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Author Topic: His Castle of Dreams, Imagination and Possibility(M seeking F)  (Read 1672 times)

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His Castle of Dreams, Imagination and Possibility(M seeking F)
« on: November 25, 2014, 12:54:18 pm »
MasterOfWhisper's Castle of Tales

Upon wandering the rough roads of Fetishes and the darkest desires, you happen to come across a large intimidating caste. It is made of the hardest of stone, its battlements lined with spikes. At the castle entrance, there is a large gate. A top that large gate is a head of a bull. The bull's head is gazing down upon you with an intimidating stare. Before you can decide to wonder away, the wind howls and pushes you through gates. You soon find yourself wandering the halls of a brightly lite caste. Although once your inside, the castle really isn't castle so much one gigantic art gallery.

Throughout the hall way, the walls are lined up with portraits. Portraits which are magical in their own right. Portraits that come alive the moment you get closer. One portrait depicted a Woman tied up on a Saint Ann's cross being a whipped repeatedly by a muscular shirtless man in a black mask. Another depicts, a gigantic orgy. The most beautiful woman and men gathered in what looks to be a ball room. They are making love to each other all of them lost in the passion and heat of the moment. The deeper you delve into the castle, the more you sense that some one is watching you, calling to you. Finally, you come across a stair case leading down to the basement of the castle. The Basement is pitch black. Nothing but mystery and darkness at its very recess. You know you shouldn't go down there, however you feel an warm melodic voice call to you.

"Come to me." It says

Will you accept the Voice's invitation?

Come forth and Play with me
Welcome to my Role Play Request thread. Here, you will see my proposals for plots and plays. If you want a more comprehensive view of my Tastes and Kinks then come to my On and Off's thread.

Eternity Together
Pairing: Incubus X Elf
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In order to survive  and escape those that would hunt him an Incubus enslaves an Elf and uses her as a means to satisfy his sexual hunger. At first, it was just a means to survival. The moment that heroes and bounty hunters stopped looking for him, he would discard this elven woman. However, as time went on, the Incubus has grown rather attached to the Elf, referring to her as his personal pet or favored whore. The elf for her part initially hated being treated as just another toy for the incubus. However, the moment the incubus 'feeds' on her, her body can't help but constantly lust for her captor and master. Eventually, she legitimately submits to her Incubus master in question even growing to love the tortures he's inflicted on her.

Together this unconventional pair will weave a story of a pain, pleasure and suffering. Where this story will go is any one's guess

Double Agent *Craving*
Pairing: Super Villain x Super Heroine
Setting:Multiple areas. Primary would be in a crime ridden city
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plot: Set in a universe which fuses Marvel and DC This Tale of Villainy and Heroics centers around the corruption of a particularly naive Heroine. The Super Villain in this story would a Double Agent. My Super Villain character pretends to be a Super Hero who defends the life of every human being around him. In actuality, he's really Villain who pretends to play for the other team in order to gather information and keep watch on his arch enemies ensuring that they don't interfere with his own plans. Your character: The Super Heroine for this story finds out about this secret and confronts my characters' alone. Dropping, all pretenses he captures the Heroine and soon works on twisting and corrupting her. While my character is an original for this rp; The fact that the setting this rp would potentially take place in a fused world of DC X Marvel would mean that you could actually take on the role of almost any Heroine from those verses. PM and tell me who you would like to play.

East Meets West
Pairing:Samurai X Lady Knight
Setting: Feudal Era in a land with both European and Asian influences
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In a distant island connecting eastern civilization and western civilization. A Wandering Samurai craving for so much more his life, finds a beautiful Lady Knight outnumbered by vile bandits. Deciding to help out the lady Knight he joins her in her fight and clear away the bandits. Through this trail by fire, the Lady Knight and the Samurai strike a bond that may be more then just simple friendship. With the Ronin's lust for violence and the Lady Knight being drawn to men with such thirst for blood the two decide to journey together on this Island that connects two worlds and two cultures and go on adventures. Throughout their journey, they would develop a bond very unlike two warriors banning together.

The Cat Girl's Salvation
Pairing: Vampire X Kemonomimi (Preferably Cat Girl, however I do find the over all beast folk appealing so we can talk about it)
Setting: Medieval or Feudal Era

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For years An Vampire Prince has wandered the Land collecting an searching for the beastly folk. A race that's been quickly going extinct due to a rare virus wiping them out. In order to at least preserve this beautiful species the Vampire Prince intends to infuse these beastly folk with his blood and grant them immortality. He does this for a price of course. Any who take his blood into their system must serve the Vampire Prince's every whim and need. This would be the story of a Cat Girl who happens to saved by the Vampire Prince and what they do together after she becomes immortal.

