"The Mob Wife" {M or F co-writer wanted!}

Started by beautifulexhale, November 21, 2014, 11:27:04 PM

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Hi everyone!

I'm actively in search for a long term writing partner to take part in a prompt that I have.

I'd LOVE to find something steady as sadly it's been hard to find a consistent partner. Please PM me or add me on YIM if you're interested. :)

This is an idea I've had for awhile that I've really wanted to dive into.

The big themes I want to hit on with these prompts are:

  • Gender transformation: This is for my character and a huge kink of mine. For myself, I'd love to embark on a transformation where my character is slowly turned into a woman.
  • Lifestyle change: I dig fish out of water scenarios or a character being forced into life that is foreign to him.
  • Sensuality and romance: I am absolutely, one hundred percent, totally a sucker for romance and titillating sensuality. I think it makes everything else stronger.

++The Prompt++

"The Mob Wife"

In the story you'll portray head of organized crime, Danny Brunetti. The FBI has been after you for almost a decade now. They've finally gotten a break in their case against you in the way of your wife, Christina Brunetti.

Even though she enjoys the lavish and posh lifestyle of being the wife of powerful mob boss, the stress of the environment is wearing thin, and after a recent incident that put her children in harms way, she wants out. The FBI thinks they can finally break the case by having her turn informant. The only problem is Christina wants no part of that. All she cares about is getting her kids out of potential danger.

The head of the investigation decides to compromise and use a trusted female agent to undergo a transformation to work under deep cover as Christina, but when she gets hurt in the line of duty, the plan falls to pieces.

Scrambling the FBI decides to enlist my character, Michael O'Brien, a relatively new, but gifted agent to assume the identity of Christina and gather intel for a sting operation unlike anything the FBI has seen in decades. Michael spends six months learning all the intricate nuances to not only portray himself as a woman, but also the wife of a Mafioso.

At first the new lifestyle is exciting, but then Michael suddenly finds him thrust into the bright and powerful, yet dangerous world of organized crime.

Will he be able to stay committed to his job or will the luxury of his cover ultimately sway him to the other side?

I'm open to this story taking place in modern day, or even making it a period piece could be a lot of fun.

I think the best stories are the ones done in good taste and with the right degree of realism. Strong dialog and good characters are important. 1st person preferred.

Please be a serious writer who is good at building story, characters and working with a long form narrative. I'd like to play this out with good details and a writer who is open to it. I love building backstory and it's important that you're comfortable writing secondary characters to make the story a little richer.

Ideally, I'd love to write this over IM as I think it makes it more immediate and intimate, but I'm okay with writing online here with the right partner. I would however like to build the story over IM so as to make sure we're on the same page

The link on my profile entitled 'My Thread' should show you my Ons/Offs.

Hope to hear from you!


Updated with adjustment to plot to fill in more details. Still seeking a long term partner for this. :)


Still seeking a long term partner for this. I made some other tweaks to the plot. :)