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Author Topic: Old story ideas: the supernatural, fantasy, scifi, superheroes, cartoons,...  (Read 2072 times)

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Offline Darthvegeta800Topic starter

NOTE: old idea thread with lots of random things:


Steampunk Renaissance: Eldritch Horror and Swashbuckling

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The redhaired beauty stood arms crossed overlooking the ritual. Clad in a captain's uniform, the swashbuckling beauty smirked malevolently as her men stood guard.
The pirates held sabers, rapiers, crossbows, muskets and a variety of other weapons.
The Captain put her longheeled black boot on the chest before her.
She had been well reimbursed for her services but she craved more. When all was at an end, the circle of Witches had promised her a 'divination'.
Wetting her red lips, she eagerly awaited that moment.

The robed women sat kneeling in a circle. Their chants eerie and bizarre. She could not understand the language referred to as 'Eldritch' or 'Black Tongue'.
The figures raised their hands in the sky. A strange supernatural glow surrounded their slender hands.
All of them were unusually beautiful and young which was strange as she was certain that their leader, the woman that stood in the center clad in more regal robes was in her late fourties.
Yet the woman had a physique that made even the captain fluster.
The leader of the little pagan Kabal held a bizarre staff and rose it up into the sky. Jolts of energy shot upwards, the staff crackling with strange energy.
The redhaired captain was unphased. She had seen this before.

Hunted and persecuted, witchcraft and sorcery were forbidden but it happened nonetheless. In secret gatherings or isolated dark place Witches and Warlocks gathered or Necromancers summoned spirits of the long departed. Summoning rituals promised great bounty but also the risk of creating unstable rifts.
The Vatican did not stand idly by though. If Piracy without charter invoked the wrath of powerful people, then this sort of risky endeavors might invoke the Ire of the Vatican's lethal hunters and inquisitors or worse... forces from beyond the 'veil'.

A thick fog took shape as a woman of magical prowess was stripped. Caught by the redhaired captain, the vile gypsy would be sacrificed. Good riddance... she should not have rebuked them.
She would make a good sacrifice given the power of her soul.

The emerald eyed captain devoured the beautiful gypsy's physique. She smirked as the brave girl growled at the head of the Coven.
Above them all a circle of light took form. They would need to be quick lest they attract unwelcome attention.
Luckily she had put out a perimeter guard to ensure she got ample warning.

Beyond the fog though figures clad in black cuirasses with a golden cross on it marched forward, their bloodred cloaks and golden mask underlining the official nature of their Order.
Some held halberds in black gloved hands. Others crossbows or rapiers. And a rare few experimental rifles of wondrous design.
Veterans of Holy War and battle against mercenaries, pirates and magic-wielding heretics, these were the Battle Brothers, the Iron Fist of the Vatican.
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Their attack was sudden as they doomed up out of the fog, striking with their crossbows to take out the perimeter guards. The Pirates had been distracted by the light show and the sudden attack gave them no time to react.
A singular figure in black stepped forth from the fog as his men enclosed the heretics. His black cloak flowed on the supernatural wind.
The green light caused of the magical rift held nothing new to this heartless man.
His icy blue gaze the only visible thing behind a full golden mask. He fixed the beautiful and ageless leader of the Coven.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
"SURRENDER ALL OF YOU!!! BY PAPAL DECREE ALL OF YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!!!!" his voice froze all but none looked willing to surrender. They knew what fate awaited them.

The redhaired captain turned to see the newcomer and her heart skipped a beat by dread and other sensations... more profane.
"The Black Captain..." she whispered.
As she drew her sword, the leading Witch roared "Stop her Captain! And I and my Circle will bewitch the Battle Brothers!"
"Capitaine Rochnan..." she saluted him mockingly "En garde...".

Rochnan raised his voice "Kill the Witches. And focus your mind to weaken any spells!" a booming dry voice that oozed experience and command.
The Pirates attacked, both sides opening fire or engaging in fierce duels.
Several Witches were felled but their leader remained, her hand holding the gypsy's wrist.
She aimed her staff at the Battle Brother second in command and began to chant a spell.
The gypsy grapped the staff and jolts of energy fired in all directions hitting foes and friends alike. The men and women hit slammed down, many never to rise again.

The redhaired fury engaged 'The Black Captain' in combat. He dodged her with ease and lashed out himself. A cold gaze fixing her. The blackclad specter promising death to all sinful creatures of her kind. Crossing blades, the two engaged in a fierce duel and to her surprise, for the first time she had met her match... and in a man of Law and Order at that!
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A sudden flash of his blade cut her wrist, going through her glove. She lost her weapon and a kick into her stomach sent her toppling over the chest.
As he calmly strode towards her, he stopped realizing the danger the leading Witch posed, he pulled a pistol from his belt and aimed... the shot finding its mark.
The ageless Witch fell wounded and lost her hold of the staff.
The innocent gypsy holding the staff and maintaining control of it. She looked the part of witch. And that did not look good.
The Battle Brothers were winning and the first few had descended on the circle which attempted to unleash a powerful spell.

The rift overhead grew unstable and unholy magical lightning began to jolt down, burning trees and scorching ground.
Rochnan turned to face the french pirate captain but the fierce tigress had drawn her throwing and used his moment of distraction.
As she threw it, she rolled back into a crouch and grabbed her blade.
To her surprise her blackclad opponent held her dagger in hand.
One of the pirates attacked him from behind.
Rochnan turned swiftly, blocked and gutted the man, throwing the dagger into the back of a Witch that fired off a spell at one of his men. The Battle Brother, sunken onto his knees in pain was safed as the spell ended prematurely, the young Witch finding a dagger in her back.
"Deus Le Vult..." Rochnan said calmly "Kill all who resist Brother!" he stated. The wounded man in a red cloak nodded, grabbed his halberd and impaled another witch trying to weave a hex.

The Black Captain turned around to face the pirate captain.
She smiled mischievously at the impressive speciment before her.
She had not had such a challenge in a long time. A very long time. Not since...
Could it be? Was the Black Captain... 'him'?
"You fight well Capitaine Noir" she said. "But given how you lurk in shadows and hide behind steel and cloth... perhaps not all performs as well as your rapier"
His eyes turned to slits but he did not take the bait.
"Something you will never have the pleasure of testing... sinful creature" he said calmly, she noticed a german accent. His gaze fixed her like a predator stares down prey.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It was a situation the cunning pirate had never been in before.
Nobody ever intimidated her. "How did you find us?"
"Fraulein. I am the Black Captain..." he said "Nothing escapes me..."
"C'est pas une réponse!" she snarled annoyed.
"I weisse es fraulein" he replied then to throw her off spoke fluent french "En Garde Capitaine du Diable. Continuons..." he lashed out and their blades met once more.
And she found herself in the duel of her life...


WARHAMMER 40K: Terrors from the Dark - a tale of Dark Eldar

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Eric and Jonas ran back to the small village. They were out of breath, sweating profusely and their heartbeat went through the roof.
It was dark and if not for the light of the two small moons, they would probably already have fallen over the many branches and rocks.
Movement was hard and they had been running for what seemed ages now.
Eric could see Jonas a bit further ahead, still clenching a laspistol in his hand. Dangerous, foolish and currently useless... but Eric could understand the sense of comfort it might have given.
He himself was oddly comforted by the combat blade at his hip and the hunting rifle swung over his back.
Out here a man had to ensure his own protection. Except for a local arbiter most law enforcement had to come from the big cities and those were few on this world.
As the town came closer Jonas let out a cry and soon Eric also realized why. There was a fire!
As they slowed down they looked at each other and nodded, moving cautiously closer.
The terrors of the night that they had seen beyond the forest... the warriors with spikey dark armor and glowing eyes might have attacked the village?
If so their warning had come too late...

