We're All Mad in Here (or maybe just me)

Started by Violetdreamsoflove, November 04, 2014, 10:40:35 PM

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My name is Violet and this is my search thread.

First off, I'd like to apologize for the lack of inspiration and art that my first post has. I don't really have the leisure right now for posting pretty pictures to tickle your eyes. What I do have are words, and it is with these that I hope to draw you into intimacy. So without further ado, and with breathy anticipation, I give you... my search thread.

I'll start with a bit about me so you know what you're expecting.

Call me Vi
I am twenty-three-years-young.
I am heterosexual.
I love to write with all of my heart.
I'm not on that often right now, but if I have something I'm looking forward to logging on to... I'll live here.
I love walking. I can do it for hours.
I love music--all kinds, especially movie scores and Broadway.
I'm a romantic. Almost hopelessly.
I attended a school for acting.
I will write between 3-5 paragraphs, and not ones full of air. They will have details and be beautiful.
I love to spice up a story, so let me know if it gets boring.
I hate it when a story is just abandoned by one without informing the other.
I won't bother you about it unless you've been absent more than a week.
I am dedicated to my writing.

What I want from you
Being straight, I prefer to write with a male who is writing as a male.
Detailed writing.
Detailed characters with depth.
Please be an experienced writer.
I love a good post, but I don't want to be reading a whole chapter.
Too many fluff words annoy me. There must be purpose to a longer post.
Once again, no less than 2 paragraphs (that's just not fair to me),
and no more than 6 (there would be too much to reply to).
Dedication, please. I'm not asking you to marry me, but writer-dating is required. [meaning, don't ignore me for too long or I'll be like an annoyed girlfriend. I don't actually want to date you. But... well, you get it. Right?]

What I want from our story(ies)
I want just that--a story.
I want characters with a history and a future.
I don't want to just start with an erotic scene, have a climax, and then end after a few posts.
Sure, there should be a few steamy scenes, but that's not the point of the story.
I want romance, drama, complications, and broken hearts.
I want our characters to be so deep and detailed that we can become our characters when we write.

What I'm craving right now

+ Two childhood best friends made a promise to each other when they were very young. He left to become a knight, and before he did, gave her a trinket to remember him. In the castle, he's been introduced to many a woman (Curvy, makeup-caked, proper women). She stayed home to work on the farm. Many years later they are reunited. He is immediately put off by her appearance--dirty, wild hair, thin. She's the beauty of the town, but he isn't remotely attracted to her. Soon after, the town is raided and the two, having hidden and survived, are on their own. They have to travel to the castle together. (I have so many more ideas for this one! I've been craving it for a while now, but no one has been as dedicated to this one as I already am. If you're interested--REALLY INTERESTED, then please talk to me!!)

+ This one takes place during the Victorian era, with a slight fantasy noir bent. A socialite by day, a famous thief by night. I will play a female who is tired of being the heiress and who lives for the adventure of the night. As an eligible bachelorette from a rich family, her father is constantly setting her up with young men. You will play the man who is the captain of the guard. At night, he is hunting our thief, and during the day he is a suitor for the lady's hand (but he is rejected). One night, the lady is given false information/betrayed, and it leads her right into the hands of the captain. What happens then can either be blackmail (and he uses her as an informant), or he could take advantage of her in the traditional way. This is about their relationship and how they grow as characters.

I know it's a short list. I'll add to it as ideas come to me, but this is what I'm craving right now. I'm also open to doing anything you might be craving. So don't be shy to post your ideas here or send them in a message. If you're interested, you can post here or send me a PM. I'll be checking both. Of you're seriously serious, send it in a message.

If you don't want to write with me or you just don't fit what I'm looking for in a partner... then thank you for stopping by anyway.

Also to note... just because you write me, don't expect me to say, "yes." I'm fairly picky with my partners. It's like dating to me. I have to have high standards or awkward disappointment will just follow.



P.S. - Sometimes I'm in the mood for something short, quick, and erotic. No character history necessary, no future required.