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Author Topic: F for M, F for F plot/story heavy rp - craving a beauty and beast-esque story  (Read 1990 times)

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Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Craving added in last reply so it is easy for me to track. Happy to discuss other ideas though.

So, if you are reading this you are interested in a plot heavy rp like me.

What am I looking for?

I wish I could narrow it down. From an epic fantasy to historical to modern. I am open to a lot of things, but I will be honest, I am not interested in bouncing sex scene to sex scene without character development, without conversations and 'life'.

Follow these links to find two threads that have my muse in overdrive. I am not expecting new partners to meet the length of the posts. But if you are a one line/one paragraph poster I am not interested.

Here is a thread of my random ideas, though many have a heavy pregnancy or impregnation theme at the moment.


These are some basic ideas that I am looking to expand on. Some are rp's that I have with long time rp partners outside of E, others are story ideas that I would like to try, some I only know the intro as the rest will depend on what me and my partner discuss

Something I am CRAVING right at this moment is a long term roleplay which involves either one, or both of the following themes with Pregnancy thrown in. I do not have to have these, but these will certainly help my muse to like you.


Love from afar

To explain further - corruption. I want my character to be encouraged, coaxed into it. This does NOT mean non-con, but it can be if discussed, it can also become extreme bondage etc down the track.  I am happy to discuss any ideas, but if your plot is going to be smut heavy then I will likely turn you down. I am thinking like a virgin, shy, sweet, innocent girl, being befriended and coaxed by a guy. Whether he himself is intending it to go as far as it does, or whether he grows to like the power over her.. we can talk.  This also does not have to be about him wanting to get her in bed ((Though if that is the end plan it is fine, as long as there is more than just that)). It can be more about getting her to break the rules, to misbehave, to let her hair down. This is pretty open I don't have one specific scenario here, so feel free to message me with any ideas.

Some scenarios to jog the muse
(these are not the ONLY things I want, just examples)
Good girl and bad boy, he could be a gang member, a parolee, or just a boy with a taste for bad things

Work colleagues, she is straight edged, never drinks after work kind of gal and he is the party all night kind of guy. He leads her astray.

A sheltered, controlled country girl, moves to the big city and is corrupted by a neighbour/flatmate/student at college.

Love from afar. So, this, again, no specific scenario. Our characters for whatever reason can’t be together. Family related, opposite sides of a war, work together, just don't really have the time/opportunity for more than passed notes, or glances/sneaky touches in the hallway. Again, there are a thousand scenarios that could work here, but what I am looking for is the connection. I want a partner that in a post writes their character's thoughts, understands the depth of what I want and doesn't rush it. ((Side note: This will lead to sex. But it may be a one time thing, it may be quickies, it may be a long time between opportunities for more. So it is not going to be smut heavy at all))

Ideas to jog the muse (again, not the ONLY possibilities)
Someone who travels for work and someone who works at the airport/favourite diner/café/restaurant/bar

Nurse and enemy wounded

Soldiers on opposite sides of a war

Younger woman / older man --- complications here could be her parents, his children/work hours

Work colleagues who are not allowed to date

Enlisted people who serve together, fall in love, but then are posted in different areas.

Kind of fleshed out ideas

Geek and the Blonde - Basic idea here is that she isn't a dumb blonde, but just a sheltered one, she knows clothes, some tv shows, shoes etc. He isn't an anti-social geek, just a hardcore geek that lives and breathes his passion of gaming, comics etc and as such has friends, but is yet to draw in a girl for anything long-term.
Ideas here are – ((But not limited to))
One night at a bar, she is getting hassled by a drunk guy and the geek comes and 'saves' her. From there, love, passion, sex, drama.
Liquid bravery makes him ask her out, she agrees… awkwardness ensues
Her car breaks down outside a comic book store, he either changes the tire, or stays to chat with her until roadside assistance comes to help


I love drama in a rp. Accidents, emotions, pregnancies, life is not smooth, rp shouldn’t be either.

I love romance. I don’t like the whole boy meets girl, shags girl, they love each other aspect that a lot of rp’s seem to have. I prefer to explore the fall, the feelings, the curiousity, the paniced “I think I love him but it is way too soon, what if he doesn’t love me” aspect if that is the case.

I love odd couples, the older man with a younger woman, the geek with the buxom blonde, the ex-con with the vanilla married woman,  etc.

I also like when a rp has sex in it, but is more than the sex if that makes sense. A rp should be set around the emotions/story/plot over the kind of sex that is being had. So if your idea is about a sub/dom, or a noncon, or an idea where the main part is related to sex and there is no added layer, don't message me, it is a no.


