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The Next Emperor

This is an attempt at a reboot of a previous group roleplay known as 'The Next Emperor' originally started by Untamed Skies back in early 2013. This idea always remained in the back of my head and I feel that now might be the right time to have another go at it. A great deal of inspiration for this story is taken from that story, so a lot of the credit goes to Untamed Skies.

The Story (credit goes to Untamed Skies)

The current Emperor Edward Hellatius has decided that time has finally defeated him. His blade has turned dull, his bones have grown weak, his hair grey and whilst his mind is still sharp, he wants to leave the Empire in good hands after he moves on to the next world. He's no longer fit to rule the Empire and his weakness would make it vulnerable, not only to outside forces but also to internal conflict. Usually, the first born son would take over, but whilst the Emperor has children, they are all daughters. By law of the Hellation Empire, an Emperor without a male heir must select a man from outside of the family to marry a daughter in order to assume a new blood line. Abiding by these sacred laws, Emperor Hellatius has decided to bring in the most famous of champions, lords, warriors, nobles, dukes, counts, and heroes of the land to try and prove their worth as Emperor. At the center of the event will be a grand tournament where the winner may receive the Emperor's blessing.

However there is more to this event than just the tournament, for he who seeks the crown must be more then a simple martial master. He must possess leadership, he must be empathetic towards his people, but most of all, he must be cunning. To be Emperor one has to be approved by not just the Emperor, but by four of the five authorities. The relevant authorities in this decision also include a Princess, The High Bishop, The Speaker of the Senate and The Representative of the Common Folk. Only when he has proved his worth above and beyond the average man will he be allowed to assume the title of Emperor Hellatius. And the only way one can earn such a title is proving his cunning, guile, strength, and conviction before anyone else has a chance, for each authority values a different quality.

At the heart of everything would stand the tournament. Here the princesses might find their interest in a hero, and a hero might find interest in her. Here those who were weak might find foul ways to overcome those who were strong. Here fools would be cast out, and the unworthy destroyed. The winner of the tournament will automatically have the approval of the Emperor himself. Getting approval from the other authorities might not be so straight forward though.

The Concept

This story is more then just a man trying to marry a woman and become Emperor because there is no set princess that is most eligible. The princesses themselves must also prove valuable and worthwhile to the champion trying to become Emperor. If she is judged poorly she might be passed by the champion who may find something he values in one of her sisters. There is plenty of room for foul play by the sisters as they try to sabotage champions that impede their own goals. By all rights you may not be able to trust anyone as almost everyone is after something only two can have, power over the Empire.

As for the champions, they'll have to maneuver through a complicated web of intrigues, politics, rival princesses and competitors, whilst also performing well in the tournament. The first champion who acquires the approval of four authorities (including one princess) is the new Emperor. One might even be able to achieve that without winning the tournament. Each authority desires different qualities in the new Emperor though.

I'm hoping for a reasonable amount of players for this story. The Emperor never had a son but it wasn't for lack of trying, there can be plenty of princesses and I'm looking to start this story with no less than 3 (aiming for 5-6). If there's more than 3 princesses, it is likely that they don't all share the same mother. Details on this can be discussed in this topic, as the character sheets start being posted.

There can be plenty of champions on the other side of things as well. The goal is not to have two champions rise and battle each other for one princess, but to have a cluster of champions and princesses trying to gain power of the throne. This allows for intrigues, backstabbing, love triangles, deceit and all the drama that comes when a collection of people are all competing for the same thing.


This story is set to play in the High Middle Ages with a tiny bit of fantasy added into the mix. Consider a universe like Game of Thrones, but be careful to consider that to the average person on Westeros, the tales of white walkers, dragons, wild fire, etc, are just stories. The more extreme the fantasy-like element may get, the further away from the Capital it would be relevant. Our story will contain some magic, but in a very limited form.

Magic is not powerful, the strongest flame that can be conjured is a little less powerful then a torch. They are like cheap parlor tricks, useful only in certain situations, and even in those situations they only give a slight edge. It is so weak and so little used that a large share of the world does not believe in its existence. Those that do see it either as a gift from the gods, or as vile and demonic. There is nothing strong enough to control one's mind, to make someone ill or to gain a considerable advantage in combat. Some can throw a candle fire at you and it might burn like being burnt by a lighter but that's the extent of it.

The Church grants magic to those most devoted to its cause. Those who have spent many years and have given much time to the pursuit of the betterment towards their Gods are the ones most likely to possess its power. It is supposed to be a sign of the faithful. Magic comes in the form of runes. The church grants and teaches its greatest members how to use magic in the form of runes. These runes are found in certain scriptures and books and must be precisely crafted, and one has to be able to imagine the power they invoke as they craft the rune. As such the only true way to learn magic is through the scriptures.

Scriptures do not all reside in the church. There are many and it is very easy to believe that in a massive castle library there are a few books on runic magic either handed down by the church or taken by overzealous Emperors and princesses. However for a low-class citizen that isn't religious and doesn't have a library near him, the odds of him coming across such information is much lower. If you want to add a rune or two to your character you must explain how you came into the knowledge.

Aside from runes, magic can manifest itself in objects or living beings. In the most extreme sense, one could come across a sword with a particular unnatural glow, though no special strengths. In living beings, one could come across a particularly beautiful bird, or perhaps even a unicorn. Again, no special strengths or powers are available to these creatures, or can be obtained from them. To the ordinary person, they will come across as extraordinary objects, or rare mythical creatures. To a skilled priest, they may be used to craft potions or items that may speed up a sick person's recovery.

The magic dynamic of this story is still a work in progress. If you'd like to have your character be somewhat talented in magic, or reference it in your character's back story, please send me a message with a proposal for this first, before posting it as part of the character sheet.

The story is to play out in and around the largest city in the center of the Hellation Empire, known just as the Capital. Details about the city and some of its areas will be elaborated on in the actual posts that will be made when the story starts. For some general information though, the Empire is rather large meaning that the champions can come from regions that are quite far from each other and from the capital. This allows for a rather diverse background from each of the participants. Your character may not have heard about the existence of another character, or their accomplishments, when they meet each other in the Capital.

The Tournament

Initially the player characters that have champion roles will not face each other. As it is an Empire of great size, there are many different heroes/champions and while the pallet was narrowed down, there are still x men fighting for the right to marry a Princess. The first round(s) of the tournament will feature the champions going up against NPCs. This is in order for the participants to establish and make a name for themselves in the event, and get noticed. The first fight against an NPC champion can be considered a win for your player character, unless you personally decide otherwise. After this wave of fights, player characters can start worrying about facing each other.

The tournament is set with dulled and blunted weapons. The intent is not to kill the champions as participants may have more use to the Empire before the end or may find approval from 4 of the 5 authorities before the tournament winner can. The fight is decided by incapacitating the opponent or surrender. However accidents and schemes do happen, anyone who is set to enter the tournament should be wary. The easiest way to eliminate a threat is to kill it.

No matter what, the winner of the tournament will receive the Emperor's blessing. In the event that the winner of the tournament is not elected as Emperor, he may still choose a wife from the other princesses and receives the title of High King, more than an honorary position.

A noble may have a representative fight for him in his place if he so chooses to do so. However a warning is in order, should your character's Representative be smarter and gain the proper approval you may find him stealing the prize! In this regard many nobles who are doing such, are picking uneducated people to fight for them in hopes they won't become wiser to the overall scheme of things.

It is also possible for a princess to enter the tournament, her prize being she may pick one of her suitors she herself deems most worthy to rule. Should that champion fail to gain approval from the authorities then she, as winner of the tournament, would reign as High Queen alongside her High King.

No one is above the law, if your character is caught murdering innocent people, or other competitors, he/she will be arrested and any chance at the crown will be lost.

