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Author Topic: RP one added...The Night Manager  (Read 2397 times)

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RP one added...The Night Manager
« on: November 10, 2014, 09:39:26 am »
I am going to start putting links in here that people have dropped before starting. So, keep watch and if ever interested let me know.

Loves Dark Desires (Victorian Era RP) OPEN
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Re: Ideas
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2015, 09:11:54 pm »
Firstly, I only play on the forums or over PM. I DO NOT RP over IM. So, please...please do not ask because I will not budge. Also, I have a real life outside of the group and I have real health issues as to where I can not be on the computer at all times. So. please, be understanding. There will also be times where I can post several times a day or several times a week. It depends on what is going on and how my muse is working for me. I will do my best to not make anyone wait more then two weeks for a post. Again I apologize.

The characters I highlighted in "bold" are the one's I want to play. If you don't see anything highlighted it is open for discussion.

Here is a site link that will allow you to see my kinks and no-no's:

Male Beast/Demon/F
Angel/Human (either one)
Angel/Mythological God
Big Bad Wolf/Little Red Riding Hood
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Thor Crossover
Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Avengers
Celebrity(Tom Hiddleston or Robert Downey Jr.)/OC
Tom Hiddleston/Robert Downey Jr.
Male Teacher/Female Student
Male Teacher/Male Student
Victorian RP

Sesshomaru/Inuyasha (Incest or Brothely)

Sha Gojyo/Genjo Sanzo
Cho Hakkai/Genjo Sanzo
Sha Gojyo/OC
Cho Hakkai/OC
Genjo Sanzo/OC
Genjo Sanzo/Cho Hakkai/Sha Gojyo/OC (Male or Female)

L/Light Yamagi (Kira)

Jubilee/Logan/Kitty Pryde (Jealousy plot)
Logan/Laura (Fatherly...not incestial)
Young Beast (Nicholas Hoult)/OC
Steve Rogers/OC
Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Tony Stark/OC
Gambit/Tony Stark

Louis de Point du Luc/Lestat de Lioncourt
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Re: Open threads and ideas.....In need of a Loki
« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2015, 11:30:29 pm »

Loki RP

Could Loki, the fallen Prince of Asgard truly learn to love a mortal human or would he always be the trickster that he always was,using her for his own gain while causing psychological, physical, and emotional pain to the woman? Is Loki really playing her as much as he thinks he is, or is it she that is working to soften his dark and hardened heart?

First Idea: I would love to RP a story about Loki and a mortal human from earth. Of course he is the arrogant, heartless man he always was but one day he meets a woman that will turn his world upside down. Not only his but hers as well. In the beginning I can see them both hating each other immensely. Especially, since he has caused the world so much pain. Him, because she is a worthless human and he would never end up like his adoptive brother Thor. Yet, as time goes on he figures that maybe he could use her in his next plan to destroy Thor and the Avengers...maybe even Asgard. So, he tries to start being kind to her for his own purposes.

She, willing to try and forgive him will think he is being honest with her and she buys into his scam, only to find out later it was a lie when he takes her somewhere and has her locked up. He will begin to treat her cruelly....again Play metal games with her. Maybe be psychically abusive. She won't understand why all of this is happening, even though she knows she shouldn't have been a fool to believe what he said when he was a cold hearted trickster that loved no one but himself. Still, she was starting to care for him and even like him and it was making things hard for her. She hated him but she still wanted to be with him.

Loki, the beginning of the abuse will feel nothing really, other then enjoyment and pleasure. That is until he or one of his servants go overboard and he sees how it effects her. He doesn't know why or how he feels such things but to him it is confusing and irritating. It will make him grumpier then usual but it will also make him rethink as to how he treated her. He might start spending small amount of time with her, getting to know her. Each time will get a little longer. He is figuring out his feelings while learning more about the woman herself.

She, not wanting to believe in him again won't allow herself to be hurt again. So, she yells at him and argues. She will refuse his company and it will have to be forced upon her to make her join him for dinner or walks in the garden. She will fight him all the way because she don't want to be broken anymore then what she already is but again things never end up going the way either want them to go and they will eventually fall in love and get married.