Beyond the Virtual Avatar *Craving*
Pairing: Vampire X Blood Doll

The Setting:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The setting I had in my mind would be in a semi futuristic setting. Nothing too technologically advanced. Just more advanced pieces of technology like sophisticated robots, Artificial Intelligent programs and people being able to augment their bodies like replacing limbs with artificial prosthesis or even enhancing one's mind through genetic engineering or special implants in the brain. The key part in this setting which would really serve to get the plot moving would be the advancement of Virtual Reality and the Internet. V.R has advanced to the point where its become almost indistinguishable from reality. It has come to the point where worlds can literally be created and explored by other people. These world can be accessed through the us of Special  V.R devices and a strong internet/Wi Fi connection.

The Plot
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This story would about my character Vincent and your character Ann. (The names can be changed out if you're on board with this RP. These are there as place holders for now.) Who have met and ended up bonding in subset of Virtual World's dedicated to playing out ones own fantasies. Vincent would always love to explore and indulge in his lusts in V.R worlds set in the far past. His favorite time periods would be the Italian Renaissance and the Warring States period in Japan. Ann sharing similar tastes in her own fantasy's connects with Vincent because of it.

After a while of getting to know each other; As well as exploring each others desires and fantasy's through the interaction and play between their virtual avatars, the pair decide to meet in the real world.  They meet a cozy little cafe that Ann loves frequenting. In this nice little quaint cafe, Ann receives a really shocking revelation;Her Vincent is actually Vincent Stoker: The owner of a billion dollar corporation which rose to prominence in the span of ten years. What is even more surprising was the man she has come to know and fall for doesn't even look like he's 40 years old. Instead, Vincent looks like he's in his early twenties. Initially she thinks Vincent has been using either advanced surgery to stay young, had his D.N.A engineered to the point where he ages slower, or the more likely possibility: The man before her used sophisticated plastic surgery to make him look like the famous founder of said company.

In the end the woman in question is proven wrong. Vincent invites Ann to his home and provides the final proof that he is as he appears. The pair drives to Vincent's private home in a far off suburb. What she sees there confirms Vincent's identity. His home is a Gigantic mansion adorned with the most extravagant of furniture and being taken care of by diligent maids and butlers; All of whom recognize Vincent as their master. After coming into his home and getting comfortable with the idea of the love her life owning a Mega Corporation, Vincent reveals one final secret that blows the revelation of his identity out of water. He is a Vampire. He's several thousand of years old, and he is part of a Cabal of super natural factions which rule the world from the shadows. He then gives Ann a proposal. In exchange for wealth and riches, She would become his personal, pet, slave and blood doll and if she satisfy all his needs and fulfills all his tasks, she would then be turned into a vampire and join him at his side for all eternity.


Closet Nerds *Craving*
Pairing: Captain of the Mixed Martial Arts team(Who's really a Geek) X Cheerleader(Who's also really a geek)
Setting: Modern Day, School Setting.
The Plot
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character is a the Captain and rising star of the schools new mixed martial arts team. He's known to have an intimidating aura around him and was rumored to be something of a delinquent in his old school. Despite the facade he's actually a total anime and manga as well as a comic book geek. Your character could be same way. A beautiful cheerleader for the football team which hides similar interests.

We both discover the others secret hobby when we both happen to attend an annual convention for comics and manga. Both of us are dressed up in some cosplay during this event and we instantly recognize the other once we make eye contact at the booth of one of the raunchiest Dojin writers. From there, the story would take off with both our characters learning about the real person behind the persona's we present.


Rivals Unite
Pairing:Vampire X elf
Setting: Fantasy, Medieval

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For a 200 years your character(elf) and my character(Vampire) we're rival merchants doing everything we could to beat each other out in any usually through any means necessary We'd normally resort to means such as black mailing. Sabotage or dealings with more of the shadier elements of the world.

That all changed when the kingdom we live in had its king overthrown and in his place a ruler he despises and loathes none-humans. What ends up happening is you and I have all of our assets and possessions seized and We're forced to flee the kingdom in fear of being executed by said king. We both end up in a country that is very poor and is heavily crime ridden. Ironically, Its the only place we could go to hide and re-group.