As they approached the village, they tried to stay in the shadows. How had it happened so fast? Only two hours had passed since their trek to the outskirts of the forest. Here and there one saw friends, neighbours and even pets impaled or put on display in gross and terrifying ways.
The stink of roasted meat was in the air.
As they walked forth, something dawned on them. Besides the horrible edifices made of unfortunate victims, most people were simply 'gone'.
The humble belongings of the inhabitants remained in the spot. Even the more valuable objects like those found in the chapel of the Holy God Emperor were left untouched.
Where had everyone gone to?
As they stood side by side before the altar, an eerie laugh echoed from nearby shadows. As one they turned. Eric held his rifle while Jonas still clenched his laspistol.
Two glowing eyes gazed at them.
Yellow glowing orbs.
It was then they realized there was a presence behind them.
They tried to turn but halfway their motion, Eric felt a deep cut in his arms and instant paralysis befell him.
His rifle fell onto the floor and his immobilized body fell a moment after.
Intense agony wracked his body. He heard Jonas roar something but no shot followed.
The last thing he saw before the pain overcame him were two obsidian clad feet.
And then there was nothing else...

Seated in his command chair, the dark armoured figure held a cup in one hand and a strange trinket in the other.
Sunken in deep thought, he ignored the reports of the meagre harvest. Easy prey. A little extra on the way back to Commorragh but no more than that.
In half a day they would have taken their fill and his ships would return.
He was most interested in the harvest his men could have in the major city. Underdefended but still filled with life.
Fodder for the pits, fuels for Dark Eldar industry and sustenance for all of them. Cattle and beasts of labor. A raid beneath him intellectually. There was no challenge here. But all small things made a great. His life's path and ascension had been proof of that.
He smiled lightly as he watched his sister's amulet in his hand.
If he was the rising star, selfmade leader of the Crimson Eye Kabal and the military genius of the family... she was the machiavellan overlord that led an ancient Kabal.
He was the upstart. And she was the mistress. In more ways than one. Their relationship was complicated. Hostile, loving, deceitful, sexual. But in the end despite his cunning she always had him outgunned. Her prestige and resources overshadowing his.
One day that would change and he would hold the leash.
One day the survivors of her Kabal would wear his crimson eye on their obsidian armor.
As he pondered what he'd do next to deal with some rival Kabals back home, one of his underlings dared to approach him.

Instantly a tall and massive figure to his side turned his head ever so lightly to this woman. Clad in thick elaborate armor and wielding a large Glaive, the giant Incubi was an intimidating presence.
Over the armor he wore a long coat which underlined his status as leader of his bodyguard and righthandman.
Grimm was ancient, a veteran that had 'volunteered' to serve under him.
They went back far and only Grimm was aware of his longterm goals.
"My lord..." the young Kabalite Warrior said. Her voice had a nervous undertone. She wore no helmet but her armor was black with a crimson red sash and red markings on her chestplate.
"Speak Tash'ya" the young Archon said.
"We have detected something... unusual..." she hesitated a moment "I checked the readings and I... suspect it is webway activity."
The Archon put his cup down and leaned forward "Where?".
"Below my lord. Several portals... on several locations on this world..." she replied.
"You are certain of this?" he asked.
She nodded.
"More than one portal on this forgotten world that as far as I know had little importance to our people..." he suddenly smiled wickedly "Perhaps... there is opportunity here after all if we act fast enough. Show me the world map and where these portals are situated" he said pleased.
His reaction somewhat calmed Tash'ya but then Viral Shadowstryker added "And pray your estimations are right."
As Viral followed her to a display, Grimm never let his master out of his sight.


Cyberpunk Duels: Honor and Duty

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The asian beauty crawled through the vents of the Miyamoto Citadel. Her sleek black suit reflecting all sensor readings. Her face enclosed by a helmet.
Her implants allowing her full interaction with the suit.
Her gloved hands slid across the metallic surface as arrived near a grate.
A vizor activated and she found a weakness in the alloy.
She thrust her index and middle finger forward, the metal giving way. A moment later she ripped open the little bars.
Reaching down with her hand, she unlocked a little clip and then was able to fully open the grating.
Agilly the longlegged saboteur slipped through, landing crouched.
Hand on the floor, her vizor already analyzed her surroundings.
She saw the infrared laserbeams that barred her passage.
She rolled under them, then leapt and finally jumped between two. Landing on the other side, she rose up with grace and dignity.

She heard noise though and pushed herself against the wall.
An Ashigaru... combat cyborg passed by. The military-grade cybernetically enhanced soldier was clad in the blue armor carapace of Clan Miyamoto. He held a customized high calibre machine gun. It would wreck her if ever he got in a few bullets. On his back was a short monomolecular combat blade. His helmeted head did not move. He was looking forward as he walked, not expecting trouble to come from the side with the infrared detectors.
'A fatal error...' she thought. As he continued on, she quickly moved behind him. She drew a ninja-to from her back and in a single stroke cut of the man's head.
She would have let him go but he barred passage and her sensors indicated he had had something she needed.
Crouching next to him, she recovered a datakey. Attaching it to her belt, she grabbed the head and body, sliding them to the side and somewhat out of sight. She needed to move quickly.
As she entered the dataroom thanks to the recovered key, she plugged a datacord into the side of her vizor.
The upload would only take a few moments...

"Done..." she whispered. But at that exact moment she felt a powerful hand grab her neck and swing her into the wall.
With a powerful 'thud' she slammed into the steel plates and as she landed on all fours she heard a snicker.
Looking up she saw a man in a long blue trenchcoat.
A Cyborg Samurai. Top-grade. She recognized him. It was the Miyamoto Daimyo's champion. She was in trouble!
Drawing both her Ninja-To's she attacked with a grace and speed he did not have but still he blocked all her blows with a katana he drew from underneath his coat.
He smirked the entire time. He wore no helmet, blue optics flared up brightly as they fought.
The right side of his face was badly burned and scarred. His temples showed circular implants.
He suddenly kicked her full force and then followed up with an unorthodox thrust... impaling her. She staggered back and threw a gadget at the overpowered cybernetic monster. It exploded in a blinding flash of light. As she got up, she threw an explosive against the wall. The shockwave of the explosion sent both back.

Alarms sounded and bright red lights became the theme of the day.
As the lethal enforcer rose up, he could see the kunoichi leap through the wall in desperation. She bled and some circuity was visible.
As she landed crouched she almost fell onto her side.
She leapt back, only just avoiding the bladed weapon of a foe.
She faced a Miyamoto Samurai. A trained killer upgraded with hitech hardware.
The Champion leapt down and landed behind her.
A highgrade killer on each side of herself, there was no way out.
"Surrender little woman... there is nowhere for you to go..." he lashed out, disarming her in a fierce blow and then backhanding her. As she kicked upwards with great skill, he only just backed away.
He chuckled.
"You're wounded and unarmed. You cannot stop us. You are out of your league." he said calmly.
She smiled and pulled back her vizor, revealing her beautiful features. She was an older woman but in no way had age diminished her beauty. Her gaze showed no doubt and no fear as she showed him another beeping and blinking little gadget.
"No... you are out of your league. You see..." suddenly a massive form descended from the ramparts, cleaving the Samurai in two and standing before her, ready to protect her from the Miyamoto champion.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

"This Kitsune has backup" she sneered at the surprised 'bully'. "Today you face my husband. The Steppenwulf."
The man rose up from his own crouched position. An obisidan giant that despite his size maintained a bizarre grace. Sheathing his blade, he took on an offensive stance. His hand lingering on the hilt of his blade.
His ruby optic flared up a bright red for a moment.
"...Target..." the low booming voice said.
His opponent attacked first, roaring savagely as he prepared to strike with his katana.
The man never finishing his blow... his body cut into two, blood and circuitry indicating the results of the brief engagement.
Once more the mysterious 'Steppenwulf' sheathed his blade and said "...terminated".
His female counterpart knelt and took the head of the champion. "Of course dear. Now... let us get out of here. We have the information. We have the bounty..."
She put a slender hand on his shoulder "And I..." she circled seductively around her stoic armoured partner. "...have you".