My other thought was: With Loki living in Asgard again there will be a ball celebrating Thor's marriage to Jane that would involve different people from the other 9 realms. One of them being an angel (my oc) from another level that maybe none of them knew heaven or something close to heaven...maybe a place they never really believed existed though they heard rumors. Anyway, she will be from a different type of realm. All of them will find this fascinating and a little threatening because they can feel the power coming from her. Odin will not like this to much and it will turn everything he knew about everything upside down. He also wonders if this new realm will be an ally or a foe to his realm and the others. So, he will want her to stay at the palace and get to know as much as he can about her.

{When this takes place, Loki will have already have known about being "adopted" and has served his time for killing all of those innocent people in New York. He is back in Asgard but people are still very weary of him because he is the trickster and still very much mischievous.}

In the meantime Loki is fascinated by the creature but he won't treat her any differently then he would anyone else even though he has strange feelings for her. Feelings, he can't explain or understand.

He becomes enthralled and almost obsessed with her since he has never seen such a woman like this before. She definitely likes him as well even though he is cruel and heartless. There are times she even fears him but still, she sees something in him that makes her believe that he can change if he can find someone that won't deceive and lie to him. Someone that he could love.

Here is where it will get tricky. She is pure. He is not. Which doesn't really matter other then for the fact that (just like Thor and Jane) it shouldn't happen because it is forbidden. In her realm she should marry one of her own and Loki should marry one his.

Anyway, when it is time for her to go since she really won't reveal much to Odin about her realm (which pisses him off), Loki will kidnap her and keep her to himself. He isn't sure what he is actually doing with her. It's just that he can't let her go because of some odd feeling he has. In either case there will be times he will be cruel and heartless towards her and then there will be times he will be kind. Which will confuse them both.

*Long term RP*

I want a partner that is guaranteed. Not one that skips out on me before it starts or only posts once or twice and then leaves without saying a word. I also don't like writing with someone who skips out and I ask them what happened only to be ignored and avoided. If you don't want to do the RP have the balls to tell me but don't say nothing at all and leave me hanging. It pisses me off!

Real life always comes first for everyone. So, a few posts a week are fine with me. Any longer then two without a post I get a little worried and will ask if you are still committed or want to quit. Most of all have fun!
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Re: Open threads and ideas.....New links added
« Reply #3 on: December 30, 2015, 10:57:53 pm »
Did a little house cleaning. ~Bump~

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Re: Open threads and ideas.....New links added
« Reply #4 on: January 27, 2016, 10:58:31 pm »

I am looking for someone to play my lover/king in this RP.  This would be a M/M RP/Forbidden love type of thing. I am wanting to play a slightly younger man who would be in his "army". That or maybe be a servant that he starts to have an affair with. Of course bisexuality in that era would be forbidden and with being married it would really be a sin. I would like to see them go through different obstacles and see if their love is enough to overcome all of the ridicule and danger they would be in.

If anyone is interested please PM me.
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Re: Open threads and ideas.....New links added
« Reply #5 on: April 05, 2016, 10:08:40 pm »

Crimson Peak RP (Nothing is set in stone. So, willing to discuss some changes.)

Modern day woman takes over as the owner of the newly rebuilt Allerdale Mansion since it was knocked down and rebuilt as a hotel/tourist attraction. The red clay has been extracted from the ground and has been very profitable in the rebuilding of Allerdale Hall and the surrounding grounds.

Even though the ground under the house and the surrounding area has been cleared of the red substance, it doesn't mean that the spirits have left the tainted ground or that they won't take residence in the newly rebuilt Allerdale Hall.

My character, who grew up in a small town but moved to New York for her job, decides after several years of being a crime scene investigator and dealing with dead bodies , moves to Allerdale for a quieter and slower kind  of life in hopes of finding a future husband and having children. She believes in ghosts and has had a few occasions where she has felt things, but other then that she never really had any altercations.

Things through out the mansion begins happening. Small things at first. Something moved or misplaced or maybe a glimpse of something out of the corner of one's eye every now and again but nothing  of serious least not at first. As time goes on things will escalate and even Thomas's sister and everyone who has died inside the house will come out to play.

