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Author Topic: Bunnies and head people in a search, oh my! (M/M, any writers welcome)  (Read 1608 times)

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Offline LyronTopic starter

The Quick n' Dirty
  • A partner's sex, gender identity, or planet of origin do not matter to me.
  • Cis-M/M should be the main pairing of the roleplay.
  • An average of at least two paragraphs per reply floats my boat, but the important aspects are a description of the scene, insight into the character, and something to respond to, not an arbitrary quantity. My average is a few paragraphs, in part depending on what I get in return. I'll try to match my style with yours. You can find samples by visiting my O/Os, where I have a list of stories I have been involved in, or stalk my post history. Whichever!
  • My posting frequency is at best twice a week and at worst once every three weeks. I'm willing to wait up to a couple months for a response, as long as I know the other player is still interested.
  • I'm more plot-y than smutty. "Just cuz" sex scenes are fine but usually in moderation.
  • Threads for roleplaying. PMs for plot discussion and chit-chat, at least initially.
  • Except when a story or character calls for something else, I genuinely prefer switching because I think it offers the most flexibility in the dynamics, but I'm open to only topping or bottoming, or the kinky equivalents. Bed positions can be established OOC, or we can let the characters reveal it themselves, when the moment arises.
  • I can do anything from light and fluffy to dark and gritty. At either end of the spectrum, a little bit of conflict can help, whether it's between our characters or other forces.
  • That's the gist. More details in my O/Os. Check 'em out to ensure I suit your fancy.

Hop to It
These are internal links; clicking one will not trigger a page load.

Bunnies: A Day in the Life

Some modern, slice-of-life musings. Virtually anything about them is flexible. All names used are only placeholders.

Three's A Crowd

After a few years, wedded bliss isn't so blissful for the Turners. What once was a spark is now just...dull contentment. When Character C comes to stay with them, temptation sets in and threatens the home they started together.

Other Notes
I see the story being anything from jealousy and cheating to an attempt at polyamory, or a combination of the two. This could become a bit smutty, but the story should always remain in the front seat, with good pacing and an exploration of how the relationships between the three men develop or decay.

Character C could be a coworker; a friend, old or current, of one of the husbands; or a young homeless man. It would need to be discussed who plays whom, but I am okay with being the one who writes for two characters.

Faces I could use

Love Behind Barn Doors

Character A had been working on the Pratchett farm for at least a decade now. He supposed that made him like family. He ate supper with them, they allowed him to be a part of their holidays since he had no blood of his own to visit, and he watched Character B grow up and blossom into a young man. The prodigal son left for a few years, for college or the military or to live a little, but recently returned.

Version 1:

After all, when your father was diagnosed with cancer, it was time for the family to come together. The news didn't promise much, maybe a few months at most. They would fight it--of course they would, because not a single Pratchett had it in their nature to call it quits. Still, Character B's dad was nothing if not a practical man. If the doctor's prognosis turned out to be accurate, someone had to be ready to fill in the shoes he'd leave behind. His wife was capable of shouldering some of the responsibility, but not alone. The rest would have to fall on Character B.

It would be a trying time for the young man. Character A had always been there, like an older brother who Character B could confide in when he needed it. That wouldn't change. But sometimes feelings emerge through the vulnerabilities, and when they grab you by the reigns, sometimes you can't help but to act.

Version 2:

Character B had his fill of adventure, and now he was ready to settle down. It was a whirlwind romance from the beginning. No doubt existed in his mind that Sam was the one. With the wedding date approaching, it was time to get back to work at the ranch his father would pass on to him someday.

Character A meant no harm, honest, but somehow, things were different now, something he didn't quite notice until it sprung on him like a snake in the grass. Maybe it was a certain look, or a few too many deep conversations, but those were excuses. It didn't take away from the fact that he kissed Character B. Hopefully it didn't cost him a job, and hopefully Character B could overlook the transgression, but now that it happened, he can't get the man out of his head.

Other Notes
I think Character B should be 21-24, and Character A should be at least 28. I'd prefer to play Character A, but can be asked to play Character B.

Faces I could use for Character A
Faces I could use for Character B

Save the Ranch

Character B's grandpa passed away from natural causes while he slept in his own bed, the way he would have wanted it. It offered some relief to those who mourned the loss of life, and for those greedier souls, it meant it was time to read the will. More importantly, they would all learn who would gain ownership of the ranch.