With most of our retainers and servants scattered and hidden; Both of us have pretty much ended up at rock bottom.  In the end and out of necessity we both end up pooling together what little resources we have left and start from scratch. We decide on teaming up and form an entirely brand new company within this really small kingdom. From there, the story line would focus on letting go of our rivalry and forming a bond that becomes something more then just business partners.

Corruption of the Pure
Pairing(s) Vampire X Drow X Elf

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
For hundreds of years ago the Empire of Bram ruled by a Vampire King and his lovely Dark Elf queen was at war with the Elven Kingdom of Eluria. After much conflict and bloodshed, Bram finally conquered the Elven Kingdom.  Their first act, turn all their citizens into the slaves and servants of their new overlords.

The Dark rulers decide to claim The Princess of Eluria to be their personal pet. Through her, they intend to use her to rule the people of her broken homeland. However, the princess is very strong willed and in order to secure their conquest both the Dark Elf and Vampire must now perform a different kind of conquest. They must now break the mind, spirit, and innocence of the Elven Princess. Once they do, the full control of Eluria is assured.


The Demigod's New Concubine
Setting: Urban Fantasy
Pairing: Demigod X Nymph

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Around the beginning of the year 2000 the Old Gods of different Mythologies have descended on the earth and along with their armies of monsters and creatures of myth, began to conquer and control the domain of mortals. In order to secure their holding the Gods begin to breed once again with Mortals and bear children which would act as their enforcers.

The story would begin with my character the Son of the Japanese creator Deity known as Izanagi would go on a mission to eliminate some berserk monsters at the Brothel co-owned by Aphrodite and a well known succubus. As a reward for cleaning up the mess, the head of the Brothel would give your character The Nymph to me as a gift for a job well down.

From there, our story would center around the Demigod training the Nymph to be the ideal concubine and confidante.

The Romance of Science and Sorcery *CRAVING*
Setting: Steampunk Science/Fantasy
Pairing: Mad Scientist X Witch
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
In this world, two powers have been battle for thousands of years. They are known as the Inspired and the Wizards and Witces. The inspired were inventors and creators of biological and mechanical marvels through their in born ability to understand and and physically manipulate the world as they see fit. The Wizards were those who could bend reality to their will using the mystical energy known as Mana.

Between these two powers, stands two people. An Inspired and a Witch were often drawn to the same battles. Upon speaking with each other for the very first time, the pair decide to leave together and escape the constant world at War to a Forbidden lands. It is there, they decide to forge their own lives together way from the fires of conflict.

Another World's Adventure *CRAVING*
Setting:Fantasy World (A Typical Isekai)
Pairing: Any Race(M) X Any Race(F) We can discuss it in PM
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Being transported into another world wasn't something that just happened in Anime or Manga. No. It's happened far more frequently then one can even imagine. This tale begins when a man and woman ends up being transported into the fantasy world. Bound together through some mysterious fate. The pair decide to explore this new world and possibly find away back home. Although, depending on the fortunes they have, they may find staying in this new world all the more tempting....

The Vault of the Stolen and the Lost

While traversing the Castle, you happen upon an certain door. It's made of the strongest metals and sealed with the greatest of Magics. The moment you touch this door, the vault begins to open and inside you see strange treasures and wonders. You begin to recognize these treasures and wonders that belong to other worlds and other Realities.

Not only are there treasures from other worlds here but there are also antiques that have long been broken and lost. Relics that will one day be restored to their former glory.

This section here is dedicated to Role plays from other requests pages I liked a lot. Role Plays in which I tried applying but for one reason or another it didn't work it and the story never got off the ground. Since I tend to like the requests so much I decided to make this section to see if others would be interested in playing out these ideas with me.

This section is also dedicated to Role Plays that I've played that have died but I still find myself so invested in the story that I want to continue it in some other way. For such role plays I'll be currently seeking a partner to replace and take over for the other partner who gave up on it.

Keep in mind, these role plays are copy pasted from those role play requests so naturally, you'll be playing the female in such stories.

Stolen From Songbird:

“Crimson Silk”
On the outskirts of a large city, a mysterious man lives in his dark, forbidding mansion. He lives a largely nocturnal existence, and many of the city’s residents jokingly believe him to be a vampire. The truth is not quite so simple. He is the master of a beautiful and submissive vampiress, one who is willing to obey his every command in exchange for a taste of his delicious blood.