NPCs and Entourage

Different from most stories (that I've seen and participated in), NPCs are a rather important part of this story. As mentioned before, there are several important characters that play decisive roles in the story. These are to be taken up by GMs and/or players, likely as a side character. These include the Emperor himself, the other authorities (princesses are to be main roles), other champions, etc. These roles are likely to be assigned people who have previously expressed interest in taking these on, but if you would really like to play these characters (as side character or even as main character) then do post an application! These characters include, but are not limited to;

  • The Emperor Edward Hellatius
  • The Speaker of the Senate (favors nobility, dislikes the common folk)
  • The High Bishop (favors the devout and faithful)
  • The Representative of the Common Folk (favors the common folk, dislikes the nobility)

More information is available for these characters, but if you want to know more, it's best to ask specific questions. Once the story starts, more information with regards to the authorities and their system will be posted in the relevant thread(s).

Secondly, there is main character's entourage. If you sign up as a princess, you will also be in control of your own handmaidens, guards, etc. If you sign up as a champion, you are in charge of your squire(s), guards, priest(s), advisers, etc. The group you show up with is your own choice. A rich lord from a far quadrant of the Hellation Empire may have a large entourage, whilst a poorer or minor lord only brings a squire along.

There is no limit to the size of your entourage (as long as it is reasonable), or how detailed you may want to describe each individual. It is fine to have a few generic guards or unnamed handmaidens that you only refer to in your main character's post, but you are free to flesh out their stories as well and let them wander through the capital city, meet other champions/princesses/characters/etc. Your main character's entourage is under your control only (unless otherwise agreed upon) and serves to accompany your character in the story, gather information, spy on competitors, perform sabotage or even attempt assassinations. Make sure your entourage doesn't completely overshadow your own character, or completely unbalance the event in favor of your own champion/princess.

Signing Up

Before you consider signing up, please ask yourself if you're able and willing commit the time needed to participate in a group story. As participants, you're not required to post multiple times a day, but please keep in mind that longer periods of inactivity are tough for group stories. If you are not able to post at least 2-3 times a week, please consider finding another group story. Exceptions can be made in case you can announce your inactivity ahead of time, but make sure you move your character to such a position where other participants will not have to wait for you.

Participants are very much encourage to also take on a minor role as NPC champion. This is not required, but it would definitely help out in the earlier stages of the tournament, where the champion characters will face NPC champions. You don't need to come up with a whole back story (unless you want to), but just post a few times to provide competition for a player character's champion in the arena. If  you would be interested in doing this, please mention this in your reply. No character sheet or picture is needed for this, just the basics (name, age, maybe appearance).

If you're interested in roles other than princesses, champions or characters with another role, just post your proposal!

Character Sheet

Champion Character Sheet

[b]Full name[/b]:
[b]Title or rank[/b]: Does your character have an officially recognized rank or title known to the Capital?
[b]Home region[/b]: Where does your character hail from? What region does he represent?

[b]Age[/b]: At least 18
[b]Appearance[/b]: What does your character look like? Please provide a physical description and/or image. Make sure to stay true to the medieval theme when finding images on the internet.

[b]Combat ability and experience[/b]: Has your character fought in wars or battles? What are his favorite weapons?

[b]Personality[/b]: What is your character like to be around?
[b]Background and history[/b]: What has made your character worthy of entering this tournament? Think of highlights or noteworthy events.


For the sake of balance, please make sure that your entourage (which includes your main character) has at the very least two main strengths, but also two main weaknesses. You can add more, as long as they are in balance. Examples could be but are certainly not limited to;

[li]You bring along a cunning assassin in order to inflict damage on an opponents entourage.[/li]
[li]Your main character is an exceptional fighter[/li]
[li]One of your squires may be plotting for himself[/li]
[li]Your servant might be spying for another champion[/li]

[b]Other traits[/b]: Add other (personality) traits that may be of relevance to the story.
[b]On/Offs[/b]: Please provide a link to your O/O page if you have one. If not, please specify what relevant concepts you would have your character encounter, or avoid.

Applications for Princesses are closed for now
Princess Character Sheet

[b]Age[/b]: Please coordinate with the other princesses on who is oldest and who is youngest. If we have more than three princesses, a second mother could be involved. For this story, the mother(s) of the princesses play no part unless someone really wants to play that role.
[b]Appearance[/b]: What does your character look like? Please provide a physical description and find an image to go with. Make sure to stay true to the medieval theme when finding images on the internet.

[b]Hobbies and activities[/b]: What does your character enjoy doing in her free time?

[b]Personality[/b]: What is your character like to be around?
[b]Background and history[/b]: 


For the sake of balance, please make sure that your character/entourage has at the very least one main strength, but also one main weakness. You can add more, as long as they are in balance. Examples could be but are certainly not limited to;

[li]Your character is not popular with the city's aristocracy (a champion openly allying themselves with this princess may have a hard time receiving the Speaker of the Senate's approval)[/li]
[li]One of your handmaidens is an informer for one of your sisters[/li]
[li]Your character is widely loved by the common folk[/li]

[b]Other traits[/b]: Add other (personality) traits that may be of relevance to the story.
[b]On/Offs[/b]: Please provide a link to your O/O page if you have one. If not, please specify what relevant concepts you would have your character encounter, or avoid.

Entourage Member Character Sheet

[b]Full name[/b]:l
[b]Role[/b]: What is this character's role, official position, job, etc?
[b]Appearance[/b]: What does this character look like? Please provide a physical description and/or image. Make sure to stay true to the medieval theme when finding images on the internet.

Generic Character Sheet

[b]Full name[/b]:
[b]Title or rank[/b]: Does your character have an officially recognized rank or title known to the Capital?
[b]Role[/b]: What's your character's role, official position, job, etc?
[b]Home region[/b]: Where does your character hail from? What region do they represent or are they from the Capital?

[b]Appearance[/b]: What does your character look like? Please provide a physical description and/or image. Make sure to stay true to the medieval theme when finding images on the internet.

[b]Experience[/b]: What does your character excel at?

[b]Personality[/b]: What is your character like to be around?
[b]Background and history[/b]: What has made your character noteworthy (if applicable)?


[b]Other traits[/b]: Add other (personality) traits that may be of relevance to the story.
[b]On/Offs[/b]: Please provide a link to your O/O page if you have one. If not, please specify what relevant concepts you would have your character encounter, or avoid.



Cool! tomorrow, I will spend some time working on my character.
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Alright, so here we go.

Name: Princess Jeniveve Aria Hellatius
Age: 17
Appearance: Jeniveve Hellatius usually dresses simply, in white or neutral colored dresses. Her hair is black and very long, usually to the small of her back or longer. She has deep blue eyes and a caring, gentle demeanor. She is around five five, though she carries herself confidently. Pictorial Reference

Hobbies and activities: Jeniveve enjoys many activities, including swimming, archery (Much to her mother and father's chagrin.) and often takes walks outside of the palace to be with the common folk.

Personality: Jeniveve is friendly, though it is questionable if she is really as ignorant as she looks, of if it is all an act.
Background and history:  Jeniveve grew up like most princesses her age would. She was taught how to read and write, how to speak properly and how to conduct herself during matters of the state, manners, tact and many other 'high social functions'. Though due to her age, she was never really groomed to be Empress, her sisters usually fought amongst themselves for the honor, and she was always happy to let them fight (figuratively) over which Father would choose when the time came. Though, none of them had expected it would turn out quite like this.

Strength: Her main strength is her kindness. She will help anyone who she perceives is in need without being asked.
Weakness:Her main weakness is her weakened mental fortitude. She has been described by many castle stewards as 'dim-witted' and 'slow'. Even with her age, none really know if she is genuinely stupid, or simply plays it well.

Entourage: Jeniveve's Entourage is rather small, given she is the youngest. Her entourage consists of a single guard, and a single handmaiden.

