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Author Topic: The Heist - Accepting Applications  (Read 4634 times)

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Online Red LobsterTopic starter

The Heist - Accepting Applications
« on: November 17, 2014, 02:32:57 AM »
The Game

Inspiration: Payday, The Heat, Oceans Eleven, The Italian Job, Fast and the Furious, Reservoir Dogs

The RP will center around a core group of professional thieves, who make their living pulling off extremely high risk jobs for either A) a paying client or B) their own personal profit. The primary focus of this game will be primarily centered around the planning for the big heist, and character development in between. Information gathering, interrogation of people who have important knowledge on the target, and testing out their new equipment to make sure it performs! If you are familiar with the Fast and the Furious franchise, this is a great model for how the game will be setup. The majority of the movie is prep, then the later part is the grand robbery itself. Everyone will have a role to play, and be heavily involved in all aspects of the heist.

All of us will be good at a few different things, complimenting each other quite nicely. The game will have a pretty simple, non-complex system that works mostly based off of a Pass or Fail mechanic. With some random events happening during certain parts of the RP. More detail on that later! It's important to note for everyone that our characters will not be the “good guys”, or the anti-heros. Some are thieves, some are killers, but what unifies everyone is that we are all professionals. So, if you are interested, understand that we are a lot like the crew in Reservoir dogs. But with many of the fun elements from the Italian Job and Oceans series.

The Characters

Every character will fill a specific role in the team. As a result, there will be limited openings in the game. We would like to also keep the male/female ratio close to even for the game.

Below are the list of Jobs that need to be filled. Every character can choose 1 as their Primary, and another as their Secondary. Nobody can have the same Primary, you are the best of the best in the team at this field. Maybe one of the best in the country! However, you are not limited as to which Secondary you choose to take. Your Secondary is that “other thing” you are good at in a pinch. Everyone is assumed to be roughly average to above average at all of the others that you do not pick.

Your characters backstory can really be anything! You could have been in prison, or perhaps new to the professional world of crime as of the start of the RP. One of the up and comers. Or, perhaps you're just looking to finally make a big score and need a team to pull it off. How you meet up with the team does not need to be accounted for in your backstory. The setting of the game will be in San Francisco, so it's only important that you have your character located in that region.

Obviously (though it needs to be said) you need to build someone who is a team player! If you have any questions please PM me. Your Primary spot is not considered reserved until your character has been fully approved.


Mastermind - Red Lobster

Con-Artist - AndyZ

Hacker - Zephy

Equipment/Weapons Specialist - Aiden

Driver - Gnothi

Acrobatic Thief - Rel

Enforcer - Jugg

Safe Cracker - Amelita

Underworld Connection - Presta

The Cop - Blue Nova

The Heist

What I am trying to go for in the Heist is a system that loosely allows what players choose to do before, and during the Heist to make a significant difference on the success of the mission. With some opportunities for random events, and things that could not have been originally planned for. The system will be a work in progress, but at a very high level, some of the big important things that you do during the Pre-Planning and Heist will have an associated roll. Your chance for success is going to be based a lot on the information you have, and your Primary/Secondary Job. The Heists themselves can be a bunch of different things. Everything from robbing a bank, to a train heist, to stealing some jewels from some important debutant. Sky is the limit on what we can think up for this one.

The payout will be split up equally among the party. The payout amount will be determined based on our overall success. If we do extremely well, it gives us time to clear out the bank vault completely. If shit goes south, we just have to grab what we can and go! With maybe a shootout going on at the same time. You will be able to use the money from the heist to buy new items, and stat increases for your character. A portion of the money will also go to improving our safehouse.

The Sex

I don't like to have the smut portions of my game take place in the main story thread. So, I will be creating a side thread for this. Just make sure to tag your location and time so that nobody walks in. Unless that's what you want to happen!

The Rules

I don't have many, but my two biggest pet peeves are A) Posting what some other character does or says without their consent and B) Not abiding by the required post rate. The required post rate for this game will be once every 3 days minimum. You can post as much as you like otherwise. If after 5+ days you have not yet posted without shooting a reason in the OOC or via PM to me, then your character is going to be set aside. Since this is a team based game, we can't have someone posting way slower than everyone else. We do not have a posting order because I don't want those available to be waiting on posts from those not available.

I have a job, and so do all of you probably. There will probably be slow weeks here and there. If and when that happens I will notify everyone via the OOC section. This is something I have not done in the past, and it has affected my previous games and players.

The Character Sheets

A lot of this will be self-explanatory. What I am primarily interested in is what your character has been doing leading up to, and during their career of crime.

Feel free to post your character sheets in this thread. Do not transition them over to the OOC section until you have received approval from me. If you want to get your sheet out there, but leave in a note that says you are going to discuss pre-existing relationships with other characters after approval, that is fine with me as well.

