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Author Topic: Female seeking MALE for RP  (Read 1415 times)

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Offline fantasygirl90Topic starter

Female seeking MALE for RP
« on: November 18, 2014, 05:07:37 AM »
Ok so I am going to give a couple basic rules first...

Do NOT post in this request page. I would like to keep this as clean as possible so would only like my postings in here as I would like to not have to make another.

I am not a Dominate partner, though I can play as equals. I am not a submissive in a master/slave/pet what ever but I tend to enjoy a dominate male in the bedroom. It is a tricky slope with me sometimes unfortunately.

I am not a whore in real life and cannot effectively play one. I can be seductive and tease but cannot come across as a slut very effectively, so keep this in mind if you want to play with me.

I want a PARTNER. This means that I want someone to write WITH not FOR and I don't want someone writing for me. I love OOC communication over PM and will never complain about receiving messages during a RP to toss ideas of a twist around. You have an idea about something that we haven't previously discussed? PLEASE by all means PM me about it. Or even better toss it out there. I love surprises and I LOVE a challenge. Make me think....please! Now if it is something WAAAAAY out of what we have previously talked about please message me before throwing a take-the-story-completely-off-the-beaten-track curve. 90% of the time I will be for it, but I just like heads up that way we stay on the same page creatively, it keeps either of us from losing interest.

My ON's:

I can get into vanilla sex as good as any other kind. But please don't mistake it as my preference. It is a nice pacer in a story but it isn't very thrilling and can get mundane to write repeatedly.

I LOVE rough sex. I could write pages and pages but then I would never get this request thread completed so here is a brief list of my favorites.

Spanking - yes please!
Hair pulling - no quicker way to get my attention
choking - there is just something about this....I just can't explain it
Bondage - To a certain point, yes, anything extensive you must be a strong partner!
Biting - Don't go over board fellas, I LOVE to be nibbled but I like all of my flesh firmly attached and not consumed by you...thanks.
Name calling - tread lightly.....OOC discussion required unless specified in our role setting up.
If it isn't listed in my OFF's then we can talk about it. But don't throw some random stuff out there without speaking to me first, and I will promise to do the same for you.

My OFF's

Anything that belongs in a toilet should stay there......non negotiable.
Extreme Just no...
Blood....nope it belongs in the artery/veins it shall stay there. I like my body parts and I would like to keep them. No I don't want any of yours either.

Now as far as roles I enjoy!

I enjoy all kinds of different roles. I am open to most but I definitely have a comfort zone. I don't like inter-species roles. I have a limit to the fantasy I enjoy. Furry animal like creatures are not generally a part of them. Now, as you may gather from my name, I like roles that are fantasy based. All this means is not something likely to ever happen to a real person...ever.

The Revenge - huge craving

Jake and Christian used to be great friends, they grew up in the same rundown neighborhood and both had watched the other’s back throughout school to ensure the other survived. The streets were not nice places and only those who were hard lived long enough to graduate high school. IF they made it to their senior year without ending up in the pen or juvie for one reason or another.
The unfortunate lay of the streets was you either joined a gang or were killed by the gang. Or you lived life hoping to be clear as a window. Unfortunately skin and bones aren’t that transparent. The vicious circle of these streets, were once you were old enough to have dreams of getting out, the gang had made sure your only exit options were prison or casket.
Jake and Christian ended up whole-heartedly participating in the gang and soon moved up. Jake was always more the leader of the group and when the former leader got busted and sent to prison for life, Jake took charge of the gang. The transition was flawless and no one opposed it, except for Christian.
When Jake took control over the gang and instead of putting Christian as his right-hand man, as should have been his position in Christian’s mind, appointed someone else as his number 2, Christian was violently angry. A major division was made in the structure and when Christian left, Jake was shocked to find several of the members leave with him.
For 5 years, both pushed the other, a bloody feud continually going on until both reached a very reluctant agreement to cease fire. Both had decided that it was time to move on and get life going and focus their time and men on more lucrative dealings. As long as the other stayed away there wouldn’t be a problem.
Not long after this hesitant truce was made, a deal for Jake went side-ways and he blamed it on Christian. Jake’s revenge consisted of taking his little sister as collateral damage. Leanne was only 5 years younger than them, putting her about 21 or 22. Jake didn’t really remember or care, he just knew Christian cared about her more than any other person on this earth.
Jake set plans in motion to have her brought to him, having only his most loyal and trustworthy guys complete this job. It took surprisingly little time for the planning and execution to take place and when his men brought him to the room where they had the trembling girl tried to a wooden chair he couldn’t help but have a satisfied smile come over his face.

