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Author Topic: Araxia  (Read 530 times)

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Offline AndyZTopic starter

« on: November 25, 2014, 07:58:50 PM »
The kingdom of Araxia is unusual in that it is directly ruled by a dragon.  Dragons are well known for collecting treasure and acquiring wealth, but rarely does one make the effort to claim an entire city.

The rules of Araxia are harsh but ultimately fair.  Most disputes are settled through the use of truth magics,  Slavery is legal, but slaves who truly desire their freedom have a number of ways to acquire it, most often via becoming adventurers.  One of the far less common rules of the area, however, is the confiscation of gold.  Credit accounts are kept diligently and no actual wealth is lost, but all the gold acquired is kept by Araxis, the dragon for whom the kingdom is named.

Adventurers are not only welcomed but encouraged to live in the city.  After all, adventurers often end up with a small fortune in gold and magical items.  A mansion has been set up on the edge of the city, filled with any number of delights to draw forth those hungry for the pleasures of luxury.

Of course, adventurers are not common enough to fill an entire city.  Maids tend to the mansion, and merchants ply their wares.  Araxis even has a few children, wyrmlings that wander through the area learning the ways of their father.

The relatively large number of adventurers in the area also aid in keeping Araxia safe even without the direct intervention of the dragon.  The lich titled The Uncrowned Princess has laid claim to the local ruins of the once-proud Entra Empire, allegedly holding any number of strange and mystical artifacts which Araxis covets.  Fierce and dangerous creatures thrive far from civilization, providing magical reagents for any willing to prove themselves.

All in all, most adventurers consider it a great time to be alive.

Although quiet a few uncommon races exist throughout Araxia, usually as adventurers, the more common races have been categorized.

Human: Humans don't quite hold the majority of the populace, but only because of the diverse number of cultures which have set up in Araxia.  Many have splices of a mixed heritage with another race, giving them just enough an unusual feature like an uncommon hair or eye color.

Elf: Wood Elves come from the nearby forests, while High Elves come from parallel planes of existence.  They are taller than humans, have pointed ears and live much longer than most other humanoid races.  Half-elves (human/elf pairings) are not uncommon.

Dwarf: A clan of dwarves has taken up residence in the mountain under Araxis' grand hall, mining out its minerals and carving out their own home.  Many of the females can and do grow beards.

Half-Orc: The orcs are a savage and warlike race living some distance from Araxia, but it's not unheard of for a human/orc or elf/orc pairing to result.

Half-Fera: The Fera are a subset of races of anthropomorphic animals, often cats but occasionally rabbits, foxes, wolves or other animals.  Although the Fera are usually below human intelligence, Half-Fera gain many human traits and are only noticeable thanks to animal traits such as ears or a tail.

In order to keep the adventurers entertained, a number of magical items have been set about the mansion to be used as desired.

Gender Inversion Mirror: This hazy, smoky mirror requires over a minute of constant staring for a person to be able to see their reflection.  During this time, onlookers notice that the person becomes hazy and indistinct as well until they can make out their reflection: themselves, but as the inverse biological sex as the original person.  Worn clothing and items shift to match the new body structure.  While male and female are an easy switch, futanari become a "neutrois" form of appearing male but lacking sexual organs.

Kegs: Various kegs have been set up for use about the mansion, most often filled with either strong dwarven ale or fine elven wine.  A few kegs have been marked as Maiden's Joy, an aphrodisiac that increases the virility of the imbiber and allowing for multiple bouts of sexual prowess.

Shineglobes: Roughly the size of a human head, these crystal globes reflect strong illumination about the room without significantly blinding a viewer who looks directly at one.  Rooms have been equipped with lanterns that provide a similar effect but can be shuttered to allow for darkness.

Banquet Table: At sunrise, noon, sundown and midnight, a glorious feast containing a large number of options appears upon this extravagant table.  Anything not consumed within an hour simply disappears, even if taken away from the table.

I'm looking for adventurers as well as servants for this.  Ideally it can be set up to allow for a large degree of interaction even without having any serious degree of missions going on.  Where this gets placed (Bondage, NC, etc.) can be voted upon by people who are interested, but I'm keeping Wyrmlings off-limits except for Assistant GMs.

Who's interested?
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Offline AndyZTopic starter

Re: Araxia
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2014, 08:02:20 PM »

Offline Ixy

Re: Araxia
« Reply #2 on: November 25, 2014, 11:28:53 PM »
I'm always interested in a good fantasy story-- I am more likely to apply if you have the means to incorporate some plot.  I can improvise on my own, but I'll definitely hope to incorporate a short-term partner or two into an adventure-type scenario if this works out and you, or a co-GM, can run a side-story or two. 

What kind of details will you want for a character?  And are you thinking about going with a system of any kind, or can we freeform with a GM adjudicating?

Offline AndyZTopic starter

Re: Araxia
« Reply #3 on: November 25, 2014, 11:35:56 PM »
I was mostly planning freeform, and giving adventurers a particular specialty for stuff.  That way people can say what they're really good at, which will probably handle most disputes.