Manipulated love (Vampire/Action/incest)

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The year is 2025. And there is much upheaval among the Vampire Clans and the Great Families.
A rising force has been eliminating prominent Clan Leaders and Civil War between the Nosferatu is about to break out. It is in this context that the two main characters are to be placed.
The villain/hero is a young Vampire of a powerful bloodline. His father is unknown but his mother is a Countess of great power and influence.
The villainess/heroine is either his mother or older (half?)sister.

Both contrast starkly:

The male vampire is handsome in a very masculine way. He has a large dose of common sense, cunning and a certain tactical insight that's rare among the decadent Vampires. He still has an internal strength and virility that is remiscent of the highdays. And this may be due to his 'father'.
He is however direct, prone to take violent action and politically/morally more a fascist/authoritarian than anything else. His lack of patience, ambition and desire to move forward and contempt for the decadent and now rendered highly volatile Vampire society make him not only a potential Maverick but also potentially more trouble than he's worth.
Still his Clan has high hopes for him as he has overall performed well especially outside the fields of diplomacy and 'court'. The identity of his father is kept secret from him though and it is possible his Clan does not know about it.
His specialties are a more physical power and telekinesis. Though he has also shown a nack for telepathy.
His most defining asset seems his iron will, as he is extremely stubborn but also relentless.
He wields the family's Ancestral Sword. A powerful Moonblade that is wielded by the men of the family and has arcane properties. Though many are still locked away.
Though stern and a bit 'distant' he has secret kinks and desires, fantasizing about his sister/mother involving most improper scenarios. (some of these involve footworship, bondage, forced intercourse (both ways), domination, tickling - female lead can pop in things at your request)

The female, be it the older sister or mother is a brilliant diplomat, manipulator and politician.
Where her son/brother is hands down and has much common sense, she has a strange twisted idealism and is stuck in set ways and rituals. She is even more ambitious than her bloodrelative and set on exploiting the situation for her own purposes.
Though her powers and abilities are subtler in nature, they make her all the more dangerous.
An incredibly powerful Empath and telepath, she is capable of emotional and sexual manipulation. Her talents allow her to skillfully read her opponents and occassionally give them a prod in the right direction.
She has of course other powers and capacities. But it is in the mental plane that she excells and it supplements her political savy in obvious ways.
She becomes aware of her brother's/sons desires and lusts and strives to use them against him as to tie him to her as she will have need of him for her future plans.
Not to mention to survive the chaos to come. Her enemies seeing opportunities are closing in both politically and brutally endangering her continued existence.

A few elements plotwise could pop up:
- The hidden enemy may be linked to the father. It is in any case a superior vampiric bloodline that remained secret.
- Werewolves and other fantastical factions thought not dominant could be part of the overall setting
- Secrecy and subtlety are dominant but i would like to add in moments of action movie violence.
- The role of the Moonblade can be expanded upon and perhaps linked to the past of the Clan, the bloodline, the hidden enemy, father or other elements
- there should be diversity in factions and political views. I would like to see some elements pop up regarding how they collide in views.
- The female lead should be subtle and played as much. She's among the creme of Vampire society and she knows it. She's arrogant, proud and a bit egocentric but also wise in her own ways. Despite being a villainess, she probably has at least a certain affection for the male lead and a genuine desire to protect the ways of her Clan and it's members. She does NOT have to be the leading lady of the Clan. Perhaps if she is the sister she desires to replace the mother? Or another leading clanmember due to her failing?
- Another possibility, if you're willing to do so is, playing 2 roles. Two sisters or a mother and sister. Each with their own objective and cause. Each colliding and each trying to manipulate the male lead towards their end.
- Deceit, treachery, backstabbing and at the same time twisted honor and ambigiuous tradition/rituals go hand in hand.
- I was also thinking that Vampires can perfectly live in broad daylight. HOWEVER their powers and abilities are greatly weakened under those circumstances.

- This would be a twisted romance. Where genuine affections/love is so intermixed with personal ambitions that it's hard to see when what is popping up.
- Seduction, corruption, teasing. I'm not looking to have the chars jump each other from post one just because their society is decadent. Far from. The male lead is though having decadent desires himself anti the way things are going and representative of what MAY become a new wave that is more primal and strong. He will resist and he will be headstrong. His sexual weaknesses but also moral ambiguities (he believes in duty/loyalty but at the same time disagrees with a lot that is happening) are to be exploited in varying degrees.
- The idea of a threesome: F/F/M is something i never tried and i wouldn't mind doing as a first time but it isn't a must. And it should be constructive. (as in involve plot-related chars and in a believable way)
-This will probably be rough, kinky and at times dom/subbish (kinky), at other times more a struggle for control, sometimes romantic, gentle/subtle. Depending on situation and approach.
Just no super insane things but i'm open to discuss it.


I'm willing to discuss a lot, modifiy plot, add in elements etc at your leisure. I'm a big advocate of brainstorming and openness/honesty on both ends. So just poke me. I don't bite!  ;D


Black Queen takes Black Knight

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You know... life is tough.
You're a brilliant, charming, infamous Black Knight, spreading terror throughout the land on a quest for vengeance...
And then? You develop your best scheme yet...
The Queen is travelling through the dark forest, the ideal moment to strike! Capturing her, you can slay her, get back to the king that wronged you and on top of that you'll probably end up with enough coin to start that little army you need to put that keen tactical accumen to work.

Yeah... except things didn't turn out that way.

The rogue Knight gets the surprise of his life:

The nice and virtuous Queen? Fair, noble and you know... like weak and feeble of mind?

Exactly! Turns out she's not weak. She's a sorceress. And she's banished from Court. Turns out you did a favor to your archnemesis by attacking her escort. There is no coin, there is no revenge and you're stuck with a dangerous, lecherous, manipulative woman with her own scheme to gain power.

Okay... so you're no longer the greatest archvillain around but at least you can still beat up everything within a radius of 500 miles blindfolded!


You're also stuck with the fallen Queen's baggage:

She scares you, doesn't she?

The raid went wrong and now you have to think fast.

So what now?

Swear your undying loyalty of course... a Black Knight is better than no Knight. And the evil Queen needs her loyal general.

Besides... for now her goal is yours, putting the King checkmate and get as much bounty as possible before the finish.
Patience is a virtue and maybe the two distressless damsels will get entangled in their own web...

Vengeance is sweet and being evil relative in this company...


Tales of Doom (Doctor Victor von Doom - paired with superheroine/supervillainess)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Doctor Victor von Doom

Morgan le Fay

A collage of their past:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

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Basically I'm looking for someone to pick up the role of Morgana le Fay from Marvel comics. The two make a most interesting duo. Doom is arguably the most important Marvel archvillain (and occassionally hero) of Marvel. A scientist without equal and one of the most powerful sorcerors. Morgana on the other hand is also quite intelligent, half faey and the most powerful Sorceress in the Marvel setting.

