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Author Topic: Garuss Vakarians Calibrations: M x F - F x M (Fandoms Included.)  (Read 5045 times)

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Garuss Vakarians Calibrations: M x F - F x M (Fandoms Included.)
« on: November 07, 2014, 11:52:55 pm »
DISCLAIMER: I can play male and female characters. And the gender of my partner is not important. But I prefer to play males, to females. I am a rainbow writer and have no qualms with gay, lesbian, futa or Bi characters and am open to sexual scenes with them! But the main pairing has to be MXF to carry my interest throughout the story. sorry. >_< .

On's: I have little offs.
What makes me go Tick!

 Angst: I love playing doms subs, tops and bottoms. And in some cases I like build up before they get in each others pants! Not always needed depending on plot. But nice. Some times I like it to start quick so, just ask which you prefer. Build up or less build up I mean.

 Innocent teasing: Sitting on a guys lap, bending over and revealing more then was intended. Sucking on a lollipop provocatively. It was an accident! Or was it? Intentional, unintentional. Either way, it is cute and funny to make a guy flustered, as he is trying to be a gentlemen about it and his attraction.   >:) Be she playing innocent,  O:) or being innocent. It is fun to test his self control.

 Wardrobe malfunction: Plays into above kink. When a girls wardrobe reveals quite a bit, or she is put in a situation where it does and is out of her control. (Rip's in battle. etc.)

 Leather: This plays into fantasy mainly, but leather clothing, or leather clothing pieces is nice.

Bikini's, Swim Suits , Sportswear oh my!: I do love Bathing suits . Tight Gym wear, and Sportswear.  Go sports! Oh and dont forget tight pantyhose.

 Jumpsuits: Ever watch your normal mech anime? Or, well just look at Samus in her Zero Suit.  ;) . Now you know what I mean. A soft fabric suit tightly clinging to a woman's curves. "It's practical! Don't mock my Zero suit...." (Well, it actually is practical for Mech pilots, or Samus. Since she wears Power armor. Or mech pilots are in a small cockpit. It's like underwear. Meant to prevent Chaffing, or other such scratches, bruises, and abrasions. So, Skin tight jumpsuits have a practical reason for existing, but is merely an excuse for writers and artists to make tight skimpy clothes.  :-[ )

 Description: Of coarse this goes without saying, but all to often do partners cop out. When she is running, she doesn't have to be simply running. There can be more to it, explain the fear, the sweat, the worry for another. Or in terms of being a bit kinky on it, if she is running, how is her clothes reacting to the motion? Her breast sw- I will stop myself there.  ;D . Any way, Detail is nice. I don't want to know every little detail to a cup falling. But, I want to have detail in appropriate places. Especially if fun times actually happen! Ya know?

 Heat and intense Ecstasy: When a female (Or a sub male) is in so much pleasure they cant help but lose self control. Their mind can go blank, the person spacing out. Can start to slure their speech or begin talking in giberish. Start making faces and or practically drueling. With Furries, Anthros and Kimonomeme (Nekos etc.) It would be Heat! This is a trope mainly found in hentei and echi Manga or Anime.

Anime Tropes: From comedy, to the bad guys, to action. I like anime, and how they work. Often I like how it can be role played. Not a requirement. But a good thing to keep in mind when making a submissive and sweet girl, or a strong warrior, or what have you. I love anime girls, and a lot of the tropes in personality which follow. Color me simple. :P But I can be easy to please. (Mind you, hard in some other ways. Such as descriptive sex and or scenes.)

 Public scenes: Not exactly as if they are out in the open. But risk of being caught would be a fun thing to try.

 Foreplay: Essential! From giving head, to touching each other. This is important. Would include: Oral (Both male to female, female to male. Maybe even Female to Female. Though, Id rather it be in more of a three way scenario for Female to Female, and me being the male watching it. I am not particularly good at F x F. :( Or so Ive been told.) Hand jobs. Using a pair of breasts. Fondling. Or, hotdogging and any other such form of stimulation. IE: Rubbing his erection against her. Putting it in between her thighs, along her moist womanhood.