The news surprised them. It was Character B, the grandson everyone overlooked, who held a dead-end job and never seemed like the type to amount to anything more than a hill of beans. The old man probably had a good ol' hoot as he witnessed their reactions from up in heaven. But to him, who else? Not his ungrateful children, who left him to live in the suburbs; not the government; and most certainly not McCreary from the neighboring ranch. Not even over his dead body. They could kiss his ass. The ranch had to remain within the family, and if there was any chance of ensuring that, it would be through Character B, whether the boy himself recognized it or not.

Version 1:

Most of the hands didn't stick around. As far as they knew, none of Mr. Harrison's family had an iota of interest in keeping a ranch that was already in rocky territory. They had a better chance elsewhere. Not Character A. He didn't know a lot about this Character B fella, much less why Mr. Harrison chose him, and it might have left him rather miffed, but he reckoned the old man was a little more than a stubborn fool. What he did know was that Mr. Harrison specifically asked him to ensure Character B took over the ranch, that no one, not even Character B himself, pressured him into selling, and to help him keep the ranch in operation. So Character A would. After all, he owed his former employer. Here was hoping he wasn't wasting his time.

Version 2:

Truth be told, Character B's jaw dropped as much as anyone else's when the will was read. Who? Him? A rancher? But the more he thought about it, the better it sounded. It was a chance to start new, and he always found appeal in leaving the city and getting closer to nature. His friends called him crazy, but he would show them. So he packed his bags and moved in. The only thing was, the few hands Character B's grandpa employed all left. He needed help. The first guy to show interest was hired on the spot. Only time would tell if he was the right choice.

Faces I could use for Character A
Faces I could use for Character B

Toe the Line

Character A and Character B hate each other's guts, and it's exactly why the UFC has put their names on the next card. With six weeks of camp and trash talk, the fans are looking forward to an explosive throwdown, but after a face-to-face encounter causes the tension to snap in an unexpected way, their match in the octagon might be danger.

Other Notes
This can be decided after a discussion, but I see this being a relatively short story comprised of scenes spanning a few weeks, until their final appearance in the cage. Some interactions may involve press conferences and Twitter exchanges.

Faces I could use for Character A/Character B

One-Two Punch

One-Two Punch is in danger. With Character A's waning inspiration, the idea of shuttering his gym sounds more appealing with each passing day. He found his calling in coaching after meeting a promising fighter. Together, the man rose from chump to champion, until it was all thrown away after an assault charge. Character A opened his own gym in the hopes of finding that next big name. Years passed and not a single one walked through the door. Some only wanted to get in shape. Others lacked the talent or the showmanship to carry them far.

Cue Character B. He was exactly what the doctor ordered. Now to see if Character A can get the man's head in the game, and keep it there.

Other Notes
The sport could be either boxing or MMA. Brody's attitude is open to interpretation. Is he reticent about going pro? Temperamental? How will he handle his eventual fame? Additionally, if we'd like to add another layer, Cliff's former champion could make a return, or there could be jealousy from another wannabe fighter at the gym.

Faces I could use for Character A
Faces I could use for Character B

Straight Up Hooked

Character B is one of the greatest friends a guy could ask for: he's outgoing and inclusive, always there for Character A in his time of need...occasionally lets Character A suck him off, and maybe Character B is a little narcissistic, too, but some things can be overlooked when you're in love. If only Character B would confess having the same feelings, and let go of this proclamation of being straight.


But until that time comes, well, Character C has asked Character A out, so he'll bide his time, maybe even make Character B jealous. It works, but not in the way Character A hopes...

Other Notes

First, the idea is that Character A is indeed straight and will never have romantic feelings for Character B. This is more a story about two men who want each other but not in the same exact way, and a question of whether the friendship is truly healthy at this point in their lives. They could have been childhood friends, or of only a few years. The length of the story can be discussed.

Faces I could use

Day and Night

Back then, Character A and Character B were two peas in a pod, but they were as different as day and night. Character A was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and to a lineage that created many of the town's important figures, his own father having held the position of mayor once. With great history came great responsibility: he was expected to maintain the family's reputation.