Name: Licca deAntioch
Role: Licca deAntioch serves as Jeniveve's personal guard and escort, seeing the princess safe on her many (somewhat foolish) escapades out of the palace.
Appearance: Slim and tall, Licca's somewhat sweet exterior belies her combat fortitude. Her usual quiet demeanor is her most apparent feature. Her soft face is framed by medium-long silver and deep amber eyes. Dressed in the garb of a Royal Guard, she carries a rapier around with her, and has proven herself time and time again with it. Pictorial Reference. (Note, the clothes are not necessarily how she dresses.)

Name: Deadra Kanvoss
Role: Deadra is Jeniveve's most trusted (and only) Handmaiden. She also serves as Jeniveve's go-fer when she requires anything.
Appearance: Deadra is usually dressed rather extravagantly (thought is always sure she does not overshadow her lady) and carries a small collapsible fan wherever she goes. Her hair is violet, and usually rolled into a bun at the back of her head. Her young face is enhanced by a brilliant green and a dark red eye. Pictorial Reference.

Princess Jeniveve is well liked amongst the peasantry due to her kind, understanding nature; though finds she is ill-liked amongst most of the aristocracy because of her youth and seemingly almost childish behavior. She is also the least experienced in matters of the state then her sisters, so at first glance she would prove to be a poor choice for an Empress. Her entourage is completely loyal to Jeniveve and the Empire. In that order. While Deadra is infrequently around Jeniveve due to the Princess's requests, Licca never leaves her side. She likes to think she is above dirty tactics.

Other traits: Jeniveve loves flowers. She often purchases flowers from the town's flower vendor and brings them back to the castle. She has a strange, almost unhealthy fascination with the world of Magic and desperately wishes to be able to learn some. She has no real 'favorite' food, though she often prefers the food of the peasantry to the 'delicacies' served at the castle. She dislikes broccoli.
On/Offs: General ons and offs for me. Jeniveve herself is exceptionally inexperienced in the matters of the heart, and will probably crumble with a little wooing.

*Exhale* Woo! How'd I do?


Drake Valentine

Full name:
Vhaun Hellatius
Title or rank:
Duke / High Priest
Serves as both Clergy and Merchant. Has had his hands in handling the Kingdom’s commerce.
Home region:
Capital, though he owns his share of land outside from it and far away from the danky seaport his dearest father rules over.


Trade, Tactics, Persuasion.

Vhaun is quite the reserved man, which may be found odd in this day and age, even for him with the cursed background he shared. Some may believe he may share resentment towards his cousins, spite towards his father who was older than the latent king;  but in reality, these trivia matters don’t ever rise up for the male to ponder or reflect upon. He is quite sated and satisfied where he presently is and he is no where near a saint as much as he may present himself to be to the general public eye. Dear no, the man is far worse underneath that charming smile he shows to others and confident aura he perches comfortably upon. He is knowledgeable enough to know that by winning the hearts of the common people, he may have a chance of more power imaginable within the Empire. He also carries a lack of fear about him as he knows well his self worth; or perhaps that too could be possible arrogance? Not that he is one to get bullheaded and put himself intentionally in harms way, still he doesn’t as easily back down either like a spineless coward.
Background and history:
“Are you sure you weren’t adopted?”

A question that he often finds himself presented. It is not from first glimpse that he falls from the family tree in resemblance, but it is also his mannerism as well that makes people wonder. His family line fell off the apple tree in power inheritance, his father wasn’t lucky nor was the child he bore.  Vhaun never had a touch for combat as some of his family may share, open sea warfare was also another lack of his. At a younger age he would cry and throw fits on a vessel and at an older age would lose his stomach and heave. It was determined from that point onwards that the young nephew of the King was a ‘black sheep’ of the family lineage.

His family even lost pride for him, he was taught the fundamentals of reading and writing, along with counting; though he was often denied anything beyond that. Unlike other noble and royal boys and girls who might have been showered with gifts growing up, Vhaun was punished and kept away with such luxuries. Even to this day he carries a fine resentment to such, but it is not just the fact of free gifts that bother him. It is the audacity that many would assume that the boy got his wealth from his family line and no where else in his life; if there was anything he obtained from them, than it was the knowledge they allowed him to have, but from that point on he sharpened his wit to be as dangerous as any blade.

When he was not spending time studying, he was sneaking out to view the city and the common people. Those that lived a lesser life were fascinating in his opinion, in fact they were just like him, but more free than being caged in a mansion. Even what was more entertaining was the fact that they found relief through prayers at the cathedral. These adventures taught him plenty through the years, most importantly that he was not the only one struggling and there were plenty others like him.

At a young age of seventeen, his family was in a bind. One of their contacts in trade was doing poorly, so Vhaun decided to offer to take the man’s place. This was a laugh in itself, his father believed the boy was joking. How could a mere young child do any better than a trained merchant that they hired? On the other hand, this could also prove beneficial as a means to exile him from their line, just by having him set himself up to failure.

Instead, Vhaun surprised them all, within one year he was turning a small commerce into a growing fortune. By going the lengths of different trade outs and scouting out goods, he made a manuscript to reflect off of in a ‘supply and demand.’ Many traders would usually seek quicker routes, but a long solid route that may prove dangerous but pay out in the end was what he always took. He has been a gambler through his years and even if there is a loss in trade on the way, it would been a small one. Buy low and sell high, is his motto.

Still, his profits didn’t always go fully into the pockets of his greedy family. He took his earnings and within a few years broke away from his dealings to do his solo trade. One may imagine the ruckus this created, but Vhaun had nothing more to owe them. His trade efforts has even drew attention from the royal family and also the public eye as well from the various donations he has made towards the church and offerings he has given the poor here and there.

To this day, Vhaun plays the to-go-to guy role in times of need for commerce or money. Lending is something he does, but he rarely does it in lump sums; unless he may be under employment from the royal family and then he doesn’t mind playing around with their wealth to make more. After all, who in their right mind would build a debt to the kingdom and not repay it? When he is not trading and playing the role of the merchant, he is seen visiting the various churches and winning the hearts of the people of his kingdom.

Despite these good habits of his, Vhaun is far darker than the eye lets on. Everything he does is for his benefit and personal gain, even the wealth he obtains and the charity he provides. He has an ambition to have the church armed and for himself to take up the highest position over them all for a private army that would rival the Capital’s own. Except, it would not be led by the Empire, but the leading patriarch of the church instead.

-Tactical and clever.
-Deceit, blackmail,  bribery.
-Reading, writing, counting.
-Mercantile, he knows the flow of trade and how to always make a profit.
-Not a combatant.
-Quite the gambler.
-Often gets sea-sick
-Poor physical capabilities.
-Refuses to address others by ‘title’ during trade.

Other traits:
Vhaun has no care or desire for the throne, this much he often displays; the same as much he cares less who is sitting on it as long as they are profitable to him. His real ambition is becoming a patriarch of the Church, something very few do know.
Trade, sex, tricking/deceiving/outwitting others, reading on trade or warfare tactics, making observations, and usually coming out with a profit.
Frivolous women, greedy people, beggars, open sea, titles, being ‘ordered’ to do anything, and being mistaken that his wealth comes from his family line. The latter the highest of pet peeves.

On/Offs: Please provide a link to your O/O page if you have one. If not, please specify what relevant concepts you would have your character encounter, or avoid.


Full name:
Rufus Kane
Hired Sellsword(Body Guard)

Full name:
Acquired Slave(Former Gladiator, Present Body Guard) 

Full name:
Tezzet Felickins

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Full name: Alias (Formerly Edgar Lamont, third son of Viscount Wilhelm Lamont)
Title or rank: None (Formerly a nobleman, due to his fathers rank)
Home region: The Lamont lands, on the eastern edge of the empire.

Age: 29
Caucasian, with brown hair that is often kept short, and somewhat messy. He has a thin beard and mustache that are kept fairly well-trimmed; but time on the road doesn't always give him the time to properly groom himself. He favors sturdy, utilatarian traveling clothes that are, nonetheless, of fine quality. He has eyes the color of emerald.

