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Author Topic: Bill525's Request Thread (M for F)  (Read 731 times)

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Bill525's Request Thread (M for F)
« on: November 16, 2014, 05:10:23 pm »
Hi all,

I am a male looking for a female that is interested in detailed role play. I have had a few roles seem to fizzle out, and would like to get back into a few roles. I enjoy posting quality over quantity, although I can write as much as needed to keep the story moving forward! Below are a few of the roles that interest me. In all of them I enjoy being seduced by the female lead. I enjoy roles where I am seduced into doing something I know is wrong! If you are interested in any of role plays PM me and we can discuss. Thanks!

Role Play Idea's

1. Teacher-student-

A new student enrolls in the school, and she comes with a past. As much as she would like a fresh start, the idea of causing trouble in her new school is something that excites her.

2. Fiances sister

A newly engaged couple heads to the bride-to-be's families house to announce their engagement. While there, the bad girl sister of the bride, decides that her perfect, innocent sister relationship should be tested.

3. New neighbor

A mysterious female neighbor moves into a neighborhood filled with couples. The new woman seems nice, but there is something about her that has an edge. Soon she has her eye on the husband next door, as she see's an opportunity to cause some havoc in her new neighborhood.

4. Daughter's friend

The perfect, smart, innocent daughter finds a new friend at school. She seems to be completely opposite of her, but still makes my daughter happy. Everything goes well, until my daughters friend shows that she is flirty and seductive. Can she corrupt what seems to be a perfect family?

5. Co-Workers

My character works for a local financial firm. He is successful and seems to have the a good life going. One day one of his ex-girlfriends gets hired as a secretary at the firm. This ex-girlfriend always had a power over him, and although she cheated on him a lot while they were together, it took a while before he could break himself of her power. Does she still have that power over him after all these years?

6. Bridesmaid

My fiance and I have been planning our wedding, and she has asked an old friend from college to be one of her bridesmaids. I have never met this friend, but as the wedding gets closer, she is coming to town to be around for the final wedding preparations. When she gets to town she is not like any of my fiances other friends. She also seems very interested in seeing if the groom to be can be tempted into cheating on her old friend.

7. Best Friends Girlfriend

My best friend has just met a new girl. She is different then his normal type of girls, as she is outgoing and very flirty. While we all seem to get along, she does flirt quite a bit with me. It doesn't bother me so much, but my girlfriend hates it. She begins to notice that my best friends girlfriend is cheating on him, but I refuse to get involved because she makes him happy. Will I change my mind when she begins to make a move on me?

8. Former Cheater

I have just married my girlfriend that I have had since college. We have had our problems in our relationship, since in college I was not the most faithful guy. As we graduated and worked through our problems, I have done a lot to change. I have proved myself and worked hard to become a better guy. However, now someone from our past who knows about my past discretion's has re-entered our life. She has heard I have changed, but wants to test if that is true.

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Re: Bill525's Request Thread (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2014, 12:35:04 pm »
Hi all!  Here is an extension of the mysterious neighbor role.  I thought it may be fun, if you are interested please let me know!

Mysterious Neighbor

Bill and his wife moved into what seemed like a perfect neighborhood right after they were married. The neighborhood was perfect for a couple looking to grow a family, as most of the others in the neighborhood had families. Bill was lucky and got a teaching job at the local high school, while his wife worked for a local accounting business. They have lived in the neighborhood for a few years, when their neighbors decided it was time for a change.

The couple figured whoever would buy the house would have a family or be a new couple (The person who moves in can be single or married). When the movers showed up one day, the couple noticed a young woman. She seemed more like a model then someone who would want to move into such a family oriented neighborhood. This new woman also was just hired at the high school Bill works at.

Little did the couple know, that this new woman loved being the center of attention. She also loved the idea of corrupting others, especially men. Her being in a neighborhood with so many married men, gave her an opportunity to have some fun. She also had her eye set on Bill, seeing they also worked together.

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Re: Bill525's Request Thread (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2015, 05:46:22 pm »
Another idea I have been thinking a lot about is a succubus role play.  I am interested in doing one, so if you have interest please let me know!  Below is sort of an idea that I have had for the role, obviously it is not complete and is a work in progress.  Would love to discuss with anyone interested.  Message me if you would like to talk about it!  Thanks!

The Succubus

Bill is a detective at the local police department.  He has been investigating some mysterious deaths and missing person reports for some men in the area.  It was thought that a local crime organization may have been involved.  Bill is a good police officer, one of the few on the force.  He is married, but his wife and him have had a tragedy in their lives.  Their daughter was murdered a while back, and while the killer has not been found.  The relationship with his wife has deteriorated because of this.  When investigating the murders, Bill stumbles onto the succubus that is really behind them all.  Because Bill had discovered her, her cover was blown, but one night she appeared to Bill, hoping to come to an agreement that may keep her from having to leave town.  Since Bill has a good soul, some of powers of the succubus will not work on him, however, she can still read his mind, and tempt him.

The role will see the succubus and my character attempt to work together, with the succubus teasing Bill into ultimately giving into the desires that clearly he has for her.  However, also, the succubus can enlist Bill to bring her criminals so that she can feed.