Character B, on the other hand, was a troublemaker who thirsted for fun and left no stone unturned. Hailing from the trailer park, his parents were drunkards and users who were looked down on by the fairer townspeople.

The two, despite the odds and the forces that worked against them, were close growing up until something tore them apart in high school. They went their separate ways, seemingly on track for what life destined for them: Character A followed in his family's footsteps, taking up an important position in the town (mayor, sheriff, church leader, etc.), and Character B was marched off to prison.

It has been several years. Character B has returned to town, looking to fix past mistakes, and maybe rekindle an old connection.

Other Notes

At the moment, I prefer Character B, but could maybe be presented with a catchy idea that requires me taking Character A.

Faces I could play for Character B
Faces I could play for Character A

A Father A Boy Could Ever Ask For

Character A has been friends with Danny since they were kids running around in the Arnolds' backyard. Danny's dad has been like a father to him, more than his own.

Nowadays, "familial" isn't the only way to describe his feelings. An accident changes their lives forever.

Other Notes

I'm only interested in playing Character A. No, that does not mean he has to bottom. He can be 18-22 based on what we discuss. I can play Danny and/or the wife, too, if desired. It can be discussed how long the story will be.

Faces I could use for Character A

Better Brother

Parents have their favorites, and with the Everett brothers, there's a clear disparity in the love. If only their folks knew that "brotherly love" took on a whole new meaning.

Other Notes

The idea is more meant to be about how the brothers' relationship affects them, not so much a fulfillment of a fantasy or a fetish. This is left pretty vague with the hope of discussing the dynamic in more detail. Which brother is the favorite? Is the relationship accidental or the manipulation of one? Are they close before the intimacy begins or is their jealousy beforehand? The length of the story can be discussed. Both characters would be at least 18.

Bunnies: Survival Instincts

Musings that involve survival elements. If an apocalypse, assume that the cause of society's downfall is open for discussion unless specified. These ideas otherwise can be altered in any way, and all names used are only placeholders.

Survival of the Fittest

A mysterious virus spread across the world, infecting man and beast alike and reducing society to shambles. The founders of Ashborne know nothing about the origins of the virus, only speculations, but what they believed is that humanity should never become weak enough to allow it to happen again. A new generation was born within their walls. They had to prove they deserved a future. When they became of age, they were locked out of the city for a week and forced to defend themselves against the mutations. Only the strongest and smartest would survive. Only they would pass on their genes.

That was a few generations ago. A new wave of young blood must survive the challenges of the Gravelands.

Other Notes
Looking for a partner who is willing to help flesh out the society. The characters being either 18 or 21 seems like it would make the most sense.

Faces I could use

The End is Nigh

They came from the skies.

They were a threat much more powerful than humanity and seemed to reduce the global numbers by over half in a single day. No one is safe. Everyone must fend for themselves.

Other Notes
Our characters could be civilians who have taken up arms, soldiers, or some combination of the two. This could also be turned into a Mass Effect story in which we play Earthlings during the Reaper invasion.

I don't want to take the leader role between our characters. That said, that doesn't necessarily mean mine has to be the bottom.

Faces I could use

The Beginning of the Rest of Their Lives

Version 1:

It was their final year of college. Futures lied just around the corner with each friend's path destined to carry them in different directions. This last spring break of their youth had to be a good one. They scrounged up the money to go somewhere special, just the four of them, but celebration caves to fear after a mysterious virus brings society to its knees. They know that if they say goodbye, it's forever.

Version 2:

Not all friendships survive. They grew up in the same town, but nowadays, that is about all they have in common after the decay caused by time and arguments. Only one of them has remained a constant in each of their lives. He misses the group that used to be, so he devised a plan to bring them all together for a week's vacation, but when a mysterious virus sweeps across the nation, friendship will be the least of their concerns.

Other Notes:

We can either play out their normal lives for a bit or begin right before/as the virus takes the world by surprise. The expectation would be that we double up on the characters. They don't all have to make a pairing, but if that is desired, I might be open to something other than cis-M/M for the second one.

Faces I could play


An infection tears the outside world apart while a pair of inmates are doing time. Corrupt guards stand between them and freedom.