Code: [Select]
[center][size=12pt][b]Name Here[b][/size][/center]

[floatright][img padding=10]Character Image Here, Duh[/img][/floatright]

[floatright][img padding=10]Preferred Mask for the heist, if needed[/img][/floatright] *Not required*

[b]Current Occupation:[/b] [Your character's current day job, if you have one. Nothing that pays too well, all of us are meant to start riding a lot on the first heist.]

[b]Appearance/Style Description:[/b]
[b]Personality:[/b] [The most important part. Try to make it interesting and believable.]


[b]Current Situation:[/b]

[b]Primary Job:[/b] *Mastermind and Acrobatic Thief reserved

[b]Secondary Job:[/b]

[b]Gear:[/b] This is whatever professional heist gear your character owns. What you have, approval wise, will be largely based on what you would probably have given your Primary and Secondary Job choices.

[img]Flavor image[/img] [This is like an additional character image, but is meant to try and encapsulate your characters personality through visual]

[b]Special Skill:[/b] This is a pretty cool (in my opinion) ability that everyone will get. Basically, once per heist (Pre-Planning and Robbery) you will have the ability to use 1 GM like special skill to basically say what happens. It can be anything that is approved. From seducing the pit boss into giving you access keys, hacking into the security cameras, or managing to take out the first few SWAT team members through the door.

[b]Strengths:[/b] This can be anything, related or not related to your character's fighting abilities. My recommendation would be to pick 2 things that make you a badass, and 2 things that are not related to or heist related things. More character stuff.

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] This can also be anything, but note that [b]you must[/b] have at least 1 combat weakness. Try to shy away from just having personality related weaknesses, these need to be actual limitations of your character that can be used in the story. If you would like to PM me for discussion on this, because you want it to be a story element that's fine! Or potentially something related to your artifact weapon or home world.
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Offline Divine Tenacity

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2014, 02:40:43 AM »
Think I'm gonna pull out of this while I still can. Though interesting and fun sounding as it is, I really liked something else that has begun to plunk at my strings of extreme interest. Wish you all well for this game and who knows? May re-apply later on if I find myself in a sort of rut. :P

Offline Aiden

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2014, 02:43:20 AM »
I am still interested, I am shooting for the enforcer spot, I will work on a sheet tomorrow.

Offline pilkunnussija

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2014, 02:48:10 AM »
Color me interested. I'll post something for the Driver tomorrow.

Offline Winterton52

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #4 on: November 17, 2014, 06:18:34 AM »
I'm in. Is the con-artist still available?

Offline Rel Mayer

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #5 on: November 17, 2014, 08:34:56 AM »
I'm in. Is the con-artist still available?
Yes it is. :)

Offline ZephySempai

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #6 on: November 17, 2014, 11:49:55 AM »

Gonna throw in my hat for the Hacker :D

Haven't done a game ofthis genre as of yet so I'm very excited to give it a try.

Offline AndyZ

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #7 on: November 17, 2014, 12:01:38 PM »
I'm looking at the Acrobatic Thief.

Offline Rel Mayer

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #8 on: November 17, 2014, 12:53:46 PM »
I'm looking at the Acrobatic Thief.

Not meaning to be the debbie downer, but that and the mastermind are currently reserved as primary slots. :(

But excited to see you here, Andy :D

Offline AndyZ

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #9 on: November 17, 2014, 12:55:02 PM »
Ah, okay.  I missed that the first time through.  Thank you.

Offline Juggtacular

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #10 on: November 17, 2014, 01:09:50 PM »
Moses Churchill Price

Current Occupation: Enforcement Contractor

Appearance/Style Description: Moses is a very large, very intimidating man. He stands at 6'5, and weighs 240lbs, with 90 something percent of that being muscle. Aside from being able to frighten people just by standing there, he's a handsome guy. He has a killer smile and likes to keep his head shaved, which the women go wild over.
Personality: Moses is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet in your life. A gentle giant and kind to a fault; Moses is living proof that books shouldn't be judged by their colors. He'll help an old lady with her bags. Give you a lift if your car broke down. Even give a homeless guy enough money for a few nights in a hotel. He's just a nice guy.

 He's also quick with a joke and likes to laugh. However, there is another side to Moses so to speak. During business, he is a consummate professional. He allows a joke here and there, but he is focused on getting the job done and it shows. Moses suffers from PTSD due to his time on the battlefield, and sometimes he'll have a spell. Flashbacks, intense depression, etc... He has it mostly under control though and for the most part is a great guy. In a fight, he turns into a completely different animal and will take opponents and enemies down with lethal efficiency.

History: Moses was born in Brixton, South London and raised there until he was about 13. His father was an ex-Marine who now worked as a security guard and his mother was a computer programmer. The Price family moved to the US when his father got an incredible job offer. A Private Military Corporation had reviewed his file and felt he'd make a good addition to the growing operation. Leonard accepted the offer and began work for a company called Blackgate.

