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May 16, 2022, 04:49:57 am

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Author Topic: Post-Halloween story ideas! Time travel, cultists and, uhm, brains!  (Read 899 times)

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All right! Here's my post-Halloween thread with some new story ideas!

(why post-Halloween? I initially planned to post this on Halloween. But I didn't have enough time... Hence, post-Halloween  :-))

These new story ideas range from Vanilla (the first one) to Extreme (the last two). In most of them, I'd interested in taking on the female role - although there are two ideas where I might favour play the male.

On to the ideas, then!  ;D

From 1890s to 2010s

This is your basic time travel story idea! I'd like to try playing a woman from the Victorian era who accidently gets transported to our times. It would be a classic "fish out of temporal water" story, with my character marvelling at all kinds of social and technological changes that have happened since her times.

I'd like my writing partner to play modern characters she encounters, with the possibility of introducing a second main character: a modern person who acts as a sort of "guide" or caretaker to my character. All other details are up for discussion (including options for romance...) :-)

The Cult

In this story, set in modern times, a young woman ends up in a remote area (a small village or something like that) where a strange cult dwells. This cult combines puritannical lifestyle with the worship of some strange, Lovecraftian being. The being holds the cult's members under some kind of mind control, making them all quite obedient and fanatic... During the course of the story, the newly-arrived young woman will get inducted into the cult's ways and will become a fanatical worshipper of the cult's deity, too.

The main characters in this story would be the aforementioned young woman and the cult's leader (or, maybe, a deity itself?). I could play either of these roles and I'd need my writing partner to play the other one.


An idea somewhat-related to the previous one... I admit I'm fascinated by the fictional trope of people being put under mind control and being turned into "perfected" persons fitting someone else's ideals. For example, the Stepford Wives movies gave us women becoming the perfect wives. Disturbing Behavior involved "perfected" highschool students. Perfect Little Angels gave us a whole gated community of people mind-controlled into conservative families.

I'd like to try telling the story in that vein. Just like the previous idea, it would involve a young woman meeting an unusual group of people (in this case, the "perfected" people under mind control) and being assimilated into it. What the "perfected" people would be like, is up for discussion - although, at the moment, I see them as being somewhat Victorian, like the cult in the previous idea.

In this story, I can play either the young woman in question, or the person (mad scientist, perhaps?) behind the "perfecting" process.

The Treatment [Extreme!]

This is a bit of experimental idea - and a bit gruesome one, admittedly. Basically, I'd like to play a young woman who - against her will - gets subjected to some sort of brain surgery. This could be a Suddenly, Last Summer type of situation, where the protagonist gets subjected to a lobotomy to stop her from revealing some sort of family secret. Or it could take place in some sort of dystopia, where brain surgery is considered by the authorities to be a cure for criminal (or simply undesirable) behaviour.

In this story, we'd roleplay the preparations for the surgery, the surgery itself - and then, we'd deal with how my character gets changed by the process. My writing partner could play all sorts of characters: family members, doctors, nurses etc.

Programmed [Extreme!]

Following on the "government operating on criminals' brains" idea... I'd like to play a female criminal who, as her punishment,  gets sentenced to become a mind-controlled soldier. The government's doctor would operate on her, modifying her brain and programming her into being mindlessly obedient. Then, we'd RP her new "life" - which might involve some other character (an officer assigned to lead the squad of these mind-controlled soldiers? A doctor taking care of them?) meeting her and falling in love with her. Would the character manage to shake off her programming somewhat? Or is she destined to be remain a mindless robot forever?

If you don't like the dystopian aspect, we might change the story to involve a mad scientist making people into his slaves instead. For instance, I liked the "nurse" character from Frankenstein's Army, which was hinted to be a real nurse that had been captured by the movie's bad guy and modified into a "medical drone". We could RP this kind of situation, too...

So, these are the ideas :) Any takers? If so, please PM me!
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