Combat ability and experience: The Lamont family has always been martially inclined, though it has been traditional for the men of the family to have positions as officers, generals, tacticians; leadership roles, befitting their rank. Still, they're no slouch in physical combat, and Alias has become even more skilled due to certain lifestyle choices. He is proficient with rapiers, daggers, staves/spears, and even bar-room brawling.

Personality: A bit of an enigma, Alias can at times come across as crude, shallow, even ignorant. However, behind that facade lies a bright mind, one that is skilled with, though not fond of, intrigue and scholarly pursuits. He is even tempered, and while he portrays a wide range of emotions, his feelings are well under his control. Patient, diplomatic at times, but with the understanding that there is a time for words, and a time for actions.
Background and history: Alias, at one time, was the son of a Viscount, who held no small amount of repute, land, and people.  However, he has distanced himself from the family, even being struck from their records as ever having been born. So, it is not the fame of his family that earns him the right to be a hero, to enter the contest; it is the fact that he has wandered the empire itself, often acting quite selflessly in the interests of the people themselves.

One well known story attached to Alias' name, is the time he "single-handedly" hunted down and defeated a band of brigands, which had been evading the local garrisons. He led the small gang of brigands, along with the help of Rebecca, to a local garrison, and turned them in. He even collected a small bounty that had been placed on their heads, stayed around long enough for the execution, then distributed the vast majority of his bounty to the poor and downtrodden of the very next city he visited, keeping only what little he needed for Rebecca and him to travel.

There's been countless times where he has volunteered in relief efforts at various times; clearing roads of fallen trees and landslides, spending his money to purchase bulk supplies of food and paying caravans to provide the food to famine-struck areas, with the vast majority of his actions going unnoticed or unrewarded. This is because he is motivated by a desire to do good, and a great deal of empathy to the commoners, rather than a desire for reward or fame.

He refuses to use his real name, as he does not wish to be associated with his family.
Strengths: Skilled warrior (Edgar)/archer (Rebecca), well-educated (Edgar), steadfastly loyal (Rebecca), calm, compassionate, cunning
Weaknesses: Illiterate (Rebecca),  selfless (Potentially a weakness), at odds with family (Edgar), deceitful (however, only in certain matters pertaining to his heritage and identity)

Other traits: His family did not approve of his rambling, wandering ways, so he was disowned. The Lamont family will undoubtedly take exception to his competition in the tournament, and may try to sabotage him, as they would undoubtedly feel he was unworthy of competing.
On/Offs: Ons: Well-endowed women, rough and passionate sex.
Offs: Gore, vore, scat, watersports.

Full name:l Rebecca Glasgow
Role: She has been swept up in his adventures across the land, after being saved from a horrible fate. She was out hunting with her father one day, when they were accosted by a band of brigands. While her father ended up getting killed, Alias showed up in time to interrupt their attempts at raping her. After saving her, he helped carry the body back to her village for a proper burial. After her tears ran out, she decided to follow after him, a bit like a lost puppy, as she felt directionless in her life. Her mother, too, was dead, having died during childbirth.  With no family of her own, and too many memories associated with her fathers hovel, she decided to forsake the simple life of a huntress, and became a wanderer like Alias.

Skilled at archery, wilderness survival, and tracking, she has been invaluable aid to Alias. She also provides him with a sense of comfort, and a source of encouragement.

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Full name: Unknown
Title or rank: Judge Magister Gunnolf, High Order of Judges
Home region: Archadia
Age: Early 20's
Appearance: As with the other Judges, Gunnolf is clad in full armor, both to protect and preserve anonymity. Thick platemail obscures gender and the full face helmet hides Gunnolf's appearance and muffles voice. The armor is of high quality, both ornate and extremely protective. It's design marks the wearer as someone with obvious official capacity. Every Judge is granted their own custom set of armor (within reason) and Gunnolf is no exception. The suit bears a wolf motif, matching the Judge's last name, which translates into 'Fighting Wolf' in old Archadian. Gunnolf moves with obvious authority, the Judge practically radiating honor and justice. Gunnolf's figure is imposing, incorruptible, as it should be with all Judges.

Combat ability and experience: Judges are all by their very nature experienced in combat. While one may not have extensive combat expertise upon becoming a Judge, only those that adapt and learn to fighting will survive for very long. Facing down criminals and dispensing justice daily in one's assigned territory requires constant travel and battle, and always in full armor. Judge Gunnolf has kept Archadia peaceful for five years now and has accrued many accolades in that time. Gunnolf is renowned for breaking up the Seven Rings, a notorious slave trade cartel.

Personality: Quiet, Reserved, Imposing, Wise

Background and history: Judges. Hands of justice in the Hellation Empire. Judges are a special order of knights under the Imperial Ministry of Law. With the spread of Hellation influence came a rise in crime and regional conflicts. To reduce the amount of time required by judicial process, the Imperial Ministry of Law introduced legislation bringing a military court into existence, this being the origin of the Order of Judges. They are the supreme enforcers of Hellation law in the country. Each wields extraordinary legal power in his or her own right over lower-ranked officers. They are also sent on extremely important or secretive missions. Should a Judge make an appearance, you know that a serious situation is about to occur. Judges candidates are picked because of their honorable and noble behavior. Even commoners, with sufficient noble deeds, may be selected. Once a considerable pool of potential candidates are selected, the Ministry of Law calls them all to a secluded keep on an island in the center of the kingdom. None of the candidates are ever seen again.

In order to maintain complete anonymity and impartial judgement, all property of every candidate is either abandoned or given away. Any form of identification is burned. When the candidates arrive, they are not noble or common, merchant or priest. They are simply people. After a lengthy trial (the details of which are known only to the Ministry of Law and the royal family), a winner is selected. The chosen person is granted the title of Judge Magister and allowed to select a new name. That person is then brought through a rigorous training course before being dispatched as a Judge. The candidates that do not make the cut are confined to the Keep for the rest of their days, but provided for quite nicely until the next time a new Judge is needed, where they are allowed to try again.   

Judge Gunnolf is as well known as a Judge can be without having his or her identity disclosed. Gunnolf is renowned in Archadia for having a strong sense of duty and honor. Even amongst other Judges, Gunnolf is famed for being even-tempered and looking at situations from an unbiased viewpoint. Gunnolf's greatest claim to fame is most certainly the breaking of the Seven Rings slave cartel, which had been a cancer on Archadia for generations. Previous judges have tried to destroy it and some thought they succeeded, only to have the cartel come back time and again. Gunnolf was the one to finally suss out their base of operations, decimate their leadership, and free scores of slaves.

Strengths: Gunnolf is honorable, wise, and modest. An excellent combatant, Gunnolf has no problems squaring off against even multiple opponents. Wielding a short sword and a spear, Gunnolf is capable of fighting both at medium and short ranges. Judges are both respected and feared, making Gunnolf an imposing enemy.

Weaknesses: Brash when in the face of danger, Gunnolf can sometimes be overtaken by a sense of duty and justice. Fair and honorable, this Judge will not lie (save perhaps for matters of gender) or cheat to get ahead.

Other traits: Gunnolf is a woman. Her heavy armor and face-obscuring helmet will keep her gender a secret and the history of the Judges ensures that almost no one should know her real identity. She was invited because of her valorous deeds, but accepted because she has a very real passion for making a difference for her kingdom. She also wants to see how far she can get as a female competing against men. Gunnolf is also attracted to women, so marrying a princess wouldn't exactly be a downside for her. Her entourage consists of several lower-ranking Archadian soldiers, they are normally posted outside her tent and never allowed in.

Gunnolf's Theme

On/Offs: Gunnolf is a lesbian and has a weakness for attractive women, though she is a bit shy where romance is concerned.
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A wide variety of characters already. I'm really happy to see the initial interest translate into very creative character concepts!


I'll get my character up sooner or later. We're going with European-style, right?
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Quote from: ReaperDouble0 on November 09, 2014, 01:20:29 PM
I'll get my character up sooner or later. We're going with European-style, right?
That's the idea.