Obviously this would start up the first day of her capture. If you would like to start it when she is actually being taken that is fine as well.

Body Guard Roleplay
Kaycee feels as though her father is being very over protective. She sits and listens to him explain that he is going to be having one of this new, but seemingly trustworthy men, guard her. She is not happy about this at all but she knows better than to argue with him as it will do nothing but make him angry with her and she still wouldn't get her way. Her father has always doted on her but on certain things he just wouldn't bend. Apparently he feels strong about this because this man will be with her any where and everywhere until further notice.

"Does he seriously have to move in with me?" She complains, she wouldn't mind if she had someone tagging along after her when she went out. She could at least semi-ignore this person in that case. Having him in her apartment with her all the time is completely different. There are reasons why she doesn't want to live under her father's supervision, the fact that she is a twenty-three year old woman is one of them.

"Don't over think it Kaycee, he will be there to protect you. I will not be having him report your every waking move to me," he tells her. He gives her a stern look, "And yes he does. Until things settle back down, I do not want you alone for a moment. You're lucky I'm not giving you two men. I could still change my mind you know." His threat is subtle and clear. Agree to this one gracefully, or suffer have two male occupants.

Geez, the options. She schools her face to a less rebelious look towards her father, he really can be insufferable sometimes. "Alright, fine. If it means so much to you and will give you peace of mind. Where is this man at, we can get the introductions out of the way. I am assuming I will not be leaving here alone tonight." Her tone is only slightly tainted with sarcasm but her father willingly over looks that and calls through the door for someone to enter. Kaycee stands and turns towards the door, she believes strongly in first impressions.

When he comes through the door, dressed in the suit typical for her father's security detail, her eyes widen a little. 'At least he won't be insufferable to look at.' She thinks to herself as she takes him in. "I'm Kaycee, Carl's daughter. It is nice to meet you." She offers her hand for him to shake, all business as she hopes to herself he can't read her face well. She has a bad habit of thinking all over her face in some very inoportune times.

Arranged marriage Roleplay

Two families have warred for centuries, no one even knows what started the bitter feud any longer. It was just always something that they did. Finally the heads of the two families came together to make a decision to spend their time and energy on forwarding their individual interests. In the effort to avoid falling to temptation to start another bitter feud, or raise the chance of peaceful problem solving the heads agreed to wed their eldest son of one family to the eldest daughter of the other family. Neither was pinned down to having to provide a certain sex of child, just to be sure that the marriage of their children happened. The cost of backing out of the deal was the forfeit of their lands to the other family. The children would be wed after the younger of the couple turned eighteen. In the mean time, the families kept their respective distance from the other.

Both families went on to have children and in a twist of fate it took six years from the time the first boy was born for the other family to have a girl child. The Sinclairs sent word of the girl child's birth to the Nottinghams and hence the troth was cemented. The girl was fiercely protected by both families and she grew up knowing she would marry the eldest of family one's children.

Six months before the marriage, preparations were started. The son of the Nottinghams came to stay at the residence of the Sinclairs to over see the preparations and help where he can. He was also there to be sure nothing happened to jeopardize the marriage in the coming months.

This is where the story would start. This could be modern day but I prefer a historical setting, between the 1600's and 1700's maybe even the 1800's.

When All Hell Breaks Loose - can loosely be based off The Walking Dead world, though I prefer OC to cannon
The world has ended in a most unexpected (for some no so unexpected) way. The dead rule the Earth like the living once did. More than three quarters of the population has turned into these Zombies that has held the imagination of some for decades. Little did they know a deadly virus would make their worst fears come alive. When things progress people's true natures come out. Survival of the fittest and the not afraid to kill to survive are the ones that make it.

