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Author Topic: Mass Effect Post-Ending Ideas (Warning: Spoilers)  (Read 293 times)

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Mass Effect Post-Ending Ideas (Warning: Spoilers)
« on: November 17, 2014, 12:14:39 PM »
So, I've just finished the game, and am currently in the stage of thinking that it is the best thing ever created by humanity after they made Pulp Fiction. I am currently in a writing lull, and craving some Mass Effect action. Since (in my mind, anyways) the ending is pretty much set, I would like to play something post ending so, as the title suggests, Spoilers. Like, major ones. I have worked out a couple of ideas, and would be interested in planning out a couple more, hence the separation from my customary ideas thread. I would be playing Commander Shepard, but the characters that you would be playing would vary quite a bit, OCs and canon characters.

These could be ideas that are 1x1 or groups, depending on the interest, so interest can be expressed by either posting here or sending me a PM.

Again, Spoilers for a Certain ending in Mass Effect 3. It is the ending that I liked the most.

Idea 1: Days Gone By
Shepard meets the Catalyst, an AI upon which the Reapers operate. It presents Shepard with three choices, all of which will end the war, one way or another. One will destroy the Reapers across the Galaxy, but the shockwave involved would destroy all life in the Sol System, as well as destroying the Mass Relays. The second would have Shepard engage his consciousness into that of the Reapers, stopping their cycle of destruction, at the expense of his physical form. The Third would have Shepard Sacrifice his DNA to merge the DNA of both Artificial Intelligence and Organic life across the galaxy, ending the seemingly endless conflict between the two kinds of life. He picks option number three.

However, in the process, the Catalyst, merging it's consciousness to Shepard's, finds a small flaw in the plan, one that could eventually undo all of the good that Shepard's Sacrifice has done upon the galaxy. The Unraveling point is seen to begin on January 1st, 2015. Therefore, using the power of the Crucible, as it spreads it's power across the Galaxy, it sends Shepard back in time to that date. Still confused over what is happening, all he knows is that he has to find a person (or group of people, depending), who's face(s) was (were) imprinted on his mind, thanks to the Catalyst. Sent back into the beginnings of humanity's civilization, he is lost, confused. He has a task but no knowledge of how he is to complete it. Undaunted, he knows, from a feeling of foreboding, that he must find this person (these people) before time runs out.

Idea 2: I Have Gone, I Know Not Where
Organic and Synthetic life has changed. For the better, it seems. Both Life forms in all their shapes are working together in harmony to repair the damage caused by the Reaper Wars. All seems to be running smoothly and without incident. The Galaxy's center, once the Citadel, is now moved to Thessia, home planet of the Asari, with all species having say in the running of the known galaxy. Even the Reapers, once machines of destruction of colossal proportions are helping to rebuild.

But something happens. An escape pod of unknown origins lands on a part of Thessia currently under construction. It is brought to the attention of *your character, canon or otherwise*, Councilor for her/his race, that there is only one living person aboard the pod, in a cryo stasis pod similar to the ones used by the Protheans. A shockwave ripples across the planet as the pod is opened and it's inhabitant is discovered to be none other than Commander Shepard, hero of the Geth, Collector and Reaper War. And more shockingly, unlike the rest of Organic life, who's DNA was merged with that of the Synthetics, he is still purely organic. Shepard, upon awaking and affirmation that he is, in fact, Commander Shepard, remembers only being teleported onto the Citadel from the Battlefield on Earth, nothing more. Issues arise when it is speculated that, as the only Sentient Organic being that wasn't transformed, he could mean the unravelling of the peace that the Galaxy currently enjoys. It is decided that, while his efforts during the wars are memorable, his life is not worth that of the millions that could be lost if war broke out again.

Shepard, not being the kind of just lay down and die, decides to escape his confines and try to unravel the mystery of what happened on the Citadel once he landed on it, and how and why he survived. Will *your character or characters* stand by the Council's wishes and hunt Shepard down, or help him in his new quest to find out why he is back from the dead. Is there a purpose behind his return?

These are just the initial ideas that came to mind. I know they may sound ridiculous, and other ideas can be added. Just wanted to put these ideas out there. Again, they could be 1x1s, or group ideas, depending, and nothing is set in stone in my mind. I am also open to the above ideas being played out with someone else playing Shepard, or even FemShep!(female Shepard)

Anyways, any ideas or interest, you can post them here or shoot me a PM.
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