Drake Valentine

Well, I was under the impression also that people from far away lands(from setting) could also try to be Emperor. Though, this too begs question of foreign language issues.

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Quote from: Drake Valentine on November 09, 2014, 01:29:36 PM
Well, I was under the impression also that people from far away lands(from setting) could also try to be Emperor. Though, this too begs question of foreign language issues.
In the setting, I'm trying to explain that the Empire is simply rather large and as such has regions that are quite far from the Capital. I hadn't envisioned language issues though if you'd like to have your character speak a language other than the Empire's 'default' language, you could run into some curious situations.



House Draigaeron
Familia Ignis; Legato Quoque Fidem

History: A century ago, House Draigaeron did not exist. Now they are one of the most powerful and influential noble families in the empire. The story started a little over one hundred years in the past when childless Iarll Gruffydd of Pengwern adopted a peculiar red-haired girl of unknown origin as his daughter, stating that 'God told him to.' Calling her Aerona, he raised her as his heir and taught her the arts of war and rule. Sadly, Gruffydd did not live to see his adopted daughter live to adulthood, he was carried during an outbreak of the Plague shortly before her sixteenth birthday. After she became the Iarlles, Aerona started to show strange tendencies. She claimed to be the last scion of Clan Draigwaed, a mythical dynasty of dragon-blooded rulers that had once ruled the vast lands of Prydain using unique alchemical secrets giving them peculiar longevity and resistance. According to the legends, the Draigwaed were destroyed during a war with vast hordes of barbarian invaders, and subsequently the leaderless lands of Prydain turned the Hellation Empire to bring stability to the region and defend them from attackers, and were absorbed into that realm. Aerona, later given the nickname 'The Dragon' claimed that as the last of this dynasty, her ancesters supposedly having survived in hiding for nearly a millenium, it was her destiny to reestablish control of Prydain. And so, over decades of warring with the other earls, dukes, and princes of Deheubeth, Lloegr, Alban, and Iwerddon, she consolidated power over all of Prydain. Many times imperial emissaries were sent into the region to stop the fighting, after all, they were all nominally vassals of the Hellation Empire, even if the Imperial seat was so far away that actual authority out here was limited, but though Aerona and her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and even great-great grandchildren always obeyed the letter of imperial law, they still fought their way to power whenever the imperial presence cast its interest elsewhere. And so, under the motto Familia Ignis; Legato Quoque Fidem (Family of Fire; Legacy of Loyalty) House Draigaeron, the Heirs of the Dragon, was established.

Personality: The two most notable personality traits of House Draigaeron are their loyalty to each other and their ambition. They are a rather stern, driven lot, with tempers that smolder hot and long. They are capable generals and administrators, having built their native realm from a series of petty imperial vassals and barely controlled wild clans into a single powerful, centralized imperial province.

Physical Attributes: Aerona the Dragon was very tall, with brilliant red hair, vibrant green eyes, and skin pale enough to be otherworldly. Unusually strong, with nearly supernatural resistance to cold and heat alike, the ability to light torches with her breath alone, and incredible longevity. Her descendants largely inherited these traits, developing a distinct phenotype that makes members of the house easily recognizable, similar resistance to the elements and general toughness, very hot breath, and long lifespans. So far, no Draigaeron has died a death other than a violent one. It is suspected by the learned of the empire that House Draigaeron utilizes a unique mixture of alchemy and ritual to imbue themselves with these powers, but the specifics are not known.

Taleisin ap Fychan of House Draigaeron
Title or rank: Iarll (Earl) of Neath
Home region: Prydain, a rugged series of peninsulas and islands of steep mountains, deep valleys, murky moors, thick forests, and brilliant lakes.

Age: 18
Appearance: Follows the typical Draigaeron phenotype pretty closely: i.e. tall, red-haired, green-eyed, fine-featured, athletic build, and very pale skin.

Combat ability and experience: Uses a longbow and a longsword. Has extensive training in military tactics, strategy, high command, and administration. Some experience on the battlefield both as a squire and a captain in several of his family's near-constant wars, but no widely known exploits to make him famous.

Personality: Overall he appears serious, but cheerfully so. He is friendly, diligent, kind, brave, and patient beyond his years. He has yet to develop the sheer presence that characterizes more senior members of his clan though. He is devoutly religious and shows a poetic and musical bent in a distinctively Prydaini style.

Biography: Despite the fact that he is a very smart and capable fellow on his own, there is no doubt that he is in the tournament purely because of family influence. The Draigaerons are notoriously ambitious, and having consolidated their control of Prydain they inevitably began to look to realms beyond to expand their power. When the Emperor announced how his successor would be determined, they practically leaped on the chance to put one of their own on the Imperial seat. Originally they had intended to swamp the contest with as many family members as they could, but a quick addition to the rules prevented that obvious exploit. So, instead, they settled on the most qualified unmarried member of the dynasty: Taleisin, son of Fychan, son of Glywys, son of Aerona II, daughter of Aerona the Dragon. Rather than traditional displays of competence from the candidate himself, Taleisin had his spot then insured by political pressure.

Strengths: House Draigaeron has produced extremely capable rulers for four generations now, with a fifth on the way. Taleisin's strengths are those of his house.

  • Extraordinary ability for war, both in personal combat expertise and strategic genius.
  • Magical Draigaeron traits: longevity, toughness, breath hot enough to melt candles.
  • Massive family influence.
  • Wealth.
Weaknesses: The members of House Draigaeron are Prydaini, a strange culture from the outskirts of the empire. Far from their center of power, they have many enemies in the capital.

  • Foreign language, strange cultural habits, odd religious beliefs, unusual dress and a strong accent, Taleisin and his group are outsiders and cannot rely on local help for anything.
  • Coming from an infamous, feared, and hated family, Taleisin's entourage is vulnerable to their many, many enemies. They cannot trust anyone but themselves; getting locals to work against them is far easier than it would be against any other candidate.
  • Taleisin lacks the real-world experience his competitors have. Additionally, his own distaste for dishonorable conduct means that his group is highly unlikely to use underhanded tactics against their foes, and are far less competent when they do.
  • Taleisin is easily tricked, at the moment.

Other traits: Taleisin is named after a famous bard, and may one day deserve the name. His musical and poetic skills are underdeveloped, but may become a potent weapon of their own in the future.

On/Offs: Here.
Entourage: The members of House Draigaeron who most closely accompany Taleisin on his quest are listed here, but his actual entourage is pretty massive. Each a powerful noble in their own right, they are accompanied by an impressive array of tailors, cooks, smiths, fletchers, maids, and soldiers. And that is just in the city. Camped outside the city, ostensibly to observe the tournament and pay her respects to the old and new emperors alike, is Archduces Aerona the Dragon herself, almost one hundred twenty years old and just now showing the barest signs of age, and her vast retinue, forming a rather powerful army if they are needed. Though the Prydaini have been careful not to appear threatening, the people of the capital openly fear that the Draigaeron host will press their imperial claim by force if another is appointed, ramping up already high tensions.

Aerona III

Full name: Iarlles Aerona III, Aerona ferch Fychan of House Draigaeron
Description: A slender girl of eighteen years, she looks similar enough to Taleisin to be easily mistaken for him while wearing anything form-concealing.
Role: Taleisin's twin sister and closest friend. Long-time co-conspirator and sparring partner, she is his most trusted compatriot. Due to the Draigaeron's custom of absolute primogeniture, at five minutes older she is the heir to the majority of Duc Fychan ap Glywys's estates and titles, so most of their life he was her servant. But now, with this priceless opportunity to seat a Draigaeron Heir on the Imperial Seat, she has agreed to support him in whatever way she can. With her superior diplomatic skills, she helps with matters of society and etiquette. Also, she can provide a body double at a pinch.