So who are you?

The Trapper: This is a brutal man. He runs a slave trade and only keeps a select few women for himself. He sells the others for things he needs like food, weapons, and ammunition. He is feared by most and respected by some. He is someone one does not deal with lightly.

The Loner: This man has kept mostly to himself since things went to shit. He doesn't want to form any bonds or have anyone he has to look out for. Does this life start to get to him? Or does he find someone who he doesn't think he can live without?

The Long Lost Friend: Each thought the other was long dead so imagine their suprise when they run into each other. Do they greet each other enthusiastically or with suspicion?

The Unwilling Hero: This is a complicated guy. He has developed the survival of the fittest mind set and f-ck everyone else. If you can't look out for yourself then, well, you have what is coming to you to deal with yourself. So what happens when he hears cries for help that he can't ignore? Does he help and go his own way? Or does he demand a price for saving her ass? What if she refuses to pay the price? Will he take it from her?

My character despises weak women. Too many, in these times and before, have whored themselves out to get what they need or want. Protection and everything else she needs she can get for herself. Maya has learned to hunt, protect herself when she needs to, and find shelter every night. Who does she come across? Does she get trapped and kept or sold by the trapper? Do two loners come together and find common ground? Does she come across a long lost friend whom she may not even really know any more? Or does she get herself with her back against a wall and her unwilling hero save her and at what cost to her for his trouble?

The Captive - closed unless given a good reason
The Sioux Indians have a tradition that the new war chief take a captive bride to initiate his power to the tribe. The women of the tribe are responsible for taking care of their men. The men hunt the food and the women clean and cook the food. It is a communal responsibility of the women. The chiefs' brides are not given exception to this rule. Traditionally, the women are taken from neighboring tribes and after the initial squabble generally the kidnapping tribe will offer a recompense for the woman and the tribes once again live peaceably side by side.

Little Bear is the new war chief and out on a raid came across a travelling white couple. They seemed to have rich possessions so he decreed to follow at a distance until they made camp. He had no fear of them reaching their destination any time soon as they were still twenty miles from the nearest town. With their heavy load, their horses had no hope of making that distance for another day.

Close to sundown the couple stops and makes camp, nothing more than a small fire and two tents. Little bear has his men wait until the man puts the fire out for the night to make their move.

Shelby was so tired of this journey, but she just had to make it one more night and she would be back to sleeping in a bed like a civilized woman should be. Her uncle had been tasked with escorting her to her betrothed's estate and there had been no way around the camping on part of the journey. Her uncle had been understanding and allowed for her ineptness at cooking over campfire. Her uncle had set up her tent and put the belongings she would need to make her pallet and change clothes for the new day.

After cleaning up after their meal the sun had set and it was time for them to turn in so they could get a start when the sun came back up again. It was still warm so her uncle put out the fire and entered his own tent after a brief good night. They had been on the road for weeks and had run out of small talk. After changing from her gown into her thin shift, Shelby laid down in her pallet and swiftly fell asleep.

It could have been minutes or hours later, Shelby woke up to noises around her. Figuring it was some animal, she exited her tent to shoo it off so her belongings didn't get ruined. She stepped out of the tent and directly into the chest of an Indian! Before she could scream his hand clapped over her mouth and he hauled her bodily, kicking and muffled screams, to his leader. This had not been the plan, but something must be done.

Little Bear was overseeing the raid and heard the struggle approaching. "What is this?" He asks Shelby's captive in the native Sioux tongue. After a brief explanation from the captor his attention turns to the young woman and her state of undress. He takes in her huge frightened eyes, though he can't tell what color they are with the lack of light, her long flowing brown hair, and her pale skin that seems to glow in the moonlight. The shift is nearly see-through in the light so little of her is left to his imagination. He takes his knife from his holster and points it at her throat and then brings the finger of his other hand to his lips signaling her that he wants her to be quiet.

