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Author Topic: Reia's Wishes [DomF(xSubF) for M character | BON/NC/Light D/s - Possible Incest]  (Read 619 times)

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Offline ReiaTopic starter

Hello, [you], this thread contains all the story ideas I'm currently interested in/craving.
If something catches your attention and you believe we'd make compatible writing partners, feel free to PM me.

» Please DO NOT post a reply to this thread as I can't delete your posts and I'd rather keep my thread neatly organized. I will ignore you. Please send me a PM with a suitable subject header if my idea(s) catch your interest.

» Read through my O/O's (Reia's Desires) to get any idea of what I am like and what kind of writing partner I am looking for. There's also a comprehensive list of kinks that I am into, could be interested in, and definitely won't even think about.

» I am working on keeping my writing partners more up to date with any possible absences, for that I'll be using my A/A's thread.

» If you feel we could work well together but aren't particularly interested in one of my ideas, feel free to PM me as well. But please have some sort of idea/plot in mind when doing so.

» I'll slowly be adding more info to this thread - just have to organize it all in my head first.

Offline ReiaTopic starter

You Stole My Heart - Taken

» Plot Idea: Margaret Jean Ambrose is a woman with ambition and cunning. Slowly building herself a life out of nothing, she's risen up the ranks and now lives in one of New York City's top apartment buildings. She's a thief and has yet to be suspected of any sort of thievery, let alone be caught. Recently she's set her sights on a new exhibit being brought over from Europe, where the world's largest diamonds will be put on display, the Cullinan I-IX diamonds. The gems are on loan from the Royal Family and Margaret is determined to gain back a piece of her home country and using the jewels she manages to steal as a means to pay for passage back to England and to set herself up there once again.

» Story Length: Preferably a long term story, really want to work out all the details and play out everything possible with it.

» Time Period: This will be taking place in the mid to late 1940's.

» Your Character(s): I'm looking for a male character that gets pulled in to Margaret's web of lies and deceit, with her intent being to use your character to achieve her goal. While I love playing multiple characters and for my partners to do so as well, I'm looking for one main, male, character at the moment. Smaller side characters are okay, as well.

For your character, I'd love a man that has a strong personality and is not easily pushed over. He'd have to be someone that makes Margaret work for his affections and even once she's managed to seduce him, will have to continue to work on it. It's possible he could be the kind of man that manages to win Margaret's true affections in turn.

» Your Input: I love hashing all the details out and especially love it when my partners give as much input as I hand out. Feel free to offer up ideas/suggestions for the story, be it for setting, characters, etc.

» My Characters: Margaret will be my main character, with Emma being an important side character.

Margaret is a dominant personality, used to getting her way and not afraid of using whatever means possible to achieve her goals. Emma is a more submissive personality, but is slowly learning to stand up for herself and is working on building a stronger character. However, she will always defer to Margaret, taking her sister's word as law above any other.

I originally created Margaret and Emma (sisters) for a group game ages ago and never got the chance to play them. I'd love to do a one on one where I can play both characters against my partner's character. Please note that I'd also love to play Margaret and Emma with incestuous undertones, with a possibility of actual incest thrown in. While it's not required, I'd prefer it. If it does, it will be a somewhat abusive relationship that Margaret starts - nothing healthy. This does mean that your character, would at some point, have a relationship with both sisters.

I will be tweaking Margaret and Emma's bios slightly to better fit in with the story and would love to have input from my writing partner.

» Content: These don't all have be to put into the story, just some of what could be done; Bondage, Deceit, Dominance, Dub/Non-Con, First time, Incest, Intrigue, Light Action, Light D/s, Manipulation, Mystery, Powerplay, Public Scenes, Romance, Roughplay, Seduction, Seduction, Teasing, UST

Character Bios
Margaret Jean Ambrose

Emma Joyce Ambrose
Name: Margaret Jean Ambrose
Date of birth: April 4, 1922
Character archetype: Thief, Seductress, Somewhat Cold-Hearted, Selfish, Lonely

Margaret was born into a wealthy family in Liverpool, England. She was the fourth of what would be five daughters, all close in age with barely a year between each of them. Because of her family's status, she had a comfortable childhood, with a governess to watch over her and her sisters and a father willing to dote on all his girls. Unfortunately her father was killed in an untimely accident while riding his horse in 1930. Margaret was only 9.

Because there was no immediate heir to inherent the family fortune, an entail set up by Margaret's late grandfather demanded that everything go to a distant second cousin. Each girl was left with a small sum, enough to help them with any general schooling left, and their mother given an allowance of £1,500 per annum for the entire family. In 1932, after finding life in England to be very different now that they were no longer living the life of luxuries they had been accustomed to, Margaret's mother decided to move to America with the girls.

They settled in the growing neighborhood of Riverdale. Even though the country was suffering from the Depression, the girls found they were able to live a life much more like the one they'd had before their father's passing, thanks to the highly favorable rate of exchange. In 1933 when the Riverdale Girls School was opened, their mother opted to send the girls there, being more than happy to pay the high tuition so her daughters could get a good education.

Though life was good for her, Margaret found herself feeling resentful towards her mother, and subsequently her older sisters for enjoying the change, for having been moved away from her family in England. Throughout her years in school, she saved whatever penny she could, oftentimes going as far as stealing bits of money from her mother. She graduated the school at the age of 17 and refused to attend college as her older sisters had opted for. Instead she took the money she had, stole a good chunk of the family's fortune, and left home - promising her younger sister to come back for her one day. She changed her name to avoid being found and moved into the city proper.

She bought herself a small apartment in Manhattan, in a new complex that boasted state of the art amenities and even more impressive residents. By passing off as an orphaned girl straight off the boat from England, she managed to win the hearts of her neighbors. It was here that her life of crime really took off. Margaret started by stealing things from the wealthiest of her neighbors, small items that when finally noticed would be brushed aside as simply lost. Slowly she took to stealing larger and much more expensive items. Every once in a while, she would have things "stolen" from her to throw of suspicion.

At the same time, she was learning how to use her delicate youthful looks to seduce men, married and not, and having them shower her with gifts. Because of her self-proclaimed bachelor-ette status women often take a dislike to her. Over the years she has finessed her style of seduction, only going for the men she feels are truly worth it. Her latest conquest is the new husband of her dearest friend, Mary - a girl she's befriended only due to her family's considerable wealth.

Because of her acquisitions, her wealth has only grown. She bought herself an exceedingly larger apartment in an much more upscale building, with more appealing targets. Her old apartment she's kept, renting it out as a decent, secondary source of income.

Shortly after she turned 25 she ran into her youngest sister, Emma Joyce. After finding out that Emma had left home not too shortly after Margaret and was struggling to get by, she took her sister under her wing and is now teaching her everything she knows. She hopes this will make up for her long forgotten promise.

Name: Emma Joyce Ambrose
Date of birth: September 28, 1923
Character archetype: Naïve, Easily Influenced, Infatuated with her Older Sister

Emma always looked up to her sister, Margaret, and was devastated when she left home. Shortly after, Emma left as well, wanting to do nothing with a mother who wailed about lost fortunes and sisters who had married for nothing more than money. She worked as a waitress for a few years, living in a shabby but comfortable women's home. Two years ago she ran into her sister and after telling Margaret of how she was living and working, Emma moved in with her. She is now in the process of learning about her sister's life and trying desperately to emulate her. Emma's forgiven Margaret, but isn't aware that this needs being said.
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