Teasing, rubbing >_< : It is rather hot, and amazing when a women rubs her body against a man. In provocative, and pleasing ways. Can be by mistake. Or intentional. Is it not odd how a man can know when they have touched a womens breast? He could have narrowly scrapped her mound with his elbow and instinctively us males will know. "Boob.... That was boob..." Ha ha. Speaking in Jest is fun, but allow me to move foreward. This goes back to sitting on a lap. But also other things. Such as her soft bosom pressing against him as she leans foreward. Her body clinging to him in a tight space. Her breasts, pressed against his chest. Further, when the women is attempting to court the man. Let's say she bends over, egging him on to plow her sweetly, or roughly. Her placing her bosom against his hardness, rubbing along it in a seducing manner. Very little words would be needed after that, to convince a man she is his.

Clothed Sex: I like sex when there is some, or a lot of clothes left on. I would especially like to play around with the Zero Suits/Jumpsuits. Perhaps a suit gets ripped along the womens Buttox? ;) Leaving her open to the male.

Gloved: There is a specific accessory to remember with A princess, With some attire, As well as with a jumpsuit or Zero suit in general. Gloves. So, why waste time taking them off? When a women can use the rough and soft fabric to, add stimuli to a mans erection? While she pokes, rubs, and performs oral sex.

Breast job: Be she the one pressing her breasts against him, and rubbing. Or be him thrusting in the softness. It is hot! Of note, she can have her bra or a tube top on. As well as a shirt of some kind. Further more, leaving her jumpsuit on while doing it. ;)

Loving Blowjob: Besides for a little head. There is this. A loving blow job. Be she dominant, or be she a loving sub. This is when a women takes control of a mans pleasure. It's Meant to be slow, cherished. It teases him. The man wanting things to go faster, but no, he can not, he must resist his urges. She goes beyond giving him head. Ever slowly working her way down, until she reaches as deep as she can go. She takes it slow. Urging him to want to go faster, to want to go into carnal instincts and thrust. He wants to but cant, for simply ravaging her mouth would not be this involved, nor this caring for his pleasure. She is Using her hands, and mouth to bring him into a slow, and well loved climax. She may go a bit faster on occasion, or even through out the oral stimulation. But never exceeding an even pace, or loosing her flow. We Ladies and gents can call it, an Elegant blow job. A civilized deep throat, for civilized Gentlemen. ;)

Lipstick Smearing: When a girl kisses passionately and has lipstick on. Of coarse some smears on his cheek, or partially on his lip. But, more provocatively. It may also smear, when she is performing passionate oral sex. (Ie: Like in the flash game, SDT.)

 Multiple Climaxes

 A little length: I like a sex scene to take a bit of length. In real life it should take hours, in a rp more then just one or two posts each. It should go into great detail, and be an experience to remember. Not something to simply get passed, and forget. No one likes forgettable sex, even in an rp.  :'( .

 Fluid's: What I speak of Is Cum, precum, A womans wetness, sweat, saliva, lust, love, and tasting each other's body.

Lots of cum: But realistically so. A lot, but not a pool.

Tag team: Some times to please a man, a women must partner up. Tagging in her friend, or rival. They go down on him. Pressing each others breasts together, his cock gluttonously in the middle. They press hard, they lick, they stimulate in any way they can. They want him to cum all over them. They want him to show them he is enthralled by them. Perhaps they are in competition? Wanting him to show favor to her, and not the other. Essentially, this is when foreplay is done, between two or three women at once rather then taking turns. I just love a double or even triple blowjob!!!!

MxFxF or Harem Scenarios: Oh glorious harem kink!  One day I will find a role player whom will allow me to have this boyish dream. One of these days I swear it! Ha ha :P . Until then MxFxF love triangles are awesome!

Desk hand job: Plays into public scenes. Where rather then hidden. It's an even riskier ordeal! The girl teases the man in front of guests, friends, or even parents. An ever present risk, a near inevitability of being caught. An under the table foreplay/ sex. Literally!

Three ways or group sex: MxMxF MxFxF MxMxFxF, or what have you. They are awesome!

 Face fucking: To allow the man to ravage her throat. But, this is not something id like a lot. Id like to do it once or twice. But I have a stronger preference for allowing the women, to show a man her love for him. In a well paced oral experience. (As described in loving deepthroat. above.)

 Virginity vs  Experienced: Not a requirement but a fun option. To have one or both/more partners be virgin. Or, one is a virgin while the other very experienced. I can play the virgin, or experienced.

 Smells: It's not important, but smells can be a valid source of detail! I like it when a girl, would smell or enjoy a mans musk. And a man her sweet aroma. Whats wrong with sniffing a mans cock either? ;)

 Bukake/and other such fun: An honorable mention for it is unimportant. But, along side a lot of cum, I do like to cum on her. I like a lot, but realistically so. I like girls covered, but not drenched. Though, I must mention an image in my mind! (Cumming in between breasts. Keeping the head of his penis squeezed between them. And watching his climax build up between them. As well as watching it leak/flow down her body.) A picture example.