Full name: Ardalydd Llywelyn ap Alwyn of House Draigaeron
Description: A well muscled, bearded fellow, he otherwise follows the typical Draigaeron phenotype.
Role: A marquis ("Ardalydd") in his own right, Llywelyn is Aerona III's fiancee. A powerful fighter, he functions as Taleisin's combat adviser and marshal.

Full name: Esgob Caerwyn ap Alwyn of House Draigaeron
Description: Llywelyn's much less physically imposing brother, a beardless, shaven-pated, scholarly fellow, he was appointed as a bishop due to family influence, but despite nepotism is quite qualified for his position. He acts as Taleisin's chaplain.

Full name: Syr Einion ap Gweneth of House Draigaeron
Description: An older cousin from a minor branch of the family, with, oddly enough, blond hair instead of the omnipresent red, Einion does not have quite the same presence as most of his family, instead being quietly unobtrusive.
Role: Fond of organizing and keeping things 'just so', Einion keeps the day-to-day affairs of the entourage running smoothly and functions as a Taleisin's steward, more or less.

Full name: Syrnyw Morwenna ferch Non of House Draigaeron
Description: Unusually short and slight for a Draigaeron, Morwenna easily slips into the shadows and possesses exceptionally keen senses. Her eyes are grey instead of the usual green.
Role: Another minor cousin, Morwenna possessed a penchant for stealth and eavesdropping in half-a-dozen different languages from childhood, making her a natural choice for Taleisin's spymistress and general subterfuge expert.


Full name: Corran "Cor" Disral
Title or rank: Baron of Forest Grove
Home region: his barony is part of the Duchy of Wesnoth, in the northern part of the empire

Appearance: Corran is a tall young man, standing just shy of six feet. His hair is a light brown, and he keeps it cut short as it goes curly and unruly when he lets it get too long. He also shaves whenever he can. His left cheek sports a scar from a barroom brawl when he was sixteen, having the misfortune of being hit by a man with a rather pointy ring.He is rather thinly built, more whipcord than anything.

Combat ability and experience: While he has avoided being part of any wars, he has been party to the squabbles of the nobility in the area around his home. A small number of raids against his more hostile neighbors is the majority of his fighting experience. He is also very keen on personally leading the parties that hunt any bandits in his lands, whenever possible. In addition, like many young noblemen, he has been trained since childhood to use a variety of weapons from lances to rapiers. To this more formal knowledge he has no small skill with knives of various lengths from his younger days spent brawling in the various bars and taverns across the land, not to mention a rather large bit of experience with dirty fighting and unarmed combat.

Personality: Corran works hard to be a likable young man, and whether he is actually good at it or simply seems to be in contrast to his brother, is difficult to say. He does his best to have an easy smile and open attitude, though he pairs this with a quick wit and extraordinary memory. He is capable of being both blunt and subtle, as the situation demands it, and prides himself on being rather diplomatic.

Background and history: Corran is the second son of the Count of Swift Lake. He grew up with the knowledge that his older brother would be count, while he would be a mere baron under his brothers command. At the time, it did not bother him, and the two were very close growing up. From weapons practice to the more boring but practical lessons of governing, they did everything together. When they were old enough, they began carousing together as well. In everything they did, there was a strong, but healthy, spirit of competition, each driving the other to be better and achieve more.

Of course, it all went sour when two things happened. The first was the death of their father. It was not a quick death, the old man being wounded in a minor skirmish and the wound festered. He was a long time in going, and while he festered the two boys began to grow apart. Andrew believed he needed to assert his authority, and Corran resented the way Andrew was acting. They fought often, though this was different from when they were younger. In those past fights, it was mostly wrestling. Nothing dangerous, nothing personal, just a way to show who was boss and Andrew, being older, was always the winner. The last time they fought before they broke completely, Corran began to win and Andrew, desperate and furious with his little brother, punched him in the face, bloodying his lip. When the fight ended, Andrew was on his back, nose broken and body covered in bruises. Corran had won. Their father died by the end of the year, and as per his will, Corran was granted the Barony of Forest Grove, with Andrew as his lord. They spoke only when absolutely necessary, and avoided each other at all costs. 

The second break was a woman. This was after their father died, and at a time when things between them may have been reconciled. However, it was not to be. They both met her at a tournament in the capitol of the Duchy. They both fell head over heels for her, and competed for the whole three weeks of the tourney to win her hand. Andrew used his higher rank as count to humiliate Corran, and they almost drew swords on each other before being forced apart.

When news of the tournament was heard, Corran was adamant that he would go. His brother was set against it, but he was hardly in position to go, being already married and in no condition to fight. He was only just recovering from wounds he received in an ambush, leaving his left leg lamed and his sword hand maimed. He was still able to force his company on Corran by going along to the capitol, and even had the gall to announce himself as the head of the party. However right he may technically be, as he is Corrans liege lord, it was a further annoyance to Corran as his brother once again used his rank, earned only because he was a year older, to force himself into Corrans life.   
-Very quick on his feet, both physically and mentally.
- Manages to give the impression he cares, even if he doesn't
-Can switch between beng a very memorable person to simply fading into the background during social situations, as the need demands
-Physically speaking, he is of no more than average strength and a mediocre rider
-Very stubborn
-Hates his brother

Other traits: Corran is unsure if he wants the throne because he truly desires the job or if it is to simply piss off his brother who cannot compete in the tournament.
On/Offs:Bathroom stuff and vore, essentially. If there`s something I don`t like or am uncomfortable with, I`ll let you know.

Full name: Galdo
Role: Squire.
Appearance: Galdo is a solid young man of seventeen years, being Corrans squire for the past five. He is still a gawky teenager, only just reaching his full height though he has considerable filling out to do. He stands several inches taller than Corran, and looks to be much wider as well. He is quite strong and fairly quick, though he has only recently stopped growing so he is still getting used to his size.

He is a dependable young man, useful in a fight whether it be a duel or a brawl, but he is not the brightest spark around. Still, he is loyal, and that is a trait worth its weight in gold

Full name:Eric Kyle and Stan
Role: These three young men preform the interchangeable role of both spies and servants.
Appearance: All three, while unrelated, share the same stocky peasant build. Kyle has dark red hair, Stan has black haired and  Eric has light brown hair. They are all cheery lads with an easy going manner and the sort of face a you'd trust not to steal your wallet while you're out at the tavern.
The fact that they would and certainly have the skills for it are of no consequence.

Full name:Thomas Stamper
Role: Officially, he is an aide. Unofficially he is the spymaster and assassin, charged with keeping an ear to the ground(or sky or wherever he gets his information) to keep Corran informed of potential threats or opportunities as they arise
Appearance: Stamper is approaching late middle age, though he is in superb condition for his age. His hair is a liberal mix of black and grey. He has quick hands and quicker fingers, and perhaps most importantly, an encyclopedic knowledge of everything a young nobleman should know, and quite a few he should not.

Full name:Andrew
Role: Older brother
Appearance: Andrew looks very much like his younger brother, though he stands a hair taller. He keeps his hair longer and has a neatly trimmed beard. His right hand is a mess of scars that he can barely move, and has been slowly learning to use a sword with his left. It is slow going. His left leg is a similar mess of scars, and he walks with a very pronounced limp. Away from his wife, he drinks too much and has a short temper making him a prime source of information, should any realise it. Corran tries to keep him away from sensitive information but is not always successful.

Full name:Kelsey
Role: Younger Sister
Appearance: Kelsey is the third and last child of the Disrals. She is quite short, just over five feet tall. Her hair is very dark brown, almost black, and she keeps it in a long braid that reaches most of the way down her back. She is a shy, petite woman who has just turned seventeen. Corran was determined to bring her so she might experience life outside their barony (she has taken to living with Corran after their father died), and introduce her to as many other ladies as possible. She and Corran are very close, and she is willing to help him as much as she can. To that end, he will be trying to get her into the good graces of the princesses ladies in waiting.

