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Author Topic: GM sought: Star Wars, Planescape, CoC, Pathfinder [Rules-lite/FAE, Freeform, PF]  (Read 758 times)

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Online VonDoomTopic starter

Hopefully I'm not overextending myself, but a lot of games I'm involved in seem to be on a break and I do have some things I'm interested in that I'd like to try and start up. All of these are Solo Adventures, though for the first and third game I wouldn't be opposed to making it a small group instead (Dark Lords need an apprentice to train and corrupt and evil Bards need … uh, well, flunkies -- or maybe an equally wicked lover.) I generally prefer social interaction in games over dungeon-crawling (which I like handled more narratively, effectively skipping to the good parts) and puzzle solving.

I enjoy detailed writing and generally respond with the greatest enthusiasm to posts I feel challenge my ability as a writer -- that I need to put some thought into writing something comparable in quality in response. That's not to say I want writing to be a competition, I just think it's nice when people click well and challenge each other to be better -- mutually, amiably. I also like OOC communication behind a game -- talking about where things are, where they could go, potential hooks or aspects that might be fun to explore in greater detail.

If you're interested in starting up a game based around one of these ideas, please send your game pitch by PM. Themes you're interested in exploring, perhaps specific Ons you'd like to see in the game, the world you'll want to represent -- I realize the first request has a rather specific beginning, but that's only the first act and still allows for plenty of options within that frame.

Regarding 'rules lite': I'm familiar with, though not very experienced in, Fate (Accelerated/Core) and The Window. Also passingly familiar with Don't Rest Your Head. I'm open to other rules-lite systems if they're easy to learn, of course, but my current preference is FAE.

For a bit of indulgent self-descriptive, please see the thread linked in my signature.

Dark Lord Rising - Star Wars Old Republic Era
Freeform or rules-lite.
Exar Kun once rose to become one of the greatest Sith in history, accomplishing many deeds both great and terrible. He was in possession of an artifact - the Sith amulet - that increased his power over the Dark Side manifold.

I am interested in playing a Jedi archeologist already dangerously close to the dark side (a Zeltron by species, strong emotions and racial empathy don't lend themselves to serenity), who is plagued by visions of Exar Kun. Some sort of conflict drives him to abandon his regular duties and follow those visions to Yavin IV, where he finds the Sith amulet and receives instructions from Exar Kun who wants to completely draw him to the Dark Side (perhaps with intention to possess him, which might require my character to fully immerse himself in the Dark Side to ward off).

This would basically be the prologue, possibly with time skips and such. From there, he'd quest for greater power and knowledge, perhaps allies to recruit or convert, more Sith artifacts, perhaps take over a planet or two. I figure my character wouldn't fully buy into Sith ideology for a long time and act more as a Dark Jedi, though perhaps a confrontation with the order might drive him to a greater low at some point.

Some knowledge of the Tales of the Jedi comic series is required for this one due to the immediate setting background involved, though knowing KotOR I+II and/or SW:TOR can't hurt either.

I'd also be up for this one as a more collaborative effort, he could recruit a female apprentice shortly into turning dark. That way we could collaborate on mutual scenes and effectively act as a GM for scenes that only involve the other character.

Corruption of Champions
Freeform or rules-lite.
This specifically pertains to the game Corruption of Champions by Fenoxo, which is primarily based around transformation and (largely demonic) corruption. Since it was continually developed over the years a lot of furry content was added that I don't really enjoy (animal-hybrid people are fine, but please -- unless you're from classic mythology like a minotaur -- have a nose, not a snout), but I like the demonic corruption paired with lots of monster girls and weird places to explore.

I once put a specific thread for this up, which contains more detail about which aspects of the game I like and which I don't. It can be found here. It spawned a great game which is still running, but also slow-going since my partner is rather busy at the moment. That one features its own world setting in a similar vein to the parts of CoC we both liked -- if that is your preference as well, that is absolutely an option. I have a bunch of very basic character concepts for a female Champion lined up we'd choose a candidate from and then flesh out in greater detail.

What Price Power - Planescape
Pathfinder System, Mid to High Level; Rules-lite, Freeform
I have a Pathfinder character named Shirvan, whom I have attempted to play in various group games, but they keep dying around him.
Here is his write-up.

I'm looking for a game in which he gets to really play to his strengths as a highly social (and amoral) all-rounder (Bard and all) who is hungry for power and recognition. His background effectively allows for him to be dropped into most D&D settings (I have some but not particularly extensive familiarity with Forgotten Realms and Golarion, which would be preferable to something official I don't recognize, though custom settings are fine) with a nice dash of Planescape on top. Planar travel and hijinks should definitely be part of the game even if it centers around a particular Prime.

I'm thinking experience-wise he should be well in the upper ranges for adventuring types in the world he lands in, a comfortably superior position to most of the Clueless (yay Planar cant) but not without its challenges.

If a prospective GM wants to try Mythic or even Gestalt, I'd be up for that, but it's by no means a must. What I don't want is 3.5 material -- the main thing I like about Pathfinder is that it's a bit less convoluted, so putting in old 3.5 feats and spells and classes is a bit counterproductive. Using monsters that Pathfinder wasn't allowed to port over like Illithid and Beholders (or the alternate names for various Outsiders like Tanar'ri or Baatezu) is fine and actually preferred, though.

The Summoner
Pathfinder System
Many people keep talking about the Summoner class as a blight upon Golarion, its 'brokenness' and such. And it's true, the Summoner is a powerful class, though there are some misconceptions about it that I'll gladly discuss if prompted.

Ultimately, however, it's also a fun class with a lot of options. There is one Archetype, however, which stands out as the most overpowered one, the Master Summoner. Though their Eidolon is only half as strong as a regular one, they can have both the Eidolon active and continue to use their Summon Monster ability to its full extent.

Of course, in a regular group, any other concerns aside this really hurts the flow of combat -- any summon-centric character does since their turns take much longer, but for the Master Summoner that's their specialty.

That said, summoning lots of critters is fun and for a solo game played by post, extra time spent on a combat turn wouldn't be much of an issue. Assuming the character could have a few signature summons with actual personalities that they call up again and again, this could be an interesting party dynamic.

Beyond the vague thought that this might be interesting I have very little in the way of an actual defined plan or plot. I just want to try that class and have some fun adventures with it, so I'm open for suggestions!
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Online VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Solo Adventures - GM sought
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2014, 06:07:01 AM »
A month has passed and no takers so far. I am still interested in all of these, so don't hesitate to contact me if any take your fancy!

Online VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Solo Adventures - GM sought
« Reply #2 on: January 23, 2015, 04:48:04 AM »
Another month and a new scenario added.

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Re: Solo Adventures - GM sought
« Reply #3 on: March 02, 2015, 04:00:26 AM »
Another bump, all still available. I've also familiarized myself with Fate Core and Accelerated, so those are definitely an option for 'Rules Lite' now -- the preferred one, in fact, since I really like their approach.

Online VonDoomTopic starter

Re: Solo Adventures - GM sought
« Reply #4 on: April 05, 2015, 12:33:58 AM »
Bump. All still available.

Online VonDoomTopic starter

Four weeks have passed and I'm renewing my request for the scenarios listed above.