He is a lustful and demanding master, yet also capable of great kindness toward his immortal slave, and she is utterly devoted to him. Often the two venture out at night to enjoy all that the dark metropolis has to offer, fending off enemies at every turn, but otherwise remaining within the safe confines of his palatial home. Both Master and slave are bound by mutual bonds of love, lust, and hunger, and both must defend themselves and each other against the forces of both good and evil which seek to destroy them.

(Note: I imagine the vampiress as being utterly devoted and submissive - yet still a little stubborn - towards her Master, and tough as nails towards everyone else, willing to cut the throats of ten men at his command, or in his defense. She and her Master are largely amoral, unshakably loyal to each other and each other alone. Though he is perfectly capable of defending himself (he may or may not be skilled in the dark arts), she acts as something of a bodyguard for him when they are in the city, often finishing off any threats before they get within three yards of him. However, though she is perfectly willing to spill blood, her Master's is the only that tempts and satisfies her. Among their many enemies can be found monster hunters, priests, rival vampire gangs fighting for "turf", other undead, humans - good and evil -, and the vampire lord who originally sired her, and who may still be able to exert some control over her.)

[Human male/vampire female, Master/slave, Consensual, Light Bondage, Biting, Fighting, Conflict] (High Fantasy Setting)

"The Elven Bride"
After countless years locked in fruitless warfare, the Human kingdom of Ulhark and the Elven kingdom of Lothien have at last sworn an oath of peace to each other. As a part of the peace treaty, the Elves provide seven Elf females to become the brides of seven of the Human king’s most loyal subjects. Among the seven men chosen to receive such an honor is the king’s cousin, an experienced general who has nearly lost his life several times whilst commanding forces in the Elven Wars. Having developed an intense hatred for all Elven kind, he balks at the thought of taking one as a wife. The king, however, insists upon it, needing his loyalty now more than ever, and promising his cousin rich rewards if he goes through with this vital act of diplomacy.

Fuming, the general unwillingly swallows his anger and agrees to the marriage, determined to show nothing but coldness and contempt to his new bride. As Elven culture does not require a marriage ceremony, he meets her for the first time in their bridal suite, angrily throwing open the door… only to be stunned speechless. Kneeling upon the bed is the most beautiful creature he has ever laid eyes upon. With golden hair, smooth, creamy skin, succulent curves, and eyes as green as emeralds, his bride wears virtually nothing, and immediately upon his entrance she bows low before him, praying that he use her for his pleasure.

The general is confused, as she is behaving more like a slave than a virgin bride. It is then that he learns that in Elven culture, women are the naturally submissive sex, accustomed to being dominated by their men and expected to show total obedience to their commands. From a young age they are educated in the ways of love, pleasure, and obedience, each Elf maiden eagerly waiting for the day when she will have a husband of her own to adore and serve.

As much as he despises the Elves for all the pain and loss they have caused both himself and his country, the general cannot resist the soft, submissive beauty before him, his natural dominance coming to the fore as he commands her to serve his pleasure. The newlyweds enjoy their first night of married life far more than they ever could have expected, and he is forced to admit to his cousin the king that being married to an Elf is not as unpleasant as he had imagined. From then on his Elven bride serves him with all the loving, slavish devotion he could desire, rarely leaving his side as she fulfills his every need.

However, the peace treaty between Ulhark and Lothien is still a fragile one. Anger and the thirst for vengeance festers on each side against the other, factions of both Elves and Humans determined to wipe each other off the face of the earth. Should the oath of peace fail, the two nations will once more be plunged to their throats in blood, and the ultimate fate and happiness of the general and his Elven bride hangs in the balance.

[Human man/elf woman, Husband/wife, Master/slave, D/s, Consensual, Light Bondage, Impact Play, Discipline, Romance] (High Fantasy Setting)

Stolen From Pastel KitKat:

Taking Full Advantage
Hazuki Aikawa
Name: Hazuki Aikawa
Age: 18
Personality: Maternal, hotheaded, bubbly, competitive.

Since the day he was born, Hazuki made it her life's mission to watch out for her little brother Kazuma. He was delivered five months premature and spent the beginning of his life in an incubator in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at their local hospital. Hazuki was only three; but she can distinctly remember staring through the plastic at her brother, so tiny and helpless, and will never forget the way her mother cried. His lungs were too small her parents had said, and they were sure he wouldn't live to term. Hazuki remembered the fear she had felt, the desperation to keep her little brother safe. She remembered praying every night, to any God that might be out in the universe, begging for Kazuma to be able to stay with his family, for him to grow stronger. It was a slow process, but Kazuma managed to make it to full term and eventually was able to leave the hospital a healthy baby boy. Hazuki was overjoyed.