A rapidly expanding PMC that handled everything from VIP security to Presidential Aide and small scale wars. Due to his military background, Leonard raised Moses like a soldier, and Janelle raised him like a tech junkie. By the time they moved to America, he was well trained in CQC and firearms, and was just as good at hacking computer systems or introducing malignant code into a program. Due to the rather lucrative pay a military contractor receives, Leonard only worked for Blackgate for a few years until he had enough money to retire fully and support his family.

 Moses had military drilled into his head from childhood though, and once he turned 18 he joined the Marines. He served his two years with outstanding service, and once it was finished, his father used his connections in Blackgate to get Moses a job. His stint with Blackgate wouldn't last long however. He had five successful missions, but the sixth was a total FUBAR and he was the only survivor due to bad intel.

 He watched friends and good men die. One was only a few feet away when a sniper round snatched the top half of his skull off. After that day, Moses became more reckless until a psych evaluation declared him unfit for duty due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was terminated from Blackgate, but due to his ailment, it didn't reflect negatively on him. He got help for his condition, and has since found work as an Enforcement Contractor, meaning he does everything from security, to bouncing, to personal protection. It's usually bouncing though, as it's the most consistent and pays pretty well for not doing much.

Current Situation: While not living paycheck to paycheck, Moses knows his life could be better in all areas. He does a few hack jobs here and there, both personal and contracted, as well as finding time for some cage fighting here and there, but he mainly just works. He's unfulfilled though and wants something more; something that can get him back in the action he misses.

Primary Job: Enforcer

Secondary Job: Hacker


Collapsible Stun Baton
Tactical Karambit
FN Five-Seven(integrated Suppressor)
Shock Gloves
Body Armor(Kevlar Weave Tactical Vest)
Go Bag(An EMP resistant, combat bookbag stuffed with his laptop, and all his other tech goodies)

Special Skill: Adrenaline Rush - Moses experiences such a heavy rush of adrenaline through his system that his perception of time is altered. Everything moves in slow motion to him, while his strength and speed are similarly increased.


Combat Specialist - Moses is trained in several forms of hand to hand combat, as well as fighting with standard and improvised weapons and firearms.

Hacker - While not the best of the best, he's a good enough hacker that it takes someone damn good to stop him.

People Person - Moses likes people and knows how to talk to them. As a person whose job it was to protect others, he got pretty used to picking up on vibes and things like that.

Good Cook - He's a damn good cook. Despite looking like he'd eat all the food in the kitchen, he can throw down. When MRE's are the only food you have access to, you get very creative.


PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a complicated mental condition that is primarily seen affecting soldiers who suffer traumatic experiences in battle. Moses suffers from this, as he lost his entire unit in an ambush while he worked for Blackgate. He saw seven friends die from bullets and explosions. Their screams, the looks on their faces, the smell of burning flesh and copper still haunt him to this day. Sometimes he has flashbacks and loses himself, sometimes he gets depressed or emotionally unstable to the point that no one could understand unless they experienced it for themselves.

Stubborn - He likes what he likes, and he knows what he knows. It's not that he doesn't like change or going along with ideas other than his own or those agreed upon beforehand; it's just that what works, works for a reason. And many people don't seem to understand that fact.

Take Charge Personality - He was raised by a soldier, was a soldier, and led men into battle. He is used to being in a position of authority and sometimes forgets that he's not always in charge.
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Offline Aiden

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #11 on: November 17, 2014, 01:36:04 PM »
Cesar "Santo Muerte" Lobos
Formally- Julio "El Diablo" Reyes

Current Occupation: Weapons Dealer - He has a few handguns and a crate of Uzi's but this hardware is children's toys compared to what he is dealing with. He needs a good chunk of cash to put in a call to his contacts up with the Irish Kings or even The Russians if he is feeling bold enough to put up with their drunken bullshit.

Appearance/Style Description: Julio stands at 6'2 with an athletically muscular body. He loves to wear suits, custom made if possible and used to a lavish way of living. He likes to dress well and look better, putting a lot of effort in his appearance.

Personality: "Enjoy life today, you are not guaranteed tomorrow" - Is Cesar's look on life. Working for the cartels does not have the best options for retirement. It is a cruel and violent world with everyone looking to climb to the top no matter who they kill or crawl over. He has been called a borderline hedonist and bastard at the same time. Cesar loves to crack jokes and has a keen wit, careful around him because once he sinks his fangs in you he will not stop. He is sarcastic, playful and a complete rake. Even when it is time to work, he likes to keep things light with a few jokes, sometimes assigning points for certain objectives, making people believe he is not always in the "real world".

History: The Reyes family is practically royalty in the criminal underworld. The Reyes were one of the first families to establish the Gulf Cartel, the first Drug cartels to come out of Mexico. Over the years the Gulf Cartel has lost influence and territory, but that hasn't stopped the Reyes Family. Some of them have found themselves working for their various allies or other rival cartels, it is just a name after all. There is no true family loyalty in a world that money, power and respect trumps everything else.

