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Author Topic: M Looking for F: Plots & Pleasures Of The Wayfarer ("ONCE&FUTURE KING" LOOKING)  (Read 1334 times)

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Offline bacchanalianwayfarerTopic starter

Hello there, and welcome to my requests thread! Feel free to check out the stories I'm eager to engage in below. First, however, please read my Ons & Offs thread:

O/O & Current Status

 That thread will tell you about me, what I expect of my partners, and what they can expect of me. Be sure and look it over before sending me a message. Also: Please do not reply here. If you're interested in me at all, send me a PM. I might miss your thread response. You'll notice as you read that I don't have planned plots, but I do settings--sandboxes--that I'd like to play in. I love coming up with a specific story with a partner, or simply starting in the setting and letting the tale evolve organically from there. Thank you very much!

Original Story: The Once & Future King - Merlin & Morgana

NOTE: This is NOT based on the popular 2008 BBC television series, "Merlin”.

Instead, I've drawn influences from the 1998 miniseries, “Merlin”, “The Dresden Files”, “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell”, ancient history, and of course, Arthurian Legend.

Long ago in the ancient land of Britain, shrouded by time and crowned in legend, there was a man whose very existence inspired both fear and awe. Loathed and beloved in equal parts, he served as the architect of what became the greatest kingdom in human history, only to see it ravaged by fate. Counselor to the High King, Arthur Pendragon, Camelot was only a small part of this man's endeavors. As a citizen of the Roman Empire, he was Ambrosius Aurelianus. As the first man to practice Magic, he was John Uskglass; the Raven King. But we know him by another name. A name that inspires the imagination, upon which all things become possible: Merlin.

Read This First

Setting: Modern Fantasy

Time frame: Long-term

Post length: Multiple paragraphs - Literate writers only please

Mirrored Realms

There are two Realms that comprise Creation as we know it: The Mortal Realm—Earth as we experience it—and the Faerie Realm. These Realms exist in reflection of one another. From time immemorial the Fae—or the Sidhe, as they call themselves—were practitioners of Magic.

The Fae

The Fae are divided into two distinct identities: The Summer Court and the Winter Court. Summer Fae possess Light Magic: Heat and growing things reside in the bailiwick of Summer. Summer Fae achieve their maximum potential from Midwinter to Midsummer. This is called ascendance. In direct opposition exists the Winter Court. Winter Fae possess Dark Magic: cold, and the night are the heralds of Winter. They are in ascendance from Midsummer to Midwinter. Both courts are ruled by Queens. The Summer Queen is an ancient Fae named Titania, Queen of the Evergreen. Her sister and opposite is Mab, the Winter Queen, the Queen of Air and Darkness. Second to them in power are their daughters, the Ladies. Aurora is the Summer Lady, while Morgana is the Winter Lady.

Thence Came Magic

 The Sidhe understand inherently what Man later postulated by scientific principle: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be changed from one form to another.”

Over time, the Fae's understanding of Magic evolved, and they discovered a form of energy far more potent than that which occurred in Mother Nature: The energy of the soul. No Faerie remembers how or why this new discovery occurred. Nor do they care, particularly. Faeries don't typically dwell too terribly long on the past.

They discovered that this energy could be harnessed through the power of belief. In other words, the more humans that believed in a particular Faerie, or the Fae in general, the more energy the Fae could use, and the more powerful they became. This principle of Magic is called Soul Resonance. This newfound discovery prompted the formerly reclusive Sidhe to begin interacting with the Mortal Realm. They would often pose as gods or spirits, granting boons and other forms of mystical patronage to those mortals who chose to worship them.

Sidhe Imperia

So as to avoid open war (it is the nature of the Sidhe to wage a war of subtlety), the Courts divided the world among themselves. The Roman Empire, for example, was the demesne of the Summer Court, whereas Great Britain existed under the aegis of Winter. The Fae of Summer and Winter had typically opposite ways of accumulating Soul Resonance. Summer fostered advancement, evolution, and enlightenment to strengthen their bond with humans. Winter chose to keep their lands in a state of more primitive paganism to garner their own Resonance.

It is entirely possible that some uppity Summer Faerie made the snide comment of calling this period in Britain's history the Dark Ages, for obvious reasons.

