Vampires-Female for male

Started by LittleKitten, November 18, 2014, 11:16:30 PM

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My Pet
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Amy has always dreamed big. She craves adventure and the fine things of life. Unfortunately for a small town girl who can't afford even college, such things are only a dream. So, Amy works as a waitress at a café, scraping enough money together to afford an occasional movie. It's a disappointing life.

When she turns 20, Amy still hasn't had a steady boyfriend and has yet to go beyond the act of kissing. She doesn't realize it but that fact has caught the eye of the local eccentric, Miz Puttock. Miz Puttock is considered crazy, she lives alone in an issolated manor with only her butler and cook. She's very wealthy but frugal.
Amy is approached by her. The cook is getting old and a new cook is needed. The pay is better and it would move Amy out of her father's house! She agrees in a heartbeat.

What Amy doesn't know is part of her job is to keep Miz Puttock's son, a vampire fed. And the gates has locked behind her. There's a high wall surrounding the manor and a gate that is only controlled by the butler. Amy is trapped with a hungry vampire stalking her.

Vampires Bride
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Every vampire is given one Bride, one who is destined to be his. His Bride is to be protected, after all-he only gets one.

A young and stupidly bold werewolf girl leads a hunt onto vampire lands. Predictably, the group is caught and executed. Yet the vampire leader stops at her-he can't bring himself to kill this one. He feels a pulling, drawn to her in the way vampires are drawn to their brides.

Tala's head in thrown back as she drinks in the light of the moon. Her head lowers as she glances at her friends, there's 5 other younglings like herself. All 6 of them will kill tonight. They will hunt in wolf form and kill. They will become adults tonight.

The group turns and as one, loops off to the forest. Their taking a risk, but as the closest thing they have to a princess...Tala must prove her bravery. They've decided to hunt in the vampire prince's forest. The game they take will be from him, the ultimate humiliation when youngling wolves outsmart and steal from him!

The group loops into the forest, sniffing the air as they slowly shift into wolf form. Their forms elongates into the tall, strong hybrid were-wolf as they catch scent of deer. The 6 young were-wolves race off, unaware of the strange scent following them.
Tala leads them, then crouches low as she sees the deer. She leaps up, feet clearing the ground in a graceful pounce only to find herself suddenly tumbling through the air. She looks down, a searing pain in her side. Blood seeps down her side from the bullet wound as vampires race from the shadows.

Tala pulls herself to her feet, roaring with rage. She charges, claws dancing out. They meet flesh, pulling against the muscle as she claws. Her teeth follow her claws, sinking into the vampires shoulder. She tastes his thick, metallic blood as her teeth clink together. She tosses the severed arm aside and spins to face another.

A second bullet slams into her stomach and Tala doubles over, unable to resist as they shove her to the ground. The other younglings have received similar treatment. The older, stronger vampires have shot them into submission and now hold the bleeding wolves to the ground.

Occasionally one stiffens, having healed enough to fight only to have one of the many vampires fire again. The young were-wolves are kept beaten and bleeding on the ground, helpless as their forced to wait.
Long minutes pass, terrifying for the wolves as they wonder what their fate will be. Will they simply be killed or will the vampires use them for experiments?

Finally a figure steps from the shadows, accepting the salutes with a calm grace.