Julio Reyes is one of the few people born who just belong in the world. There was no traumatizing event or dire need for power, the boy simply grew up in this world and fended well for himself in a world of wolves. Like any bottom member, he worked his way up the chain as a soldier and working his way up to a Sicario (Assassin). It was during this time he formed a passion for weapons, not just the tools of death. Julio branched out on his own and began to deal weapons in Mexico and across the border from time to time. He established contacts in other countries that would deal with him and set up weapon trades on top of keeping an ear close to all the up and coming weapon tech in the world.

He dealt with the various cartels of Mexico, sometimes even double dealing until the Zetas caught on. The extremist of the cartel sent out assassins to get him, forcing him out of the country and to a new alias. The lack of weapons in Mexico was quickly filled but already he knows his former clients are not happy with their new suppliers. While the Zetas have a price on his head, he needs to lay low an find time to reconnect with his contacts. He's been on the run for a little under a year and running low on cash, he needs to act quick or he will be unable to establish any of his old contracts.

Current Situation: After he was forced into seclusion, he jumped safe house to safe house in the United States. Unfortunately some of those safe houses were ransacked or occupied by the very people looking for him, forcing him to go further west (Into California) while he manages to get back on his feet.

The money is running low and he needs to do something fast. Establish new contacts or open up a new trade with some organizations in the US while the heat in Mexico is high. Cesar ended up in San Francisco, forced to live out of a suitcase in one of those rent-a-week motels, he is not pleased. He recently made some calls and is hoping to find something, anything out there.

Primary Job: Equipment/Weapons Specialist - In Mexico and parts of the US, he was behind the majority of weapons trafficking for the various Drug (Mexican) Cartels. He is a merchant dealing in death, he doesn't care if those cartels turn their purchased goods on one another. Once the Zetas (in particular) learned of the double dealing purveyors ways, they sent Sicarios (Assassins) after him only to never hear from them again. Julio was forced out of Mexico, hiding within the other cartel's territories meant owing them a favor and that is the last thing anyone (smart) would want.

Secondary Job: Con-Artist - Making connections requires a little social grace and the ability to lie, manipulate or just win over a person. Julio was that guy, charismatic and charming and capable of getting what he wants.

*Note - He does not always carry all these items, he switches takes some over others depending on the job, he isn't a walking armory.
Magpul FMG-9

This FMG (Folding Machine-Gun) disguises itself as a external laptop battery and unfolds into a fully functional weapon that can empty a 9mm 30-round clip. The portable design offers additional space for an auto-sear to be installed and has an attached tactical light. Best of all, you can slide it in the back of most pants pockets. While the FMG-9 is still in its prototype phase therefore it is very rare and expensive.


Beretta LTLX7000 Shotgun

This prototype launches bullet shells that can penetrate a target with with the same force regardless of the the shooting distance. Simply configure the range using the shotty's holographic scope and set the aim by aligning two red dots at the head and feet of your target. Then pull the trigger and blast off some less-lethal rounds. A shot with a 50-foot range can hit a target with the impact velocity of 211 mph, which is enough force to take someone down. See what the end result is when shooting a target from 230 feet away. Nearly identical

Barrett MRAD .388 Sniper Rifle

The MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) Sniper Rifle shoots the military-favorite .338 Lapua Magnum and offers a fully modular configuration system that supports upgrades and add-ons. It has a user-changeable barrel system that opens the lane for caliber conversions and maintenance. And most noticeably, it has an ambidextrous magazine release and features a thumb-operated safety, which is an unconventional feature for any bolt-action rifle.

357 Engraved Colt Pythons

Why are they engraved? Sometimes a guy likes to buy nice things for himself

Special Skill:
Get your stupid fucking Rope!

*Inspired by this video

Portable Amory - Low on ammo, maybe need something a little heavier to deal with SWAT? Cesar might have a weapon cache nearby (somehow) or made a drop earlier before the heist. No one would notice the grenade launcher in the dumpster right? Of course not. 

Marksmen - Life as a Sicario taught Cesar one thing, sometimes you only get one shot, better make it count. His accuracy extends to all the weapons in his inventory (To an extent). Pray and Spray? Not to him, more like Spray and Pray to god Cesar runs out of Ammo before he gets to your side of the room.

Weapon Repair/Jerry Rigger - Gun locking up in battle, broken or just need to get something when your main weapon is gone for whatever reason? Cesar knows enough about weapons to get them shooting again or setting up something to set up as a trap or early warning system.

Any weapon maintained by him personally have a lower risk of locking up, seizing up or in general going to shit in your hands. Think of that next time you go cheap and buy from the Triads or the fucking Russians.