From the day he was brought home Hazuki fretted over Kazuma. Tending to him when he cried (with her mother's supervision of course), sharing all her very favorite dolls, making sure their cats never got too close. Even as they got older Hazuki's doting didn't stop. They were so close in age that they almost always attended the same school, and Hazuki would shadow Kazuma like a worried parent. He was a scrawny kid, that didn't change the older he got. He was shy and soft spoken and preferred to hang out with his sister and read than actually make any friends of his own. He was an easy target for bullies; he was picked on and teased all throughout elementary and middle school but never seemed to mind it much. Hazuki minded it very much.

She was short like her brother, but she was a lovely girl and had done gymnastics practically from the time she could walk. Her good looks, bubbly personality and curvaceous body (once puberty had graced her) assured that Hazuki maintained a certain degree of popularity among her classmates. Not enough to ensure her brother be spared torment though. Hazuki was always having to rush to Kazuma's defense, stepping in whenever a particularly brazen student got too verbal or handsy with her brother. Kazuma could stand the taunting, what he couldn't stand was having his sister constantly worrying over him and fighting his battles. Hazuki would hear none of it however, no matter what her brother said, it was Hazuki's mission to keep him safe. From anyone and everyone, even one he'd call his friend.


Entering high school changed Kazuma. He no longer sat idly by and let his sister run his life. When people picked on him he stood tall (despite his stature) and stood up for himself. Needless to say he'd gotten into more than one tussle with other boy's, but he'd managed to hold his own in the fights. Hazuki was absolutely horrified. She was happy that Kazuma had finally found a backbone, but had swiftly decided that he'd grown one far too hard. He'd become mouthy toward her, distant and more forceful when it came to telling her to “butt out” of his business. Her parents didn't seem to mind or even notice a change, they claimed Kazuma was just becoming a man and learning to stand on his own. Hazuki however knew exactly who to blame for her brother's sudden change.

A classmate of hers, an American student who had transferred at the start of senior year. They had broken up a fight, more of an attack, that Kazuma had been in at the start of the school year. The student had taken pity on her brother and befriended him, agreeing to teach him self defense through kick boxing. It was this new friend of Kazuma's that had inspired the change in her brother. For that reason Hazuki couldn't stand the American. That and their smug alpha attitude, their strangely good looks and their habit of shamelessly flirting with Hazuki, knowing good and well she couldn't stand them.

Maybe that way why Kazuma was convinced that Hazuki had done it on purpose despite her promising it wasn't her intention. They'd smacked her bottom when she passed them on the stairwell, thinking they were so clever and funny and that she wouldn't retort, but she had. She'd turned and shoved them with all her strength and apparently caught them off guard, because despite their imposing stature she'd managed to throw them off balance and sent them tumbling over the stair railing. It wasn't her fault that their leg was fractured, but Kazuma was convinced it was, and Hazuki was left trying to win back her brother's favor by attending to and assisting the American with daily struggles while they were incapacitated.

Of course, the fellow senior was eager to take completely advantage of the situation... and Hazuki as well.

Expecting: A dominant partner not opposed to coercion and a hefty amount of forceful teasing. Lots of public molestation, some light bondage. Kazuma is a side character and will not be involved in anything sexual.

Open to suggestions and any changes my partner may want to make.

Gimme a P-E-T-S-L-U-T!
Cherry Tsukuyomi
Name: Cherry Tsukuyomi
Age: 19
Persona: Sweet, shy, anxious, moralistic.
A proper girl by nature, always one to be polite and hold herself with a lady-like demeanor, one might assume Cherry Tsukuyomi came from a well-to-do family. Truth be told, the young woman’s upbringing was less than humble. Hailing from what many would describe as the poorest of the boondocks, Cherry never knew any sense of luxury in her life. She was the only child of a young single father. A man who, despite trying his best, could never seem to match his love for his daughter to his love of the bottle. So hardship was a daily occurrence in her young life. Her father—a mechanic for hire whose jobs were few and far between because of his tendency to show up drunk to the job—Cherry was put to work as a bus girl in a small diner in town at the young age of eleven. From that time on she learned to be quite frugal with her money, desperate to save enough to find a way out of her mediocre life. Her sanctuary; Hawthorne Academy, perhaps the most prestigious school in the country. Finally, with high school behind her, and a hefty scholarship under her belt, Cherry managed to scrape up all her savings. After an unexpected donation from her father—who pawned his grandfather's old gold pocket watch—was able to put forward the rest of the tuition money she needed. Her heart heavy, her eyes wet, but her spirits soaring, Cherry Tsukuyomi bid her sobered father a tear-choked goodbye. She boarded a Greyhound bus, setting out for a new life of promise at Hawthorne Academy.