Doom met her already in distant comic past and gave her his aid to get back to his time. As the 'strongest of magicusers', Doom hoped to learn from her the bits of magical lore he needed to finally reach the magical prowess required to free his mother from eternal torment in Hell. He led her undead forces against King Arthur and Iron Man. However due to Iron Man's interference, she fled and left a disgruntled Doom hanging in the Arthurian times. Doom and Iron Man joined their brilliant minds and managed to get back, replicating the effect of Doom's timemachine.
Later on he 'summoned' Morgana and tricked her in aiding him, after which he punished her for betraying him previously.
Much later she pops up in the Doom plotlines as his love interest. He visits her frequently it seems and the two powerhouses clearly respect each other. Doom makes a deal with his dark lover and receives knowledge he desires to create a magical army. However unlike he promises he never returns to her side. This left Morgana heartbroken and furious.
Doctor Doom however did not return as he had been defeated and imprisoned.
Much later she would somehow be able to reach him and faced him in combat. Taken of guard Doom was defeated. Morgana as interrupted by the Dark Avengers and eventually outwitted by Doom who used a magical spell even she did not know.
Sent back to the prehistoric age, she was last seen chased by a T Rex...

Plotwise I'd like to take up this (by now messed up?) plotline and see what kind of spin we can give it, integrating both chars in a longterm plot.

We can 1)

Show how they became firmly 'allied' and entered a romance


2) What/how things might evolve for the better between them once more.

SUGGESTION 2: Day of Doom  /  Unlikely Allies / Last Stand in Latveria

Suggested 'pairings':

In theory any villainess/heroine could be used in these variant scenario's. Even several depending on the setup.
A few likely candidates are of course Susan Storm (Invisible Woman), Scarlet Witch etc due to their bumpy 'pasts'.
But i'm open to suggestions. Especially if for one reason or other the heroine in question might 'stand out' from the norm.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Basic plotline:

a) Unlikely Allies / Last Stand in Latveria

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The apocalypse has come. Be it Sentinels, an alien invasion, strange regimes, an odd entity or a combination has led the world of Marvel to be turned into an eerie setting a bit akin to the era of Apocalypse.
The number of heroes has thinned, genocide is the norm and even most villains have been dealt with, siding with the side of good or evil.

The plot would have 2 possible variants:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

1) Doctor Victor von Doom is to be convinced to aid the 'Resistance' but he is reluctant to do so. Either he leaves away from the public in isolation, is reluctantly 'allied' to the new 'Regime', has been 'imprisoned' in some shape or form or 'dissapeared'.
The idea is to form an alliance pitting the noble 'archvillain' and the heroine(s) against the common foe while trying to find some common ground.
Especially if the heroine is for instance Susan Storm or a hero that knows Doom well, the tension may be great.

2) A last stand in Latveria. The kingdom is an isolated paradise, protected and untouched. But the 'Resistance' tries to flock to the place hoping to find shelter. But they have no guarantee Doom would allow them entry. If he did so... the enemy's full might would be turned against him. And what hope does Doom have against that?

b) Day of Doom

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Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

An ever popular theme... which has been displayed countless times in comics. But never expanded on enough.
'What if Doom wins'? Recent events have shown that even a just god had to acknowledge Doom despite his insidious egotism is the safe and orderly path for Earth. With Doom as Emperor, the Earth would be safe from threats within and without.
It has also been shown Doom 'could've' claimed the mantle in the past.
And he's been shown wielding the power's of the Beyonder, ruling a parallel world etc.
Question is... which setup would be the most interesting.
A benevolent egocentric tyrant facing the odds as a new threat rises. While 'others' seek to oppose him and eventually realize they may need to 'save' their opressor? There are many options and possibilities.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

c) Solitary existence:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Marvel: A broken blade

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
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The memories were still fresh.
The scent.
The sounds.
The reactions.

They came to his house and killed servants and guards.
Killers. Assassins. Ninja.
But he stood defiant and held his ground.
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A blur of silver, a whirlwind of powerful strikes. The blade he held glowed fiercely.
Clad in an armor made from a lightweight resistant alloy, the Silver Samurai looked and acted as the name implied. A modernised echo of a time long gone. A modern-day Samurai. A master of kenjutsu and martial arts, the muscular Japanese warrior avoided the strikes of these masked assassins and the machinegun toting hitmen.
His blade glowed with a distinct light. A tachyon field encapsuled his weapon, allowing the ornate sword to cut through almost any substance.
Silver Samurai was a mutant.

'They try to dogpile me. A crude tactic spawned from desperation. Yet surprisingly effective if one cares not for survival'

Cutting free, the silverclad warrior with te red sun emblem on his chest jumped up and landed behind them. Charging his blade with a tachyon field, he moved up from his crouched position and swept the blade across them in three circular slashes.
Before the bodies even dropped to the floor, Silver Samurai was on the move once more.

Behind him Castle Yashida burned and enraged, the solitary warrior was fighting his way to escape.

'A flicker of movement. I see her too late. I am hard to catch off guard like this. I have fought many assassins and many 'ninja' yet never someone who moved like this...'

She stood before him and wetted her lips. Beauty so sensual, a physique so curvacious, that many a man would give up an arm and a leg to hold her.
She is clad in a skintight black attire. Her booted feet have high heels and are impractical. Her cape is baroque and purple with a high collar.
Held to her side is a katana. But she carries more than just that blade. Daggers, shuriken and a whip.
I face of against this absurdly sensual yet wicked woman.
Our eyes lock...

I resheath my blade as we circle around a solitary fountain. The goons hold back.
The pseudo dominatrix unclasps her absurd cape with flair and a threatrical motion. Her thumb pushes against her hilt at the same time as I do.
Both of us reveal an inch of blade.

The silence is complete. A full moon shines down at us and I hear her voice. Frigid yet tantalizing.
"Today I take out yet another threat to my plans..." her tongue wetting ruby lips.

'She's the Gaijin despoiler who has struck so many multinationals, aristocrats, martial artists and superheroes these last 8 months.' I realize.

The way I see the next actions is blurry and distorted as if my subconscious refuses to acknowledge all that happened.

'I remember unleashing my quickdraw technique but she was faster. Her blade struck first. And then there was pain... much pain...'

I remember being stripped by a handful of strangely clad kunoichi. Each of them wearing a unique porcelain mask.
The wickedly lethal and alluring woman that defeated me sat down and unzipped her boot.
"First... let us have some fun ladies..."
What comes next is unexpected and disturbing.

The nightmare turns for the worst once more. Her flawless icy features turning demonic. Her red lips distorted, fangs growing and her beautiful gaze turning a glowing yellow.
A feral laugh that is oddly female yet so beyond normality echoes in my mind as I wake.
Sweating, my scarred upper body is revealed as i sit up, the bedsheet sliding downwards. My hand reaches instinctively for my neck.
A shiver runs over my back as I feel defiled, weakened, confused and hesitant. As I look at my right hand... it trembles.
"The lion has become a lamb... disgrace is mine."

The Japanese male moved through the room and put on a kimono. He knelt before a low table and slid a hand over a beautifully ornamented tea cup. Behind him one can see the silver armor he used to wear on display. The armor has been repaired. But his mind has not. The Silver Samurai had faced defeat before... but this time it was different. What had happened, what had crept inside his soul... had not let go.
'Why was I spared where others were slain? Perhaps my foe finds amusement in my dishonor and humiliation?'
He smiled wryly and closed his eyes as he tried to find his center. Today he would meditate once more.
But he knew already that no answers would come nor any peace of mind.

