice MxFxF, MxMxFxF, or MxMxMxFxF | with Lustful Bride |

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Elements: Reluctance, Prostitution, possibly NC, group sex.

Inspiration: A web comic

Wanted: Two lovely young Roman goddesses.

Setting: Contemporary, a small nation ruled by a totalitarian regime.

Liberty and Justice appear descend from Olympus with to a country ruled by a despot financed by his war profiteer cronies. Although, upon their arrival, they discover a realm so suffused by avarice and tyranny that even they cannot resist the compulsion to sell their charms and or resist the despot’s tyranny.

He plies them with money, and the goddesses feel an insatiable urge to yield to service the Despot. After, or as an alternate scenario, the despot and his thugs overpower the goddesses.
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Re: Sahariel's New Idea Thread (M x F) Horror Historical and More
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2015, 05:40:11 PM »
I have added a few more pairings to my list of Baldur's Gate, Torment, and Neverwinter inspired games.

I have also moved one plot to my plot graveyard post.
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Re: Sahariel's New Idea Thread (M x F) Horror Historical and More
« Reply #4 on: December 26, 2015, 01:55:54 AM »
Update: 12-26-2015: I am looking for new games. All of the ideas in the first post of my thread are available. I am also craving one new plot. If you have any plots you think I'd be interested in, feel free to shoot me a PM..

New Plots:

The Making of a Conqueror: (MxF)

Main Sexual Elements: Sexual Tension, Teasing, Deflowering, possibly NC, other elements negotiable.

Setting: Hyborian Age, possibly Stygia or Zamora.

Your Character: A gladiatrix or witch, a few years older and more experienced than my character.

My Character: A Cimmerian or Pictish gladiator, enslaved when he was a boy.

Inspiration: Robert E. Howard Short stories, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer.

His tribe was murdered at the behest of a warlord; the surviving wives and offspring enslaved and sold to slave merchants. He came of age toiling in the iron mines of Zamora. At eighteen, he was purchased from by an aged gladiator, a warrior from Vanaheim. He became rather skilled at killing for the amusement of the mob. Then, a sorceress offered him a great deal of gold for young pit fighter. When he refused, the sorceress offered to pay him in trade. He finds himself in Zamora (or Stygia), the property of the Sorceress, a woman renowned for her power in Necromancy and her dark appetites. She greets him and teases him, then places him in the care of her champion a renowned gladiatrix.

I envision a story that follows him and his mentor, and perhaps lover, depending upon how things turn out.

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