Sarah's New Craving (FxF)

Started by sstone72, November 10, 2014, 08:53:31 AM

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I am looking for an accomplished female writing partner open to explore open and free form type of role play's. Story lines can range from reality to fantasy.  I apologize, but I am not into TV themed type of role plays but I would be willing to discuss spin off of the main theme role play.    I have been writing for many years, have written many different story and character types and I am very easy and enjoyable to role play with.  If this type of play is one you would be interested in.

Ok, first for the fine print:

The partner I am seeking should be comfortable with the following:

-Able to work together to create this world without a scripted a plot.
-Be comfortable with a fluid, ever changing story line that may involve multiple, underlying plots and sub plots of character development.
-Be comfortable with dark adult situations of a ruthless, sexual or violent and disturbing  kind.  (This will not be a cybersex story, but the story lines will involve some these  elements)
-Good grammar and spelling with the ability to write at least multiple descriptive paragraphs per post.
-Willing to partner in plot development and take the lead as developments in the story necessitate.
-Explore sensitive plots that could be disturbing in nature.
-Enjoy writing surprise and shocking plot twists.
-Be sensitive to real life demands and commitments to not let the story lapse.
-Be open to communicate ideas, thoughts desires and concerns on the direction the story is taking.
-Be committed to the play and not just vanish without communicating.
-Comfortable with a long term story line.

My Craving:

My character is a dedicated wife of an influential man,  with a very strong willed, feisty, yet a bit naive in a way she unconsciously chooses to ignore. She has never had the thought of cheating or having sex with another person, much less another female until, unknowing to her,  another woman  has become intrigued with her and has set about on an a ruthlessly evil plan to chip away at her will using public settings where she cant resist without causing a scene or embarrassment, but manages to just barely escape without realizing she is her resistance is dwindling with each attack on her mind, will and emotions until the point she begins to give away and realizes she desires to surrender to the domination.  Whatever evil plans to break the dedicated wife is entirely up to my partner.  Different public places like dinners, packed trains or subways, theatres, stadiums, or just about any public setting that would stifle resistance could be used.

I have played mostly evil, dominating types most of my rp career and can put up a good fight and challenge to be broken. Violence, ruthlessness, and whatever evil plot you desire is fine and I am open to just about anything.

If you are interested,  please PM me.