'I am Kenuichio Harada. And once I was the Silver Samurai. This is my tale...'


DC Comics: Azrael, Angel of Vengeance

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The Batman side of the DC Comics'fence has traditionally been dominated by allies that are a distinct shade of grey... some are even flirting with downright villainy. Gotham and the foes Batman traditionally faces require vigilantes more often than not.

The Azrael's have always been my favourite members of the Batman sidecast.
Enforcers and assassins throughout history for the Order of St Dumas, these indoctrinated 'modern knights' wield exotic weapons and when putting on their mask become 'Azrael, Angel of Death', almost metahuman killers that kill the enemies of their Order and remove 'sinners'.

The first Azrael to make his appearance as a major player in the Batman comics was Jean Paul Valley who's shattered mind and enhanced physique made him a tragic figure that was first enemy, than ally, than Batman's replacement, then a psychotic Batman to eventually redeem himself as a kindhearted ally of Batman who sacrificed himself.

Valley's body was never recovered but he did have a came recently implying he may truly be dead... A Black Lantern Azrael:

More recently a highly trained Afro-American police officer became the Azrael of another branch of the Order and where Valley wielded one or more fiery blades of some kind and relied on an altered physique, Michael Lane was merely highly trained yet armed with the mystical armor of Sorrows.
Almost lost to the curse of the armor and his mystic swords, Batman would save this vigilant and return him to the path of righteousness.

More info can be found here:

The possible concepts:

- Jean Paul Valley's death was never 100% confirmed although he did pop up as a 'Black Lantern' 'supposedly'. His body was never recovered and an easter egg was once hidden in a comic: graffiti on a wall declaring 'Jean Paul Valley lives!'. So it is always possible that the original Angel of Vengeance survived his gallant last battle with his archnemesis.

- A new Azrael from the European continent pops up in Gotham to impose his version of 'divine justice' which brings him in conflict with a heroine, villainess or vigilante. Tensions lead to an unexpected alliance when facing a common foe.

- The newest Azrael is contacted to join or assist a DC superhero team. Much like Batman's methods make many of the more paladinesque DC heroes frown, so does the zealotry and agression of the newest Azrael.

- Feel free to suggest other team-ups or 'larger plotlines'. I know the basics of a lot of DC heroines/villainesses but not all by a longshot.
On the female side my favourite characters tend to be Catwoman, Huntress, Harley, Wonder Woman (if played right) but i'm open to other chars as long as the reason they'd cooperate (or fight each other) is believable.


The rise, fall and rebirth of the Shredder: the untold story of a tragic villain

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Oroku Saki had always been a gifted martial artist. A cunning and efficient warrior, he served his Master with distinction. He and his best friend Hamato Yoshi competed for the love of none other than the beautiful Tang Shen. As the two most gifted agents of the Clan grew more an more enamoured with the Grand Master's daughter... things took a turn for the worst.
The relationship between the two friends became strained and against all expectations Shen chose Yoshi.
This action planted dark seeds in the heart of the once noble Ninja. But Oroku Saki moved on. Even the proposed marriage between Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen did not make him waver. Increasing his training constantly and taking on the most daunting tasks, he hoped not only to regain the preference of Shen... but also to be appointed successor to the Grand Master.

Regretfully his actions would cause his fall. The Grand Master preferred a calmer and more cautious successor and chose Yoshi as an 'adopted son'. This was the turning point as something snapped within the heart and soul of Oroku. Nobody precizely knows what happened one faithful night and what was said between Oroku and his fatherfigure. But Oroku eventually fought his mentor on the Palace rooftop... and won. All could see that Oroku defeated a man who had loved him like a son.
The consequences were harsh, Oroku fought himself a path through the angry followers of his fallen master and found himself before Shen...

When Hamato Yoshi returned from an expedition he found his master dead, many comrades fallen and his beloved missing. Saddened to find this carnage and the news that the man that had once been a brother to him would stoop so low, Yoshi pursued the trail of Oroku Saki. But Saki proved his better and in a lengthy duel, he seemingly killed his oldest ally.
There was no trace of the woman either man had loved.

As the years passed the man known as Oroku Saki changed. Bitter, spiteful and more powerful than ever, he became someone else... a man known to the outside world only as...

The Shredder!!!!

Reforging a new Ninja Clan, the Foot was a sinister mirror image of the original which Shredder had torn apart over the years. Slowly 'Lord Shredder' used his cunning and brutal talents to conquer the underworld and spread his influence far and wide. To the surface world, Oroku Saki is a Japanese businessman of immense wealth but to the Foot Clan he is like a deity and every Foot Soldier would lay down his life for their enigmatic Grand Master.

As time passed the Shredder would find out that not only his rival had become a ratman known as Splinter... he would also face considerable setbacks when dealing with a group of highly trained and heroic mutant turtlemen...

But this story is not about these encounters... no they focus on other matters.
The rise of Karai, his adopted daughter. The dissapearance of Tang Shen. The appearance of a nemesis that would challenge the Shredder for control over not only the Foot Clan but also the fate of thousands. And it will reveal the distorted memories that haunt the scarred features of the most dangerous man in the world.

This is the tale of the Shredder, his fall... and his return from what seemed death...


Abaddon: the future of bipedal mechanised warfare

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1. an area of Hell.,
2. a place of chaos and destruction.

In the not so distant future, mankind will make a mysterious, giant technological leap forward propelling the expanse of the human dominion into the far reaches of space, to a place dubbed 'the Abaddon'.

The air on Abaddon is thick, physical laws are broken by frequent gravitational surges and other odd happenings. The landscape is a barren wasteland with traces of an earlier, much more advanced culture who, it is believed, has left behind crystalline objects, called Feronium; each containing a gargantuan source of energy. The discovery of Feronium by the first explorers spawned a mad rush to Abaddon, similar to the 49er's Gold Rush of Earth's early history. It was not long, however; before the demand of Feronium by Earth's Pure Energy Corporation became so great that collecting these power crystals became the number-one priority of a major corporation called 'The Commonwealth Alliance'. The Alliance's exploration practices, however, often ignored the rights and claims of the original settlers and their governing council, called the 'Satellite City-States', which up to a point in time, was the sole exporter of crystals to Earth.

Utilizing bio-mech suits, known as 'LINKS', cobbled together from military material of the planet's former occupants, old exploratory and construction vehicles, and technological support from the home world, both sides engage in constant territorial feuds, all the while under the surveillance of a mysterious satellite system that both sides utilize and have come to refer to as "SkyEye".
Fielding heavy, medium and recon LINKS backed up with hitech infantry squads, the armed phalanx clad in 'Satellite Red' and the relentless legions clad in 'Commonwealth Blue' collide without restraint.

For almost a generation now, battles have raged on and for the men and women fo Abaddon: life is war... war is hell... and hell is Abaddon.

Whose side are you on? And what will you do to gain victory? How far will you go?


Diablo III: Heroine(s) and Templar/Crusader

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A twist on the Diablo III storyline. Starting during or prior to it.
A female barbarian, Sorceress (or both) set out on a quest to deal with the growing darkness.
They are aided by a 'henchman' like in the videogame. In this case a Templar such as Kormac, displaying the same vivid theatrical enthusiasm at slaying enemies as he did. He too no longer remembers his past and like all Templars (or at least many of them), he has been indoctrinated, his very being ripped out of him and been rebuilt from the base up on a basis of false guilt over non existant sins.
A loyal and fierce warrior he is blindly loyal to his Order and will gradually discover the truth...
Given that the templars were forced to 'deny love' and live with a stick up their asses... the interaction with a powerful barbarian and/or refined Sorceress unrestrained by such 'flaws' should be interesting.
Mostly a romance set in a dark action-based setting.