Lets move onto what I look for in a partner - an equal, someone who has their own ideas and respects that I have mine, who is willing to talk about a rp and work out the kinks together. Someone who is willing to put time and effort into a post and not just type a one liner, and someone who posts regularly (I understand life gets in the way, I am guilty of being so hectically busy that I forget about E, but touching base, just a message to say "Sorry, busy" is appreciated.)

I have started a fair few rp's on here, but not many have panned out, this is due to differences between writers, partners going AWOL or the rp taking a direction that I did not like, or my muse just checks out.

Message me if you are interested in an idea here, or one that isn't here that you want to try, I am pretty open minded.
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Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Re: F for M, F for F plot/story heavy rp
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2014, 04:13:43 AM »

Added new explanations/ideas.

Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Re: F for M, F for F plot/story heavy rp
« Reply #2 on: December 27, 2014, 05:04:20 PM »
Updated again - expanded some ideas and added scenarios to jog the muse.

Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Re: F for M, F for F plot/story heavy rp
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2015, 04:18:12 PM »
Updated with links to current roleplays and edited a bit in the ideas.

Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Re: F for M, F for F plot/story heavy rp (Coercion, pregnancy, romance)
« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2015, 01:51:02 AM »
Updated again with links, changed ideas a bit, removed some that no longer tickle my fancy.

Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter


Top thanks to a game with a new partner I have a craving, I don't know how they meet, what he is, but I want a beauty and beast style story.

Essentially, he towers over her, could rip her in two, but he doesn't. Is she the only one that he is kind and gentle to? Is she the one that tames him?

I am happy to discuss all possibilities, but I must note. I am not all that interested in an anthro story, if that makes sense. He can be a fantasy creature with animal features, a science experiment, but I don't want an anthro tale. Magic, science, or just a freak of nature is all excellent. Just throw me ideas.

Here are some pictures that I quite like, though for different reasons.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Please check my oos and other threads to see if you think we will work.

Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Still craving the "beauty and the beast" style story.

Other ideas to throw in there are things like the barbarian king and the princess he captured. The scientist and the creation that she helped make or stumbled across in another lab. Or even just a modern tale of a 6'5, broad shouldered man and his petite 5'4 love interest.

Some of the other ideas further down are a bit outdated, but still valid. I would love to explore different ideas and as long as you check my oo's before you message me we will be good. :) also. Please don't message me if you are someone who walks away from games. Just tell me that you have lost interest.

Check this out. Not all ideas here can be made into a roleplay with me. But they are things that have sparked at least a post from me.
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Offline NuttyxprincessTopic starter

Ok, so let's try and expand some ideas out.

Requests -  NO ONE LINE/ONE PARAGRAPH "He puts his penis in her" sort of posts. I put a fair bit of effort into planning and playing my games and that is a sure fire way to get me to drop the game.

I want to explore sex, I will talk about the sex, I don't want to hop from sex scene to sex scene. Sex fuels games on E I understand that. I want to see how my character reacts to certain situations, sure. I do not want to write for the 5th time how he pummels her without there being development of the characters.

I am story-heavy. The non con is more about exploring how my character reacts to that situation, pregnancy is preferred as it is a layer of drama that I enjoy adding. Please don't message me if you are wanting to play a kink and only that kink.

STORY - I still really want beauty/beast. Non con is ok, as long as we adventure toward con and romance. I'm also ok with the 'beast' being not entirely human. The whole point to me of this story is the relationship. Is he actually a beast with bestial qualities. Does she make him more human or does he make her more animal? Is he just a man that isn't considered "pretty" or "handsome" by society. How does he show his true self to her? Does the dominant man claim and break the sweet woman just to reform her into his perfect partner? Any and all of these are what I see the beauty and the beast story possibly being.

Other ideas - Anything involving an OLDER man and younger woman. I prefer to stay away from incest, also teacher student, but can be convinced for the right partner for the latter. The former, incest, doesn't interest me in the slightest. But I am happy to go with a family friend? What I want from this sort of game isn't the sex, that is the bonus. What I am looking for is the coercion, persuasion, the knowing it isn't right but he manages to convince her to do it anyway.

I am open for ideas. Please take a look around at what I have written, my oo's, etc and if you think we match. Let me know.

(please don't just look at my idea and musing thread and go -oh they are all sex so she must want sex stories- they are the scenes that I shared with partners on E to go with a story. Not all are my current mood and often they were just ideas not something I desired to play)