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May 23, 2018, 02:31:04 AM

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Author Topic: Vaer's Kinky Story Premises  (Read 330 times)

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Vaer's Kinky Story Premises
« on: November 20, 2014, 07:28:21 PM »
- I am only craving ONE premise right now! -

No long introduction here for me. I am Vaer and I want to play really smutty plots.

Keep in mind that I always seek partners who post anything longer than one-liners, hopefully two paragraphs or more, know good grammar, can do more than state actions and simple reactions, and are pretty active roleplayers as well. Read my ONs and OFFs to see exactly what I CAN play for kinks, but see the list more like a 'pick'n choose'. I will have some fetishes as a requirement for every premise here, some more than others...

Femboi and the Muscular Mistress
My Role: Submissive

Required Fetishes:
  • Fembois
  • Big Breasts, Big Butt Amazon
  • Large Genitals, Breasts 'n Butts Sizes
  • Copious Amount of Sexual Fluid
  • Anal
  • Public
  • Forced Fetish Sex
  • Gentle Domination
  • Restrictions and Rules
  • Slutification/Feminization
  • Incest
This is set in a modern suburban environment, pretty quaint and serene really. I will be playing as the young (just turned 18) femboi character, and overly feminine in shape and form man. You will be roleplaying as the recently moved in neighbor of his, who turns out to be this giantess. A muscular, hourglass-shaped, voluptuous, sexual beast of a woman who is so striking and beautiful it makes both men and women blush. And, for whatever reason, this woman becomes completely attracted/obsessed with the femboi. The only 'redeemable' part of this girly femboi is his humongous dick. Consider it to be as big as 10 - 12 inches in length, and as wide as a man's wrist. I don't really care about real sizes here, nor that huge sizes actually bring any pain. Here, in this story, that is maybe not normal, but just there to bring mind-numbing pleasure. The mistess should be stacked as well, but other characters will also have pretty sizable features too. And so begins a very deprived, smut heavy story of the innocent virgin (both in mind AND body) who becomes 'corrupted' over time by the big breasted, big butted neighbor. And I mean DEPRIVED, good folks. Read my ONs and OFFs please, because everything on that ON list is ripe for the picking in this story.

We can discuss exactly what kinks/fetishes will be included, but there are a few I really want to have from the very beginning. Kinks like incest (the rest of femboi's family will join the fun), public sex/humiliation (as crazy and degrading as possible), non-consensual stuff (the femboi is very much forced into a lot of the smut in this story), anal play (mostly on the femboi), cum-drinking/copious amount of sexual fluid (a lot of jizz, pussy juice and/or breast milk, and all of it drank by the femboi and the mistress), forced slutification/feminization (on the femboi of course), humiliation (mistress(es) degrading and humiliating the femboi however they want, and hopefully while in public where others can see, like in a classroom for example) and the holy trio of huge cocks, big breasts, and juicy, round asses.

Further details will be discussed in PMs, so don't reply to this thread in here please. And remember that I want a decently active partner to roleplay with, as well as someone that can reply with posts of at least a paragraph in length. I hate one-liner posts. ^^

Vaer's ONs and OFFs