I know a guy/chick - Cesar might be laying low, but he has more than a few favors to cash in if needed. His contacts focus around other/former assassins/drivers and cleaners.

Silver Tongued Devil - Charming and Charismatic, he has his way with words in order to have his way with you. His own captives (in the past) have been known to be left with a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome.

The Zetas Cartel - They put a hit on his head and will not stop until they have it. Cesar has been eluding them for now, but it only takes one sighting or rumor that El Diablo has resurfaced to make them dispatch some of the meanest sicarios the world has ever known.

Rake - short for rakehell (analogous to "hellraiser"), is a historic term applied to a man who is habituated to immoral conduct, particularly womanising.

Honor Among of Thieves (most of the time) - Cesar is not a rat, that is clear, he will never cooperate with the law. But he is not above a double deal or cross if it means he comes out with the upper hand. Some would call it greed, dishonor, or classify him as a wild card. He simply has his own moral code of conduct. He is ambitious, in a world of predators, only the strong survive, don't take it personal.

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Offline ZephySempai

Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #12 on: November 17, 2014, 03:47:35 PM »
All done. Let me know if I need to change anything.

Also, hey Jugg! Fancy seeing you here :D

Sparx "MillenniumSparx" Larsa

Current Occupation: Indie Game Developer

Appearance/Style Description: Sparx looks like your average everyday young tech-geek. He’s thin, about 5’7, and has a head full of auburn-colored hair, which most of the time, looks like he just rolled out of bed. His hair is medium length and forms an M-shape as it parts from the middle of his forehead and frames the rest of his youthful face; The rest of his hair folds back into soft, horizontal auburn spikes. His eyes are naturally electric blue, though some people think their color is a result of him staring at computer screens for hours at a time. He isn’t very muscular, but he isn’t anorexic either. He has a lean body type, which he prides himself on. His worst nightmare has always been for him to turn into a pasty fat slob like most self-proclaimed game-lords. His skin maintains a natural light tan, giving him an almost clay-colored tone, but slightly lighter. He is usually seen with a quiet smile on his face or an excited grin when engaging in hardcore gaming, but he generally appears to be a nice and understanding guy.

Whenever not in school, you can usually find Sparx in his pajamas. Aside from school he rarely ever leaves the confines of his house, so there’s never any real reason to get dressed. On the other hand, Sparx does tend to make some virtual appearances in cyber-space whenever doing video blogs or reviewing games, and when he does, he goes ham. A black tank top under a blue-and-white dress jacket flows down neatly around his black skinny jeans, which tuck in to his blue and white sneakers. He also owns a few pairs of sweats for those cold rainy days, two business suits left over from his last employment venture, and some casual everyday wear most college students are known to own.

On any given occasion, Sparx would rather wear his Transition lenses instead of contacts. The arms of his glasses are rectangular, widening as they wrap around the top of his glasses. The frames are bottomless. The lenses of his Transitional glasses fluctuates in opacity depending on the level of light hitting them. When there is barely any light, the opacity is 0, however, as light increases, the tint also increases.     
Personality: Sparx is a generally laid-back and solitary kind of guy. Though he is a pretty big introvert and would rather work on projects alone, he does force himself to put on a front when around others and socialize, even if he feels uncomfortable. “Fake it ‘till you make it” is an expression he lives by. He can, at times, feel somewhat out of place as his likes and hobbies are particularly different from your general soldier. Aside from spending hours at a time in front of a computer, Sparx loves anime and MMORPGs, so you’ll almost always find him playing computer games when he’s supposed to be working. He is shy, quiet, and solitary, but also trustworthy, excitable, and a very reliable friend. If you ask him a favor, you can expect that he’ll come through in a timely manner. He likes to play around and joke with people over cyberspace and wishes this side of himself could carry over to the real world, but it’s just one of the many things he has to work on.

Whenever a problem presents itself, Sparx can make a solution. He’s good with his hands and has a lot of Gamer Street Smarts, which actually can come in handy. At the same time, Sparx isn’t the strongest person physically and relies heavily on his ability to avoid physical confrontation. Sparx is also afraid of being separated from technology for too long. He’s grown up around technology and has always had a fancy for it. It gets him through every day. Sparx is almost never seen without his datapad handy. If he were to be away from tech for too long, or worse, if the battery on his data pad were to ever die, he would be completely lost.

History: Growing up, Sparx was always a solitary kind of person. He is the younger of two boys and has always been treated as such. His Father, Stark Larsa, is a retired military officer whose office shines like a starry galaxy from all the medals he’s earned during his service. He always pushed his two sons to follow in his footsteps and do great things for the world. However, Sparx’s elder brother, Lennox, was the only one who seemed interested in their father’s wishes, instantly making him daddy’s favorite. His mother, Leinore Larsa, attempted to shine some culture into the family. She was a famous pianist for many years and settled down after marrying Stark. She became a music instructor and, since Sparx seemed to have no interest in military affairs, decided to tutor him in the art of piano instead.

