Tricks of the mind.

Started by Jester, September 30, 2008, 05:06:01 PM

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I am looking for someone to play a girl who is troubled.

She is gorgeous, pretty and incredibly sexy and intelligent but she does not believe it. Perhaps she is depressed and self harms but her feeling of self worth is at its lowest. Her only release is when she humiliates and debases herself. She begs for ti to happen and as she feels the flush of embarrassment and the horror of the situation does she feel good about herself.

She finds a man who finally cares for her and she lets herself be used and abused by him thinking he is doing it because he cares and loves her. Her mind is tricking her.

I have a few ideas for this game but i would love someone who is open-minded and happy to explore the girls drop into depravity and a few kinks and fetishes... 

Drop me a line


Hi :) I might be interested. Tell me more :)



Hmm seems like I am too late..

Well I hope to read this soon since I cannot write in it.
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Aye, another that catches my interest, where do you come up with these lovely things?
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