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April 25, 2018, 07:45:02 AM

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Author Topic: --->EXOTIC<--- Fortunes Told, Females Apply Within  (Read 261 times)

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--->EXOTIC<--- Fortunes Told, Females Apply Within
« on: November 24, 2014, 03:25:10 PM »
Come in . . . come closer to me . . .

I can sense something about you . . .

You are here for a fortune, yes?  Have a seat by the flames.  Breathe deep . . . Let your mind free . . .

I see . . . A potential about you . . . A choice.  Perhaps a number of choices.  Some easier than others.

What future do I see for you?

I see . . .

-Slave to the Palace – Set in an ancient Egypt theme (and please be knowledgeable of it), the land belongs to many different varieties of anthro creatures.  Just recently, the Jackal race made a ceasefire with the Mau race, after a long and bloody battle.  The two live in peace now, and have opened trade negotiations, but feelings are still a bit raw after the lengthy war.  One commodity that was opened was the trading of slaves, and the Jackal pharaoh is looking for a new slave to attend him at the palace.  He finds a gorgeous and perfectly subservient female Mau at the slave auctions, and he decides that he must add her to his retinue.  The only problem is that the slavers neglected to tell him why she is still on the market . . . she has a bad habit of misbehaving in small, but numerous ways, like dropping plates or spilling beer or performing badly while entertaining.  And it isn't because she is rebellious . . . she just likes to be punished.  But as no other owner can understand her motives (and she dare not say them), she is often tossed back onto the market as an undesirable slave.  Except that she meets her match with the Jackal pharaoh, who quickly discovers that he rather likes punishing her.  The two of them eventually confess the truth to each other, and he promotes her to being his personal concubine, which suits the both of them just perfectly.  But something is coming on the horizon, something that threatens the land and everything they have . . . Will they be ready for it?

-The Fighter – Sometime in the near future, a scientist creates a living creature in a laboratory through genetic blending:  A creature that is half-wolf, half-human . . . A true anthropomorphic, sentient wolf.  Within days, the world is rocked to the core.  The scientific world is ablaze, people want specimens to examine and keep, and the government is deadlocked on how to approach this new discovery.  Some criticize the man for “tampering with God and Nature”, some call him “a genetic pioneer”.  And caught in the middle are the Wolfan, who have been, over time, leaked to the public.  Now there are Wolfan breeding farms, Wolfan fight rings, Wolfan servants, Wolfan pets, anything and everything except personal rights.  There are those that consistently push for equal rights for the Wolfan, but the government can’t even agree if their test-tube heritage makes them “artificial” as opposed to “natural”.  It is not a good time to be a Wolfan.  So what happens when a badly-injured Wolfan pit-fighter, rejected by his owner and left for dead, is found by a woman walking down an alley?  What might form between them?

That is all that I can see for now . . . I hope that you have found some interest in my words.

If not, then come back at another time, and I might have a new fortune for you . . . But if so, then stay, and we will talk some more.

Either way, your patronage is appreciated, and may favor smile on you.