Delayed Revenge (M for F, BDSM, Blackmail)

Started by BlackStone, November 19, 2014, 01:32:53 AM

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I will admit there was a aspect of 50 Shades that inspired this.   It started off as a soerity pledge, to take the popular football star of the local high school and amke him a slave.   Your muse had a leg up in this as not only did your family know my muses family, but your muses father invested heqvily into my muses's father small business.   So your muse used a combination of charm and blackmail to make my muse your sub.   You enjoyed it, lots, but ended the relationship after you graduated college and went for your Masters at an Ivy League MBA school.

This was the start of my muse's resentment towards yours.   You made hime give up a prime scholarship to a great football program.  Because he wasn't on a good team, he wasnever wcout3d for the NFL.   Then there was what you put him through for four years, the whippings, enforced chastity, forced sex with other men, lending him out for money as a male escort.   These were things he was not going to forget.

fast forward ten years and your muse is on hard times.   A professional dominmatrix who was arrested for prostitution with a high profile client, and she about to be fired from her job as director of human resources as a result.   My chacter enters back into her life and offers to help her.   He can get the charges dropped, and have her client and hsi wife deny any involvement,  he can even offer you a job at his business to salvwge your business relationship.    The catch?  You are now his slave for the next four years.   He will then proceeded to destroy your reputation as a Dominmatrix just as you  destroyed his athletic prospects, and more as he does everything in his power to break you.  The real twist? You enjoy it and don't want it to end.

I see this as being a bit blackmail like Non con that evolves into more.   While I would like to focus on the second part of the tale of her being the sex slave, if there is a female switch out there I click with we can also write out parts of their college days too.   While smut will play a big role, it is not going to be scene after scne of it and we can add in some drama, such as a ten year reunion and her soerity sisters have found about her new status and grind her nose in it.   The high profile man wanting her back, and willing to give his wife in exchange for a night, as well as anything else plot wise you want to discuss.

so please take a look at my on and offs and my current writings (links are in my signature block), and let me know.   I know there are a few of my picture inspirations that could apply to this cocept.   Please shoot me a PM if interested.   Can't wait to hear from you.