But if Cherry thought her life at Hawthorne Academy would be any different from her days in the boonies, she was sadly mistaken. With its lush grounds and lavish architecture, the scenery at her new school is certainly different. However Cherry finds herself even further on the outside of her community than she was at home. The majority of her classmates come from wealthy families, so they're less than willing to accept her as their equal. While those who are in her social class are far too busy cramming, studying, or practicing to hold onto their spot at the academy. Needless to say, Cherry has had some trouble finding any friends, but the resourceful young woman has a solution; joining the ranks of the academy’s award winning cheer leading squad. Unbeknownst to Cherry however, the cheerleaders at Hawthorne academy harbor a dark secret of the most erotic nature. One expected of the all the dedicated girls, overlooked by the indifferent faculty, and fed upon greedily by the members of the nationally ranking football team.
It's been a few months since Cherry started classes at Hawthorne Academy; she’s tried out for the cheer leading squad, and has made it on! She’s invited to a little cheerleader initiation ceremony taking place in the gym the night of the announcement, where she’ll receive her uniform and become an official Hawthorne Thunderbolt cheerleader. Cherry is absolutely ecstatic! Though aware she's the chubbiest girl on the team (certainly the one with the biggest breasts) she feels a confidence and sense of accomplishment that she's never known before. When the football team joins the party though, Cherry is faced with more than she bargained for when she learns the dark secret of the Hawthorne Thunderbolt cheerleaders. Every girl on the squad must be claimed as a “pet” by someone on the football team. They'll care for her, spoil her rotten with their parents money, and in return she'll be at their beck and call, to service their every need. Cherry promptly rethinks her desire to be apart of the squad, and alienates herself further from her fellow classmates by refusing to participate in her new school’s ritual, and resigns from the team. Unfortunately for Cherry it won’t be that easy keeping her sense of right and wrong, let alone her virginity intact; a quiet member of the football team, someone notorious for not participating in Hawthorne’s ritual of taking on a pet, has taken quite the liking to her. Though they're above completely forcing themselves on her, they're quite determined to corrupt little Cherry and bring her back onto the team. As their girlfriend.
Expecting: Looking for a seductive and forceful partner to take this role. One that doesn't mind prudish characters, BDSM, slight N/C, the taking of virginity, and some heavy molestation. Pet play (such as dress up and leash and collars) can also be incorporated. The role can also be modified to cater to a more new cheerleader/head cheerleader kind of theme.

Open to suggestions and any changes my partner may want to make.

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Re: A Fortress Full of Roleplay Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2014, 01:03:07 am »
A bump! In this latest update I've added two new possible plots. As of this post, the roleplays I currently want to do are:

(From Most Craved to least craved.)
Beyond the Virtual Avatar (Vampire X Human)
Rivals Unite (Vampire X Elf)
Closet Nerds (Exactly what it says on the tin)

For a more comprehensive view of my turn ons and offs I'd like to point you towards my page over here

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Re: A Fortress Full of Roleplay Ideas (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2016, 11:04:52 am »
Back and ready to go!

New Plots added:
Corruption of the Pure
The Demigods new Concubine

Look forward to any new Role players.

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Re: His Castle of Dreams, Imagination and Possibility(M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2016, 02:21:43 am »
BUMP! A Brand Spanking new Section has been added. One I hope visitors will com to fully utilize! The Stolen and the Lost Vault! See you on the other side.

Will Bump one more time for an Additional ideas in my Originals section...

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Re: His Castle of Dreams, Imagination and Possibility(M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: June 16, 2020, 05:29:51 pm »

I am back to RP. With this Pandemic, and new hours I do have a little more time on my hands. Two new plots have been added: Romance of Science and Sorcery and Another World's Adventure. Those are currently what I am craving.

Who to hear from you soon.