Other Notes:

It could be enjoyable to begin with one inmate breaking the other down to make him his "bitch", and then see how that affects them if and when they manage to escape.


Admittedly, I don't have a strong basis for this, but something like RimWorld, The 100, or Mass Effect: Andromeda where a group of characters are colonizing unexplored territory.

Bunnies: Ode to Fandom

Pretty easy to guess what this section is for, yes? None of these incorporate the use of canons. The ideas are flexible, and the names used are only placeholders.

Teen Wolf

[Because a more creative title escapes me right now.]

Character A couldn't believe it. Werewolves were real. He had witnessed a classmate, Character B, transformed, seen their bestial face. He just knew he had to be one! So he tried to convince Character B. They refused, doubtful that Character A would be able to handle the responsibility, and their family didn't have a reason to create a new werewolf.

If only Character B had foresight on the impending trouble, the answer might have been different. A new alpha arrived in town, one capable of shifting into a form that was more beast than man. It killed Character B's alpha, leaving the family in shambles. It would stack the odds against them, but Character B wasn't going to allow the murder to go unanswered.

Character A's hope on receiving the bite had waned--until he heard the howl. He sought it out, where he came upon a bipedal beast. It was terrifying, but when the werewolf showed no harm, he knew this was his answer to his desires. Except it was a mistake. Character A was forced to shift one night and kill an innocent: Alex, someone who Character A's twin brother, Character C, was close to. To make matters worse, there are hunters now on his tail.

Other Notes
It will need to be decided why the alpha is in town. Some kind of vengeance? Some ancient secret?

I see the pairings being Character A x Character B and Character C x hunter, with Character B having the option of being male or female. Someone could play either Character A and Character C or Character A and the hunter, with the second player, of course, taking the other two. Who takes the alpha can be discussed. It doesn't matter to me which characters I play.

The four characters could either be seniors in high school, college-aged, or some combination of the two.

Possible twins
Possible faces I could use for Character B
Possible faces I could use for the hunter

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Essentially like the game: humanity has sent some of its people to the Andromeda Galaxy, and our characters are part of the effort to colonize one of the planets. Beyond that, the story that unfolds and the aliens our characters encounter can be our own.

As a side note, I never finished the game because I couldn't stand it, so any references to the game might need some explanation. The pairing needs to be human x human. I don't want to take the leader role between our characters, but that doesn't necessarily mean mine has to bottom.

Faces I could use

Pesky Head People

Just some characters I wouldn't mind sticking in a roleplay. The below list isn't complete. I have others in my home for head people. The difference between those and this list is that this one will also contain plot ideas unique to them.

Name: Brad Warren
Age: 29-32
Personality: Cynical, intuitive, sassy, unapologetic, guarded, enjoys spinning lies
Other Notes: Bodyguard for hire! The man is a switch.
Sheet: Here. I'm willing to consider minor tweaks for the sake of the story, but this is one character where I might be picky.
Pairings/Vague Ideas: Bodyguard x celebrity; old flames reignited; he has an ex-friend that could be involved in a pairing, or the cause of one, if said ex-friend were to have died and indirectly brought them together

Name: Will Scott
Age: 18-23
Personality: Well-meaning in the best of times, sadistic in the worst; selfish; prefers to keep relationships shallow; resistant to peer pressure
Other Notes: Not a fluffy character. He is a man who thinks he's a cancer and he's prone to making people see him in this light, sometimes out of "necessity", sometimes for his own enjoyment; it's not a matter of if he will harm someone, but when. How it happens will, of course, be discussed. I can go as far as a player desires, but will work closely with them to ensure boundaries are not crossed. His most genuine presentation is one that is not politically correct; while not truly prejudiced, he tosses "fag" and "retard" around freely, because it's how he is as a person (not a reflection of the writer!), but I can tidy it up for sensitive partners. So, beyond the limitations that would be established, he will be portrayed unapologetically, even if it means cringe-worthy quips. :P

Will is more naturally a top ("dom", in most cases, would be an insult to the BDSM community) and an opportunistic bottom.
Sheet: Here. Open to tweaks as long as the childhood remains the same.
Pairings/Vague Ideas: Bully x Victim, (Ex-)Bully x Former Victim, Student/Apprentice x Mentor (teacher/professor, church leader, drill sergeant, professional mentor, etc.), "Fish" x "Bigger Fish" (two bullies, bully x protector, two inmates, etc.) (craving), recruits at basic training, dorm roommates

The Fun Genres
  • Modern/realistic
  • Apocalyptic/survival
  • Modern fantasy
  • Dystopian

Stick 'Em Together

By no means is this meant to be exhaustive. I'm open to others!

