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January 18, 2021, 10:41:11 AM

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Author Topic: Protecting Time  (Read 332 times)

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Offline LilJinxxieMewTopic starter

Protecting Time
« on: November 13, 2014, 07:57:43 PM »

This is my first request thread posting on Elliquiy, so hopefully it isn’t too bad looking, haha!

Anywho.. I have been wanting to play out this particular idea for a while now, so if you're interested feel free to shoot me a message. ^_^ ~

Protecting Time

For everything that exists there is a designated path in the writing of time for all that there will be, has been, and ever will be. The smallest of actions, decisions, words can create a change in the time-flow of a small organism, a species, a nation, a world; everything is connected in one way or another. So much so that one little thing someone can do will affect the path of a total stranger. The question is: Where is time kept?

The answer is quite simple..

Like everything else there is an entity that holds reign over the existence of time. This entity is known as the essence of time, she does not have a known name. It was lost long ago in an ancient struggle for control among the celestial beings holding the fabric of the Universe together. Because of this power struggle there was a drastic decision that had to be determined by the hierarchy of celestials. It was decided that the essence of time would be hidden in the mortal world going through cycles of life stages, not knowing who her true identity was. No one would ever know the true name of time fore it could bring destruction and terror to all that existed. If anyone were to learn of time’s name, they would hold the power of manipulating time in any way imaginable. In order to keep the truth of time’s relocation the celestials, with the help of time, erased that moment of relocation and any whisper of her identity. The only hints of this event happening was in the old scrolls written by the seers, kept hidden away in long forgotten lands.

Throughout her cycles, Time went by many names, beginning each life as a young female in her mid adolscent life stage. Her body aged slow, over a span of one or two centuries, then she would dissipate from the world and reappear anew, not knowing her name. The only knowledge she had was that she her presence was of great importance to the very fabric of any and all things that existed. With this in mind she would discover at the beginning of each cycle her gifts of sight, emotional connection, and elemental manipulation where apart of her nature. There were a few times in her various cycles that her existence was threatened which triggered an energy that lye dormant within her unless she was in extreme danger. When it was released intricate markings, usually invisible to the human eye, that wrapped around her limbs would give off an iridescent bluish-white light, matching one given off from her eyes that had the affect of eradicating anything within a 50 mile radius. When this happened she would go into a dormant stage after the eradication of anything within that specific vicinity for a decade or so to let her body regain the energy it exhausted.

Centuries have passed since the last incident of Time being placed in danger but things are not as safe as they appear. It was no accident that the dormant power was initiated. An order as old as the first disruption has been at play, trying to break through the barriers of defense that were put into place before her cycles began. This ancient order has been tracking Time through her many lives, observing her in a means to find some way to unlock the faded seal of locked time etched upon her back appearing to be a unique birthmark to most, but it was spoken of in the writings of the seers. According to legend it is said that when one speaks the true name of time, spills blood of innocence, blood of darkness, and the purest energy is expelled from it’s source then the essence of Time would become a puppet to the one whom unlocked it.

But like all sources of darkness there is an opposing source of light that has also heard of Time. The sources of light are individuals marked by the celestials to protect Time in cases like this.