Unofficial Stuff: (OOC information but could be found out)
Corran is directly responsible for two murders.
The first was a yeoman who was working his way into Corran`s manor. The woman came under suspicion but nothing was solid. Still, Corran gave the order and Stamper had her taken care of.
The second was the fifht son of a rather prominent nobleman of the area who had shown a rather unhealthy interest in Kesley. Corran challenged him to a duel and while everything was going all well and legal, Corran killed him at the conclusion of the fight. He had already given up, but Corran was determined that the man was a danger to his sister, and refused to let him walk away. Luckily, the man`s second was an easily bribed and frequently drunk fop, and the other major witnesses were Corran, Stamper and Galdo, all were trusted to keep quiet about exactly what happened.


Name: Luciana Nerine Hellatius
Age: 20

Appearance: Luciana was named after her golden-blonde hair, reminiscent of sunlight, which falls past her shoulders in natural curls. Her eyes are a medium brown, tinted by amber. Meanwhile her full lips and curved facial features are often mistaken for being almost cherub-like, as though butter would not melt in her mouth. Yet one only needs look at the sashay of her rhythmic hips of the display of ample cleavage to know that she's a woman who is well aware of her sumptuous curves and how best to use them for her gain. Standing at an average 5'6", she is often seen dressed in extravogent gowns, only donning breeches for horse-riding. Upon first appearance, she carries herself immaculately, but her pink-painted lips are as deceitful as the white pearls around her neck. Better she be dressed in scarlet, for that is the true colour of her demeanor.

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Hobbies and Activities: Like her sisters, Luciana was raised to be 'proper' and taught to practice all manner of regal attributes - from reading and writing, to singing and dancing - both of which she particularly enjoys. Yet her true talents lie in playing harp and the lute to accompany her angelic singing voice, and she loves to perform for anyone. She adores the ocean, so she is most likely to be found taking a walk upon the shore at dusk or dawn. Or, if you're really lucky, caught taking a moonlit dip in the still waters. Fond of social events, she will always be found mingling at court, whatever the occasion. She is quite fond of wine and even fonder of entertainment - be it watching or providing. 

Personality: Although she conducts herself as though faithfully devout to her family, reputation and title, Luciana is in fact ruled by several vices. The most predominant being her vanity, pride, and her gluttony for attention. Ever the 'daddy's girl', she is the first to feel the sting of the green eyed monster whenever her sisters gain favour over her. If ever they possess something she does not, then she often craves it - or something like it, to have as her own. Her room is therefore a treasure trove of material possessions, and never is a hair on her head out of place as he strives for perfection in her gait. Oh yes, this one learnt how to pout, sulk and curtsey from an early age, to please with sugar-coated smiles and charm with carefree laughter. But as she became a young woman, she discovered new tricks of the trade. Curiousity led to her shedding her maiden innocence upon a moonlit whim, inevitably feeding her need to be desired and wanted. Maintaining her angelic facade, she strives to earn the love of the people; trading charitable gestures and sunlit smiles in exchange for their support. Yet she's a walking lie, who would sooner spread devious gossip about her rivals than be faced by her own, dirty little secrets.

Background and History: Born the #-- Princess, there was nothing particularly exceptional about Luciana's early upbringing. She dedicated herself to her studies, quickly developing a creative flair for music in particular, and so her studies were focused on learning how to read and write music. Her first instrument was the lute, and upon her twelfth birthday, she was gifted with a harp. Though she is not the greatest songbird in the land, she found that she could hold a tune. In her teen years, she was often compared to an angel or even a siren by various admirers, who fell weak at the knees from the power of her voice alone.

It was as she came of age that the Princess became more and more obsessed by her need to be 'unique' and the most loved by her father. Yet her curiousity was also piqued by a different kind of affection, resulting in her shedding the last layer of her innocence one night. Having caught the attention of a visiting nobleman from another Kingdom, she stole away into the garden with him, and lost herself deep within the maze to their mutual ignited lust. Hardly a blushing violet, when he eventually returned to his homeland without an offer of marriage, she was quick to mend her broken heart. Rather than lock herself away in shame, she begun to crave the same kind of more visceral attention from her other admirers, resulting in various indecent liasions (which her sisters may or may not be aware of) as a liberated young woman. Still, in the public eye, she maintained the facade of her virtuous reputation by providing ulterior gossip in order to deflect any slanderous rumours. She even discovered a certain taste for gossip, in particular, temporarily shifting the attention to the faults of her sisters instead (but never placing herself in a position where the rumour can be traced back to her own devious lips).   

With her father's decision to pass the crown though, it is unknown if Luciana genuinely craves the throne, or if she merely wishes to please what may be one of her father's last wishes. Even she is not certain whether she in fact plans to ultimately lose the competition, whilst she simply enjoys the pleasures of the impending tournament, and the opportunity to shine above her sisters. It has never been her sole ambition to inherit he crown, but the tournament promises to lure many an impressive man to the city, and Luciana is intent to ensure that her future within the Empire remains secure and prosperous, even after her father passes...

Strengths: Luciana knows her body, but she knows how to charm using other means. Though she adores romantic gestures, on the contrary, she doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve. She is fickle as the skies, and therefore more likely to devote herself only to her own goals. Yet she is also a very skilled actress, able to deceive others into believing that she does in fact, adore them. A Mistress of games and seduction, she is easily entertained by the fortunes and misfortunes of others. Though not a combatant, she is a skilled horse-rider, strong swimmer, and more than capable dancer. The fact that she can be incredibly light upon her feet only aids her ability to sneak around the rumour mill. 

Weaknesses: First and foremost is her reputation. To be publicly named shamed and lose the respect of the public would be her ultimate humiliation, alongside losing her father's love. Though she is mostly well loved by the common folk, she is fooled by her own vanity, which means she may not be as adored as she in fact believes (and certainly not by all). She also has a weakness to material things and notions of adoring romance, meaning she can easily be wooed by expensive gifts and other tokens of ardor. Which she can nock an arrow, she is not the most skilled archer.

Other traits: Luciana will always be on the look out for loyal handmaidens/companions at court.
On/Offs: Here


Full name: Shireen - often nicknamed 'Shiri'
Role: Loyal Handmaiden

Appearance: Shireen hails from the Eastern lands, and as a peace offering between two kingdoms, she was sent to the empire as a slave. Her almost-black hair is often braided into a single plait which reaches down to near the base of her spine, whilst her light moccha skin is unmarked and unblemished save for a single, dark mole above her upper lip. Her large, almond shaped eyes are often lined by black, whilst her lips carry a natural, dark cherry hue.

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Other: Shireen was purchased from the slave market by a passing Luciana, in an effort to appear charitable to the commoners. Yet the truth is, the Princess was drawn to the exotic nature of the woman, and so her reasons for purchase were mostly to satisfy her own selfish goals. In exchange for companionship and loyalty, Shireen was pampered and preened, to embrace her far more pleasant life within the royal castle. She is Luciana's best friend, serving as her eyes, ears and tongue in the places she cannot always reach. Few know that she is skilled with the dagger, serving to discreetly protect the Princess when she walks the common streets. In fact, the Princess is rarely seen without her loyal handmaiden following in her shadow - sometimes seen in clear sight, and sometimes, unseen.
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So far we have;

MissFire - Champion
TheHangedMan - Champion
Birchleaf - Champion
Jecter - Champion
Xenolord - Princess
PearlRuby - Princess
Drake Valentine - Clergy/Merchant

ReaperDouble - TBA
MarieJulie - TBA

Izaya Orihara - Expressed interest
Question Mark - Expressed interest
IrishWolf - Expressed interest
deadmanshand - Expressed interest

At this stage, we have reached the minimum of character applications that I would consider enough to start the story. For those that have already posted them, you can assume that all of your applications are accepted! This means that I'll start working on posting the threads that we'll use in order to get this project off the ground. This doesn't mean that applications will no longer be accepted, so if you just came across this, don't worry!