All Sparx really cared for was computers, however. And nobody ever seemed to understand. He would spend almost all his free time playing online games, Roleplaying on forums, and learning tricks of the trade when it came to programming. He aspired to become a world famous video-game designer, but it seemed his mother and father’s goals for him proved to be a constant obstacle.

Throughout High School, Sparx lead a very solitary life. He’d try to branch out and socialize, but it always seemed he’d do so with the wrong people and it would backfire. He began losing hope that he’d ever make real life friends, so he just stuck with the ones on cyber space. This was when he was first introduced to hacking. After being victimized over cyberspace, he desperately sought out ways to protect himself. He began programming and designing apps, plugins, and virus detectors, but eventually he realized the best way to beat a hacker, is to hack them first. It wasn't hard to pick up with his knowledge of coding and programming. He'd already redesigned and modified several premium anti-virus programs. Designing bugs against them was simple.

Eventually, after realizing he could actually hack bank accounts and personal identities, pandora's box opened up before his eyes. He started small; only stealing enough to obtain little trinkets here and there. The scale slowly rose to bigger and bigger prizes so that he could pimp out his cyber-gear. For a short while, he became infamous as a small-time hacker and even had a news report done on the MilleniumBug he programmed, which was found in a local bank close by where he lived. Tying the name back to Sparx's Internet Persona, his elder brother caught on. Instead of reporting the teen however, his sibling imparted some wisdom the young hacker took to heart. "Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should." After hearing those words, Sparx decided to quit while he was ahead and fall back into gaming, as was his earlier passion.

With a background in programming and ample experience in gaming, Sparx spent his first year in college doing video game reviews, testing Indie games, and also designing his own projects; most of which proved too ambitious for his limited funds and lifestyle. Sparx thought he caught a break when a budding company hired him as a part of a team to work on their latest game. As much as he hated mobile apps and pop culture, he agreed to work on the project in order to pay for the rest of his schooling. After finishing, and the product launched it was a hit. A disgusting sellout that left the young programmer questioning his morals. What made matters worse was how the company stiffed him on his half of the royalties claiming that his "heart wasn't into the design process" and he "never truly connected with the team". After a huge blow to his ego and his wallet, Sparx has lost most of his muse for game design and fell back on one of his darker past-times. Hacking.

Current Situation: With both rent payments and next semester tuition looming over the horizon, Sparx has become increasingly anxious about money. His father has made it perfectly clear that he will provide no financial support unless Sparx changes his major to Military Science. Now, Sparx is desperately seeking a way to make off with a large amounts of funds as discretely as possible. He knows he has the ability, but he's never pulled off anything with a payout larger than a couple hundred dollars. Hesitant, but with his back against the wall, this young hacker has realized it's either go big, or go to military school.

Primary Job: Hacker

Secondary Job: Equipment/Weapon's Specialist


Custom Aqua LED Alienware 18

*Cracked* MS Surface III

Razr Smartphone


Motorized Roller Skates

Special Skill:

Total System Override: This ability allows Sparx to completely take over a target computer system through use of his MilleniumBug. The Systems Override can be maintained for up to 10 seconds before becoming detectable by anti-viruses. Maintaining the override after this point increases the chances of the Bug being traced back to Sparx. If the target system's is advanced enough to detect the bug within the initial 10 seconds, a kill command will completely shut down the target system for that duration instead.

Strengths: Sparx, overall, is pretty masterful with his hands. He can type at lightning speed without missing a keystroke, spend hours in his Gamer Mode typing hotkeys and mouse-clicking, and he’s pretty good at building things as well. He’s learned a lot over online forums about how to make your own inventions and has a lot of self-learned mechanical skills. Though he is much better at programming and software, he isn’t a stranger to building his own hardware, as well as makeshift tools and utilities. He designed many of his own instruments including his headset, which has his prescription sunglasses attached to them, and a pretty sweet skateboard.


Zero Close-Quarters Combat Skill - Pretty Self-explanatory.

Water - Sparx is particularly weak around water. Usually because he has some sort of electronic device equipped, he tends to avoid rain and large bodies of water as much as possible. Some of his mobile equipment have been outfitted with splash-proof cases because let's face it: Shit happens, but even with these precautions, he still attempts to avoid water as much as possible. Ironically, he loves swimming.

Fear of Heights - Sparx is terrified of heights. At 10 feet off the ground his knees weaken and his stomach turn. At 20 feet panic begins to set in and it becomes harder for him to breathe. Any higher and his vision begins to blur and, if not getting closer to the ground, he will either puke, faint, or both. The effects of this phobia even carry on to video games at a lesser extent. He does his best to avoid flight simulators and has a hard time on levels that feature mountain peaks or other high places.

