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May 25, 2018, 11:43:10 PM

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Author Topic: The House of Aphros (M for F)  (Read 363 times)

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The House of Aphros (M for F)
« on: November 26, 2014, 02:24:22 AM »
Hey everyone.  :-)

So, here it is, only my second ever RP request post since first registering here. This idea wandered into my head a few nights ago, and try as I might to evict it, it just hasn't left me alone. Before continuing though, I must ask that you read my Ons and Offs post. That's where I've put all the information about me as a role-player. Something I didn't post in that thread, which I'm just now realizing, is that I'll only RP in threads here on Elliquiy. I'm just more comfortable that way. :)

Now, assuming you've read my Ons and Offs, allow me to explain my idea. :)

The House of Aphros
First off, this story was largely inspired by the world of Firefly, where prostitution is legal and has no social stigma attached to it. In fact, “Companions” as they are called, are actually members of high society and regarded with respect. Members of the lower class actually tend to look at Companions with a sense of awe and wonder.  In addition, it is the Companions who hold the power in their interactions with clients. They, and they alone, choose who they are to be with and when they are to be with them. If a client proves to be violent and/or malicious, they can be branded with a “Black Mark” in the client registry that tells all other Companions to shun and reject this client at every turn. This is the kind of world that this RP would take place in.

The House of Aphros (or Aphros for short) has a near-mythical reputation. To be employed within her walls is considered a great honor, for only the most beautiful women, the most skilled seductresses, are invited to work there.

For clients, the barrier to entry is just as high. Unlike many of the common houses, Aphros requires all clients to undergo medical testing to ensure they are clean of disease before they are allowed entry. In addition, “walk-ins” are explicitly forbidden. All prospective clients must also purchase a membership package with recurring fees. The Iron Package allows clients entry to the House of Aphros, but only on the weekends, and they must leave by 10:00PM or risk their membership being revoked. The Steel Package allows entry during any day of the week, but still retains the 10:00PM curfew. The Titanium Package however, allows for entry during any day of the week, and also allows clients to stay until 10:00AM the next morning.

The actual story I had in mind for this RP was that my character and his best friend have just graduated college, and while the best friend is perfectly confident in himself and has been a client/member of Aphros for a while, my character is a virgin and much more timid. To celebrate their graduation, my character’s best friend hooks him up with a membership and takes him to Aphros.
At first, my character is incredibly uncomfortable. He’s barely even kissed a girl, and yet now he’s surrounded by men and women kissing and groping each other without reservation. However, his discomfort attracts the attention of your character, who approaches him calmly and gently, striking up a casual, friendly conversation. Eventually, this conversation relaxes my character enough that he willingly accepts your character’s invitation up to her room at Aphros, where she helps him work through his remaining nerves and lose his virginity with her.

While I’d initially conceived this story as a one-shot, I would also be more than happy (and may even *prefer* now I think of it) to play it out as a longer RP where our two characters wind up falling for each other, maybe causing some conflict around your character’s continued employment at Aphros.


If this idea sounds like something you'd enjoy, please PM me so we can discuss/tweak the details. :)

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Re: The House of Aphros (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2014, 09:30:39 AM »
Still looking for a partner for this. :)