Italicized = role I prefer.

  • Jock x Jock
  • Jock x Nerd
  • Nerd x Bad Boy
  • Jock x Bad Boy
  • Frat Boys
  • Roommates
  • Bandmate x Bandmate
  • Bandmate x Manager
  • Rising Actor x Fading Star
  • Soldier x Soldier
  • Prostitute x Client
  • Gangster x Gangster
  • Gangster x Cop
  • Ranch Hand x Ranch Hand
  • Ranch Owner x Ranch Hand
  • Ranch Hand x Ranch Owner's Son
  • Employer x Employee/Intern
  • Brother x sibling's (ex-)boyfriend
  • Brother x sibling's enemy
  • Ex-friend x ex-friend
  • Best friend x best friend
  • Best Friend x best friend's dad
  • Rival x rival
  • Rich x poor/homeless
  • City boy x country boy
  • Superhero x sidekick/superhero
  • Superhero x civilian

For the Love of Fandom

For all of these, I'm referring to the universe, not canon characters. I will never play canon and don't expect a partner to do so, either, although they are welcome to if they wish.

  • The Walking Dead
  • The 100
  • The Hunger Games
  • Teen Wolf, primarily werewolves or maybe a kanima - I couldn't really get into any of the other supernaturals
  • Mass Effect, although as a disclaimer, I'm a bit rusty on the universe, and I'm not very knowledgeable of sci-fi in general. Human pairings only, and real face claims for human characters.
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Re: Haru's Search (M/M, Hunger Games, Walking Dead, similar)
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Nothing to see here, folks. O:)
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Re: Eye-catching title go! (M/M)
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Under Lock and Key

Plots and characters that don't fit my current cravings are relocated here so that I don't have to rewrite them if the muse arises again. I'm not opposed to starting stories with them, they're just not the ones I'm focused on.

Looking for It
It's summer, and for his vacation, Character A is going to Holden, a cape town on the east coast that is very friendly for a non-heterosexual such as himself. Only, this isn't so much of an official vacation. He's running--from a bad bump in a relationship, or a life that has left him utterly miserable, something.

Character B is a resident of the town, wading through the tide of the tourist season and waiting for the day when Holden will slip back into hibernation, when it's more peaceful.

The two meet, and they find in each other something neither of them fully realized they were looking for.

Inspired by Michael Thomas Ford's novel of the same name.

A Place to Call Home
Brandon has overcome obstacles to get to where he is today, and he has done it all by himself: college graduate, successful businessman still climbing the corporate ladder, a place of his own. On the streets, he meets Troy, a younger man who was kicked out for being gay. It's a story that tugs at the heartstrings. Brandon offers him a place to stay, but was it a wise decision?

Troy should be 18-21. I'm open to either role. I don't have any special face claims in mind for Troy.

Faces I could use for Brandon

Coming Home
Matt and John were high school sweethearts, separated by thousands of miles when John enlisted in the army. It was rough on both of them, but his service is over now and he's coming home. They try to pick up where they left off, but years of change hasn't made that so simple.

For John, he's trying to reintegrate into a society that he hasn't been a part of for a few years. Maybe he has PTSD, survivor's guilt, lost a limb. How has Matt changed? Friends, schooling, job, personality, all things to consider. Has he been faithful all these years?

We could begin with Matt and John seeing each other for the first time after John has returned home for good, or we could start before that to get a feel for their relationship up until now. Maybe a scene before John leaves for basic, and/or maybe write out a few letters, Skype calls, or leaves.

I'm open to either role. I don't have any special faces in mind for Matt's role.

Faces I could use for John

Three's a Crowd
After a few years, wedded bliss isn't so blissful for the Turners. Maybe there have been a couple bumps in the road, or maybe things have been fine, but what once was a spark is now just...contentment. When Brian comes to stay with them for a while, temptation sets in and the home they started together begins to collapse.