I'm up for lengthy brainstorming and ideas! :)


Suicide Squad: Deadshot and Harley:

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When the world needs the best of the worst because your operatives need to be highly skilled but expendable, the goverment assembles Task Force X.
As a secret weapon of massdestruction has been stolen from goverment hands and none may know of the incident nor the existence of the weapon... Amanda Waller has no other choice than to send in Deadshot and a band of ruthless psychopaths, killers, criminals and vigilantes...
After a lengthy hiatus the new team is reassembled by force, once more to be spearheaded by the calculating supersniper Deadshot and the quirky erratic Harley Quinn.
The reunion will be less than amiable as the previous mission saw a rather unpleasant reunion with the Joker not to mention Harley Quinn partially reverted to her crazy abused self... uncertain with whom her loyalties lay.
As Harley Quinn tries to rekindle her romance with Deadshot, she finds him cold, mistrustful and resentful.
Besides these tensions, the team must endure far more internal strife and despite the high odds it looks like Task Force X may live up to its nickname 'Suicide Squad' as the group almost tears itself apart.

Can the team rally around their leader?
Can they work together to stop catastrophe?
Will they survive the deadly island and the large terrorist force pitted against them?
Can they handle the mastermind behind it all?
Can Harley Quinn let go of the demons of her past? Or will she backstab the man she claims to love?
Will Deadshot let go of his own selfdestructive tendencies, fighting for the future and happyness of his daughter?

...and what if a specter of the past dooms up to makes things even worse for them?

Will they be the agents of their own demise?
Regardless... a suicide mission requires...



Dark Disney: the Shadow of the Notre-Dame (Esmeralda - Captain Phoebus)

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1502... Captain Phoebus returns from the wars led by the French King against his adversaries.
Wearied by the constant conflict, the veteran has not been in Paris for a decade and what he finds is a City surprisingly on the decline.
The air is tense, the people skittish and the City Guard is actively patrolling the streets. Their actions brutal and unforgiving. The city is in a state of Marshal Law. And it is the Judge Frollo who holds supreme power.

Clad in laquered armor, the caped Captain will march through the city with his trusted horse Achilles at his side.
And at first Phoebus will gain a wrong impression of who his true enemy is.
Gypsy thiefs rob a woman nearby, forcing his intervention.
Several gypsies are on display with signs accusing them of theft, vandalism and slander.

Upon entering service with the Judge and Cardinal Claude Frollo he is used to use his talents and skills to bring order back to a City declining into sinful decay.
Effectively hunting down the dissidents... mostly gypsies, the tide turns to Frollo's favor as the Captain manages to see through the trickery of his adversaries and manages to impose much needed discipline on Frollo's brutish soldiers.

A chance encounter with the leader of the so-called 'dissidents' and 'witches' makes Captain Phoebus second guess true Frollo's motives.
Realizing the darker agenda of the madman he now serves, Phoebus is torn between his sense of duty, loyalty and obedience on one hand and his strong sense of honor and his unexpected love for the mysterious and defiant gypsy performer...

With the King far away and Frollo further descending into insanity the Captain finds himself walking a thin line. Because the gypsies although mostly innocent carry their own dark secret. One that might have Phoebus turn against Esmeralda, the mysterious Queen of Gypsies. She is all too aware that if he found out what dark secret she concealed from him, she riskes losing his love or worse... make an enemy out of him.

To further add to the Captain's worries there is something worse hidden inside the Notre-Dame. An old folk's tale given life. A spectre from Esmeralda's and Frollo's past.
And the encounter will make even the gallant Captain waver...

In Paris evil wears many faces...

*feel free to give me a poke to brainstorm based on this general idea. Nothing here is set in stone*

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Dragonball Z ideas:

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Usually I post a blurb or or an 'opening post' for my storythreads but in this case i'm simply going to post some inspirational pictures and a very basic idea.
A Saiyan orientated rp in an alternate timeline or focussing on forgotten remnants and survivors in deep space. A focus on the scifi aspect and the Namek Saiyan - Frieza saga powerscale. (ending with well... we'll see :) )
I like the idea of playing the Elite - Lowclass cards and focussing on those elements. But this could be a bit more complex than usual.
A Saiyan Queen > Saiyan Captain > Saiyan Outcast female. With the male following tradition to the point.
OR an Elite Commander's main rival ending up being a low class like in the show?
Or perhaps a love triangle where the male has to chose between the obvious brilliant, influential and powerful warrior and an underdog that seemingly has nothing to offer to the proud warrior?
Or go even further and have the sneaky cunning warrior be a lowclass male.
Another approach if you really want to make it more original, have the heroine/villainess be the future Super Saiyan and the love interest a male human mercenary...
The overall story should follow the usual DBZ tropes of 'arcs' with a 'big bad' at the end that can only be overcome together. Naturally in this case the scifi elements will be greatly used. (scouters, spaceships, exotic worlds and galactic tyrants,...)

Anyway some 'inspiring artwork':

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide


Random Heroic Fantasy ideas:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Sword and Sorcery:

Basically a story/quest where a man and a woman need to cooperate and slowly grow towards each other.
One is a highly intelligent magicuser. Necromancer, Druid(ess), Enchantress, Wizard,... and the other is a strong warrior, Knight or barbarian.
The two contrast largely and bump heads frequently but affection grows between them as they share common foes.
The warrior might also be the bodyguard of the Magicuser.
It might be interesting if they are siblings, engaged or enemies.

Unlikely Allies:
A crude and barbaric Blackguard of Tempus who offered his services to a tyrant is defeated in combat by a character quite the opposite of him. Captured, he is to be executed. However the woman who stopped him, gives the brute a last chance to live. If he agrees to aid her in an important quest, he will be spared and well-rewarded. However he must gives his word of honor.
The focus of the plot would lie on the interaction between opposing views and personalities. Good, kind, intelligent, sophisticated and honorable in a more classic sense versus a ruthless, cunning, crude and barbaric individual led by pragmatic ideals and a desire for violence to satisfy his god Tempus. Which in time slowly leads to mutual understanding and even affection... which in turn causes even more problems for each in turn.

An age of war: Mercenary Company

I'm basically looking for a (preferably) female player up to playing a character based on this picture:

A tough as nails mercenary commander. A female knight who wishes to rise in society, standing and influence. Not evil but not good either. A greyish woman who wishes to better herself through cunning and force of arms. She'd be capable of adapting to high society yet at the same time has a rough strong side, allowing her to handle the (dubious) bullheaded mercenaries she has to deal with. A strong female archetype but not persay inherently dominant or dominant in all situations. (open to debate)

The male love interest will probably be a lieutenant, pupil, rival or the likes with an equally martially inclined nature. Though probably far less ambitious and driven. His nature, personality and purpose are up for debate as I'm a fervent brainstormer when it comes to rping.

As for the setting. This gives a nice feeling of atmosphere:

I was thinking of going for low fantasy. The magical and fantastic aspect is present but the more 'historical' medieval side is dominant.

Feel free to pm me to brainstorm if anyone is interested.