Additionally, I'd like to know who is interested in helping out with playing additional NPC characters (not related to your own application/entourage) such as (minor) champions participating in the tournament, ordinary folk living in the capital city, people of the Imperial court, etc. they're meant to be characters who don't necessarily have a recurring role, but serve to interact with the main characters of the story. If this is something that attracts to you and if you want to help out with this, please post a reply here or send a message to me. So far, TheHangedMan has already expressed interest in helping out with at least the champions part, and Question Mark (who has yet to post an application) has expressed interest in helping out with NPCs in general, but any additional help is always welcome! The more we can make this work, the better the overall experience should be for everyone!

Furthermore, I'm also looking for someone (or multiple people) who are willing to assist with the 3-4 other authorities that play a role in the main event. These are; The Emperor, The High Bishop, The Speaker of the Senate and The Representative of the Common Folk. For the time being, I intend to let the role of the Emperor remain in the background. This can work because his blessing is automatically awarded to the winner of the champion's tournament. The other three authorities require an actual character that will show up more than once. If you would want to assist with making this process work, please post a reply here or send a message to me.

Finally, I may need some help with working out the best way in which the actual tournament can be held. At first, it's just a few NPC champions that are fighting each other which can serve as a background for main characters to socialize around and watch for entertainment, etc. But eventually, main characters may be pitted against each other. We would need to have at least a basic system that determines how these encounters develop. I'm not forseeing any paritcularly complex system, but we need something. If you think this is something you'd want to help out with, please post a reply here or send a message to me.


Looks cool. I wouldn't mind playing a few NPC fighters, but I think that will be the extent of my contributions. I don't want to spread myself too thin.

Also, if anybody is interested in playing a member of the Lamont family, that could be really cool, and I'm totally up for it.
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Drake Valentine

Minor relevant, but I could map build.

That is, if you already have something basic outline and I can restructure it. Continental would be prefer, multi ones in a worldly base build I would like to avoid. It could be crudely drawn, unless you had something of land base and whatnot picked out; but by all means I am able to create things from program I have(it may take time though.)

Of course, I have to get accustomed to the map program again(hence taking time,) I haven't used it in awhile(months.) >_< Fun thing to play around with, regardless.

As for important roles of that, well, I would nominate Vhaun. Though doubtful on Bishop, possibly Representative, depending on how you view his influence; unless that is a more permanent figurehead and not someone randomly appointed for the event. Vhaun does do a lot of traveling after all. Or if you don't want someone bloodline related to Emperor for that position, that is fine too. He is de-nephew after all.

Also, if anyone wants to have had dealings with Vhaun, let me know. He is a merchant after all, so his influence stretches out beyond the kingdom as does his acquired wares and trade ability.

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I also would be willing to play some disposable NPC fighters, but once they no longer become relevant I would prefer to focus on House Draigaeron and its many, many members and various adherents. Since that means that I have dozens or more characters to play, that will be about the extent of my abilities.

Question Mark

Wow, this game took off much faster than I had anticipated.  24 hours and boom, almost all of the applications are in.  I'll see if I can whip something up in the next few hours.

On that note, I can take on some or all of the authorities.  Do you have sheets for them?


Quote from: Question Mark on November 10, 2014, 12:38:23 PM
Wow, this game took off much faster than I had anticipated.  24 hours and boom, almost all of the applications are in.  I'll see if I can whip something up in the next few hours.

On that note, I can take on some or all of the authorities.  Do you have sheets for them?
I had a little something different in mind for the remaining authorities. Did you want to apply for just them, or were you looking to apply as a Champion as well?

Question Mark

Quote from: mj2002 on November 10, 2014, 12:49:20 PM
I had a little something different in mind for the remaining authorities. Did you want to apply for just them, or were you looking to apply as a Champion as well?

You know, now that you mention it, it may be better if I just apply for the authorities.  I may want to introduce a Champion later on, but for right now, I think I'd like to avoid biting off more than I can chew.

So, how do I go about applying for these individuals?  You said you had something a little different in mind.


Quote from: Question Mark on November 10, 2014, 01:05:05 PM
You know, now that you mention it, it may be better if I just apply for the authorities.  I may want to introduce a Champion later on, but for right now, I think I'd like to avoid biting off more than I can chew.

So, how do I go about applying for these individuals?  You said you had something a little different in mind.
In this case, just use the generic character sheet and feel free to add information that you deem necessary. I'll send you a PM at some point about this, but dont let that keep you.

Question Mark

How much freedom do I have with the authority NPCs?  Can I give them wrinkles and subplots, or should I just "play them straight"?


Name: Millianna Hellatius
Age: 21
Appearance: Millianna's hair has the same strong golden blond color to her hair, falling into thick bangs down her back. Her eyes have a strong reddened brown shade to them, making them appear red in sunlight. Her body has a very athletic approach, with her having been a lot more active physically. While it has not made her appear any less feminine, it has given her body a very refined surface.
some eye-candy


Hobbies and activities: There are two sides to this, that being what she is normally seen doing and what she enjoys doing. Being one of the older/the oldest daughter, she is commonly seen doing what would have been considered appropriate for her position, that normally being reading, horse-riding, and sewing. However, her real interests are more directed towards fencing, swordsmanship, war-theory and working physique.

Personality: Over the last few years, Millianna's personality has worked off from having a strong older-sister image, to a lot more harsh and direct feeling. This comes from a rising amount of secrets that she is desperately trying to keep secret from every pair of eye watching, as she is worried her tongue might slip one day and she'd expose all she has been keeping to herself and to those very few whom has been allowed to hear. In private however, she tends to loosen up the strong appearance, becoming a tad more tender and laid back.
Background and history: Millianna's early childhood was very reminiscent to that of her sisters. She was taught early on to read and write, and her parents attempted at making her play music, though it never worked out very well, she simply didn't have it in her. Instead, she picked up art, learning how to paint both accurate and artistic versions of a set image, or just imagination.

Her mindset changed however during a trip horseback. A wild bear had appeared and scared the horse she had been on. The horse ran off, so the bear turned its attention to her and was inches from clawing her to death, though she was saved in the last moment by one of the guards whom had come along. This was the event that directed her mindset more so towards swordplay, the idea of being able to defend oneself.

And thus, she started to train. She started out behind the family back, sneaking out at night, training with those whom she had managed to talk into training her, letting her learn a little. It didn't take long before the information reached her parents however. It was seen as an outrage, but after a long while and a lot of angry conversations, they eventually let her have her will. The plan had been to have her out of the city when the new emperor was to be chosen, making sure she wouldn't get picked. She was sent off to a diplomacy trip for a year and a half, a trip which had been intended to last for three years, but that had been cut off midway due to a long series of inconveniences that had forced them to return.

A short while after returning, led by fascination and adoration, she ended up bedding the current captain of the guard, a married man well over ten years older than her. It has yet to happen again, though she hasn't denied the desire to sleep with someone again.

  • She's a realist. She doesn't have high expectations about what is not to be expected, and it has made her very good at analyzing situations and conflicts.
  • Liked among the military families. The families that are part of the military usually favors her due to her closer connection to the military than the other princesses. Not disliked among the general public, though lacks the same level of appeal as her sisters.
  • Physically strong. Millianna is capable of handling herself and isn't completely reliant on having someone to protect her. Her swordplay is on a very high level, not at that of a champion, but not far off. Her senses are good and her reaction time is on the same level as well.

  • Actively trying to hide her fascination for war, swordsmanship and the likes, not wanting it to be exposed (Only closest family and a very small amount of servants knowing).
  • Has already lost her virginity to the high captain, though this has yet to be exposed.
  • Not too popular inside the royal family for her lack of understanding of gender-roles.

    Other traits: Not too much, only thing worth mentioning is that she isn't too worried about losing faces, bedding any of the champions competing for one of the princesses' hands, since she knows she probably would not be picked as fit either way.
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