I see the story being anything from jealousy and cheating to an attempt at polyamory, or a combination. This could become a bit smutty, but the story should always maintain a primary focus on the plot, with good pacing and an exploration of how the relationships between the three men develop and decay.

Brian could be a coworker; a friend, old or current, of one of the husbands; a young homeless man; or something else. I'm open to playing either the husbands or Brian.

Brayden Morris
Well-meaning but often failing, protective but afraid it's not enough, loyal to the wrong people and not the sharpest tool in the shed, Brayden wants to be a better person than what he thinks he can be.

Ex-bully x ex-victim, student x student (college or high school), gangster x gangster, gangster x upstanding citizen, volunteer x volunteer through probation, abusive boyfriend x boyfriend*

Abuse obviously isn't something that should be glorified, and I don't want it to be treated as such. I also don't want really want it to be the primary focus of the story.

Battle of the Bands

Behind the Veil entered the rock world with a bang, instantly becoming the hottest modern band to grace the airwaves. Too bad they didn't last a year. Dating within the group wasn't always such a good idea, and they learned that the hard way when Alex, the backup vocalist and lead guitarist, caught Finn, the frontman, screwing a groupie. Or at least most believed that to be the cause. A few fans speculated Finn might not have been entirely dishonest with his claim that Alex was trying to cover up their desire to form a new band. After all, many fans believed Alex was the better singer and wished that their voice was more prominent in their songs.

A year or two have passed, and two new bands have emerged from Behind the Veil's remains: From the Ashes and Whispers After Sunset. Although some might have preferred the original group, it didn't stop their debut albums from placing high on the charts. Both bands are stuck touring together, with Whispers After Sunset, Alex's band, headlining. This would be a grueling few months.

Other Notes
I would be open to any other scenario in which a rivalry exists between two bands. This could be about the original band as a whole, not only the named characters, whether that means we decide on every musician's story beforehand or flesh them out as we go. If the story was handled in this way, I would be okay with Finn and Alex becoming a main M/F pairing as long as we have an M/M one to go along with it.

Faces I could use

The Price of Fame

As soon as they graduated high school, Forever in Neverland fled their small hometown and never looked back. It was time for the rest of their lives to begin, and the first step was to travel to the city and catch the interest of a record label. It wouldn't be a walk in the park, they knew that, but they had the talent and the drive, and as far as they were concerned, there was nowhere for them to go but up. But as the saying goes, "Careful what you wish for."

Other Notes
The story could either begin with them arriving at the city, where we could play out their struggles before their success, or we could start with their rise to fame. Ideally, the story would be about the entire band as a whole, not about two characters, but if a smaller cast is desired, I would be open to the possibility that our characters are a rock duo, something like Twenty One Pilots or The White Stripes.

Faces I could use

Name: Dominic Warren
Age: 27-31
Personality: Extroverted, cynical, adaptable, selfish, self-assured, unapologetic
Pairings/Ideas: Mafia boss/kingpin x henchman/right-hand man, mafia boss' son x henchman, gangster/robber x cop, partners in crime (a Bennie & Clyde? A Michael x Franklin-esque pairing from GTA V?), old flames reunited (in a not so pleasant way? with a vengeance?), apocalypse survivors (immoral x moral, enemies forced to work together?), younger x older, underground fight ring, gambler who owes a debt, prisoners
A post-apocalyptic story.

Sunshine saw little choice: it was either join or die. The group wasn't kind. They bullied colonies and vagabonds alike for their supplies, and if he wanted to keep his head above water, he needed to go through the motions, because there was no way out. People tried to escape, and when they did, they were found and killed, or worse.

Arguably, Dominic, the one to join first, had little choice, too, but there was one crucial difference: he embraced the community and carved himself a niche towards the top of the chain. Not being able to leave was a bummer, but then again, why would he want to? Their colony was the strongest in the area. He had everything he could ever need.

The two form an unlikely alliance that changes their lives forever.

Sunshine might potentially be the leading protagonist of the two, a story about him as he tries to maneuver through his new society and maintain his humanity with the help or hindrance of Dom.

It could also be that Sunshine joined with the intention of assassinating the leader, only it's not as easy to get to him as he thought.