Elevators - Not to be mistaken for claustrophobia, Sparx has a hidden fear of elevators. He doesn't like the feeling he gets in his stomach when they move, he doesn't like the steady ascension, and he definitely doesn't like the idea of being suspended in the air within a metal box held by a few cables. His biggest fear is getting trapped in an elevator within a tall building and then falling. He would much rather take the stairs. He'd even stomach escalators, even though he hates them as well.
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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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Jennifer Mae (Jeni)

Current Occupation: Currently nothing. About a month ago she was fired from working at a grocery store. Sometimes she goes to Berkley to walk around and pretend that she's a student, but the woman has no current income coming in. She's running down on her last few pennies of her stash and needs a payout as soon as possible.

Appearance/Style Description: Jeni is 22 years old. She's young and she dresses even younger. Usually she's walking around in her black combat boots, leggings or long stockings with a skirt. The top always changes, but she does have a favorite leather jacket. Other than her go to outfit - her look is almost constantly changing. One thing that is consistent is that she doesn't ever wear bright colors. The woman is Korean and keeps her hair color either jet black to light brown - depending on who she feels like being. She enjoys dressing a bit cute at times with her interpretation of a school girl outfit, but sometimes she can also be seen lounging around in comfortable clothes. Still, she wants to learn how to be a better con-artist, so she's always trying out new styles and outfits and seeing what sort of persona she can channel depending on what she's wearing. She's also short - not even hitting five feet tall, limber, and flexible. Making it very easy for her to crawl into tight spaces or dodge through sensors.

Jeni has no tattoos or piercings, besides her pierced ears. The only thing that makes her a dead giveaway is the little moles she has on her navel that trail down to the right and way over to her hips. Although she appears very young most of the time, she has the ability to change her age and make herself appear older if she dresses the part. When it comes to her mask - it changes just like her styles of outfit constantly to mirror whatever persona she's currently favoring. Most of the time she just wears a black sash that covers from her nose down or a navy blue masquerade mask.
Personality: Jeni is passionate about becoming a thief, but she's also extremely loyal to those around her - especially the leader. She wears many masks that she constantly puts on to deal with certain situations, but when all the masks eventually come off she appears a bit nervous, fumbles over her words a lot, and is very awkward around people. She also makes a lot of weird comments and jokes that don't always make a lot of sense. The components of her brain are often scattered, but she does a decent job at trying to put herself together to get the job done, because she ultimately fears letting people down. Under all those masks she puts up is a young girl who was abandoned at the age of twelve and rather than falling into a pit of loneliness and abandonment - she started mirroring the personalities around her to appear strong and eventually convinced herself that she was. Jeni is also convinced that once she finds herself in the life of being a criminal and living for each payout - that all the puzzle pieces of her personality will connect all together and she'll lose her nervous ticks, no longer fumble over her words, and be confident to show her true personality without channeling a different persona. Jeni is a little thief at heart. She's may borrow items from people, but she also borrows personalities as well. Jeni is pretty decent at mirroring people's personalities.

Still struggling to get over her nervous ticks - she knows that she's not quite the best con yet, but she's confident in her thieving and acrobatic skills when she's focused. The only time she ever feels truly relaxed and normal is when she's sneaking around and stealing things. The adrenaline rush makes her feel more put together. More than anything she wants to prove herself to everyone around her and make the team happy.

History: With a mother than ran out on her during her childhood without even a 'goodbye', her father was the only person left to take care of her. Her father raised her in the only lifestyle he knew - the life of crime. At a young age he taught her many things, how to steal, how to sneak around, what the angles were for certain places, and how to distract someone to pick-pocket exactly what you wanted out of them. Jeni was raised by two fathers, her biological one and her father's partner in crime, Ethan. At the young age of twelve she was first abandoned by Uncle Ethan when we went to jail and then by her own father who made a terrible mistake of trying to pull of a heist all by himself and finding himself without any money or the ability to buy himself out of prison. Right now her father is doing life in prison, especially after he murdered someone while in the can. Jeni didn't want to go live in an orphanage or be adopted by some family. The solution was to lay low and basically raise herself for the next ten years, forging the papers to make it look like her mother was taking care of her. She tried to stay in contact with her father, but the man was slowly going insane behind bars.

Jeni over time was given no choice but to give up on her father, as the crazy old man was losing touch with reality. She found herself writing and visiting Uncle Ethan over time and always felt that she had a big debt toward him. He had sat aside some of his stash money to help support herself until she could get on her feet when she was old enough to get a job - as long as she watched over it and made sure no one got to it. Jeni, for the most part, protected his money for the majority of those ten years and began raising herself, but she always had a few influential friends and other mentors along the way which peeked her interest in becoming a con. A year ago - some of her influential friends decided that maybe she should give a shot at trying her own heist, but it was poorly executed. They just didn't have the correct plans to back it and didn't have the experience. They were caught and Jeni was caught as well. Now that she was twenty she would have been sent off to jail, but she knew that there was a way out of it. She could buy herself out using almost all that was left of Ethan's retirement stash. For an entire year she worried hopelessly about what she was going to tell the man when he came out of prison.

