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Started by Will, September 30, 2008, 08:34:24 AM

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I've been thinking about a scenario involving a pair of con artists, a man and a woman.  They travel from town to town and take people for their money through fairly elaborate schemes.  Maybe they have one good scam that they run repeatedly...I'm still up in the air on details.  Maybe they stay in one place a little too long, maybe someone follows them on their way out of town, maybe they cross paths with another pair of/group of/individual con artist(s).  I like how flexible it is, how the whole story could turn on a dime, and I like the idea of playing a character that plays other characters. :)  As far as the relationship between the pair, I'm pretty open.  Perhaps one is more dominant, pushing the other into dangerous situations, or it could be an even partners sort of thing.  I do expect them to have feelings for each other, but since they're so used to hiding who they are, they would probably have a hard time expressing it...Their feelings would most likely only become clear when they're under pressure, such as when one is in danger.  Anyway, I've rambled enough.  Let me know if you think it might be fun!

Well, that was fast!
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I think it would, and I have a couple of hints. Drop me a PM if it's still open.
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