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Author Topic: Recruiting- Your darkest fantasy (supernatural, mild horror, exotic, sandbox)  (Read 411 times)

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Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

I have been interested in doing a plot like this for some time, and am posting this to see if anyone else shared my interest. It has inspirations from Silent Hill and Stephen King's Rose Red.

I am also on the lookout for one or two individuals to help me run this

What this Game About

A simple introduction: The Briar Rose Inn, a place off the beaten well traveled road where the weary travelers can stop for a room, beer or whiskey and good food or warm spot by the fire. Its a place where the staff don't ask questions and a place where you won't be harassed. That is unless you piss off the inn. The Briar Rose Inn sits upon a massive tract of land surrounded by dense eerily silent forest and a large garden populated by thorny roses, flag stone paths and statues.

It is also a place where the patrons darkest fantasies can come true, their ever day desire, their ever sexual wish and want met but always with a price for the inn is a malevolent living being, a vampire of sorts, it feeds off the psychic energy of its patrons, pain and pleasure produce the most of this psychic energy so its willing to allow the patrons to indulge in almost anything they want.  The inn can shut off water, heat or light off to certain rooms on a whim just to see what the characters will do.

What this game entails

You are probably going 'what the hell is this? by now. This is an idea I've been messing with and playing with for a while now and don't know if it will work but you never know until you at least try. This is a sandbox game that centers around the inn and its grounds. What this means is that I and my fellow GM will provide you ,the players with, an environment to explore, run wild in, fuck each other's characters senseless, or indulge in some dark sexual fantasies.

Have a supernatural based character? A horror based one? Ever wanted to play Slenderman or a wicked succubus? This may be the place you can play it. Ever had an idea you wanted to play out, but had no real place to do it, why not here? Want to try and set the forest on fire? Give it a try and see what happens. Want to start a bar fight? Go right ahead. Want to swim nude in the pool? Go ahead. There is a way to play out any myriad of story ideas.

The Inn

The inn itself is three stories tall, the warm light pouring from its ornate stained glass windows luring weary and lost travelers. Its massive oak doors are dominated by a pair of stained glass windows with a large rose on each. It has a large lobby with high backed black and red couches, its walls dominated by lewd but tasteful paintings that feature nude woman and roses,low oak coffee tables and a long reception area. Everything about the Briar Rose Inn speaks of high class and comfort.

The large inn is home to the Tears of Venus Night Lounge, a classy higher end bar and night lounge that caters to humans, humanoids and non humans. The lounge has a very large general area dominated by a long bar and cracking fire place, rings of comfortable high backed couches facing each other over round tables, and lewd yet tasteful paintings on the walls. South of the bar is a large sign neon sign of a nude human female and the words Tears of Venus. At the other side there is a large stage were a small band plays on some nights.

How characters arrive

Characters arrive at the inn via a winding dirt road that at the head of is a large well lit sign and arrow pointing down the road towards the inn. Characters simply drive down said road, park and enter the inn via the lobby.

Staff All staff are very attractive NPCs and dress in the same black and white classy outfits. Men wear long black jackets and dress pants with white under shirts and woman wear short black skirts, white knee high stalkings, black garters and low cut black tops. While they appear to be living beings they are in fact physical manifestations of the the inn. They do its bidding willingly and will do what ever is required to keep the patrons happy

Since they are just physical manifestations they can not truly die since they were never truly alive though they can be destroyed. Shortly after being 'killed' they dissolved into thin black mist

The Rooms

Each room has the same general lay out, one large room that contains a large well made bed, a dresser drawers with a flat panel TV that has digital cable and plenty of 'adult' channels at no extra charge, a closet and a ornate bathroom. A series of ornate brass pipes with vents line the floor and ceiling and provide heat when its cold outside.  The inn can customize each room to an extent  by your character. In other words if your character is into bondage then they will find bondage equipment in their room.

The Rules

-The current character limit is currently three in total
-Make sure to use tags to help  identify who is where, when, and with whom. 
-Must specify Hard Offs on character sheets
-Main Character Deaths MUST be approved by GMs
-Discussing potential scenes in OOC and PM is going to be crucial
-If for any reason you need to leave the game, do inform your fellow writers. It's only polite
-The expected posting rate for all players involved is at least once every three to four days. I understand some may be able to do multiple posts per day, while for others real life may get in the way sometimes. If you are unlikely to be available for an extended period of time, be sure to let me know.

Character Creation

What can you play? You can play almost anything from a horror or supernatural game, book, movie, TV as long as you modify the character enough to fit the setting and as along as it can fit through the door and can communicate. Science has advanced enough that antrhos do exist. 

When it comes to powers, be reasonable. Think Penny Dreadful or Lord of the Rings level of abilities when it comes to powers

-Canon Characters and OCs are allowed
-All genders and orientations are welcome, but your character should be 18+
-Characters don't have to be human, they can be non humans.
-No undead characters (vampires are the exception to this)
-Characters can be human, humanoid or anthro or monstrous though with the latter it may be best to give them a human disguise so they can walk among humans unnoticed and reveal their true forms latter

Character Name:
Gender and orientation:
Fandom: If your character is from a fandom
Items and equipment:
Physical description:
Sexual On's and Offs :
Hard offs:

Claimed characters

Bonnie (Five Nights at Freddy's)
The Marionette  (Five Nights at Freddy's 2)
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Offline ShadowFox89

Re: Recruiting- The Briar Rose Inn Sandbox, mild horror, fantasy, exotic
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2014, 06:55:17 PM »
 Popping in to say interested, though I won't have much time tonight to post anything. Kitsune girl who uses shadow based magic okay?

Offline WindVoyagerTopic starter

Re: Recruiting- The Briar Rose Inn Sandbox, mild horror, fantasy, exotic
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2014, 08:31:44 PM »
She will fit right in