Current Situation: She's currently living in Ethan's safehouse... and has been for the past few years without him knowing. Living off of his stash and trying to gain connections to start a proper heist group for when he gets out of jail. After retrieving him from prison she suggested that they could use the little leftover bit to fund a series of heists so she could repay him every single penny that she owes him and get him more money to retire in the process. The majority - if not sometimes all, of her share of heists will go to Ethan until she has fully paid him back, but it doesn't bother her. Jeni is looking at the big picture for herself and wanting the experience. She wants the thrill of following in her father's footsteps and making her own legacy. She feels that this is her purpose and life and wants nothing more.

Primary Job: Acrobatic Thief

Secondary Job:  Con-Artist

Gear: She carries small knives, ropes, hooks, and folding grappling hook - but she doesn't bring it with her unless it's needed. Usually she wears gloves to cover her hands and a tight black outfit. She also has a small pistol that her father gifted her years ago, but she rarely ever uses it. She would prefer to sneak in and sneak out without anyone even noticing that she is there - rather than causing a huge commotion and shooting guns all around the place.

Special Skill: Go Dark - Jeni has the ability to become completely anonymous for a few moments and disappear within a crowd to get way, sneak past something, sneak into an elevator shaft, or whatever really comes to mind. She can easily disappear for a moment while there are groups of people around her. This only works if there is crowds of people around her or a distraction.


Very Flexible, Limber, Small, and Quick - She's just great and sneaking into small places quickly and efficiently without anyone knowing.

Charismatic - The girl may be a bit odd, but depending on what mask she's currently wearing she can beam charisma at people and be a blast to be around, because of her passion into what she does - she can easily translate it to whatever she's talking about and make it believable.

Clean - She has a clean slate, she likes to keep things clean, she doesn't display herself as very sultry, and she doesn't have too much of a past to bog her down or haze her judgements.

Perceptive- She's very aware of what is going on around her at all times. One of her favorite past times is people watching, so she's gotten rather good at this.


Inexperienced - She's young, new, and doesn't really have any experience behind her belt. While she may have the knowledge on how to execute everything, she's never been in a successful heist so she may not know what to do in a pinch.

Not good with a guns - Jeni hasn't had a lot of practice with shooting guns and doesn't do it very often. She's actually fairly a bad shot unless it's at a point blank range.

Dangerously Spontaneous - She loves the thrill and sometimes she makes hasty decisions and doesn't consider the outcome of what may happen later.

Clumsy - Even though she's quite good on her feet, flexible, and nimble - sometimes she gets distracted by something going on and loses her focus which leads her to do clumsy things.

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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I'm thinking we need more lady characters. :)

C'mon ladies!!! :D

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
« Reply #15 on: November 17, 2014, 06:17:34 PM »
Gonna have to give this a thinkathon. If you need more ladies and will allow it, I can very well consider it.

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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Really loving everyone's special abilities. Especially Cesar's "Portable Armory." I can definitely see that coming in handy in a pinch.

I also really like Jeni's character set-up. The team's "talented klutz" always ends up being a favorite of mine :)

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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And done! Up for review/approval

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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Zephy. Since Sparx is a a betterrible hacker and Moses is a fighter, I think they could have a unique dynamic. Plus a bit of back and forth. Moses wants to get better and he can teach Sparx some self defense that bypasses his size.

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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Zephy. Since Sparx is a a betterrible hacker and Moses is a fighter, I think they could have a unique dynamic. Plus a bit of back and forth. Moses wants to get better and he can teach Sparx some self defense that bypasses his size.

Flawless strategy!

I think that would work out well. Those two would have an interesting dynamic. I think Moses' personality would help Sparx get more comfortable with the group.

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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Gonna have to give this a thinkathon. If you need more ladies and will allow it, I can very well consider it.

I don't want to force you to make a lady if it's not what your muse wants, but if it is what your muse wants - then go right ahead. :) I was just making a general statement.

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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Hmmmmmmm, tempted...  ::)

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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Keeping an eye on this, just to see what others post up.  I have one character that I did up for a group game that never launched which I think might be a good fit.  Female driver/mechanic.  But since I've seen others talk about the driver role, I'm going to keep an eye out here.

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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Keeping an eye on this, just to see what others post up.  I have one character that I did up for a group game that never launched which I think might be a good fit.  Female driver/mechanic.  But since I've seen others talk about the driver role, I'm going to keep an eye out here.

This makes me very happy. :)

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Re: The Heist - Seeking Players
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This makes me very happy. :)


She's mostly all written up in my sea of characters in my On's and Off's.  There's definitely some changes that have to be made, some formatting and light editing, but she's mostly all done up.  Other than that, I have a tough hand-to-hand combat chick that might fit in.