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Started by jackstevens, November 16, 2014, 05:41:01 AM

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I'm looking for a partner to play this roleplay, preferably on yahoo (my yim id is mr_jack_stevens)

Web Model
You're the daughter of one of my employees and you're a lil slut, kind of a tease (although your daddy still thinks you're his sweet innocent lil girl). You like to start your own (soft)porn site, where you post pics for yourself. Gold members can even see nudes of you. But you need to find and investor for your 'project'. You're looking for somebody with money. That's why you're eagear to join your daddy to the company party, where you meet me, a powerfull and very rich CEO of a multinational company.


Just as a quick point, you'll probably have more success if you post this down in the non-forum roleplay requests.