Reckless Habits (Modern era)

Started by Airindel, November 09, 2014, 06:57:56 PM

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Reckless Habits

Genre: Drama/Romance/Tragedy
Setting: Modern Contemporary

It is said that some people cannot help themselves, their lives being nothing more than train wrecks: all in ruins, crumbling and disintegrating.

That described her…
A past of abuse and abandonment. Emotional trauma.
It was why she found herself turning tricks, begging on the streets, and high. Survival and numbing the pain.

That is how he found her.  In a club, slamming down shots with so-called friends, and forgetting about the real world, about her actual problems.
He could see that she was a beauty—if only she didn’t dress that way, and if only she didn’t wear so much make up, or if it wasn’t smudged. And there was a spark of brilliance flickering behind her dilated pupils. It was why he had approached her—a man who took chances, understood the nature of gambling—and he took her home.

Whatever happened between them, when she woke, she couldn’t remember. All she knew was that there was a stranger, a man, in her apartment. For a reason unto his own, he would make a proposal to her: for her to straighten out, and he would keep her in a comfortable lifestyle. What he wanted in return would be another home, one away from his world of business, away from his family: a place to forget, to escape everyday demands and realities.

But there is always a price to pay for such luxuries.

Notes: Looking for a partner (gender unimportant) to write from the male’s point-of-view in third person. Plot details to be created by both of us. Willing to write and create NPCs.
Looking to explore a friendship that blooms into the physical, of desires and demands, emotional scars and wounds, double lives and scandals.

If interested, please send me a PM.
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Are the best for kissing
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