Shelby's eyes grow even larger but she nods in understanding of his order and the struggling stops almost immediately, in fear of being cut. Her heart is racing and her breaths are coming in shallow pants as her captor releases her but stands close by as Little Bear looks her over.

Little Bear likes what he sees and knows the Great Spirit has lead him here for this woman. "You come with me." He states simply in English as he reaches forward and takes her wrist.

Divergent Setting Roleplay
I have recently had an inspiration from reading, and then watching, the Divergent series. My idea is take that universe, without the written characters and drama, and live in that world. My character would come from Abnegation and  transfer into Dauntless, much like the main character, and the story would follow her adjustment and new life. Her training to become a warrior. Her new friends, and family. Whom she ends up with is up in the air. Does she end up with one of the leaders? Does the strain of training push her closer to a certain fellow initiate?

This story would start out with very little smut. As the story progresses and she becomes more integrated with Dauntless she would start developing relationships. More than a passing knowledge of the series would be a major bonus in this play. Though I would be happy to give information on the world's setting and discuss possible alterations.

Life of Crime Roleplay - craving
Veronica was raised with good parents, taught morals and values, taught how to be independent....well she learned how to be independent. Her parents died when she was seventeen years old and since she had already graduated high school she petitioned the courts to emancipate her. She was less than six months from her eighteenth birthday and the start of her college. Her parents dying devastated her. A drunk driver hit them head on going over a hundred miles per hour on the interstate because he was going the wrong direction. It didn't console her any that he didn't didn't survive the accident either.

Six years later
Veronica is on the brink of finishing college. Her parents' life insurance plans have left her with the means to pay for college and live semi-comfortably for the duration of her college. She just needed to take final exams and pass the license board and she will be a RN who is certified to work in labor and delivery. She didn't truly need the money, but she had taken on a part time job at a diner down the road from where she lives, mainly for work experience and to have something to file taxes on. Since she did not have any other family close to her, the diner employees had become a surrogate family.

YC has been in the local mafia for the last four years. In that time he has moved up in ranks and is now the number 2 in authority. The boss tells him all of his secrets, and has him take "take care" of any problems that arise. A few months ago he had heard of the girl at the diner that he frequented but was not there on the days he usually went in. He decided to change up and start coming in on the days that she was there to see what the fuss was about. Something about her, she seemed nice and well....put together. He knew instantly that he had to have her. But his line of work...anyone outside of the "family" was not allowed. But he couldn't resist. If he just kept things short he could get what he wants from her and then leave her alone.

He wasn't prepared for how hard it was to get her to finally agree to a date, or the fact that she wasn't an easy girl like most of the other ones he had found. Unfortunately she kept him coming back for more, giving just a little more each time. Making him work for her affections. Unfortunately by the time he got what he was originally after he was hooked on her and once was not enough.

This is a complicated story. One that follows the relationship that develops between these two characters. The idea is that the boss eventually finds out about her and demands he either bring her into the family (forced marriage) or get rid of her. Bringing her into the family would open her to everything that he is a part of and there is no escape clause. If she leaves she would be on the run for the rest of her life. If something happens to him, well there is another man who would step in to take his place. I see this story being a very long term story with many twists and turns.

Waking up in Vegas - biggest craving
Laura had planned this vacation for years. She had originally planned to go with some of her girlfriends but towards the date of the trip all had backed out of going. Life happens and that sucks for them but she didn't plan on giving up her week of vacation because she wouldn't have anyone with her. She didn't have anything worth sticking around for at home other than her job, and in reality her dead end job wasn't keeping her warm at night.

She packed her bags and caught her flight just barely able to contain her excitement and impatience to be in Vegas. The flight was only two hours from her home, a no name town that was not even worth mentioning in her mind. She headed straight to her hotel from the airport to get cleaned up for her first night out on the strip. She planned on seeing as much as everything that she could before her time was up.