Light and Shadows:

A female Paladin (or other archetype) finds out her bethrothed has not died but instead has surfaced on the side of her enemies. The former noble man seems to have grown utterly focussed on vengeance and is using his talents with destructive consequences against her people/nation/... . There seems to be only one possibility left... find him, confront him and if she cannot redeem him... set him free through the use of cold steel... .

Champions of Evil:

Basically a fantasy setting with a fictional world (possibly a D and D setting) where the Questing duo (or small group) are of evil alignment. Their goal(s) are far from pure as events accelerate around them. Basically a typical fantasy plot but with a twist. The 'heroes' (2, max 5) are all tied to each other by be it honor, greed, necessity or a common purpose and follow in the wake of the main 'villain' of the group. Be it to claim a throne, obtain certain artefacts or more. It would be another longterm plot where interaction within the group is more important than the action and they influence each other directly or indirectly.
The kind of characters that would be interesting are the evil counterparts of the usual D and D heroes, for example: Powerhungry Elvish Sorceress (versus Mage), coldblooded assassin (versus Rogue), brutal human Blackguard (versus Paladin), manipulative shapeshifter (versus Druid), coldhearted Drow Mistress (versus noble Elvish Princess),... .
Potentially the main antagonists could be an opposing team or duo questing to gain the same goals or to stop the villainous team.

A plot focused on a Paladin and a Deathknight forced to cooperate if they wish to undo the binding of their souls and escape to freedom and safety.

Celestial War:
I am still somewhat unsure about this but it might be fun to try out an rp themed around a war between Heaven and Hell and/or within Hell.
It should allow much freedom in possibilities wether the chars are both Angelic, Infernal or of opposing sides.
I'd imagine, Heaven would be very lawful, orderly and noble. The men and women fair and perfect. (with or without wings) Their armies would be Knightly and their Realm a beautiful and pleasant place to be. Hell would of course be the opposite, chaotic and filled with diverse Devils and Demons who are the opposite of the honorable (but sometimes hypocrite?) angels.
Angels could struggle with certain desires, their darker sides or become embittered. While chars on the other side could face their own brand of challenges. And of course there is also the possibilities of forbidden loves, lost loves or great rivalries.
Another possiblility is seduction, domination and/or corruption of the Angelic by an Infernal.

Serving the Queen:

An evil Sorceress Queen's Empire or realm crumbles and she is forced to flee the safeties of her Fortress. With only her barbaric Blackguard to protect her, she must seek a means to regain what she lost and lash out at her enemies. The highly intelligent but spoiled Sorceress however has to overcome great discomfort and favor, seeking refuge. To make matters worse, her crude but loyal protector is becoming somewhat problematic and even defiant.
-> I'm open to just rping an evil charismatic Black Knight and altering the plot to focus on other matters, such as expansion or simply the rise to power of the Sorceress.

Dark and Light in service of a common cause:

A powerful redhaired Paladin/Knight of the Realm, serves her Empress unwaveringly during an era of chaos and strife. Enemies gather within and without the realm and her halberd frequently is all that stands between her Empress and certain death. Rebellion looms and barbarian tribes, Greenskin hordes and a federation of City-states threaten an Order that has endured for over a thousand years. In this strange age she finds both love, attraction and repulsion for a dark warrior equally devoted to her Empress. Their methods vary but their loyalty and ideals are quite similar. Still the enigmatic warrior is more than he seems and he hides a secret that may cause her to turn on him just as he may find that his duty forces him to face her. Will the two mighty warriors find happiness and reconcile duty with love? Or will their epic battle in the throneroom itself lead to tragedy for both of them?

A Baron's protector:
After a campaign goes wrong, the Black Baron is left wounded at a battlefield. His liege has fallen and his allies slain. With the Dark Empire crumbling, it is his loyal righthandwoman who finds him and nurtures him to health. Saving his life, she does have conditions for him though.
As time goes by, their enemies become aware of him and a hunt begins as the Baron attempts to reach the far North where he has allies and his domain awaits.
But even there, other foes await him. It seems he can only trust on his retainer, but she has her own plans for him and her... .

Rise of the Death Knight

A powerful Death Knight has risen through the ranks of the Evil Horde. Ambitious and growing in power he is approached by a powerful female of eerie powers. She sees great potential in him and wishes to tie his destiny to hers. A demoness, Sorceress or female Necromancer, she desires to make a bid for absolute power. But both the forces of the Light and their rivals among the forces of the Dark will attempt to stop her and her newfound ally.

Troubles in the Underdark:
As a Drow Valsharess (Houseleader) or High Priestess, your rivals are many and the slightest weakness can be turned against you.
As the other Houses have noticed that the slaveraids against the surface of your House have encountered several failures and that you yourself have lost much political capital through their machinations, your House seems close to falling.
In the harsh, sadistic and brutal matriarchal society of the Underdark, the Drow stand ever ready to backstab each other to rise through the ranks. Already potential successors and rivals have readied their blades and if assassination will fail, their troops may march against you to avenge the past glories you reaped to their great contempt. Through political machination, assassinations and violence you may yet be able to turn the tide... but how?


Ragnarok unbound: They came from the North...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

A great evil rises in the cold north, the Norse raiders become more agressive in their migration and fierce assaults on the rich South.
Pushed forwards the Clans seem unstoppable. And as the continent is put ablaze the evil marches onwards... it soon becomes clear to all that the vicious Norse are not the true threat.
And when the time comes Clan Bloodshield will have no choice but to stand side to side with their traditional 'civilized' enemies.
With Ragnarok unleashed there is only one choice. Stand united against the darkness and keep on fighting no matter what.
But without hope and so much mutual antagonism, is an alliance even possible? And does it all even matter?


A Tale of Queens and warriors...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Semi-historical or fantasy in nature, the plot focusses on the Queen of a small kingdom.
Wise, mature and a bit older than the run-of-the-mill stereotypical heroine she has seen much and experienced much.
A former lady with dreams of heroism and changing things for the better, she grew up to be a bit of a tomboy.
Necessity forced her father to wed her to the reigning king and damning his beloved daughter to a damned marriage.
As the years go by she became a political force of nature, all hope of her previous dreams and aspirations gone. Brave tomboy and graceful wise queen forging together to become a single responsible entity.
As she travels in a carriage, escorted by soldiers of the King's Guard she is attacked by Norse raiders.
Abducted and held hostage, she is not harmed though her pride is certainly hurt as her captors have wicked ways of amusing themselves... .
It is there she meets the engimatic young chieftain that makes her feel 'different' from anything she experienced before.
Strong, cunning but also still imbued with the recklessness of youth, the young warlord is sorely dissapointed when it turns out the king only sees opportunity in loosing his wife.
Divorcing her on false pretense, he is now free to marry a more politically opportune noblewoman and continue his philandering ways.
As the young chieftain is unsure what to do with her, he seems intent on casting her out.
Surprisingly though when the time comes and she is attacked herself, he steps in to protect her, suffering a grievous wound.
A talented healer, the Queen tends to him and it is soon clear she has found the first man she actually loves. But she also sees opportunity in him. Using her talents as a Queen and woman she decides to claim him for her own and regain some status while doing.
Unknown to her there are several obstacles awaiting her both among the Norse infuriated by her presence and old enemies that see opportunity to strike at her.
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Marvel Team-up: Moon Knight and...?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The hooded figure sat on the rooftop's edge. He looked at the traffic passing underneath.
The white figure with the cloak had an almost spectral edge.
"I do not know who the murderer might be..." he said. "Do not be absurd" he grumbled.
He twitched his head in annoyance "I'm NOT Captain America... I don't have that sort of backing."
"Oh shut it." he let out an annoyed grunt and then using a grappling hook, pulled himself across the street.
His cloak spread as if it were wings.
As he landed gracefully on the rooftop, he heard a voice inside his mask.
'No... not one of 'their' voice. Note one of 'the' voices. But the comm...' he thought.
"This is unit 13. Incident at the Grant Mills Avenue..."
He put a white gloved hand on the side of his mask. It had begun to slowly rain...
The ravenhaired woman that stood before him in the rain gave him a scoffing look. She held her sword and was clad in a biker outfit. "The vampires probably." she said softly.
"Perhaps Echo..." he said "At least the others left... I need some peace and quiet..."
"Still welcome am I? Tsss... you almost wounded me..." she faked indignation.
She remained dry. The water did not touch her.
He sighed "Not real..." he closed his eyes. "None of them ever are.".
For a splitsecond he had the image of a beam of energy piercing his 'partner'. Echo's gaze at that moment still haunted him.
"...not real" he whispered.
"I'm hurt. Want me to leave?" she raised an eyebrow with the grounded determination the deaf woman always had had throughout life.
"Never." he thought, closing his eyes. The blue white optics that always glowed as he became the servant of Konshu, the Moon God faded until he opened his eyes once more.
"Confirmed! Target ripped into a woman's neck. Pursueing unknown assaillant into Bollinksi park!" came the intercepted police transmission.
"You were right. All of you were" he said to Echo and 'others'. "I'm going in...!" he said.
"Of course you are... do what you must. Be a hero. Be an Avenger!" came Echo's voice but from a different direction.
As he used the grappling hook and swooped upwards, there was nobody on the roof.
But then there never had been anyone...