I foresee Sunshine being younger or around the same age as Dom.

This idea was originally conceived as a Walking Dead fandom, with the characters being a part of the Saviors. Any similar community would do: a group of extortionists living under a sort of dictatorship. It could be a zombie apocalypse or post-WWIII. Nothing like vampires or anything, though. The story should be more on the people and less on any entity that caused civilization to collapse.

We could start with the two going on an extortion run for the first time, or it could be that Dom arrives at Sunshine's previous colony, where Sunshine tries to join Dom's.
Under My Wing
Kyle was doing this to make ends meet. That was what he told himself when he turned to crime for cash. He had barely dipped his toes into the underworld when he met Dominic.

How, exactly, is up for discussion. Part of the same gang? Kyle picks out Dom as a target for a petty crime, who worms his way out by promising introduction to a gang or by proposing a partnership? Maybe Kyle is on the run and Dom helps him out and gives him a place to lay low for a few days?
Struggle/The Hunted
In this Dystopian society, criminals are pitted against each other to fight to the death and provide entertainment for the masses. Our characters must work together to survive.

It could be a Colosseum-esque setup, or something a la Hunger Games. Or we could change it to something where the criminals are released in a closed-off environment and hunted down for sport; the hunt takes place during the day and ends around evening, to be resumed the next morning.

Depending on how well we think it could work, we could try to make things more interesting and say that Dom crossed your character at some point--killed someone he cared about, maybe screwed over the resistance your character was a part of, something along those lines.
Day and Night - Plot for Dom
Back then, Ben and Dom were two peas in a pod, but they were as different as day and night. Ben was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and to a lineage that created many of the town's important figures, his own father having held the position of mayor for several years. With great history came great responsibility: he was expected to maintain the family's reputation.

Dom, on the other hand, was a troublemaker who thirsted for fun and left no stone unturned. While not a tragic upbringing, his family wasn't as well off and were regarded poorly in the community.

The two, despite maybe some odds, were close growing up until something tore them apart in high school. They went their separate ways, seeming to be on track with what life destined for them: Ben followed in his family's footsteps, taking up an important position in the town (mayor, sheriff, church leader, etc.), and Dom served a few years in prison.

It has been several years since they have last seen each other. Dom has recently returned to town, looking to fix a lot of his past mistakes. Will they be able to reconnect? And what of Ben? Is he still trying to uphold the family name, and reputation?

Tom and Jerry met as kids and became the best of friends until middle school. Maybe something happened between them, but Tom's rise in popularity was no doubt a contributing factor. He started hanging out with the cool kids, and Jerry, a nerd, a loser, was left behind.

They haven't talked much, if at all, since. Any attempts at conversation would have ended in more arguments. But a few years have passed and they are forced to interact. Will they reconcile their differences and become friends again?

They could be seniors in high school, freshman in college, or in the in-between. A few possibilities for their situation: one is forced to live with the other's family for a period of time, they're working the same summer job, they wind up as roommates in college.

Faces I could use for Tom
Faces I could use for Jerry

Name: Trenton Bugg
Age: 18-25
Personality: Extroverted, caring, forgiving, sensitive, indecisive, impulsive, avoidant, coward, judges others based on appearance, has the potential to become attached/clingy
Sheet: Here. Bio could potentially change depending on the story.
Pairings/Vague Ideas: Best friends, ex-friends, college students, superhero x civilian/sidekick, married life, cheating
Notice Me
Trent has had a crush on Gabriel for a while, and he's tired of admiring him from afar. It was time for a change. Trent cleaned up his look and put on some muscle, and now that he feels good about his appearance, he's ready to emerge from his socially awkward cocoon. He goes to his first non-school or non-church party where he is sure he'll meet Gabriel. Now it's just a matter of winning him over. Will it work? Will Gabriel be who Trent thinks he is? Will he lose a little of himself in the process?
A Moment of Regret
Trent tries to help everyone, honestly he does, but some of life's moments are more extreme, more gruesome, than others. He saw what happened to Charlie, and he did nothing to help. Even after the incident, he preferred to ignore it than address it, but sometimes life has a funny way of working. The two are forced to come together, and it's only a matter of time until they have to talk about the elephant in the room.
Let Me Save You
Sometimes life is tough, and for Mason, that has rung true as of late. Trent has taken notice, and he has extended a helping hand. Does Mason really want to be saved? Will Trent be hurt in the process?