Foot Play: As far as teasing the man. Rubbing his erection from under and across the table. Or if a dom, pressing down on him roughly, until he jizes in his shorts. Just to call him a pathetic perve! :P Sorry, I know... I got issues >_< lol.

Risk of pregnancy and pregnancy: I think long term pregnancy should be valid! Also, I like the characters to consider or worry about protection. Orknowingly taking the risk of going bareback! It is completely human to worry about, and awesome.

Leaking: To cum in a womens mouth, anus, or pussy with such intensity. His orgasm fill's the orifice fast, and cum leaks from between his cock and out the orifice. From trickling between his cock and her pussy, to go down her thigh. Or, being to much for her to swallow. His cum leaking out between his cock and her lip's to go down her chin. Or (If your ok with it.) Even going out her nose. (Not a requirement. Just a thought.)

Character Traits: Things I like for you to ponder on for your characters. Things to keep in mind, and or otherwise know I wont judge.

Strong: I don't always want this, but like strong warrior's or soldiers for my women. Could be large, have abs. Or even be deceptively strong. This can apply for skill, or physical ability.


Scars: This is only applicable to warriors and soldiers. But I like scars. Nothing Grim, but let's say a deep one on the arm, another around her chest. Or even a eye patch, with a minor scar under it. Things like that. Showing she has experience.

Eye patches: Can be cute, menacing, or intriguing on a women.

Heterochromia: To have two separate colored eyes. Not to have it run rampant between girls but, I like it. ^^ It's rare so would rather it stay rare. Only time I allow there to be multiple characters with this trait, is through Siblings, twins, and blood relations.

Sweet. Dim. Unintelligent (In a cute way.). Easily fooled.  Air head. Cute.

Seductive, a tease. Slutty. Wares slutty clothes. Jealous. Open to other girls.

Weak: Not to say in personality or conviction. But in physicality and or skill. A princess would more commonly fall into this.

Warrior. Soldier. Princess.

Cold, stoic, lacking emotion.

Caring. Pampered. Spoiled. Very emotional.

Just be creative with your character and I would be happy! There is not a type I hate, be she strong and dominant. Strong and submissive. Weak and dominant, weak and submissive. A samurai of cold stoic calculation. Or a pampered princess that is in another castle. ;) lol. Just make some one and be creative! Rule of thumb: Can never go wrong with some anime tropes. I love anime  :-* .

Hello, and good day to you all. The name Is Garuss. Some call me Gar, others Mr.Vakarian, if they feel so inclined to do so. However, call me whatever you like. Just as long, as it's not an insult :P . I thought I would make a fresh, and new ideas page.

Rules: I require that my partner be imaginative, kind, and open. To help with ideas, to be clear with what he or she wants. (Nothing urks me more then one assuming I will know what they want. :( Be open, explain your desires both future or long term. And, your spontaneous ones. I shall do so also.) And above all else, in role plays as well as out of character. Please be descriptive, at least some what literate. I can write small, or a bunch, so I can be right up there with the 5+ paragraph writers, but I am fine with less. Just at least be able to make 1 or 2 descriptive paragraphs!

My preferred smut to plot ratio is: 60 percent plot, 40 smut. Plot being the over all focus, with permission to have lengthy decadence when there is smut. Smut happening every so often, but not too often.

Or, 50 50. Lots of sex, with a plot to match. But...With lots more sex.  :-[ . This is also fun! But, Over all, Plot is a must have. In any of my rp's.

Idea 1 (Cyberpunk Dystopian future. Setting it'self is heavily Bladerunner and Cyberpunk 2020 inspired.) : A little More Human :
A young man gets dumped out of a relationship that barely even started. Feeling lonely and disoriented, he does something odd for him. Goes to the bar. He rarely even goes to clubs, and even then, never alone. Ending up in a bar by himself, he starts talking with a woman. A bit of a mystery she was... She seemed to young to be there, yet the bar keep, a robot programmed to tell when one was under aged. Gave her drinks freely. And when he ends up drinking her drink by accident, ends up back at his apartment with a throbbing skull and a taxi invoice. His blood alcohol level, showing it was strong enough to kill him if he drunk the whole thing. What the hell was she to drink something so strong?