Thomas himself will take interest in the new woman of the mansion from the very beginning. As well as all the other ghosts in the mansion but for other reasons. In his case he will be intrigued by her beauty and at how different she is compared to women of his day. She is also different then the other women that come and stay at the rebuilt Allerdale. Everything will be new to him, except for the fact that the mansion looks as it did in the past, except for the fact it isn't falling apart and there are new "updates" to accommodate today's technologies and conveniences. He will also notice that there is no longer red seeping through the ground and flooring of the house.

He will watch her. Wish to be with her. At one point he will make himself known to her...and that is when they will begin to try and communicate with one another. At first it will be hard but eventually he will come to her in ways neither one could ever expect they could do.

My character will have a boyfriend that she speaks with on a regular basis that lives in the States. It isn't until he comes to visit her that Thomas becomes unhappy and tries to do everything he can to chase him away. He sees things in this man that he doesn't like and he tries to tell my character, but she won't listen because she just thinks he is jealous, which he is but he is also trying to keep her safe. His sister Lucille may even have a hand in manipulating her boyfriend in order to get rid of the beautiful girl so she can have Thomas all to herself.

In the end Thomas will have to find true love in order to become human again and then my character and him can continue in the modern world and maybe have a real relationship together.

At this point the story could go in different directions. They could have a good relationship and get married and have children or things could become rocky when Thomas gets a taste of the new world. He could even possibly be haunted by his past that they have to cope with. There are so many possibilities.

*What I am looking for in the story*

Lost souls
Jealous ghost/Jealous human
Haunted grounds/Haunted House
Sex with a ghost
Sex with human
Possible possession
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Re: Open threads and ideas.....New links added
« Reply #6 on: April 15, 2016, 10:33:29 pm »

Jonathan Pine:The Night Manager

Jonathan Pine/Andrew Birch

The Night Manager:
is an espionage novel by John le Carré. It is a post-Cold War novel, detailing an undercover operation to bring down a major international arms dealer.

Anyone who hasn't seen the television series or read the book here is the basic idea for the plot and story line: The Night Manager is a contemporary interpretation of John le Carré’s best-selling spy novel, which follows hotel manager Jonathan Pine in his quest to bring down international arms dealer Richard Roper. Pine, a former soldier, is thrust into a world of international intrigue when he is recruited by a British intelligence officer to infiltrate Roper’s inner circle. To get to the heart of Roper’s vast empire, Pine must withstand the allure of his beautiful girlfriend Jed and the suspicious interrogations of his venal chief of staff Major Corkoran. In his quest to do the right thing, Pine must first become a criminal himself.

My idea: My OC gets sucked into dealings with selling weapons with Roper while trying to get information to bring him down. She will be an American who is trying to catch Roper in his dirty dealings since he is also dealing high tech weapons with the crooked bastards in Washington. Pine I figure is curious about the newcomer as well as she with him, since neither know the other exists and they don't know that the other is trying to get information for their country. They will distrust one another in the beginning. Maybe even dislike each other because of being connected to Roper. As time goes on they will find out that they are both trying to do the same thing and will begin trying to help one another on the inside, since they are no longer really connected to the outside like before, since going rogue to try and catch this guy.

I see them eventually stealing moments alone from time to time while still trying to keep up appearances. He will still be sleeping with Jed but not falling in love with her or living happily ever after. For my character she will be sleeping with Sandy Langbourne who likes cheating on his wife with other women, including the babysitter.

I can play Jed. Corky, and my OC if someone can handle Jonathan, Sandy, Roper.  The others we can mix and match or play as NPC's. This will not be exactly like the book or television series. It will have the same people but this is my own plot. That is why I don't have everything written out because I enjoy communicating with my partners and like to hear their ideas. Please, contact me if interested. Thanks!
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Re: RP one added...The Night Manager
« Reply #7 on: September 26, 2016, 08:04:07 pm »
Craving, a Tony Stark RP. It would be a M/F RP. Looking for someone to play Tony! Willing to discus a plot!