Merlin & Morgana

In time, the Roman Empire began to crumble. Spurred by the decline of their once great civilization, a colony of Romans arrived in Great Britain; a long forgotten annex of Rome they called Britannia. One of these colonists was a Roman aristocrat named Ambrosius Aurelianus. A budding scholar, statesman, and Legionary, Ambrosius' curiosity quickly brought him in contact with the pagan beliefs of the native Britons. With typical Roman enterprise, the colonists brought change and innovation to Great Britain, something which aroused the curiosity of the Winter Court at first. It was in this manner that the daring, brilliant, and somewhat arrogant Aurelianus encountered Morgana, the Winter Lady. Ambrosius approached this supernatural occurrence with an explorer's aplomb, and spent days upon days in deep conversation with the beautiful Faerie. Charmed with his clever intelligence, it was Morgana who eventually taught Ambrosius the art of Magic, and gave him his name: Merlin. For she found in him the same keen vision, pride, and sharp temperament of the hawk. In time, they fell deeply in love, and Morgana--now called Morgana Le Fay (a name her lover humorously bestowed on her)--worked with Merlin to realize his dream of an enlightened utopia in Britannia.

Decades passed. Merlin proved to be  a virtuoso in the Magical Arts. His close association with the Winter Court, and Morgana, began to change him. As he grew in power, and time ceased to touch him, Morgana bestowed upon the wizard something entirely new to both Fae and Human alike: A mantle of power; part of the Winter Lady's very essence, which became seamlessly interwoven with Merlin's soul. And so he became the Winter Knight. This gift was a declaration of Morgana's abiding love for Merlin, and his for her. A melding of their souls;  two melodies in perfect resonance. This joining also changed her the passions and strong emotions of Man. Traditionally the Winter Fae were known for their restraint, and cold logic. When Merlin shared his soul with her, Morgana partook in his passionate fire, and was herself evolved.


Together they brought about the birth of Arthur, as is recorded in the histories. Merlin's relentless desire for progress, and his resulting efforts to that effect, began to aid in the advancement of Britannia. As the years passed, the Britons' belief in the Fae began to fade, and they turned their hearts to new gods, and new scientific achievements. Mab, angered that Merlin and her daughter were threatening the power of the Winter Court, began to actively work against this progress. It was Mab who manipulated the Saxons into war with Arthur and his Knights. She groomed Mordred—a child of Arthur by incest—to take his crown and bring the people back to pagan worship, and restored Soul Resonance.

The Crystal Cave

The war was long and bloody. Mab's manipulations to undermine Arthur with the betrayal of his Queen Guinevere with the Knight Lancelot Du Lac were catastrophic to the High King. Besieged by the indomitable power of the Winter Court and their Saxon pawns, Merlin and Morgana began wielding enormously powerful magic to create a prison that would seal Mab away. Once entombed, Morgana would ascend to the role of Winter Queen, with Merlin as her consort. They drew upon the energies of the land, and the Soul Resonance of the people of Camelot. Together, with the power of the Winter Lady intermingled, they created the Crystal Cave; wherein Mab would be sealed into the womb of the very Earth itself. Along with the Cave, a Key was made. Years ago, Merlin had used a simple trick to enchant a sword that would serve as the means of Arthur's ascension to High King. Forged with powerful sorcery, Excalibur would serve as a fitting seal to Mab's crystal prison. When Arthur fell from a mortal wound on the battlefield, Morgana retrieved the sword and retreated with Merlin to the Crystal Cave.

Both wizard and Faerie were greatly weakened by effort needed to create the Cave and further enchant Excalibur. As the Winter Queen entered the Mortal Realm to retrieve her daughter and destroy Merlin, Morgana knew that her beloved Roman would stand as wheat before the scythe opposed to the Queen of Air and Darkness. Unwilling to risk his death, Morgana plunged Excalibur into the crystal that would activate the spell...with Merlin still inside. She knew that once the enchantment was active, it would be the only place in creation Mab could not breach. So it was that Merlin was sealed, the Crystal Cave his prison, frozen in time. With him too, rested the sword Excalibur, thus ensuring no outside interference.

Morgana was taken back to Realm of the Fae, weeping in despair at the horrible price paid to protect her Merlin...

Where We Come In

Phew! Thanks for reading this far! As you've no doubt discovered, I'm looking for a detailed and literate writer to play Morgana, opposite my Merlin. Many centuries have passed since Merlin's imprisonment. Here in the modern age, both Fae of Summer and Winter have found new, more effective ways to use Soul Resonance. Due to the constant evolution of technology and society, the Courts have adapted to share portions of many of the great cities, and are deeply entrenched in both politics and many aspects of Mortal industry. In this modern age of entertainment, the Sidhe gather Soul Resonance by masquerading as humans who achieve celebrity status. This is where we find Morgana, who in this time, lives under the identity of a popular actress: Emilia Clarke.