 Intrigued, he frequents the bar, and discovers she is a veteran of the America and North Korea Conflicts of 2027. This would mean she would be in her (age of choosing 40's, 60's 70's) yet she appears no older then 18 or late 20's. That's because she is a cyborg.  She's a Soldier who's seen more combat then any person should have. When ordered to commit horrible civilian executions, she defied orders, and killed her Commanding Officer. For her insubordination, she would have been hung for war crimes, but instead she was used for a cruel experiment. She was forever changed.. Modified. Her right arm, being a mechanical replacement. A testament to her alterations. The rest of her body, more synthetic, then human. She continued her service in a brutal campaign of suicide missions. Her and the other war criminals in her squad were thrown into the fire, dragged from the coals, patched up, and tossed in again. She suffered numerous wounds, many of which should have been fatal. And resulted in the doctors taking more peices from her, replaced with cybernetics. 

 When the war was over, her and the rest of her squad (what was left of them) were released. They'd 'served their time' they said, and were given a medical plan that barely covered their cyborg bodies maintenance needs, and could drink at any veteran bar, courtesy of tax dollars. She gets a free apartment in the metropolis of their cyber punk future. Her bills are paid for, and is given decent spending money. These things however, are just luxuries. She is property of the military, and is only being well kept.

Understandably, she is bitter, even if she may not like to show it. But also quite numb, and lifeless in some ways. Theres a touch of loneliness there, and the deceptively old cyborg finds herself giving into this curious boy, so innocent and unlike her... A man accepting of her dark past. Eventually, she gives in and feeds him a few of her gruesome war stories, describing how she got the plate in her head, showing him the scar where the shrapnel shattered her hip, how she got her synthetic lung, and all kinds of other stories. Eventually, she'll share this with him not just to humor him and sate his curiosity, but to finally open up to someone... To tell him her fears, the bitter pain that comes from the absence of feeling touch in her arm or her leg... Maybe even have a chance at love. She has hope, that maybe he can make her feel just a Little More Human. But What if fate looms it's ugly head, when in the event of a new world crisis, she is forcefully dragged into the fray? As legal Property of the military.

Idea 2: (Jin x Student. School Life: Inspiration, Bedazzled) : Wish Upon Me, If You Dare!
My character was a regular high school student. A nerd, who didnt get along much with the guys in class. And whom the girls barely noticed. And honestly, that was fine, or so he told himself. None the less, his main concern was not friends, was not a girl friend. But to sate his bordem.... His consuming, unrelenting boredom... No matter what he did, nothing was fun any more. Even video games began to lose their charm's. He needed something to change n his life! Adventure? Mystery? Action? He didnt know, but something! Well, one day, his life changed. One day, when he went home, he found a package addressed to him. Opening the small box, he found a something wrapped in news paper, a note attached.

"To thee whom receives this, may your deepest desires be yours. Rub the surface, and your servant must answer your every wish, your every command. Be warned, now master of the Lamp. Your wish must show wit, for nothings more mischievous then ones own Genie. Masters of lies, Purveyors of twisted truth's. Luck be with you, Mercy be on your soul."

Confused, he unraveled the paper. Inside, was a rather simple and regal lamp. It was somewhat damaged, old and dusted. It's golden color at a loss. It seemed to be nothing of importance, however that is the point. Touching the seemingly pointless object, it jumps.... Reacting to his touch. Further curious, the boy grabs it. And in doing so, summoned a being of great power, great respect, and possible tragedy. A Jin!  (His Jin would seduce him, play with him, twist his wishes and desires! Much like the devil in, Bedazzled.)

Current Craving: In light of my newest kink, I have an idea to throw in here that I just really want to do! Idea:
Sportwear Complex:

(Coach x Student, Slice of Life harem. Mainly smut based.) Kinks: Coach (Being On Top) x students. Sportwear. Swimsuits. Public Scenes. Risk of Pregnancy, and or possible pregnancy! Clothed Sex. Student Seducing Teacher. (Read idea to see why.)
Jesse was a foreign exchange student, whom excelled at all sports during his school years. From Baseball, to professional swimming. He had a golden ticket, a possibly great future ahead of him in whatever sport he decided to head towards. But, he lost that chance, never deciding what he wanted to do and dwindling his talent away... A short time later, while living as a freeter. His old teacher, and mentor came to him. And offered him a job, offered him something he was certain Jess would enjoy. Would appreciate. To help the man get his life together, and back out into the world. Now instead of being an athlete, he trains to be a coach at his former teacher’s school, Academy Josho. This made him happier then he has been for years. Bringing him back out into the world and even making him respected. However, during a athletic exam, the captain of the swimming club tried to seduce him in order to improve her results by any means. He opposed her action, but could it be that the elite players from other clubs also have the same plan!? Between a rock and a hard place, it is only a matter of time before he let's one of these lovely (17-18) high school girls seduce him into doing the unthinkable! A teacher, fucking his student's! And when he is dominating them, does he really care anymore? (So the final kink is the Students having to try and seduce him. Some more assertive then others, but still. He may be the top in bed but they are trying to manipulate him for their own benefit! He will try to deny them, be reluctant, but will succumb to his urges, take them and risk loosing his new found career.)

