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Author Topic: A fantasy story I have bouncing around in my head!! [MUL]; [BON]; [BON-E]; [NC-  (Read 1109 times)

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Offline PhaiaTopic starter

[MUL]; [BON]; [BON-E]; [NC-H]; [NC-E]; maybe [EX]
Hello there!!
I have a few ideas for some solo stories in several genres. If anyone likes these besides me please feel free to use them and have fun with them.

The first is fanatsy and one I have mulled on for sometime and yes parts of all the ideas can be changed as needed.

1)   No name as yet
Rough Outline of Back-story:
A small, ancient order of Paladins and clerics [all male] had an object which they were sworn unto their deity to protect and for years and years they guarded the object. Then one day it was stolen from them by a legendary thief, using a war and battle as cover. This displeased the deity to the extent that the order was punished/cursed until they could regain the object. The deity punished/cursed all the surviving members of the order by transforming them into Minotaur until such time as they retrieved the holy object to its proper place of rest. Allowed to keep their powers as long as they prayed and remained faithful, yet all would know of their failure.

The thief in question had been paid well for the heist by an anonymous client. When he was found by the transformed Paladins, the thief’s mind had been so completely destroyed, by magical spells and other means, he had forgotten everything...his too eat...speak, leaving nothing for the order to follow.

Time passes, as the order used the gold they had as well as becoming mercenaries [who after all would really
 believe they were paladins] following any leads and information.
Finally, the order manages, to link, through scant rumour, idle gossip and wild conjecture that the object of their quest was in the hands of a rather vile and powerful warlord known for his ravenous appetites for both war and the bodily charms of slave women.

The order makes great efforts to re-acquire their holy object through war, diplomacy, quests and even trickery but the warlord’s forces and own trickery was far greater. Sullen, with some of the order now dead from the conflict, but unbroken the rest returned to their disgraced temple to learn from their mistakes and devise new plans of attack. Its was during this, that a few of the members began seeing how others were succumbing to the baser nature of the Minotaur. Several clerics and paladins losing some or nearly all of the deity’s gifts.

During this time of planning they learned about the warlord and his lusts. Immediately they went about acquiring a certain quality of girl who would work with them in their quest. Their choice, a most beautiful courtesan, had skills of thievery that were matched only by her skills of sexuality and pleasure. Convincing her to aid them, as well as paying her, the order sent her into the warlord’s lair. The Minotaur however underestimated their opponent and the courtesan was returned with a note of thanks, her mind broken through the dominant sexual power of the warlord.
They knew then that they must find a truly remarkable girl, beautiful, a skilled thief, magically capable and trained as a slave, to accomplish this task for them.  Oddly enough, they had the perfect candidate in mind. If only they knew how to contact her.

My character:
Mouser or so she is called, is a young adult elf adrift in a city. All she really remembers is growing up on the streets and a few bits and pieces of childhood memories or maybe just dreams.
Hiding what she is by binding her breasts and hips, wearing baggy cloths that are grimy and dirty and her hair short and dirty as well. Posing as a young male elf too all but a few senior members of the city’s thieves’ guild. Mouser is very skilled in burglary and stealth but is not liked within the guild for refusing to harm the marks. As well as not ‘whoring’ for the senior members.
Mouser does have some influence within the guild so those that don’t like her have not been able to move on her.

The Truth about Mouser: She is the lost granddaughter of the High Elf King. On a trip with her parents, an ambush killed nearly everyone save a trusted knight, who even wounded, managed to get her free and barely make it too the city. Hiding in the back streets he tried to recover but the poisoned wounds sapped him and he died leaving the young elf girl alone in an unknown city. The only link to her past is a ring [magic ring but unknown to her] of her mothers she wears on a leather tie around her neck, the tie long enough to have the ring fall between her breasts.
A few memories often as dreams still haunt her and drive her. She does remember her name [or so she believes it too be]
Not only is she a skilled thief but also a sorcerer. Magic runs in her family’s blood and is marked by the pet/familiar they summon. [was leaning toward something like a pseudo dragon]

[I based the character idea on 3ed D&D as a multi classed character]

I do have an idea of how the order has heard of or even met Mouser.

I can see all sorts of possibilities in this story.
From the order’s desperation forcing them into a path that may be wrong and what happens when they do get the object back.

This can be freeform or loosely gamed, IRC or posts. I do tend to prefer IRC but will learn to adapt.

Offline PhaiaTopic starter

I have started this with Brittlby

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Offline PhaiaTopic starter

it seems that Brittly hasnt been around for almost 4 weeks so I am reopening this idea for anyone that might like it....


Offline Murphy Sez

*reads your O/Os... guffaws, yes guffaws... @ vowel sex*
Oh that's just hilarious!