Had she been a little more worldly than her 26 years, she would have known that hanging out in Las Vegas by herself may not be the best idea in the world. All kinds of things can happen to an unsuspecting, lone woman. She, of course, took precautions. She didn't walk alone from place to place and if it was late and she had wandered far from her hotel she had planned to take a cab back to her hotel. She knew that the city never slept so she was sure to find at least a small crowd at all times.

The first few days went really well for her. She had even hit a pretty big jackpot that more than paid for her entire trip. Not that it had not already been funded, but she definitely did not have to worry about money for the rest of her stay. She celebrated by the way of drinks as she played on machines in Circus Circus. She absolutely loved this casino and found herself spending more time there than most of the other places.

The morning of her fourth night:

Laura woke up feeling incredibly fuzzy headed and her whole body was sore. She felt like she had the mother of all hangovers. She wasn't very upset about it since she still had 2 more nights and there was nothing keeping her from rolling over and pulling the blanket over her head and sleeping this terrible hangover off. That thought accompanied her doing just that. As she turned over her body came into contact with another warm body, that clearly was male from the hard planes she felt her body pressed up against. She didn't react immediately, by immediately two seconds passed before her eyes jerked back open, along with her body jerking up with a gasp.

The moment she jerked up awareness of her body hit her again, this time in the moment of realizing that she was completely naked and she jerked the sheet up to cover her naked breasts just as her eyes flew to the face of the male in bed with her. She saw that he was asleep still though starting to stir. She eased out of the bed, as quickly and carefully as she could so that way she didn't wake him up. Once out of the bed she ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind her. She didn't miss the soreness of her thighs and hips as she moved. What the hell happened last night? She wonders to herself as she starts taking stock of herself in the mirror.

She overall looked undamaged but looking at her hands made her want to scream. On her fourth finger on her left hand was a ring that had not been there the night before. It was a standard silver wedding band and she couldn't fight the urge to rush out to check the man's hand. She knew what she would find but she honestly hoped that her drunk self was playing a terrible joke to freak out her future hung over, sober self.

She opened the bathroom door to find the man now awake. Her eyes immediately went to his left hand where he sported a similar wedding band and her whole body froze in the doorway of the bathroom. Her lovely, carefree vacation went from amazing to horrifying in just the few short hours of the night. She vaguely remembered talking to this man but cannot recall any specific part of their conversation that signaled she would be waking up in the morning with him, much less sporting a wedding ring on her finger......

This story can range from light to dark, depending on the partner's preference. I prefer darker themed stories to lighter ones but there is something to say about romances. It can be one of her having to fight for her freedom from a bad guy turned husband, or two nice people trying to decide if they should try to make things work. After all, drunk vows are still vows right? The law seems to think so....

Becoming His
In a futuristic world, human trafficking is not illegal. Families make billions of dollars off the sale of indebted females every year. Fathers selling their daughters to pay debts. Females who cannot repay student loans. People in tax debt to the government. Some families simply sell their daughters because finding a husband for them is too much trouble. A quick, simple, profitable way to get rid of a member of the family.

The girls did not come cheap.  The more beautiful the girl, the more expensive. If the girl is a virgin, price is doubled. The only rules are that the females must be between 18 and 30 years of age and cannot be sold by anyone but their father, husband, or the government.

In instances the government issues indentured terms, the debt is figured up, then the woman is sold for the amount she is indebted. The buyer issues a contract to the woman with a set number of time to pay her debt back. Usually no longer than three years.

That is not the case when the family sells the woman. The woman is bought for as long as the buyer wants to keep her. What the buyer chooses to do from there is up to them. The woman has no rights publicly.

Before the woman is sent to the buyer, she is trained to what they expect. Should the woman know how to cook gourmet meals? She will be trained. Should she behave a certain way? She will be trained. The service is offered by the selling company at a fee to the buyer.

Jason’s family was one of the biggest in the game. They bought girls then trained them and then sold them to the highest bidder. There was an auction every Friday where the girls were sold then they would be transferred to be trained to their new owner’s specifications. The girls were kept on site and often could hear the auctions as they happened.

