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Author Topic: A Furry Tale (looking for F) (Furry/anthro/Nudism)  (Read 541 times)

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A Furry Tale (looking for F) (Furry/anthro/Nudism)
« on: November 14, 2014, 01:11:57 am »

The world as we know it has ended, or at least the civilization of men has come to an end. 10,000 years prior, the world marks the end of humanity yet it also bore the legacy of what humanity had left behind. Ruins of ancient city, cobbled streets that has been partially claimed by vegetation, wrecked vehicles, malfunctioning advanced technologies and humanity's successor, the anthropomorphs.

Age of Furries/Age of the Anthromorps
Furries, otherwise knows as anthromorphians now inhabit Earth as the sole intelligent and dominating sentient species. Bearing the mark of humanity upon them, these anthromorphs evolved from and took on the traits of their feral ancestors. Following in the steps of mankind, some of these anthromorphs lives in community of villages, akin to aboriginal natives of ancient Earth and others began to form civilization of their own. The anthromorphs appears a few thousand years after the abrupt extinction of mankind and seeing the ancient relics and structures of ruined cities, they believed that humanity was the civilization that created them, dubbing humanity as the Creator Race.

The anthromorphs themselves has no recollection of how or why humanity had created them yet many of the anthromorphian communities worship and reveres the Creator Race as Gods. Ancient relics belonging to the Creator Race were highly regarded as extremely valuable, things that humanity cosiders today to be mundane such as microwave oven is a religious relics of certain anthromorphian tribe as a religious symbol containing great power of 'magically' turning raw foodstuff into edible food.

The culture of the anthromorps differs greatly from region to region and sometimes from species to species. Those descended from the Hyaenidae species (hyenas) stalks the desert or wasteland as bandit tribes and those descended from the leporidae(rabbits/bunnies) tends to be peaceful and sometimes intellectual. While mirroring the ancient civilization of their creators, anthromorphian has one distinctive difference in their culture, they do not put clothing in the same regards as their creators do. Their fuzzy furs for the most part protect them from the element, although the climate change since the humanity is gone has made it more bearable even for those unclothes, because of this, the anthromorphs for the most part involves themselves in social activity naked.
The world
Whatever caused the extinction of humanity was also probably the cause behind the climate change of the entire Earth. Earth is now far more warmer than it used to be with large part of the world becoming tropical as a result. Villages are built in a more rural areas of the world, inhabited by the anthromorphs resembling native tribals, in some areas, the anthromorphs have built themselves cities made of stones and marbles, reminiscent of humanity's iron age. These more advanced and sophisticated nation-states gave birth to new occupation such as relic-hunters and archaeologists who continues to seek out the truth regarding the history of the Creator Race.

The flora of the world, for the most part remains unchanged, although certain plants that only exists in certain climates has gone extinct themselves following the radical change in world's climate. In their place are new flora, some of them extremely strange yet benign and others, such as man-eater plant are highly carnivorous and dangerous.

Oddly enough, certain part of the world are regarded by the anthromorphians as 'forbidden realm' noting how it is devoid of life, poisonous and to them 'cursed'. These 'forbidden realms' are blasted wastelands with the ground turned ashen dark, the air around is filled with smog and ashes and the rivers are flowing with green liquid goo. Whatever happen to these blasted wastelands, is an enigma to the curious and foolhardy among the anthromorpian adventurers and truth-seekers.

The story
The story begins with a female scientist in her twenties working on a secret government project to discover the theory of space-time continuum. The project has gone on or a couple of years now and the laboratory she is working on has constructed a theoretically viable time-machine but as of yet untested. One night while working on a late night shift, a small earth quake erupted right underneath the laboratory, causing the power generator to short-circuited. The time-machine flickered to life and in an unquarantined environment, the machine accidentally created a wormhole and the female scientist was sucked into the wormhole and into...the future, 10,000 years from whence she came.

Without a doubt her arrival from the past would cause a furore, the anthromorphian for the most part considers human as gods while some only see them as myths and legends. In certain parts of the world she could even be treated like a goddess and whether she would take advantage of the ignorant anthromorphian is entirely up to her.

I am looking for a lady who is into furry/anthro mostly as the she would be playing the scientist stranded far into the future where aside from her, the rest of the population of the world consists of anthromorphian furries, feral evolved animals and mutated creatures. I am also looking for someone who isn't squeamish about exhibitionism/voyeurism as her character would be mostly naked as well alongside the anthromorphian.

This story will be freeform with no set of main storyline to pursue on. The scientist, after being introduced and settled to the idea of the new world, may then decide on her course of action. She may try to use her knowledge of science or engineering to help better the lives of the anthromorphian she found or use her considerable status as one of the Creator Race to bring two warring side to a peace table becoming a true humanitarian. She could also become a relic-hunter or truth-seeker herself, seeking to find the truth of what truly happen to the human race and how they become extinct amidst ruins of ancient past. However, if she is someone of an opportunist, she may use her considerable knowledge of human technology to carve her own empire and rule the anthromorphian as a goddess. Whatever it is, the RP will adapt to her decision. I will be controlling all other characters in the story except for the female scientist.

PM me if interested and we can discuss ideas ;D
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