At some point in the last century or two, Merlin has secretly escaped his prison. As he reveals his existence in the will Morgana—loyal to the Winter Court these last several hundred years—react? And what are Merlin's plans? He seems harder...colder...a dark shadow of his former self. Has he fallen to become the vengeful Byronic Hero? Send me a PM, and let's find out!

Harry Potter: OC & Hermione Granger
The Setting

Ten years have passed since the end of the Second Wizarding War; that fateful, final fray in which Lord Voldemort did not survive. The students and professors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry were celebrated as heroes. Harry, Ron, and Hermione received the highest of these accolades. They had bright futures all, destined to become greater than even past deeds could muster. But while Voldemort was indeed felled, war never truly ends. Dumbledore was dead, the Ministry of Magic in chaos, Aurors were killed in action. The Wizarding world itself was falling apart at the seams. Harry and Ron joined the Aurors, chasing dark wizards who rushed to fill the vacuum of power left behind by the Great Lord. Hermione--concerned with rebuilding the very foundations of magical society--joined the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Knowing the horrors of war, it was her belief that someone had to preserve a world to remain...a world worth fighting for.

Over the next decade, the aurors fought a long and bloody battle. Wizards and witches on both sides died in terrible, unspeakable ways. The fighting was distant now, however. Spoken of in whispers, the front line always far from civilized society. The brutality of this whispered war took its toll on Harry and Ron. Harry fell out of touch with Hermione, left Ginny, and spoke to very few outside of the Aurors. Ron's very spirit eroded with each battle. Developing PTSD, he was honorably discharged. A changed, haunted man, his relationship with Hermione fell apart. Now he drowns himself in butterbeer and stronger spirits, living with his family in The Burrow. 

One day, Hermione receives a summons to attend the Minister of Magic Kingsley Shacklebolt. He gives her heartbreaking news. The stain of Voldemort and the horrors of war had broken Harry Potter. He had become a dark wizard...the worst since Voldemort himself. The Ministry has kept this a secret, lest it cause chaos in the wizarding world. He has assigned a fearsome Auror to find and engage Potter: A man who gained a reputation for his cold precision and brutality in dealing with dark wizards; he has killed every dark wizard assigned to him. His name is Alexander Penderghast. Many call him the Reaper. The Minister's orders are for Hermione and Alexander to work together, to find and stop Harry Potter...capture...or kill.

---End Setting---

Looking for someone who wants really immerse themselves into a 27 year old Hermione and the HP universe opposite my original character, Alexander Penderghast. This can be short or long term, and is very flexible. If you're interested in something rough, gritty, mature, and rich in detail send me a PM and let's discuss. Looking a wealth of words, wonder, and wanton intimacy. I've left this idea intentionally vague to cater to a passionate partner! :)


Original Story: Learning to Kill
In Norse mythology, there exists a panoply of glorious, fearsome women. Creatures of such terrible beauty and irresistible majesty, that even the mightest of the age are humbled before them. They are the Choosers of Those Who Live and Those Who Die. They are the handmaidens of the gods, the heralds of Ragnarok, and the arbiters of fate. They are the Valkyries.

Read This First

Setting: Modern Realistic

Timeframe: Long-term

Post length: Multiple paragraphs

This story is intended to be a detailed, ongoing tale. I am only looking for a partner who is seeking a long-term, erotic, highly detailed, and immersive roleplay. If you don't think you'll have the time or the energy for such a game, please pass it over, or check out any lighter, more casual offerings I might have listed.  :-) My potential partner must be interested in writing multiple paragraphs--not novel-length posts of course (unless you like to!)--and have the desire and the ability to truly delve into the thoughts, feelings, and psychology of their characters. As my Aesir will be teaching your Valkyrie, expect to learn actual knowledge, including how to travel and live around the world with a backpack, how to be aware of your environment, counter-surveillance, self-defense, etc.  ;D Think of this as a tale of total immersion. You must be passionate about wanting to explore your character, the world, and the story. This is  a story for those who are seeking a "heavy" game.

This particular tale will involved heavy amounts of sex and sexuality that include elements of BDSM, including bondage, flogging, leash and collar, pain and pleasure, especially as teaching implements. Additional kinks are listed in my O/O thread linked above. Beyond sexuality, expect scenes of explicit violence, death and torture. Darker elements will be explored that include the above. The relationship between the characters will begin in a framework of Master/pupil that will unfold and explore themes of love, family, pain, strength, independence and personal growth, and the path of how a young girl will grow into a strong, unstoppable, beauty of terrifying ability and passionate life, amidst a sea of death. 

