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Author Topic: Vampire & Blood Dolls [Sandbox, always recruiting]  (Read 350 times)

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Vampire & Blood Dolls [Sandbox, always recruiting]
« on: November 17, 2014, 11:29:20 AM »

  • Game is 20 months old and has it's own subboard!
  • Not clique-ish, easy to jump in for new characters
  • 2-3 paragraph per posts minimum
  • Sandbox (come up with your own plots) with some GM'ed events.
  • Open to all gender and orientation
  • Wide Variety of possibilities within the same game
  • Classified ads, for players who are looking for a role to fill.


    The OOC Mad house
    Q&A and Character App template thread
    The Wiki (In depth setting information for a quick overview, keep reading)


    Vampires: Dead, unable to procreate, they are the hunters of the night. They are close to the classical vampires, but closer to the Anne Rice version. Vampires are cold, pale, and unless very old, they cannot stand the sun. They all have a dark gift, allowing them to be different from one another.

    Were-creatures: Shapeshifters. Not limited to the wolf, you can pick from a wide range of animals, from snakes to bear, crocodile to lion. The only limit is common sense  though even that can be stretched to a limit (a 180 pound man can't shift into a field mouse). Their blood is addictive to the vampires, and make them high kicking all senses in overdrive, including the sense of touch...

    Humans: Just the regular, plain human. Food to the vampires, the humans are called Blood dolls. Dolls can be unclaimed and used for food, sex or simple company by any vampire in the coven or they can be claimed by a single vampire, which would allow only this one vampire to request blood, sex and companionship from the doll.

    *Important* Although there is a concept of claim, the doll isn't a slave unless it is what is agreed between two players. While part of this game revolve around a D/s theme, most of the game isn't. Most of the relationships are very vanilla.

    The 5 Covens

    Front: Oil rig village in the middle of the wilderness
    Vampires: Accepted
    Were-creatures: All animal accepted within reason
    Dolls: Accepted, kept in check by the leader William who can alter memories before dolls are released.
    Note: Characters need a reason to be there. The oil rig is very remote and unless they heard about it or got a job there, there's little chances they would stumble there by chance. All humans on site are aware of vampires. The coven grounds is the whole village.

    Front: The Immortals, a nightclub.
    Vampires: Accepted
    Were-creatures: Local animals only
    Dolls: Accepted. Leader Lars can read the souls and tell if a doll will be loyal, so the dolls are free to live their life.

    Front: Burlesque club in the front of the shop, but the VIP behind is a BDSM club
    Vampires: Accepted
    Were-creatures: Any animal accepted, but they have been enslaved to be the guardians of the coven during daytime, and this for centuries and across generations. Shapeshifters are marked with a tattoo (made magical by a dark gift) that binds them to the coven.
    Dolls: Accepted, though the coven itself does not keep unclaimed dolls, unless they are taken to be drained dry and disposed of.

    Front: Strip club on Bourbon st.
    Vampires: Accepted
    Were-creatures: Only local animals
    Dolls: Accepted. They take an unbreakable oath (Dark gift again) that binds them to the coven.

    Front: Import/Export company Devos Inc.
    Vampires: Accepted
    Were-creatures: Wolves only, there is a pack in place that accepts nothing else.
    Dolls: Dolls are kidnapped and guarded, because no leader has any useful power to bind them to the coven in any way. They are made to be as comfortable as possible though.

    If you have any questions, feel free to send them to:
    Aysande, Vampyre Valkyrie, Curvykitten and/or Ehlamjanx.
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Re: Vampire & Blood Dolls [Sandbox, always recruiting]
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