Occasionally a member of the family would see a girl they couldn’t pass up. The girls didn’t know it, but often this was the best-case scenario for them. Because of the profit the family made, each member was very rich. There was little expense spared for their lifestyle.

father was a bad business man. He had gotten himself so far in debt to the wrong people that there would be no way to get back even again. The only thing that he could do would be sell his daughter in hopes that she wouldn’t be sold to someone who would abuse her too much.

Shelly was exquisitely beautiful, much like her mother. She was 24 years old and trying to decide what to do with her life. She had to figure out a way to pay for college, not wanting to get so far in debt that she would never be able to get out again. Her father had had many marriage offers for her, though Shelly had managed to sabotage all of them. She knew what she looked like, but she didn’t want to spend the rest of her life with someone she had no common ground with. She had been lucky enough to get to know all the past suitors before anything legal had been set in motion. Or so she thought.

Shelly was in the backyard of her parent’s house playing fetch with their dog when two men approached her. Her parents weren’t home and she hadn’t been expecting visitors.

“We need you to come with us.” The taller of the two men said in a monotone voice that sent chills down her spine.

‘Excuse me? I’m not going anywhere.” Shelly strived to keep her voice calm, though she was panicking inside. There was only one reason why two strange men would be approaching her like this.

“We can do this the easy way or we can cause a scene. It wasn’t a request. Move.” The tone of his voice never changed.

She looked him over carefully. She was sure that he had done his fair share of carrying girls from houses kicking and screaming. He was almost a foot taller than her 5’4 frame and easily had 100 pounds on her. There would be no way she could fight back without getting hurt if it was just him. He had a backup guy with him as assurance.

“Did my father sell me? Alright!! I’m coming! Jesus!” She started off calm but he made a move to reach for her and she panicked and raised her hands in defeat. She started walking to the fence glancing back at her dog who was growling on his chain, long enough to play fetch and run around the back part of the yard but not long enough to protect her since the two men never got within his reach.

The trip to the place where she would be auctioned did not last long. There were twelve women to be sold, and they were all housed two to a room in the back of the main house. Their living quarters all had bathrooms and mini kitchens but they were not allowed to watch television or listen to the radio.

It was three days before they were sent to auction. During that time, Shelly had been looked over by a doctor from head to toe. Assured she was disease free and put on medical record her hymen was intact.

She could hear the auction faintly and listened closely as her name was called out and her medical chart went over. Then bidding started. It started off incredibly high. There was no way anyone in their right mind would pay that much surely! But there were several contenders, the price inching up to the six-digit level. There was such an uproar when the gavel slammed down and Sold! Was called out that she didn’t hear the name of the person who bought her. Her childish hope that her father had bought her back was dashed almost immediately and now she dreaded the next week. They had explained the process to them when they were brought in. She knew that she would be sent to be trained or to her new owner.

Jason woke up the morning his new slave was to arrive feeling disoriented. He couldn’t possibly understand why is phone was ringing so early on a Saturday.

“Who is it?” He demanded after grabbing his cell phone from his dresser one ring before it would roll to voicemail. He hadn’t even bothered to sit up in bed.

“We’re 20 out.” The delivery service with Shelly would be there soon. He was strangely excited about this day.

   “You have her prepared the way I wanted?” He had requested a specific dress code for his new slave. There already was a wide assortment of clothes he had approved in her closet and still more to be delivered. She would be treated well.

  “‘She’s been prepared as per your instructions,” was the only response, short and curt. Just the way Jason liked phone conversations.

   ‘Then I’ll be ready.’ Jason stated coolly, ‘Phone again when you’re downstairs,’ he said before making his way inside the bathroom attached to his bedroom.

He decided a quick shower was in order, the delivery team would just be arriving when he got down the hall. He quickly dressed in a casual pair of jeans and plain white t-shirt. He put socks and tennis shoes on then headed to the exit of his room.

   Striding out into a hallway - at the end of which was the door to his bedroom - Jason made for the next door along, one of four, which was distinguished from the others by the presence of a lock on the outside. A single key hung from a chain upon the door-handle, and he opened it with this before putting the chain around his neck and dropping it inside his shirt.