The girls: These are the girls I would like to play around with! Since they each have an awesome image set, which plays into the kink this idea is based off of: Swimsuit's and sportswear: The Swim team captain , I see her being one of the more assertive ladies, based on her set. The Gymnast , The Archery club captainThe Tennis club captain , The Cheerleading club captain, again one of the more assertive ladies I think.

Fandom's: I am big on fandoms! If any of these worlds appeal to you. Let me know! More you see  ♥ more I crave it.
Marvel  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
(She Hulk ♥ , X23, Susan Storm, Black Cat, Black Widow, Lady Deadpool ♥ ,  Lady Sif, Domino ♥ ! Or, suggest! I love them all. >_< )
Plays: (Spiderman, Deadpool, Ghost Rider and Doctor Strange very well.)

DC  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
(Catwomen ♥ , Harley ♥ , Poison Ivy ♥ , Wonderwomen ♥ , Killer Frost, Cheetah, Raven, Star Fire, Wondergirl, Zatanna ♥ .
(Can play Batman, Robin, The Joker, The Ridller, Deathstroke and Superman exceptionally well.)
(I always love a good comic book adaptation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Witchblade (Comics, but anime chick is very hot!)
Darkness (Comics.)
Devil May Cry (Anime and game continuity.)  ♥ (I play as Dante to an OC in this one. Not to fond of the DMC girls all to much. ^^ )

Mass Effect
(Tali ♥ ♥ ♥, Aria ♥ ♥ ♥, Liara ♥, Jack ♥, Miranda ♥, Edi ♥, Samara ♥ and Ashley ♥.
(Plays: M Shepherd, Garuss, Wrex, Grunt.)

Mortal Kombat  ♥ ♥ ♥
(Sheva ♥ ♥ ♥, Jade ♥, Kitanna ♥, Sonya ♥, Millena ♥ ♥ ♥, Cassie ♥, Jacqueline, D'vora, Sindel and Tanya.
(Can Play: Scorpian, Subzero, Johny Cage.)

Street Fighter  ♥ ♥
(Chunli  ♥♥, Camy  ♥♥, Juri ♥ ♥, Sakura, Poison, Elena ♥.)
(Can Play: Ryu, or Ken.)

Ghost In The Shell  ♥
(The Major!!!! ♥♥)


Resident Evil (Games)  ♥ ♥
Jill ♥, Ada, Sheva, Clair ♥,
(Plays: Leon, Agent Hunk.)

Nintendo!  ♥ ♥ ♥
(Samus ♥ ♥ ♥, Peach ♥♥♥, Zelda, Roselina ♥, Zero Suit Fox?  ♥ ♥ (She is basically a rule 63 Fox Mcloud)


Fandom Craving's: To have an OC to any of these lovely ladies! Craving mainly comic book role plays at this time, but also reeeeally~ craving to play against Aria T'loak from MassEffect  ♥

Picture Cravings! Warning! Most NSFW! I love, and crave all these pictures. So feel free to come to me with whatever idea they inspire from you. ^^ Or if you just like the picture, we can both come up with something together.

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Garuss Vakarians Calibrations:Search for Longterm partners, Original Ideas
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2014, 01:00:28 am »
~moved to upper post
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Re: Garuss Vakarians Calibrations: Search for partners, Fan based Ideas!
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2014, 03:52:26 am »
*Coming Soon*

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Re: Garuss Vakarians Calibrations
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2015, 12:39:58 am »

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Re: Garuss Vakarians Calibrations: M x F - F x M (Fandoms Included.)
« Reply #4 on: August 24, 2015, 03:14:35 pm »
Added a bunch more pictures today and yesterday!  Plus, new idea to go with my newest big kink. ^^
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