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April 14, 2021, 08:07:31 pm

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Author Topic: Project Omega: Vivian (Extreme Solo - M looking for F)  (Read 666 times)

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Project Omega: Vivian (Extreme Solo - M looking for F)
« on: November 23, 2014, 03:21:42 am »
Extreme Solo - M looking for F (Vivian). After a prolonged absence I'm back I'm craving something a bit extreme. If you're interested please send request throught PM. Tell me about your style and what motives you to join me in this RP. Looking forward to having fun with you : ))

23 Nov update:

I forgot to mention. I'm planning a small twist in the story so it won't be all an endless torture with no real point to the thing. Having that said let me also add some notes with the general traits of the idea:

- A touch of romance but not too much.
- Strong sci-fi elements - space exploration, maybe some otherworldly species, tech of all sorts, etc.
- Violence - might include some extremes.
- Others - feel free to add your favorite stuff to the list.

This is still one general idea, not a fixed thing so please share what you like and we can discuss it. If we are a good match we'll give it a go and see what happens.

In 2092 Project Omega was initiated worldwide by all government organizations. It's goal was simple - to prevent crime. Series of mind control tools and drugs were distributed with the mass media and food chains to alter human evolution once and for all. A new society was built from the ashes of old one. People were happy, love and prosperity streamed from every fiber of this brave new world. Soon after that immortality was made possible and people no longer died. The energy and financial crisis were solved. Human evolution went viral - near planets were researched and space technology was developed and enhanced. Colonies were made to planets that would not normally sustain life but under domes people began to live a happy life there. Earth became a prime center for the rich. It was also the headquarters of the new galactic government. This new world looked like a dream of enlightened beings.

However there was a catch. Even with the evolution of science and technology one simple thing was never solved. The need for violence. Human mind had to be balanced and mellowed down. That created a serious deficiency in the mind of all. They craved new attractions. Even so sex became obsolete men were more sexually active than ever in the history of mankind. The unstable mixture of cravings became volatile. Something had to be done which gave birth to a new sub-project called Vivian.

Vivian was a reality show in a way. It was also a person - a girl at her early adult years. It was also a tool to patch the holes of the imbalance that Project Omega created. Every once and awhile the reality show was streamed through the intergalactic media networks showing a world of pain and domination. The sole purpose of Vivian was to be tortured for the entertainment of all. She was practically human but her mind was always transferred to new cloned body once the old one was obsolete. The procedure happened every time she died or became too numb to be of any real attraction.

The project was a success. At first people were reluctant to express themselves through the enjoyment of something so cruel and vile. In time everyone understood how good it felt and how it was actually part of their nature to enjoy such things. They were truly enlightened beings after all. It's normal to have cravings that should be handled. It was OK after all to have such simple solution to their needs.



Age: 23
Bio: She don't have many memories from the time before Calamity. That's how she chose to call her capture and all that happened after that. They told her that she was special. She was selected. From all people her unique characteristics to endure torture and look astonishing through the whole process made her the right choice. That's all they told her. There was no answers to why they were doing it and who made the decision. Who has the right over her life. She knew that she can't die for real. Every time she felt the embrace of death she woke up in a new body.


Age: Looks like 28 but it's much older.
Bio: His aging was stopped long time ago when the technology to prolong life indefinitely became available. He was victim of his own cravings. He was charged for series of crimes and condemned to die a natural death. When the Vivian project started he was approached by the government. He was given a second chance. If he became part of the project in role of the prime torturer his immortality credentials will be extended. He felt like it was his only choice and accepted the role.
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