More fun emote smilies!

Started by Verasaille, November 23, 2014, 09:51:31 PM

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I know this is probably going to be something impossible, but in light of the fact this is an rp forum based board, we need more options for emotes in the chat!!

I have been on the internet for a long time, I know there are other options out there! Skype has a bunch that are quite entertaining.

I have also seen some long ago that had such fun emotes as a baby sucking on a pacifier,  a cowboy tossing his hat in the air, a flying saucer, and such emotes as frustration, despair and dancing in the rain.

I am sure some enterprising gif artist could come up with some code to give us a bit more style and sass to give our SB and AB some more interesting emotes!!

I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.


Emoticons fall into a rather grey area for Elliquiy.  They are cute, and fun, but at the same time people have a tendency to use them in place of words. Given that we don't like leet speak here, more emoticons would not be a good idea.

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