Also wouldn't mind this being some kind of superhero RP in which Trent offers support to a masked, just vigilante, maybe one who has taken a turn for the worst?

Name: Zak Griffin
Age: 18-23
Personality: Outgoing, outspoken, adventurous, flirty, unromantic, leaves no stone unturned, headstrong
Sheet: Here. Bio can be tweaked to better suit the story.
Pairings/Vague Ideas: Rock band, high school senior x teacher
Like Father, Like Son
Zak's dad left him and his mom the moment his band's career finally took off. Once upon a time, he never thought he'd have to worry about being put in the same position. Romance wasn't really his thing, so he never foresaw any relationship as being worth his time, but Sean proved him wrong. They approached romance with the same casual attitude and satisfied each other's libido. It was a match.

Now that Zak's own band is starting their first tour, he has every intention of keeping the relationship alive, but with fame comes groupies, and with groupies comes temptation. Will their relationship survive, or is Zak fated to follow in his father's footsteps?
For the Band
Music is Zak's life, and being able to land gigs, no matter how small, is awarding in its own way, but his ambition will remain unfulfilled if his band doesn't gain a permanent spot on the radio. He expected success to come through nothing more than talent and hard work, but after a couple years of stagnation, he's growing desperate. When someone finally approached him with a record deal, he was floored--until they asked for sex in exchange. He turned it down at first, but the seed had been planted in his mind, and now he's caving into it.
The One That Got Away
Zak is sexy and he knows it, and in high school, he had no problem using it to his advantage to get into any pants that were willing. Not all of his attempts were successful, but one rejection in particular stands out in his mind. Cal was sexy, in both looks and attitude. The only problem? Cal didn't care for being a piece of ass. He wanted something serious. Zak couldn't agree to dating on principle, and some days, when he thinks back to those days, he regrets it.

Fast forward a few years. Zak's band has finally made it big and he's content with life, until he comes across Cal by chance. They're right back where they started.

Is Cal interested, too, or is this primarily a one-sided attraction? Who wins? Or is it blue balls all over again?

Name: Will Scott
Age: 19-25
Personality: Extroverted, rash, flighty (beyond this, personality is largely going to depend on the plot)
Other Notes: Adam has the potential for smuttier plots, but I am always open to fading to black when sex happens. And keep in mind that plot should always be the primary focus, with good pacing throughout.
Sheet: Here, although it assumes Will is a stripper/sex worker. In the event that is not the setup used, his personality and bio are likely to change to some degree.
Pairings/Vague Ideas: Veteran x civilian, soldiers, soldier x apocalyptic survivor, sex worker/club dancer/stripper x client, politician x escort, prostitute x prostitute, sugar daddy x boy, rivals, friends on a road trip/renting a cabin or beach house for the summer, college students
I'll Look After You
Homeless and with nowhere else to turn, Liam takes to the streets. Will, also a prostitute, meets him, and they find in each other something they both need.

How it begins, exactly, is open for discussion. Argument over turf? A little rivalry? Will comes across him and offers him a place to stay for the night? Will becomes his pimp, maybe poaching him off another?

I picture Liam either being the same age or younger.
Make You Want Me
A club isn't Dylan's typical scene. He prefers a night in with a book, or to tinker with his computer, over ear-splitting "music" and drunkards. But here he is, at Eden, the hottest gay club in the city. Maybe friends dragged him there, or maybe he wanted a change of pace. Either way, he's there, off to the side, when he sees one of the club's dancers/strippers take the stage: Will. Dylan wants him. Even better, Adam mingles with the crowd. It's the perfect opportunity to strike up conversation. Or maybe Adam approaches him directly. Dylan wants to take him home. Adam smiles at the forwardness. "Sure. If you pay me."

Maybe they spoke a few times before Dylan pops the question, maybe there was a private dance involved, maybe Dylan refuses initially before accepting his offer. From there, Dylan wants Adam to want him for more than his money, and Adam wants Dylan to want him, but only so he can milk him for all he's worth. Who wins?

I am okay with Dylan being anywhere from 21-50.

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