The Background

Welcome to a story influenced by Norse mythology, the Assassin's Creed series of games, and the films Leon The Professional and Wanted. During the Second World War, the Allies created a covert division of clandestine operations called the Office of Strategic Services, or the OSS. When the War concluded, high ranking officers of the OSS, disillusioned with killing and dying for what they saw as nothing more than petty political brinksmanship, created an organization where they could continue their work free of governmental influence. Founded with a fortune of stolen Nazi gold, the organization devoted itself to the sole purpose of preventing a Third World War. Unfettered by bureaucratic oversight or legal restriction, the organization is comprised of three divisions with which to defend the world, and its peoples from the horrors of global war brought about by the virulent incompetence of the political machine, or the unforgivable zeal of one specific nation or creed.

The Einherjar
. These are the soldiers of the organization. Recruited from military and para-military organizations around the world, the Einherjar move as squadrons. They are the troops that quash rebellions or foment revolution with equal facility. Think of them as equivalent to Special Forces, the SAS, or Spetsnaz. They are the "door-kickers" who serve as the primary force of the organization.

The Ravens
. In Norse mythology, Odin uses ravens to keep him apprised of events in the world. In the real world, the Ravens are the organization's intelligence gathering division. Their task is to sustain an international intelligence network that keeps the organization apprised of global events. The Ravens also frequently make use of "hacktivists" like Wikileaks to safeguard humanity from a third World War. Ravens are often found deeply entrenched in the world's major financial mechanisms, and often work closely with the organization's third division to manipulate the stock market. Think of them as similar to the CIA's clandestine section.

The Valkyries. This is the organization's third and most elite division. Comprised entirely of women, the Valkyries are the organization's assassins. Recruited from all backgrounds and walks of life, Valkyries go through the most rigorous and immersive of educations. The organization learned early of humanity's ignorant stereotypes and prejudices regarding the role and capabilities of women, and take advantage of these weaknesses by training a woman to become a supremely competent and deadly operative. Potential Valkyries are first found by the Ravens. The Ravens then send a dossier to a specialized section of the organization called the Aesir. The Aesir are the teachers who turn a recruit into a Valkyrie. The Aesir themselves are not former Valkyries, as their sole dedication is to the creation of new Valkyries. They operate in one-on-one Master/Apprentice relationships, and are given free rein to teach as they see fit. There are no rules or restrictons to an Aesir's methods, so long as they produce the desired result.

As of 2014, the organization's official name is the Valhalla Corporation. In public, they work in close concert with various governments and non-profit organizations around the world, providing specialized educational programs for those hopeful collegiates who want to work internationally in major fields like Technology, Finance, Medicine, and Politics. Think of Valhalla as a recruitment agency or career broker. They work with major universities, providing elite and comprehensive courses in the above fields catering to international work. Beyond this public face, Valhalla uses these connections to remain a private company who operates in complete secrecy, often making use of illegal means to achieve their brutal, altruistic ends.

Where We Come In

Your character will be a 17 year old girl with a bright future ahead of her. She is intelligent, open-minded, eager, passionate, and fulfilled with her life. Perhaps she's preparing to graduate highschool, and is taking a few college-level courses in advance, one of them offered by Valhalla. Then tragedy strikes. Both of her Journalist parents are brutally murdered covering the events in some part of the world that serves as a center for political strife and violent murder. This event can be based on something real or imagined, and is totally up for discussion. Now orphaned, her parents torn from her, your character is adrift. Confused, mourning, and angry, she is approached by my character, an Aesir, who offers her the opportunity to walk the path of the Valkyrie. Our story will cover the relationship between the man and the girl, as she becomes a Valkyrie. Please contact me for more information, and lets discuss it! I'm aware this is a lot of information, so I'll happy to answer your questions. This is my baby at the moment

DISCLAIMER: As of this posting, both the female character proposed and the likeness used are currently 18 years of age, and thus meet Elliquiy's rule regarding the age and presentations of characters used in sexual situations.  :-) Character likeness is linked below.
Chloe Grace Moretz

Game of Thrones

I would love to roleplay a story opposite an accurate and descriptive rendition of Daenerys Targaryen as portrayed by Emilia Clarke. I would be playing Rhaegar Targaryen as follows.

Name: Rhaegar Targaryen
Familial Status: First son of King Aerys II, older brother to Daenerys
Age: 44

Personality: Much has changed in the Targaryen Prince since his defeat at the hands of Robert and his warhammer. Previously, many described Rhaegar as quiet and bookish, and when it came to affairs of the heart, his impulsive love for Lyanna Stark brought about the fall of his noble Dynasty. In the twenty years since Rhaegar's defeat, the Dragon Prince has learned his lessons well. Bearing the collapse of his family solely upon his shoulders, Rhaegar has developed a grim sense of determination. Choosing to cast away his harp and song, Rhaegar has practiced his craft at the Game of Thrones and now plays it with a mastery that few can rival. He is known for his warm and magnetic charisma; the masculine counterpart to Dany's own irresistible presence.