"Konshu I go forth to bestow your divine justice upon evil..." he whispered as he moved at great speed.
Running at an insane pace, he leapt and moved with the skill of a superb athlete. Each move made his cloak spread out menacingly.

Marc Spector had been many things in a past life. Heavy Weight boxer. Marine. Mercenary for hire. And his skills had become many thanks to his brutal and violent past.
A past that still haunted him. Guilt a strong motivation for the continued existence of his caped alter ego.
But when dead... the God Konshu had bestowed upon him a new life and turned him into his avenging avatar. His warrior, empowered by the size of the moon. His armored fist.
Or so he thought. He was at his peak at a full moon. Better than what seemed possible for a normal man.
But was this true? He had begun to doubt much...
All but one thing. His drive for vengeance. His drive for justice. And the struggle between both.

He landed in the park and moved stealthily. The police was nowhere to be seen. There were sirens in the distance.
"Well well well..." came a confident female voice. Who do we have here? Killer? Vigilante? Madman? Who are you and you'd better give me an answer fast or..."
One of the voices in his head. Gruff and manly muttered "Give a witty retort bub..."
"Killer? No. Vigilante? Perhaps. Mad? In a way." he said calmly, back to the woman.
"As for the who I am..." the Moon was half way. It gave an oddly comforting glow to his shattered mind. In a split second he had taken something and turned around in a fluid lethal motion... deploying a large mechanical truncheon that deployed mid movement into a large fighting staff.
He halted the staff just an inch from her forehead.
"I am Moon Knight..." he growled with a booming surreal voice then recognized the woman before him. His glowing eyes turned to slits as he took her in. Intrigued.

"She's cute" a young snappy voice said. "Date her... just ye know... don't get her killed. I mean... euhm. Sorry."
"Shut up whelp. Moon Knight gut her..." a feral voice told him.
"Don't be unreasonable." a calm voice stated.
"She's a cape like you... a heroine. Don't be a fool" a balanced taunting voice stated.

He ignored the voices and then... lowered his weapon turning the Moon Staff back into a practical cudgel.

The sirens were still sounding.
And it seemed a horde of vampiric monsters were killing people every night...
A job for heroes. Avengers. Vigilantes.
A job for the likes of them...

And Moon Knight's schizophrenic mind's many many alter ego's.


Diablo 3:

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A twist on the Diablo III storyline. Starting during or prior to it.
A female barbarian, Sorceress (or both) set out on a quest to deal with the growing darkness.
They are aided by a 'henchman' like in the videogame. In this case a Templar such as Kormac, displaying the same vivid theatrical enthusiasm at slaying enemies as he did. He too no longer remembers his past and like all Templars (or at least many of them), he has been indoctrinated, his very being ripped out of him and been rebuilt from the base up on a basis of false guilt over non existant sins.
A loyal and fierce warrior he is blindly loyal to his Order and will gradually discover the truth...
Given that the templars were forced to 'deny love' and live with a stick up their asses... the interaction with a powerful barbarian and/or refined Sorceress unrestrained by such 'flaws' should be interesting.
Mostly a romance set in a dark action-based setting.

I'm up for lengthy brainstorming and ideas! :)


Battletech: Fall and rebirth of a Dragon

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The Draconis Combine has always been one of the most autocratic regimes in the Inner Sphere. The eternal nemesis of feudal House Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth, the autocratic and relentless House Kurita has led the Combine through the ages.
The Combine warrior elite are infamous as the most dutyful, loyal, honorless but also ruthless of mechwarriors. Following the path of 'Bushido' and living and dying for their masters and the combine, the dream of reuniting the Inner Sphere under the grasp of House Kurita perseveres.
Yet after centuries of war, the many Houses and factions of the Inner Sphere never managed to use martial means to shift the balance. On the other hand, peaceful coexistence and unification remained a distant dream, war against each other an inevitability.

All this changed with the invasion of the Clans.
The followers of Kerensky had returned after centuries to reforge the Star League in their image. The honorable and enhanced Mechwarriors of the Clans have outclass whatever the Inner Sphere has. Their mechs are better than House tech, their pilots were created and manipulated into becoming the perfect warriors.
Two Clans stand out... Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon.
The arrogant but deadly Jade Falcons swoop down on the Lyrans, Kuritans and the small bufferstate known as the Free Rasalhague Republic.

The war has raged for several years now and part of the Inner Sphere has allied against the common thread. House Steiner and House Kurita are united against the common foe. Still Clan Wolf, Clan Jade Falcon and the other Clans dig deep into the Inner Sphere.

This is the story of two Mechwarriors.

One is a dutyfull Samurai Tai-I (commander) who leads three Lances of Draconis Combine Mechs, part of the 5th Sword of Light army. A cunning and headstrong commander, he values the ways of old but has merged the ways of sacrifice with the fresh ideas regarding long term gain. His loyalty to Coordinator Theodore Kurita is without question. On the world of Hajima his courage will be tested as he faces the woman who will be his greatest rival and his most passionate lover...

A Jade Falcon, bred for war, raised to conquer leads her Star into battle. Part of the Omega Galaxy army of Clan Jade Falcon, she has never met a match in battle until now...
On Hajima a single Draconis Combine Commander has been bloodying her side again and again. Their first encounter is inconclusive.
Interest turns into obsession as her warrior spirit and her unequalled pride calls to her to settle the score and to overcome the challenge. For she is a trueblood, a follower of Kerensky and no flawed snake has the right to oppose her rise to glory.

The stage is set...
The battlefields ready...

The age of the Battlemech wil reach a new stage...


Feel free to suggest other setups. Other Houses or situations.
If I play anything it's a follower of Jade Falcon, Draconis Combine or the Marian Hegemony.
But I'm open to other eras, setups etc.

I'm looking for a strong female character, flawed but competent. Sexually expect it to be a bit 'rough' and naughty even if it is a romantic plotline.

Feel free to unleash any random ideas upon me!
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