  “I hope she appreciates how much this cost,” he muttered to himself as he entered the room.

   It was another bedroom. Smaller than his own, but still quite large, pleasantly furnished and outfitted with a small sitting area and entertainment suite. There was no balcony but a large window in one wall offered the same cityscape views as in his own room, although it did possess both an in-suite bathroom and large walk-in closet. As he walked towards the latter Jason halted by a dressing table where he pulled out a drawer to glance inside. Here were some of the impressive selection of high-end cosmetics he had purchased. Their names and purposes where something of a mystery to him, but the young woman at the store had assured him they were the best. He closed the drawer again and strode into the walk-in closet where he slowly turned on his heel to regard its contents. He had only known her measurements for a few days and much of what he had ordered had yet to arrive, yet there was already a bewildering selection of designer clothes, shoes, accessories, and several small shelves and glass cabinets containing other personal effects such as fragrances and jewelry.
   He pulled the door closed behind him as he strode back out into the room to stand opposite the large king-sized bed. It had certain unusual features such as hand-cuffs hanging from the steel bed frame and other more esoteric fastenings which he glanced over before heading for the exit. Though even as he halted outside in the hallway, pulling the door closed behind him, the phone in his pocket began ringing. His dark eyebrows twitched upward expectantly as Jason withdrew it and answered the call.

  “‘Yes?” he enquired as he started down the hall.

   The hallway ended in a small sitting area where one staircase led upward, onto the roof, and another down. Jason began to descend the stairs.

   “We’re downstairs now,” it was the voice from earlier.

   “Good,” the young man stated, “I’ll be there in a moment.”

   Downstairs now he traversed a series of sizable open-plan living spaces with large windows boasting expansive city views, all furnished and decorated with a restraint suggestive of a professional touch. Though the young man had no time to reflect on his surroundings as he made his way out. As his apartment took up the two uppermost floors of the complex there was no upstairs lobby, and Instead of a front door the exit took the form of an elevator which was soon descending toward the basement car-garage. Jason tapped a foot impatiently as he watched the numbers above the door blinking on and off in sequence from the eighteenth floor to the below-ground garage. As it finally lurched to a halt and the doors opened he strode out immediately into the garage itself where he noted a van idling in front of the elevators doors. Two burly looking men stood by it, and they exchanged nods with Jason when he appeared.
   “So-“ the young man raised an eyebrow, “where is she?”

The man closest to the door handle opened the back door and he caught his first glimpse of Shelly as her new role. He would not have her publicly dressed provocatively and he had demanded that she be waxed and dressed in a black business suit. He looked her over with a look of approval, from her perfectly coifed hair to her six-inch black stilettos. Her make-up was done perfectly and her skin seemed to be a perfect golden color.

“Very good. Contact my office for payment. Lindsey will take care of you.” Jason ordered the two men before holding his hand out to Shelly, expecting her to take it.

Shelly looked from his face to his hand and back again before letting out her breath. She hadn’t even been aware that she was holding it. She took his hand and he led her to the elevator and to her new life.

The stories above are some of my original ideas. I am open to (well planned out) generic pairings as well. But if there isn't an interesting story given to them I most likely wouldn't be accepting a generic pairing. These are also not all of my ideas. I will be updating some of the plot bunnies in my head into this thread.

I am not opposed to doing the same role with more than one person. I'm interested in seeing how different a role can turn out with someone else putting 50% of the creative thinking in there.

Also, if you think we'd mesh well as writing partners, please send me a message if you're interested but don't see any roles. I will be adding more as I get time and ideas come to me. Yes I am aware that the roles I have listed on my pages are not legit 'fantasy' roles, I am not opposed to tweaking them and making them into fantasy like characteristics.
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Also in any roles I have if there is a name given for the character you will be controlling it is completely up to you if you would like to change it. I just made a name up to have a name.

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Added a new story, edited the Arranged Marriage. Looking for up to two more stories. Please PM in you're intersted

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*bump* added two new stories. Looking for a few potential partners

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Monthly Bump! Looking for a couple more stories! :D

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