Weaknesses: Taking full responsibility of past events has forged within Rhaegar a reptilian chill. Gone are the days when love and mercy fueled his Dragon's fire. When rendering judgment, Rhaegar is utterly merciless, and he seems to have lost all of the compassion for which he was once so loved. He will stop at nothing to restore his family, and will sacrifice anything...and see it done.

Physical Description: Rhaegar is a tall, slender, and imposing figure. He possesses the the silver hair, amethyst eyes, and pale complexion of all pure-blood Targaryens. Two decades of dedicated martial training has forged his body into a weapon of war: In peak physical condition, Rhaegar's well-muscled and limber physique could match the agile maneuvers of the Prince of Dorne himself. Only one thing mars his perfection: A large scar radiating from the center of his chest. It is a mystery how he survived the mighty blow of Robert's warhammer. But even the greatest of healers could not erase the evidence of Rhaegar's defeat.

Suggested Setting: During Dany's occupation of Meereen, Rhaegar arrives to the surprise of all.

"Twenty years since that fateful day. Twenty years...and the vivid memory of my failure haunts me still. The fall of that accursed hammer...the blow shook my body as if the gods themselves had struck me down. My armor crumpled, and I felt such agony. More than I ever thought possible. The chill waters of that river took me, and in the chaos of the battle I was washed downstream. Darkness took me, and for months thereafter I remember only a haze of excruciating pain, broken only by bouts of cold oblivion. By the time I regained my strength, the war was over. A stag sat on the throne of my father, and my great lineage was cast to the winds. My agents, loyal men all, spirited away my young siblings, Daenerys and Viserys. I vowed then to learn patience, and when the time was right, reclaim my birthright. Now the time has come. Time to unite with this...Mother of Dragons.With Fire and Blood, we will take what is rightfully ours. With our Fire and their Blood...we will rule."

--Rhaegar Targaryen


Original Story: Dracula Goes To Therapy

Vladislas III Dracul. Vlad Tepes. The Impaler. Count Dracula. His names reverberate through the annals of myth and history. His deeds are tales told to frighten children to their beds. He is embossed in film, inked in literature, and captured in paint. He is Nosferatu. He is Vampire. And contrary to popular belief, he is real. He has another name, this creature of the night. Another title that, while well known, is not often linked to him. His true name: Judas Iscariot, Apostle of Jesus. For his betrayal of the Son, he was cursed by God to walk the earth, feeding on the blood of Man. He is still alive.

This idea I am very keen on. If you've seen Dracula 2000, you'll know the Dracula/Judas connection is not my original idea. While that movie is lame, I loved how they connected these two figures. In this story, he has lived for over two thousand years. He has seen empires rise and fall well before, and far after, his brief stint as voivode of Wallachia. He has reveled and wept, laughed and slaughtered. He has been hero and villain; vaunted and vilified; victor, vanquished, and victim. He has lived every facet of life there is, or so he believes. He has been the noblest of men...the most malicious of monsters. Now, Dracula encounters a new he has never before encountered in all of his cursed millenia. Apathy. So complete, so pervasive in its conquest, not even the thrill of blood can satisfy. Dracula wishes for death. The more he considers it, the more attractive it becomes. A new adventure. All but convinced to end his eternal existence, Dracula experiences a measure of whimsy. Humans often consent to therapy to work out their issues. The ancient Vampire wonders if such a ritual might cure him of his own malaise? Only one way to find out...

Setting: You would be playing an original character opposite my portrayal of Judas Iscariot/Dracula. Your character is the psychiatrist Dracula chooses to speak to. Ideally, I'd like them to begin with therapy. Over time, they develop feelings for one another, and perhaps the Vampire regains his reason for living. Perhaps he makes your character a walk the night with him ever after.

Feel free to contact me with your ideas and contributions here as well! On a lark, It'd be fun if your character used this lovely lady as a physical model, but it isn't required:

Keira Knightley
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Re: M Looking for F: Plots & Pleasures Of The Bacchanalian Wayfarer (NEW PLOT)
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Bump: Added a new Original Story, "Learning to Kill".

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Bump. Happy New Year! "Learning To Kill" plot still open and desired.

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New Plot: "Once & Future King" added!

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Bump! Back after a brief hiatus.

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